Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Arizona

Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Arizona

Three significant employers of medical billing and coding professionals in Arizona are:

Banner Baywood Medical Center

  • Address: 6644 E. Baywood Ave. Mesa, AZ 85206
  • Email Address: Click here to access the contact form.
  • Phone Number: 1-866-377-JOBS (5627) or (480) 321-2000
  • Website: Banner Baywood Medical Center

Banner Health has 14 facilities throughout Arizona, including an Alzheimer s Institute and the Thunderbird Surgery Center. They also have 11 other facilities in six other states. They offer paid time off, vacations, a full benefits package, a 401k savings plan, flexible spending accounts, and other retirement options. Banner Health has also been recognized by Thomson Reuters as among the top five large health systems in the country.

Banner Behavioral Health Hospital

  • Address: 7575 E. Earll Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85251
  • Email Address: Click here to access the contact form.
  • Phone Number: (602) 254-4357
  • Website: Banner Behavioral Health Hospital

Banner Behavioral offers an extensive staff that serves the mentally and emotionally distraught. This staff includes addiction specialists, counselors, psychiatrists, social workers, special education teachers, nurses, therapists, and psychiatric technicians. Benefits include tuition assistance, paid time off, vision insurance, dental insurance, and medical insurance. Retirement options are plentiful, complete with savings and flexible spending accounts.

Banner Heart Hospital

  • Address: 6750 E. Baywood Ave. Mesa, AZ 85206
  • Email Address: Click here to access the contact form.
  • Phone Number: (480) 854-5000
  • Website: Banner Heart Hospital

Banner Heart opened in November 2000 with a team of first-class physicians. Having more than tripled since its founding, Banner Heart is among the largest freestanding hospitals in America. It features 111 beds, 6 operating rooms, 6 cardiac catheterization labs, and 2 electrophysiology labs. Salary and benefits are handled through the Banner Heart network, and are top-notch.

Top Cities in Arizona for Medical Billing and Coding Careers

Below is a list of employment information for some of the major areas of Arizona. It is derived from information provided by the BLS .

Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale, AZ

The larger Phoenix area employs about 3,380 medical billers and coders. The hourly mean pay is $18.87 an hour or $39,250 annually. Workers in the top 10th percentile earn $62,690, while those in the bottom 10th percentile earn $22,160.

  • Tucson, AZ

    Tucson employs 810 billers and coders who earn a mean wage of $15.26 an hour or $31,740 yearly. The annual rate is $47,020 for the top 10th percentile and $20,620 for the bottom 10th percentile.

  • North Arizona nonmetropolitan area

    This area has 270 employees in the medical billing and coding field. They earn a mean hourly wage of $17.39 or a mean annual salary of $36,170.The 90th percentile earns $51,550 and the 10% class earns $21,580.

  • Flagstaff, AZ

    Flagstaff employs 140 medical billers and coders, who make an average of $16.22 hourly or $33,730 per year. Salaries of $46,850 and $25,220 represent the top and bottom 10th percentiles, respectively.

  • Yuma, AZ

    Yuma has 130 professional medical billers and coders who are paid at an average hourly rate of $13.04 or an average annual rate of $27,120.The bottom 10th percentile earns $20,490 and the top 10th percentile earns $44,040.

  • Southeast Arizona nonmetropolitan area

    This area employs 120 coders, whose average pay is $15.63 hourly or $32,520 yearly. The top 10th percentile earns $48,760, while the bottom 10th earns $19,640.

  • Prescott, AZ

    A total of 90 billers and coders are employed in Prescott. Their mean wage is $17.61 hourly or $36,630 annually. The top 10th percentile earns $54,290, while the bottom 10th percentile earns $23,030.

  • Lake Havasu City Kingman, AZ

    This region employs 140 medical billers and coders, who earn a mean hourly rate of $15.05 or a mean yearly rate of $31,300. The bottom 10th percentile earns $20,930, while the 90th percentile earns $45,160.

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