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Kitchen design isn t so much about colours and gloss and all the hoopla about looks. There s that too of course. Can t be helped. We all love pretty. But it s first and foremost about function. The home cook (after the house maid) is probably the most over-worked person in the confines of a house. You ll be surprised by [ ]

Classroom seating — 1Seating possibility 1HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE

Classroom Seating -2

Did you know Colors changed the way you felt about your house?Here s How. Guess why I like Orange, Yellow, Green and Brown in that order?Graphic from http://acriticaleyepainting.com/

A steam generator in an airtight enclosure and voila!Big enough to be a family gathering spot or. Small enough to be a personal relaxation space inside the bathroom. Is now available from some vendors in India for about Rs 1.25 lakh including the shower panels and shower enclosure. The shower panels available with the steam generator vendors isn t [ ]

Bathroom Furniture DreamsYou can never go wrong with whiteOr Black and White for that matter. But Check out the edgesYou wouldn t think to look at it, but this is a wooden washbasin unitIt s from Duravit (Italy), though the company also has offices in India now. Here s another look at it.Also from Duravit, this incredible Mirror Wall [ ]

Creative Design, a Little Technology, turn a tiny room into a large homeYou won t believe it – but that place has a kitchen, a bath, a toilet with a library, a dining table, a cupboard, a balcony, a sofa, a lounge and a TV.In a constantly transforming and re-building space, which admittedly needs younger muscles, [ ]

Thought Your Dream House was Weird?Ever thought of. Yep. a movable balcony?Or. say. A waterfall in the bathtub?Or even something as simple as aa swing set dining table?If you have had dreams like these for your house, here s a site you have to check out:36 Things You Obviously Need For Your House

THE DING TABLEThe three legs that knot into each other.Like this. To make thisDesigned by Normal Copenhagen, the table comes together without screws or tools of any kind. Check out the rest of their collection Here

Dove-Tailing it to perfection

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