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Marketing to engage designers and architects

The UK Interior Design Bureau.

We provide marketing for manufacturers and suppliers who wish to use Creative Specifiers as a route to market. The term Creative Specifiers includes interior designers, architects and other design specifiers .

Faster, Happier Sourcing and Selection

Recognised as being responsible for high-value specifications, interior designers and other creative specifiers are heavily targeted. Yet traditional marketing does not serve the fast yet meticulous style in which they work.

Our purpose is to facilitate faster, happier sourcing and selection, achieving the specifications that interior designers need and the sales that manufacturers and suppliers want.

Why Standard Marketing Is Not Effective For Creative Specifiers

However glamorous it can seem, the interior design route to market is still a specification sale. The marketing approach cannot rely on the subjective and descriptive style so often used in traditional marketing. Why?

An emotive message, being a more consumer-orientated approach, will not match the interior designer’s professional mindset when sourcing products or the urgency of the task. If the properties of the product have not been successfully communicated the sale can quite easily fall through when exposed to long project lead times. Further challenges to a successful purchase will come from other influencers and the intense pressures that the fit-out and construction team will impose.

Interior designers will judge for themselves how beautiful a product is. What they instantly need to understand are its critical properties and the advantages in working with your company. Clear delivery of these will help create a firm specification that can progress to successful procurement.

Our focus at the UK Interior Design Bureau is to create the foundations for these robust specifications at the point of sourcing and selection.

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