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An integral part of raising a child involves the location in which he or she is raised. A room dedicated for a nursery has to be fun, yet safe, and colorful, yet not cloying. In my eyes, this room spells that out perfectly. It isn’t too large, yet isn’t too small. It is a perfect size. Right in front of the doorway is a unique lamp, hanging like an inverted pyramid. The floor is wooden, and is of a natural wooden shade. The walls are a pinkish peach, which seems pleasant to the eyes.

The crib in the center of the room is large and deep enough for a baby. Its wooden frame looks sturdy and safe. In the day, the inside of the crib receives excellent light from the window.

The window is half covered by sunshine yellow drapes that make the light coming in look more beautiful. The wallpaper of the room has small, decorative patterns of white and yellow.

The cabinet, close to the crib, is wooden and painted white. There is plenty of space within it for clothes, books, and other material. The platform above the cabinet also offers more space to put things. And above the cabinet as well, we see space to hang clothes on hangars, or to put things like paints, out of reach of the child.

The floor has a yellow rug in the center, matching the beautiful drapes. On the side of the wall next to the window is a cupboard that has space at the bottom for clothes and toys, and also much more space inside.

Overall, the nursery is filled with the warmth and beauty that a child should be raised in. The walls are painted in pleasant colors and there is good ventilation and natural lighting. There is also plenty of space.

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