Modern Interior Design, 9 Decor and Paint Color Schemes that Include Gray Color

Interior design paint

Interior design paint

Interior design paint

Gray interior paint and blue-green living room furnishings

Modern interior design, decor and paint color trends 2013 are influenced by current social and economic factors. The next year trends in decorating will be affected by the global economy and important events changing people and their views, tastes, and preferences. Popular interior design, decor ideas, modern wallpaper patterns, paint colors, and decorative accessories will look brighter and more optimistic at the time of positive changes in the world, and be more intimate and comforting during dramatic events and slow economies.

Subtle interior design and decorating color schemes with soft interior paint colors, like yellowish green, light green, bluish-gray, light gray or stone blue and off white tones, will be attractive choices in 2013 for large surfaces of walls and big pieces of room furniture. Bright color design with bright or dark blue colors, reddish pink or soft orange is trendy. Deep purple and red wine or pinkish purple color tones add beautiful, powerful and contemporary decorative accents to neutral colors and create quiet, but bright color schemes for modern interior design and decorating in 2013.

Soft and diluted interior paint colors and modern wallpaper patterns, combined with a few elements of interior design and decor in vibrant color shades, define the modern interior design color trends 2013. Interior paint is the most popular way of adding color to wall decoration. Selecting the modern interior paint colors is a simple, quick and easy idea to create dramatic changes in interior decorating and add a contemporary flair to your home interiors.

Modern interior color trends 2013

Modern interior paint colors bring a contemporary feel into homes adding freshness and style to traditional and eclectic living spaces. Many people will prefer quick and efficient decorating ideas. Trendy interior paint is an excellent solution for bringing novelty into home interiors in 2013.

Regardless of what interior design and decorating color schemes are selected, people like to include neutral and light tones. White paint colors, light gray color tones, and pale beige create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere while providing an excellent background for bold and exciting decorative accessories and colorful accent wall design. Interior design paintPurplish pink and gray color accents in modern living room, pink and gray accent wall design and furniture in purplish pink and gray color shades

Here are nine modern interior design and decorating color schemes that will be popular in 2013. Interior color design experts analyzed changes in contemporary lifestyle, economy, technology, art and design and their influences and social impacts on modern interior design and decor, suggesting the most popular home decorating color schemes and interior paint colors 2013.

Color design forecast emphasizes light gray color shades and suggests matching color schemes with dark gray color tones, off-whites, and modern vibrant colors, that define modern interior design and decorating color trends 2013. Dark and light gray color shades are included in stylish neutral color schemes and blended with relaxing and pleasant green and yellowish green colors or peaceful and calming blue color tones. Interior design paintModern living room design with gray wall, blue and yellow accents

Neutral color tones, like gray color and off-white paint colors, look fantastic in all home interiors and can be attractively combined with bright room decorating ideas or classic black-n-white color schemes. Dark blue color, purple colors, red and orange paint will be attractive choices for creating accent wall design and adding colorful and very decorative accessories to home decor in a neutral color. Interior design paintModern living room design and decor in deep blue, green and gray color shades

Elegant and intimate dark gray color shades will be used as the main color for modern interior design and decor in a contemporary style, offering understated, subtle and mysterious interior decorating that allows stylish, bold accents to take central stage.

Nine modern interior design and decorating color schemes with gray color

1. Soft green colors with gray paint

2. Wild rose, deep purplish pink, dark and light gray color combination

3. Blue, green and gray color scheme

4. Wine red, soft light green and gray color scheme

5. Bluish gray color shades and orange color

6. Medium gray color with grayish blue and green colors

7. Modern interior decorating color scheme with grayish blue and brown colors

8. Deep blue and green colors combined with white and bluish-gray color tones

9. Turquoise, blue, and light gray color combination

Interior design paint

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