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Interior Design Apprenticeships?

Q: I am on the cusp of a career switch from web development to interior design. I grew up around it my whole life (my mother and aunt did it professionally for years, and our house was their lab). I also grew up in the South though, where being a male interior designer wasn’t the answer they looked for when they asked you “what do you want to be when you grow up”, or at least, thats what I perceived.

Now I’m in Soma San Francisco and am finding that even family back home is pretty accepting of the idea, much less how incredibly accepting of -everything- SF is.

6 years into a successful web development career, I find myself longing for the Interior Design field. It’d be a lot of progress in my current career to leave behind, or at least, table for the side. So I’m apprehensive about being 100% positive I want to do this.

I’d like to try apprenticing under an Interior Designer, I’ve done similar things before with other career paths and it worked really well for me to keep from going into debt for school before being positive.

Is there a good way to find individual designers that are open to this? What is the best way to approach an interior designer with this in mind? Obviously a portfolio would help, but I’ve got nothing to speak of except my own apartment.

I’ve tried emailing a few people and let them know that I didn’t even want to be paid, and that I’d lug around furniture and anything else they wanted me to do as long as I could ask them questions about decisions and methodologies after.

I really just want to get my feet wet a bit and see if it sticks before leaving and going to art school.

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