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Contract magazine delivers top information and a look inside the best in educational design solutions. Educational design is essential to a solid education, and Contract only covers the best in educational design solutions. Whether you are searching for desks and chairs, storage, workplace technologies, locker systems, or writing boards, look no further than Contract’s coverage of educational design.

Education is an ever-expanding area of design as more learning institutions come to understand the value of good design in the success and happiness of their students and faculty. College and higher education institutions have long been a proponent of specific education products, but K-12 schools are also embracing products that promote an active learning environment. Some of the top companies that manufacture education products are KI, Steelcase, Herman Miller, Bretford, Vanerum Stelter, izzy+, Allsteel, HON, and American Seating. Chairs that promote healthy posture are instrumental to creating focus in a classroom, and there are many seating solutions that also integrate tablet arms for work. Desks and work tables often feature castor wheels so that the classroom can easily be moved around for individual or teamwork assignments. t carpet treatment to protect against spills and damage.

Additionally, many of these education design solutions feature elements like storage compartments, backpack hooks, writable surfaces, and technology integration. In higher education facilities, student and teacher lounges that utilize a variety of furniture products are common. Many products that are seen in office settings also find a place in education interiors, such as height adjustable desks, space dividers, and acoustic products. Specific teaching products such as lecterns often round out education product collections. As technology continues to become intertwined with the classroom it is important that teaching products keep pace. Products with dedicated wire management, integrated power, and docking stations are valued in education. Additionally, there are many technology products geared specifically for education that are of interest to designers, such as smart boards and projection technology.


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