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Designed Design Associates is an award-winning interior design firm established in 1997. The boutique-sized firm has broad experience with commercial projects, modern home interior design and private residential homes in Singapore and takes pride in its sensitivity towards different design needs from a diverse range of clients. we are famous for interior designers.

Each project begins with an in depth personality study with its client before design options are explored. This results in sensually sculpted interiors that speak of intimacy and identity all at once.

Admired by previous clients, designed design has also been invited to design commercial spaces such as Bistro at the Supreme Court, Keck Seng Tower and the Metrojaya Group of Stores.

The firm is founded and headed by an award-winning designer whose inquisitiveness to each interiors project is a signature that has been adopted as part of designed design’s house style.

Today, the firm provides a holistic range of services including space planning, design conceptualization, project construction and management to a diversity of clients from regional countries such as Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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singapore | malaysia | the philippines | indonesia

singapore | malaysia | the philippines | indonesia

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