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HDB Interior Design

HDB interior designing is getting popular among HDB owners. Now that you have your own HDB flat as a newly-married couple, you are eager to start designing your new home. This can be a HDB Build to Order flat (BTO), Resale HDB, Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) or maisonette (set of residential 5 rooms, 4 rooms or 3 rooms). A good research is required to kick start your renovation journey. Popular HDB interior design ideas and styles include Scandinavian, industrial, minimalist, modern interior design. Most HDB homeowners in Singapore like to go for elements such as raw mixture of brick, cement, laminate and wallpaper for their wall feature to portray a sense of industrial and creative interior design look for their love nest. Some homeowners will also go for luxury and customized items by having walk-in wardrobe, bathtub, open kitchen concept or even a home bar to rest and relax after a long day at work.

Should I engage a HDB licensed interior designer?

Yes, make sure to employ a renovation firm registered with the Housing Development Board and the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore. These contractors finished HDB training modules and are familiar with the correct procedures in renovation of public housing. HDB put in place the so-called Registered Renovation Contractors’ Scheme to make sure that restoration companies understand HDB flats building structures.

DBSS is the acronym for Design, Build, and Sell Scheme. This is an opportunity for citizens of Singapore to get more housing opportunities. DBSS also introduces innovations in building as well as design technologies. These interiors are designed completely by private developers. The rooms are set apart by distinct external attributes. There are detailed renovation controls to maintain the visual appearance of all any room to include the kitchen, bar and dining.

Do you know about Smart HDB Flat Direction from government?

As the Singapore Housing and development board is constantly upgrading the estate, we are advancing to a smarter HDB living in the years to come. Smart HDB home are designed to empower homeowner monitor energy consumption and keep track of elderly and patient care via on-the-go monitoring system. Homeowner can start to plan towards this direction for their existing flats.

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