Self-Paced Bankers E-Learning

E-learning that elevates your people.

Omega Performance e-learning courses, accessible online at any time, are developed to be highly interactive – maintaining high learner interest that enhances understanding and application of the material. Concepts are presented in conjunction with related definitions, explanations, formulas, and mini-cases to ensure that individuals of all learning styles find the subject matter accessible and user-friendly.

Highly Interactive Experience.

In addition to the core content, Omega Performance’s E-Learning courses include modular pre-tests, multimedia animations, on-demand resources that include relevant articles, job aids, worksheets, and glossaries; “E-mail a Mentor” support for our credit skills courses to assist learners with difficult credit concepts; “Check Your Understanding” quizzes that reinforce learning; and, post-tests that gauge results.

Real-time Reporting, Real-time ROI.

Omega Performance E-Learning courses include access to our robust reporting engine that allows your organization to flexibly view and analyze training result data for one learner, a group of learners, and across the enterprise. This data provides your organization with the data needed to benchmark training standards and fine-tune learning objectives to suit each individual learner’s unique needs.

Blended learning reinforces, hones, and applies skills.

Beginning with Self-Paced E-Learning courses, learners are provided a self-driven opportunity to learn at their own pace, minimizing downtime at work and enhancing retention. With this strong foundation in place, Omega Performance offers two progression options that enhance, advance, and sustain learning through the Blended Credit Training Experience. Skills Application Labs and Credit Coaching and Mentoring programs.

More about e-learning by Omega Performance.

Why E-Learning?

It’s not just a trend. Omega Performance e-learning courses are highly interactive, and designed to maintain high learner interest that enhances understanding and application of skills learned. The industry’s leading credit and conversation skills training content, multimedia animations, and on-demand study and reference resources, come together to form an impactful learning experience.

Training that fuels bank growth.

We understand the unique business challenges banks are facing, from an extremely competitive marketplace where good talent is tough to attract and retain, to a multi-generational workforce with varying learning objectives and styles. Omega Performance e-learning is designed for cost-effective enterprise-wide deployment, empowering your staff with critical skills needed to succeed in the modern banking industry.

Easy Licensing: One set annual fee

For a fixed annual license fee, your organization can acquire unlimited access to select courses or the complete library of e-learning content. That’s 65+ modules ranging from 1-5 hours each for a total of 180+ hours of training content.

Real-time Reporting, Real-Time ROI

The Omega Performance e-learning analytics reporting platform provides our clients with unrestricted access to their data on our learning management system. This allows our customers to make better-informed business decisions and increase their training ROI. With real-time analytics at their fingertips, training managers are able to objectively develop specialized training paths that minimize employee downtime and increase skills where they are needed most.

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