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Course Opinion Letters starting from 1989.

Calicut-32, Kerala India

Dear Sir,
Received the lessons I really enjoyed doing the lessons. Regarding lessons I am finding it interesting and thanks for the detailed notes. I have gained a lot and come to know a lot thanks for the strict guidance thank you once again.

Mrs. Hina Ahmed
Madras 18, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Dear Sir,
This is to inform you that I have got a job as Interior Design in a reputed firm.
The job is quite a challenging one but with the kind of knowledge you have imported, it has become easy for me. Thanks for the detailed materials and drawings which you have given, this course definitely opened a great future for me. Thanking you for everything.
Yours Sincerely.
Mrs. Hina Ahmed

Kauser.M. Ahmed
Bombay, Mumbai 400020, Maharastra, India

I am very happy that I have taken up this course, your material, guidance, etc is excellent.
Keep up the good work. With best wishes
Yours Sincerely
Kauser.M. Ahmed

Auxilium School of Interior Design was established in 1989 by Mr. Mathew Jacob Chakramakal. The interior designing and decoration course was offered as a one year part time course at Chennai and Coimbatore.

The classes were of two to three hours duration six to nine hours a week. The students also had the option to come to the college during the days they did not have classes and do the assignments guided by the professors. All asignments taught in the classroom were drawn on four feet by four feet plastic sheets and thereby the use of the black board was the minimum. This had the added advantages of the ability to easily refer to previous assignments taught in the classroom by just clipping the plastic sheets on the blackboard. Auxillium then adopted an easier way of instrucions – the use of assignments done by the previous year students. The best students assignments were photo stated and all instructions written on the sheet and given to the students to try do at home and come for the next days classes. Many students completed the assignments to be taught the next day by refering the the photo stated copy of the assignment. Thus, was born the idea of offering this education as a Home study, correspondence, distance education course.

The Home study, Correspondence, Distance education course was started in 1991. The first admission to the Home study course in interior designing and decoration admission was dated 02 nd October 1991. Student name – Ms. Kasturi R. Kumar from Chennai Tamil Nadu India. The second admission to the correspondence course was dated 05 th October 1991. Student Name Vivian D silva from Udipi Karnataka India. The eight admission to the distance education course was dated 30 th November 1991 Student name R. Sridhar from Tindivanam Tamilnadu India – whose course opinion letter was among the first Auxilium received. Advertisments were released all over India. Enrolment to the home study correspondence distance education course was now from all over India.

The course fees was kept very low at just I.Rs. 1,900 for the diploma level course. Auxilium thus reached out to the economically poor who wanted to be interior designers and decorators. This education was possible only in the cities and at course fees ranging from I.Rs 10,000 to I.Rs. 50,000 a year X 2 years to cover our diploma level course syllabus. Auxilium school of interior design made it possible for everybody to be become and interior designer and decorator living anywhere in India, be it even a village, for just I.Rs. 1,900 plus about I.Rs 500 for drafting materials and postage cost.

The students studying at Auxilium school of interior design are now from all over India and from outside India. Numerous course opinion letters since 1989 are hosted in our web sites. The course opinion letters are scanned in their original handwriting and hosted. The letters are also typed out and hosted in our web sites.

Architecture & Interior Designing

Most homes, Offices and showrooms need to be made livable. This necessitates the bare essentials – Construction, Ventilation, Cleanliness, Sanitation and Furnishing. For this to be provided the mason comes into the picture to get the construction done. Now the design of the construction requires planning. Planning can be done with the help of the knowledge of the mason combined with the requirements of the clients, or, the architect designs the structure. Once the structure is made comes the role of the interior designer who furnishes the place according to the requirement of the client. Interior Designers come in various combinations. With and without an educational background and those having only the experience of designing. This comprises of Architects, Interior designers and people from various other backgrounds like film stars or those famous in the media.

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