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Online Interior Design/Decoration Courses – Worth it?

I am an aspiring Interior Designer /Decorator. Most job openings I see on Monster/Careerbuilder/Yahoo! Hot Jobs/Etc. are for Interior Architects, but the ones I do find for Design /Decorator usually require lots of education and experience.

The ‘type’ of Design/Decor I’m looking to do is Residential. I’ve also opened up to retail (such as department stores/furniture stores/etc.). Other than that, I’m not sure I could get into any of it. Especially considering my limitations. I can only do an online course. I must work full time to support my debts and my fiance and myself. Plus, I cannot afford the ‘good’ schools. Not on top of my current existing tuition payment of 220/mo, at least.

So I’ve been looking at online Design courses. Sheffield (www.sheffield.edu/htmlsrc/interior-design-course.html ), being the first I’d found. And Lifestyle Learning Direct (www.lifestylelearningdirect.com/course/interior_design_decoration ), being the second. I am torn between the two. I want the most bang for my buck. The most in-depth online course I can get for under $2000. I know, it’s asking a lot. Also, I’d like to know if doing one of these online courses is going to get my the certificate needed to be able to practice as an Interior Designer /Decorator and maybe even in the future as a Consultant.

I make about $1300/mo right now, and that’s barely getting us by (in addition to fiance’s income). Where I live, that income is a little above average for my age, but I also have a lot more bills than most people my age. Mistakes have been made. I don’t want to make any more. (

Any help/insight is MUCH appreciated. Thank you all!

Maggie J in Miami, Florida

I graduated 3 years ago with a Bachelor of Science degree in Interior Architecture and Design and have been unable to find a job. Finally I decided that I would just like to start working independently on small projects and build a business from the ground up but I really need a mentor to provide me with some guidance and industry advise but I don’t know who to turn to. Any suggestions?

Kenneth in Accra, Ghana

Love Interior Design in Chicago, Illinois said: I’ve got the Sheffield School complete course of Interior Design I no longer need. Contact me if interested. Thanks. )

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