Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers

Are you facing criminal charges in the Las Vegas, Nevada area? Are you in fear of what could happen to your life if you are ultimately convicted? A criminal conviction, even a misdemeanor, can turn your life upside down now and in the future. If the offense is serious enough it may haunt you forever and will exert it s effects on many areas of your life. You need the help of our skilled Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers.

Please do not face your Las Vegas criminal charges alone or, worse yet, ignore them. Let our team of Vegas defense attorneys protect your rights and do whatever they can to have your charges dismissed or dropped. They are skilled Las Vegas trial attorneys and will use their negotiation skills to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Legal Penalties If Convicted Of A Crime In Nevada

The consequences of a criminal conviction are extremely serious, even if the charges you are facing are misdemeanor charges. By no means is this something you should face alone. Depending on your prior criminal record, the crime you are accused of and the circumstances surrounding your arrest you may face legal and administrative consequences such as:

Loss of driving privileges

Change in academic status if college student

The Nevada legal system is very complex and is not something you should attempt to navigate through alone. Contact our team of Las Vegas, Nevada criminal lawyers if you are facing any of the following types of charges or situations:

Drug crimes (felony and misdemeanor)

College student crimes

How A Las Vegas Criminal Attorney Can Help

Our Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers has been practicing criminal law in the Las Vegas area for many years as a criminal defense attorney. Not many Vegas criminal attorneys bring their level of experience and expertise to the table. As your attorney they will use their experience to effectively defend your rights. Please contact our Las Vegas criminal attorneys for a free consultation.

They proudly serve those facing criminal and DUI charges in the Las Vegas as well as those arrested in Las Vegas but residing other parts of Nevada or other states including Texas, Arizona, California, New Mexico, Florida, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

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