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Hair Salon Home Design Photos

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These designers started out designing many of their pieces with hair dryer “holsters,” a lot like what you’d see at a hair salon. These were usually mounted on the back of vanity doors. But this particular dressing table doesn’t have any doors — there are only drawers — so they had to come up with another way for the client to store her hair dryer and curling iron.

Elegant bathroom photo Houzz

hairdryer storage in one of your drawers Holly Viane Interiors, LLC

Cawthra Construction & Interior Design

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Hi, This salon is Salon Mikimoto is Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Elegant entryway photo in Miami Houzz

wonder if I could do something like this, but with reclaimed wood? Amy Matsumori

Aesthetics Interiors Inc

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Photo Credit-Eva Reyerson Photography

Privacy but open concept Jeanette Cam


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