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Interior Decorating in Asian Style, Modern Interior Design Trends

Asian interior decorating ideas are stylish, classy and elegant. Modern interior design trends inspired by Asian interiors, offer a few beautiful ways to decorate your home, reflecting these influences in your living spaces. Decorative screens and woven straw mats, paper lamp shades and silk tapestry, floral wallpaper patterns and colorful birds images, dark wood furniture and calligraphy art are modern home decorating ideas.

Japanese interior decorating offers a few popular choices for modern interior design with oriental themes. Decorative screens with wooden frames and gorgeous cutouts filled with rice paper add exotic flavor to room decor. These screens can be used as room dividers or unique home decorations that bring unique atmosphere of oriental interior decorating into modern homes.

Low furniture and calligraphy art, wooden soaking bathtubs and woven straw mats are things to add to your Japanese interior decorating. The rectangular table in a dark finish with clean lines and a heater in the middle is considered in Japan to be the emotional center of a home. Zen gardens with small pebbles and sand are another great feature of oriental interior decorating.

Modern interior decorating in Asian styles

Modern interior decorating in Asian style, oriental interior design trends

Woven straw mats are traditional floor coverings in Asian interiors. These floor and bench coverings will add an authentic touch to your Asian interior decorating and create unique and very original interior design. A hanging gong is a nice detail that helps accentuate Asian interior decorating ideas.

Using Japanese and Chinese calligraphy is a classic and elegant way to decorate your walls in Asian styles. These works of art can be framed in black frames to add clean lines and grace to Asian interior design.

Living room design and decor in Asian style

Oriental interior design is one of modern interior design trends that can be easily achieved in modern homes. Since a majority of Asia are Buddhists, it is no surprise that Buddha statues are common home decorating items. These items are easily recognized and readily available, making great home decorations for Asian interiors.

Medallions are another great choice when it comes to Asian influence in modern interior design. The medallions that feature traditional Asian decoration add Asian touches to oriental interior design. Room furniture pieces that mimic the curves of building in Asian countries, like Japan, China, Thailand or Mongolia, are great choices for side tables, coffee tables or media stands for Asian interior design.

Dining room decorating in Asian style, dark wood furniture, calligraphy art, bamboo plant and paper lamp

Room colors for Asian interior decorating

Asian styles vary, bringing dark and bright, vibrant and bold colors into interior design and mixing them with neutral colors and pastel tones. Chinese or Japanese interior design trends calls for calming neutral colors and red accents that jazz up traditional dark room colors and add interest to home decorating.

Various home accessories and decorative fabrics are great for adding color to modern interior design in Asian style. The medallions or Buddha statues, vases and hanging lamps, silk wall tapestry and caligraphy artworks are perfect for accentuating Asian interior decorating.

Gorgeous interior decorating in Asian style, sink wall covering with floral designs and unique hanging lamp

Asian styles and Asian inspired modern interior design trends are about creating a Zen-like space which is appealing, but relaxing, simple and calming. Bamboo carved motifs and paper lanterns are wonderful inexpensive and elegant home decor items for Asian interiors.

Oriental interior decorating in contemporary style

Modern interior design trends, wallpaper patterns and decor accessories for oriental interior decorating

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