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Parents Forever™

Whether you are married and seeking divorce or never married but now separating, the impact on your child(ren) can be significant. Research indicates that traumatic and/or stressful events can affect children as young as one year old. Parents want to do their best to minimize the negative impact and keep their children from getting in the middle of any conflict between the adults.

Parents Forever™ is an education program developed by University of Minnesota Extension based on the research about the effects of divorce on children. Research on program effectiveness was conducted by the NDSU Extension Service. Parents Forever™ has been taught by NDSU Extension Agents for more than well over a decade.

  • This course that helps parents learn valuable skills to reduce effects of divorce or separation on their children and themselves in 4 – 4.5 hours
  • Available online or in-person
  • Customized for North Dakota parents experiencing divorce or separation
  • Recommended by the North Dakota Supreme Court and North Dakota Bar Association
  • A certificate will be made available upon completion of class (either online or in person)

Register now for a Parents Forevercourse:

For information on the effectiveness of Parents Forever™, see Does Parents Forever™ Work. on the University of Minnesota Extension website. You may also be interested in Frequently Asked Questions by Parents on the University of Minnesota Extension website.

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Online Courses

The CDP provides interactive web-based training to educate professionals working with Service members, Veterans and their families.

The CDP does not offer CE credits for these interactive online courses. Individuals interested in taking these online courses for CE credits for a cost will instead be directed to Relias Learning.

These interactive web-based courses have been developed by Relias Learning ( www.reliaslearning.com ) in collaboration with CDP Subject Matter Experts. Any questions regarding pricing, CE credits, or technical issues should be addressed to Relias Learning.

Please note. if you take any of the courses below for free, you will not be given the opportunity to take the final test at the end of the course, nor will you be provided a certificate of completion.

Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) for PTSD in Veterans and Military Personnel

Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy for PTSD in Veterans and Military Personnel

Identification, Prevention, and Treatment of Suicidal Behavior for Service Members and Veterans


Lasik Eye Surgery Chicago

Rosin Eyecare is dedicated to providing the best possible LASIK in Chicago. If you’ve been to any of our many locations. you already know just how dedicated we are in honoring the trust the community has placed in us for over eighty years. We offer two laser vision correction procedures: LASIK and PRK. LASIK is our most popular procedure. It’s painless and effective on all sight defects, from nearsightedness to farsightedness and astigmatism. Our procedures are all done by our doctors, Jonathan Rosin, M.D. and Jihan Akhtar, M.D.

Life without glasses or contacts is possible with laser vision correction, schedule a complimentary consultation today !

LASIK is one of the most popular elective procedures in the history of medicine that’s all!

Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis, better known as LASIK, is a type of out-patient eye surgery that can correct common vision problems including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. During a LASIK procedure, a physician will use an advanced laser to reshape the eye’s cornea. This improves the eye’s ability to refract light properly on the retina, which in turn, results in improved vision.

What can LASIK do for me?

People from a wide range of ages and lifestyles can all benefit from LASIK. Anyone who has had enough of bulky eyeglasses or irritating contact lenses is a potential candidate for LASIK. It’s no wonder that athletes who depend on crystal clear, hand-eye coordination seek out LASIK to correct their vision, time and time again. Also civil servants such as police officers and firefighters often opt for the corrective eye surgery that LASIK provides to help in their careers, as do many in the Armed Forces while they serve.

Why is it so Popular?

A modern LASIK procedure is incredibly efficient. Typically performed in less than 30 minutes, patients are sent home that day. While many report an improvement in their vision within hours of the procedure, the benefits that the LASIK surgeons at Rosin Eyecare in Chicago provide last a lifetime.

As the technology in LASIK has improved, so too has the procedure’s accessibility. Now it is easier than ever to receive laser eye surgery from the premier laser eye surgeons at Rosin Eyecare. Call us today to schedule a consultation where we can discuss all available options with you.

Safety and Results

Many patients ask: “Is LASIK safe?” In fact, there is an incredibly low rate of complications involved with LASIK.

Before performing the procedure, Dr. Rosin will meet with the prospective patient to discuss their overall health, lifestyle preferences, profession, as well as their level of refractive error, which includes the degree of their nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism from which they suffer. After your initial consultation, Dr. Rosin will then create a personalized treatment plan specialized for your precise needs. Then after the surgery, the majority of patients recover within as little as a few days.

A common misconception regarding LASIK centers on its affordability. You may be surprised at just how many prospective patients mistakenly assume LASIK to be cost-prohibitive and too expensive.

While each procedure and its costs are dependent upon the patient’s needs, Rosin Eyecare can typically provide the laser eye surgery Chicago residents have come to trust at a fraction of the cost of its local competitors.


Feds pursue mortgage fraud in NC

Raleigh, N.C. Federal authorities disclosed Wednesday criminal charges against a number of Triangle-area real estate professionals, attorneys and mortgage brokers in connection with various mortgage fraud investigations.

The U.S. Marshals Service has seized a number of foreclosed properties across the region as part of the investigations, and authorities said they continue to seek out possible victims of the alleged fraud.

“The American people need to be assured that their government is working to ensure integrity in the financial services and housing industries and that those involved in criminal activities that undermine that integrity will be held accountable,” Jon Rymer, inspector general for the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, said in a statement.

Mortgage broker Dexter Tirrell Jones, 42 of Raleigh, developer Ricky Lamont Congleton, 43, of Zebulon, closing attorney Phillip Graham Rose, 42 of Raleigh, developer Vincent Maldini, 46, of Seabright, N.J. developer Johnny Ray Peele, 43, of Wake Forest, Joseph Carl Hollis, 35, of Raleigh, developer Dwayne Thomas Hall, 49, of Wake Forest, and former real estate broker Treshell Mayo Herndon, 39, of Raleigh, have been charged with conspiracy to commit bank and wire or mail fraud.

Authorities allege the group used phony purchases of properties through “straw buyers” to secure mortgage loan disbursements exceeding $20 million and $5 million in loan proceeds between 2003 and 2009. The group is accused of using the buyers’ credit to obtain the loans in exchange for a kickback and a promise that rental income from the properties would pay the mortgages and the buyers would never pay a cent.

Losses on the properties, which fell into foreclosure when the housing market collapsed in 2008 and mortgage payments on the properties ceased, exceed $1 million, authorities said.

Rose, Jones, Congleton and Maldini have already pleaded guilty in the case and are awaiting sentencing, authorities said. The others are expected to appear in court in the coming weeks.

In a separate but similar scheme, real estate developers David Lewis Johnson, 39 of Cary, and Arthur Lee Barnes Jr. 46 of Rocky Mount, real estate agent Mark Tkac, 47, of Raleigh, former mortgage broker Mark Thomas Bowe, 56, of Jonesboro, Ga. and closing attorney Jeffery Scott Taggart, 48, of Winterville, were charged with conspiracy to commit mail, wire and bank fraud. Bowe also was charged with bank fraud, wire fraud and making false statements to federally insured financial institutions, while Taggart also was charged with filing a false income tax return.

Lilliana Delia Deiac, 43, of Jamaica, N.Y. was charged with making false statements to a federally insured financial institution and making false statements to the FBI.

Authorities allege that the group used straw buyers to purchase various properties that are now in default or foreclosure, resulting in millions of dollars in losses for lenders.

Taggart has been sentenced to three years in prison for his role in the scheme, while Johnson, Barnes and Tkac have pleaded guilty and are awaiting sentencing. Cases against Bowe and Deiac are pending.

In a third investigation, former Raleigh developer James Thomas Webb, 52, of Miami, pleaded guilty in March to conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud and is expected to be sentenced next month.

Authorities said Webb carried out his fraudulent activities on investors in addition to financial institutions, convincing investors that he would use their money to purchase, renovate, and resell properties to first-time home buyers in various states, including North Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee. Sale documents were doctored, and Webb used much of the money to finance a lavish lifestyle for himself, authorities said.

Former closing attorney Amy Robinson, 35, of Rolesville, former real estate appraiser Jackie Gale Weaver, 55, of West Hamlin, W.Va. and former national appraisal instructor Larry Max McDaniel, 71, of Vienna, W.Va. have all pleaded guilty to their roles in Webb’s scheme and are awaiting sentencing.

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whatelseisnew Jul 11, 2013

The group is accused of using the buyers credit to obtain the loans in exchange for a kickback and a promise that rental income from the properties would pay the mortgages and the buyers would never pay a cent.

So I assume since the buyers participated in the fraud they will also face charges? By the way, when can we expect to see Congress arrested for the ongoing ponzi schemes they operate?

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  • TeaBagOnLove Jul 11, 2013

    This is not even the tip of the iceberg. With the number of guilty pleas entered so far, there are more players in this game.

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  • dsdaughtry Jul 10, 2013

    straw buyer = ponzi scheme

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  • beachboater Jul 10, 2013

    Talking about Government Regulation. I ve been involved in 3 separate cases before the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division over the years. In ALL THREE cases, the employer had to pay some back wages that should not have been owed, AND in every case ALL hourly employees had to take a pay CUT in order for their employer to comply with federal regulations.

    I m from the Gooberment and I m here to help you. HA

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  • samr Jul 10, 2013

    The government said to open up home lending to more borrowers and so banks and lenders did it in the riskiest ways that paid them the most money. Borrowers all across the credit spectrum consumed and comsumed. Evrybody had a had in it.

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  • rachel Jul 10, 2013

    I see lots of posts on here blaming the customer or mortgagee-to a degree, they may be right-but-on the other hand- what about the mortgage companies that did in fact commit fraud-such as when BOA bought out Countrywide and all sorts of shenanigans went on- for example, BOA suddenly claiming Countrywide had failed to take something out -like property taxes or insurance and despite having documents from the county showing these paid, BOA added several hundred dollars to the mortgage etc-know people it happened to- granted, we should all just be sitting on a huge stack of cash to pay for any unexpected urgencies-but the reality is not always like that. I do think people should live below their means, not at or above.

    QUOTE Report as abuse

  • Rebelyell55 Jul 10, 2013

    So the got em a few, while the main guys are still walking around free, haven t paid any fine, and are getting outrageous raises. (even after a deal was made to limit those raise) and the goverment watch dog (getting a hugh salary off of tax payers) allowed it.

    QUOTE Report as abuse

  • whatelseisnew Jul 10, 2013

    The lender that I had for my own now paid off mortgage did not engage in sub-prime lending and they not being one of the large banks were not forced into it by the Federal Government. Their loan failure rate was at far less than 1 percent, BECAUSE the government did not intrude and they practiced traditional sound lending policies. Right now the same Government is busy building another huge debacle with Student loans. The default rate on those loans is going to be huge and the absconders will get off scot free and once again the taxpayer will get it on the chin. AGAIN Government INTRUSION creating the problem.

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  • whatelseisnew Jul 10, 2013

    It is so funny when people talk about FREE markets. WE DO NOT HAVE FREE MARKETS. Just today as an example, I wanted to change some coverage items of insurance. the insurance company can not sell me the policy I actually want because of STATE LAW. Coming soon the same thing for my Health Insurance because of FEDERAL law. that is NOT a FREE market. You regulate regulate regulate people, want all that garbage, then you complain that the costs go through the roof and in the END the regulations PROTECT NOTHING. Any person that defaulted on a LOAN is the problem, not the lender, not the bank, not the investment bank. No matter what the lending system might be, if people do not pay back the loans, that system will collapse. So let us hope we see some of the actual criminals get arrested.

    QUOTE Report as abuse

  • whatelseisnew Jul 10, 2013

    no comments from the conservative side? how s that free market working? too bad we don t have more regulation so that the big banks and the mortgage industry that caused the 2008 melt down aren t in jail also..

    Sorry buddy but if you want to get to the source then you need to arrest people like Barney Franks and Dodd and many many others in Government that FORCED lenders into the sub-prime lending fiasco. Then under Clinton the wall between Banks and Investment banks was tore down. Lending practices before THE GOVERNMENT intruded were secure and safe and mutual funds based on mortgages used to be a very solid investment. This was not Free market at all, just another example of the destructive thinking of the left. Bush should have done more to correct it and for that he is partially to blame, but he had little support in Congress as good old Barney opined, there was nothing wrong. I am waiting to see homeowners that defrauded lenders arrested and members of Congress

  • #

    B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism Hospitality Management: Eligibility, Colleges, Syllabus Careers

    In this article, we will have an in-depth analysis of B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management course. This article covers vital details such as course duration, eligibility criteria, admission process, syllabus and career prospects.

    B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management is a job oriented course. The topics covered under this program include aviation management, tourism hospitality management.

    The main attraction about B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management course is that it opens many doors (of opportunities) in front of graduates. Graduates will be able to find work in multiple sectors such as aviation, tourism and hospitality management. In short, job prospects after graduation is pretty good. Graduates will have access to jobs belonging to multiple sectors!

    Let us check out the course details now

    B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality Management: Details

    Type of course

    It is an undergraduate level Bachelor s Degree course. Technically, it is a B.Sc. Degree (Bachelor of Science). The course has been designed keeping the needs of aviation, tourism and hospitality sectors in mind.

    Students are trained and made capable of taking up a job in the above mentioned sectors. Aviation, tourism and hospitality industries are the main recruiters. In the above mentioned work setups, graduates may take on customer care, operations or general management job role!


    The course is 3 years long. In cases of most of the institutes offering this course, the academic year is divided into semesters. Each semester is 6 months long. The entire academic program has 6 semesters in total.

    Eligibility criteria

    10+2 passed (any stream) from a recognized board or its equivalent is the minimum qualification required.

    Admission process

    Depending upon the institute s policy, it could be direct or merit based admission process. Reputed institutes follow merit based admission process.


    1st semester subjects

    Basics of Tourism

    Basics of Management

    Tourism Products and Services

    Geography of Tourism

    Customer Care and Interpersonal Skills

    2nd semester subjects

    Geography of Tourism

    Tourism Products and Services

    Tourism Industry Profile

    3rd semester subjects

    Sales Marketing

    Geography of Tourism

    Front Office Operations

    4th semester subjects

    Travel Agency and Tour Operations

    Basics of Computer

    5th semester subjects

    Tourism Policy in India

    6th semester

    Industrial training and project work

    Career prospects and job opportunities

    B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality management course caters to the needs of three industries. Naturally, these 3 industries happen to be the major recruiters of graduates. These industries are

    • Aviation management
    • Tourism management
    • Hospitality management

    Diverse job profiles are available in front of graduates. Freshers usually are able to land entry level jobs in the above mentioned industries.

    Some of the well known work setups are

    • Resorts
    • Airlines
    • Airports
    • Travel and Tourism Agencies/Companies
    • Event Management Agencies/Companies
    • Hotels

    Common job profiles available in the above mentioned setups include

    • Customer Care Officer
    • Front Office Receptionist
    • Operations Manager
    • Tour Operator

    B.Sc. in Airlines, Tourism and Hospitality is a job oriented course. All the sectors that this course is related to are developing at a healthy rate. If you want details about more travel and tourism courses, check out this article travel and tourism courses .


    About the Department

    The Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering’s comprehensive programs are future-focused and founded on UA’s long tradition of excellence. Civil engineering is one of UA’s oldest programs, offering many specialties. Students work with the latest materials and technologies to design buildings, develop transportation networks, and enhance environmental systems for a sustainable world.

    UA’s Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering faculty and staff are committed to preparing graduates for entry into the profession and conducting and disseminating basic and applied research improving the state and nation. Graduates from UA’s civil, construction and environmental engineering programs enter careers such as structural engineers, urban planners, architects, transportation engineers, construction engineers, and water resources engineers. Read more


    Minors and Other Options


    Follow the UA College of Engineering on Facebook Follow the UA College of Engineering on Twitter Take A Look Inside The College of Engineering Follow the UA College of Engineering on Instagram Follow the UA College of Engineering on YouTube

    Recent News

    Monday, April 3, 2017

    An unlikely collaboration between two University of Alabama colleges has resulted in an innovative, yet fashionable, way of displaying student work.

    Thursday, May 4, 2017

    Two juniors at The University of Alabama were selected to work this summer at one of the of the nation’s premiere research institutions for the

    Friday, April 28, 2017

    TUSCALOOSA, Ala. — Engineering students from The University of Alabama traveled to Florida Atlantic University in March to participate in the American Society of Civil

    Friday, April 28, 2017

    The University of Alabama will hold its spring commencement exercises May 5-7 at Coleman Coliseum on the UA campus.

    Saturday, April 29, 2017

    If you build it, they will come. That’s what Sassafras and their local partners think about Bike paths in Tuscaloosa. They are trying to make


    No Personal Guarantee Corporation by Funding Arena
    a division of Broker Enterprise LLC

    What is Business Credit

    For those of you who do not know exactly what business credit is and why it is important, you are not alone. There are many business owners who share this feeling of uncertainty. Funding Arena. can provide you with the funding so that you feel prepared and confident about your business operations. DAMAGED Credit Scores can still get funding.

    Why put your assets at risk if you don t have to

    Minimum 2-years to as old as 20 yr old Aged Corporations.
    Name Change Amendment. ( Not Recommended)
    Dun Bradstreet PAYDEX score of 75-85
    Original Aged D B profile with each corp.
    D-U-N-S 9-digit corporate ID number.
    Local Toll Free Business Numbers listed with 411. (Provided by client)
    New Employer Identification Number (EIN).
    Certificate of Good Standing from Secretary of State.
    Income and employees updated on DnB
    Cash lines of credit
    Assistance to Qualify or Domesticate the Corporation in your state.
    Virtual Office Phone Services. Contact our team

    No PG Corporate Funding

    Business Unsecured Line of Credit

    Up to $500,000 – NO PG for each corporations

    We have access to financial sources that offers unsecured Credit Lines from $100,000 to $350,000 (USD) for any use. No restrictions. Repeat as many times as you want!
    No financial statements
    No tax returns
    No Collateral or equity, NO PERSONAL GUARANTEE
    No W2’s
    Use Funds to buy real estate
    Use for down payment
    Use for Construction

    Business Unsecured Line of Credit – Stated

    up to $250 k lines of credit down to 680 credit score!
    Must be incorporated: LLC, LLP, C or S Corp
    Must be at least 2 years old
    No Collateral or equity
    No Up Front Cost
    No Risk Obligation
    Quick Easy Access to Capital

    Step 1: Identify

    Read about our service. Keep in mind we have many solutions for serious investors.

    Step 2: Personal Lines

    Leverage your personal credit to get you started on the right path.

    Step 4: Business No Personal Guarantee

    No personal credit score needed, cash line funding solely against the business.

    Step 3: Business Lines

    Use the right business structure to have lenders wanting to fund your business.


    ST-In Vehicle Camera | DVR | HD Quality Video

    In Vehicle Camera Our NEW HD Camera

    In today s struggling economy, having the ability to not only track your fleet vehicle, but also the ability for driver monitoring with a fleet camera is a valuable resource. This technology was once too costly to be advantageous for small businesses, however, the Dual Vehicle Camera DVR System from Safety Track makes this valuable resource cost effective with widely favorable ROI. Click here to learn about accessories available for this system or try our new Viewer Software Demo that enables you to preview sample camera footage.

    In Vehicle Camera HD: New Features

    • No Exterior Security Bracket
    • SD Card Auto Recovery Function
    • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Support
    • Clearer Video Quality
    • Built-In Charge Guard No More Dead Batteries
    • Built-in Wi-Fi Modules
    • Voice Guide
    • Voice Alerts on Camera Conditions
    • HD Resolution [ 1280 x 720p / 30fps ]
    • Bright Security LEDs
    • Ten Bright Security LEDs for Better Night Recording
    • Google Maps
    • Pin Locations and Visibly Traces Routes

    This two camera system is very easy to install. It simply mounts on the vehicle s windshield and captures all of the day s driving events. You can watch what the driver sees out the front camera, but also monitor what the driver is doing inside the vehicle. Are your drivers looking at their phone instead of the road? Texting is now known to cause more accidents than any other driving related error. All of the day’s information is saved on an SD Card that can be removed from the camera and loaded onto your computer. Also available is a new Wi-Fi adapter that can automatically download alerts to your computer. Monitor the behaviors of your driver: Fast acceleration, hard braking, speeding, and any other driving habit that could be preventing your vehicle from a longer life.

    Replacing your existing vehicle camera system? Read this informative article for more information.

    In Vehicle Camera HD Benefits

    • Lower Insurance Claims
    • Reduce Driver Distraction
    • Coach Drivers on Driver Habits
    • Lower Claims Against Company
    • Confirmed Locations and Deliveries
    • Lower Customer Disputes

    In Vehicle Camera HD Accessories

    • In Vehicle Camera External Storage (SD or HDD)
    • Holds from 8GB Up to 32GB External SD Card Memory Mirroring
    • 64GB Solid State Drive Mirroring

    In Vehicle Camera HD Wi-Fi

    • Wirelessly Download Your Data
    • Total Management Control

    In Vehicle Camera Locking Bracket is now Built-In

    • Prevents Employee Tampering
    • Secures Wires
    • Locks SD Card in Camera
    • Special Wrench Needed to Remove

    Industries using our In-Vehicle Camera

    • Taxi Cab Companies
    • Ambulance Services
    • Railroad Industry
    • Delivery Companies
    • Shuttle Services
    • Limousine Services
    • Driving Schools
    • Bus Lines

    Thinking of using our In-Vehicle Camera in a larger fleet? Not a problem! There is a new Wi-Fi adapter that lets you wirelessly download data whenever the vehicle returns to the yard. Remove the hassle of having to download 30-40 SD cards.

    Call 888-286-9829 today and see how this In-Vehicle Camera can help monitor your fleet.

    Safety Track’s Fleet Camera


    1. Can I review my own video?

    With the Safety Track Fleet Camera, you are in control of YOUR Data. We feel that no one else can determine your needs better than your team.

    2. How long will the camera record without overwriting video?

    There are multiple factors on this answer. The setting for your fleet camera and size of SD Card you are using will impact the length of recording time. Using the default setting, a 32GB SD Card will get you approx. 40 hours of record time.

    3. Is there a recurring monthly cost?

    ONLY if you use the Safety Track Enterprise Solutions to store your data, If you can store your own data then it is your data with no fees.

    4. What are the camera angles of each camera?

    Interior camera 120 degree/ exterior camera 170 degree

    5. Can I download the data without pulling the SD Card?

    For larger fleets, or for those who need to streamline their access to camera video, Safety Track offers a Wi-Fi download adaptor that gives you the ability of automatic downloads once the vehicle comes into the yard/dispatch. (More information can be obtained from a Safety Track Representative)

    6. How do you prevent employee tampering?

    Every Safety Track Fleet Camera comes with an anti-tampering bracket. This bracket will prevent employees from pulling the power cord, removing the SD Card, or disabling the camera.

    7. What is Safety Track s Warranty?

    Each Safety Track Fleet Camera comes with a one year warranty on manufacturer defects. Giving you the peace of mind you need.

    8. Does Safety Track offer follow up support?

    Always free and there for you.

    9. Does Safety Track provide setup and installation?

    We know that not every company has a mechanic or IT Department on site. Safety Track can provide installation and setup of your Wi-Fi system. Have an IT department? We can work with them, using our specs to ensure that your fleet camera system is up and running in no time.

    Product Feedback

    “Wanting to track their fleet of trucks, along with their heavy equipment in the oil fields, encore turned to Safety Track to provide them with the needed platform solution for all their needs. One platform, with an easy to use interface, gave Encore Pipe answers to where there equipment was locate, how many people were on one job and equipment usage. Call and see how we can provide the same solution for you.”

    “When Swift Driving School needed an In Vehicle Camera Solution for their fleet of trucks, they contacted Safety Track. Offering a solution that was perfect for Swift Driving School was not an easy goal. Safety Track researched their needs and offered them the right solution, at the right price. Know your customer and their industry set Safety track apart from the competition. Thank you Safety Track”!

    David M.
    Swift Drving School

    “Mike needed to maintain the whereabouts of his fleet of 21 semi’s. But he also wanted a platform that offered two way communication, Navigation, plus truck routes. Eventually he will need electronic driver logs (HOS) and the possibility of Engine Diagnostics. Plus he didn’t want to have a large out of pocket start up cost. With the Enterprise solution from Safety Track, problem solved. No out of pocket start up cost and the ability to expand as his business expands. Does your system have this?”!

    “There was a problem with collisions in the Steel Mill equipment operation, but what was the cause of the problem; Training or operator error. Safety Track’s In Vehicle Camera was the solution we where looking for to find our problem”!

    Tim W.
    Edward C. Levy Corporation


    AV-TEST – The Independent IT-Security Institute

    System Center Endpoint Protection

    During March and April 2015 we continuously evaluated 11 endpoint protection products using settings as provided by the vendor. We always used the most current publicly-available version of all products for the testing. They were allowed to update themselves at any time and query their in-the-cloud services. We focused on realistic test scenarios and challenged the products against real-world threats. Products had to demonstrate their capabilities using all components and protection layers.


    Protection against malware infections
    (such as viruses, worms or Trojan horses)
    More information

    Protection against 0-day malware attacks, inclusive of web and e-mail threats (Real-World Testing)

    187 samples used

    Detection of widespread and prevalent malware discovered in the last 4 weeks (the AV-TEST reference set)

    28,002 samples used


    Average influence of the product on computer speed in daily usage
    More information

    Use cases: visiting websites, downloading software, installing and running programs and copying data

    Number of test cases: 5


    A diverse group of Walton College alumni who are ambassadors for the college and who use their experience and insight to advancement the college’s goals.

    Prominent business leaders who actively support the Dean in advancing the mission and vision of the Sam M. Walton College of Business.

    Designed to honor, preserve and perpetuate the names and outstanding accomplishments of business leaders who have brought lasting fame to Arkansas.

    Stay Connected

    We want to keep in touch and continue to develop the bond you have with Walton. Your support is important to us as we make our programs stronger and more secure for future generations.

    We’d like to hear from you, as well as keep you updated.

    For nearly a century, the Walton College has excelled because of benefactors like you.

    Total 38 credit hours

    When trying to decide if getting your MBA is the next step to furthering your career, what often comes to mind is family. How can you take the leap into a program without the confidence that it won’t derail the life and career you’ve worked so hard to build? You know you don’t have time to stop the rest of your life while you get an MBA.

    Well guess what? We had your work-life balance in mind when we designed the Walton Executive MBA program. Our Executive MBA program is built around your life, your career, and your study preferences. Your courses are available to you anywhere, anytime. With face-to-face class days organized just one Saturday a month, you can plan your schedule up to a year in advance. Our faculty make sure you know what your assignments are well ahead of time, giving you the ability to plan your courses around your work schedule.

    We designed the Walton EMBA to fit into your busy schedule. Our innovative, part-time program leverages classroom instruction with online learning activities and interactive team-based problem solving.

    To complete the 38-hour program, our students attend classes part time, taking 6 hours of coursework per semester and attending class just one Saturday per month for two years. Even when classes are not in session, you have access to all of the Walton College’s learning resources from anywhere in the world through our extensive technology services and support.

    Executive MBA Saturday Class Dates

    Admission to the Walton College Executive MBA program is highly competitive and selective. Enrollment is limited. The admissions committee base their decisions on applicant’s:

    • Work experience
    • Undergraduate coursework GPA
    • 3 Letters of Recommendation
    • Statement of Purpose
    • Interview for final round applicants
    • GMAT or GRE score – Please Note: A GMAT/GRE waiver is available for select Executive MBA candidates. If you have at least five years of quality work experience and a strong prior academic record, you may be eligible. Please contact us for more details.


    A GMAT/GRE waiver is available for select Executive MBA candidates. If you have at least five years of quality work experience and a strong prior academic record, you may be eligible for a waiver. Please contact us for more details.

    Yes, you can take the GMAT or GRE after the application deadline. However, your application will not be considered complete, and an admissions decision cannot be made, until we have received your test score. Applicants with at least five years of quality business experience and a strong academic record will be considered for a GMAT or GRE waiver as part of a full application review.

    AACSB or the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business is the premier accreditation institution for business schools around the world. Nearly 600 institutions worldwide have the accreditation. As an accredited institution, we must follow a set of strict guidelines governing faculty and academic quality, meaning that your degree will be more valuable to both you and your future employer. To learn more about AACSB and what it can do for you see bestbizschools.

    To successfully complete coursework in the Executive MBA program, students should have a laptop/device that meets the following criteria: Specifications: Preferably 5 years old or less, 4 GB RAM minimum, 4 GB free disk space minimum Operating System: Windows 7, Windows 8.x, or MacOS 10.x* (Students using a Mac will need to be able to run Microsoft Excel for Windows on their machines) Network: Wireless enabled and/or Ethernet port Virus Protection: An up-to-date virus protection software *Please consult your Walton Connect page on Blackboard to note any additional operating system/software requirements specific to your program