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Interior Designer / Professional Design Kit

Our most popular Kit with Interior designers and Space Planners. Contains a full Home Design Kit which is a fully comprehensive set which comes with a huge range of furniture templates for the whole house, with magnetic walls, windows and doors to create the scale plan of your home.

Added to the Home design Kit you get the fab black Portfolio carry case to put everything in(including your own home design sketches). Also comes with 4 additional roomsets to make this the fully comprehensive luxury residential planning set.

Contents of the Home Design kit include (all magnetic):

  • Magnetic walls, windows and doors
  • 2 x Base A4 boards (each represents 70m square)
  • 2 x Scale rules (one for metres and one for feet)
  • Kitchen Furniture templates
  • Dining room Furniture options
  • Bathroom suite templates (including a variety of shapes and sizes of units)
  • Living room furniture templates
  • Bedroom Furniture pieces
  • 3 x stair options (straight, right angle and spiral stairs)
  • Selection of Radiators
  • Pack of 10 info cards with planning tips and advice
  • Title Block to label plans when photocopying them
  • North point to check where the sunlight will be in your house plans
  • All contained in a lovely A4 tin box to keep all your magnets safe.

All the above included in this Interior Designer Kit PLUS:

  • Black portfolio case
  • Home Gym template set
  • Garage Scale Templates
  • Home Office Furniture items
  • Games Music room furniture templates

Can be reused indefinitely, the high quality magnets will last for years

House PlansCan be photocopied, or scanned to save a copy before creating a new layout.

Works out of the box – nothing else needed to create accurate scale plans.

No need to spend hours drawing to scale or learning computer packages – modelrooms takes about 5 mins to learn – or your money back.

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