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October 17-20, 2017 Old Market Embassy Suites, Omaha

NCHSE is proud to sponsor the 3rd biennial Institute for Educational Excellence (IEE). This two and a half-day intensive professional development for a select group of innovative health science teachers will focus on the National Health Science Standards, bringing industry to the classroom, student engagement, pedagogy, technology, and STEM. The application process will include a recommendation from the health science state leader in your state and a school administrator. Two educators will be chosen from each state with two named alternates. R egistration fee is $500 for selected participants from NCHSE member states and $650 for participants from nonmember states. Breakfast and lunch is included; dinner, travel and lodging will be responsibility of participants. Teachers will receive the 2016 health science curriculum enhancements ($300 value), will be trained to deliver curricular information to fellow teachers, and awarded the NCHSE Health Science Institute for Educational Excellence Certificate.

If you ve purchased the newly released Health Science Curriculum Enhancements before 1/15/2017, please contact the NCHSE office. Standard 11 was missing one document and the NCHSE office can email the updated information directly to you. Thank you!

National Consortium for Health Science Education – NCHSE

Building, Retaining and Sustaining Clinical and Community Partnerships
Thursday, June 22, 10:00 AM (Advisors Only), Fiesta 1
Carole Stacy, Executive Director, NCHSE

Getting to know your community partners and cultivating working relationships can ultimately result in retaining clinical sites and sustaining community partnerships. During this presentation, we will explore challenges and opportunities you may encounter as you work toward developing industry partnerships and discuss what strategies other health science teachers use to make partnerships a systemic part of their health science program.

Refresh and Recharge: Promoting Student Active Engagement
Thursday, June 22, 11:00 AM (Advisors Only), Monterrey 1
Lara Morris, Committee Chair, NCHSE

Are you looking for something NEW in the classroom? A twist on the everyday lesson plan or adaptation that takes learning to a new level? Join us in this hands-on’ presentation to gain multiple resources to

Look Beneath the Surface for Human Trafficking
Friday, June 23, 11:00 AM, Monterrey 1
Carole Stacy Alyson Samuels, FBI Special Agent

Victims of human trafficking may look like students or patients you see everyday. Human trafficking is a global problem and is prevalent in the United States. During this presentation, we will provide an overview of human trafficking, as well as offer resources for learning more about how you can help.

Knowing the facts and asking the right questions will help determine if the person in front of you is a victim who needs your help. This workshop will provide the medical perspective of victims and the legal scope of the problem. We hope to educate, raise awareness and provide better care for victims of human trafficking. See More See Less

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