interior design paint colors

Interior design paint colors

We start a kitchen remodel by clearing out elements that make it function badly.

Here the island was rotated 180 degrees to place the oven conveniently facing the cooking surface, while creating seating space in the center of the kitchen.

The former breakfast bar at the far end of the room was removed and the countertop finished in tile matching the existing surfaces.

Thick and grey-toned granite countertops on the island and breakfast bar looked dated and unfriendly. We selected lighter granite in colors coordinating with the floor tile, and specified a contemporary profile to make the island look sleek.

New lights with a clean shape and warm glow replace the quasi-industrial fixtures with dangling chrome weights. And paint colors in light neutral shades broaden the visual field.

More about how we stirred things up coming soon!

Interior design paint colors

Comfort is in the Eye of the Beholder

Why not remodel your bedroom into a luscious haven of repose?

Interior design paint colors

In this Dining Room, a new vibrant color palette in gold and orange enlivens the artwork and the surroundings. I consulted on the new picture frames and display of the paintings and art prints. see more

Interior design paint colors

Oregon Home, November-December 2007

Interior design paint colors

Choosing the right colors was important for another reason: The library would be home to treasured family keepsakes that the McClearys wanted to display. Those keepsakes include a set of leather-bound books by English authors; porcelain Lipizzaner horses that Louisa s late father, who d obtained the figurines during his many vacations to Austria, had bequeathed to her; and a coastal-theme oil painting from Stan s late parents.

For guidance she called in Mary McMurray, a color consultant with Portland-based Art First Colors for Architecture. When you re doing multiple rooms and you want them all to be extraordinary in terms of depth of color, it helps to have someone who knows what they re doing, says Louisa. When I m working with paint samples, I can t predict the effect the color will have after it s painted on a huge wall. But Mary can look at a paint chip and say, That s going to be too beige.

The McClearys and McMurray turned to the oil painting for ideas. We used it as a departure point, but we didn t match the colors, says McMurray. I think a common error is to use the predominant color in a piece of art as a wall color. When you do that, you don t see the artwork as much. Inspired by the painting s coastal hues, McMurray created custom variations on a theme of blue: a deep teal for the walls, an aqua for the back of the bookshelves and a lighter aqua for the ceiling. She also advised ivory for the bookcase and sand-colored carpeting in place of the old taupe one. To help her clients visualize the final result, she painted three-foot-square patches of paint on the walls.

When we first put the big patch on the wall here, my husband came home and looked at it and went, Oh, my god! says Louisa. Because the blue is so bold. But now he loves it. Sometimes it s just a matter of getting over the hump of being ready for a deep color.

As for Louisa, she s thrilled with the room s revamped ambience. Before, it was kind of depressing to look at all that taupe, she says. Looking at colors that are this deep and this pretty, it almost gives you physical pleasure.

Color and design consultant: Mary McMurray, Art First Colors for Architecture, Portland, 503-287-4354 or visit her website,

Interior design paint colors

Interior design paint colors

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