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Interior design diploma


Interior design diploma

At LASALLE, Interior Design is defined as the act of creating engaging environments within and around existing spaces and structures. This entails the design and planning of a diverse array of spaces that span residential, leisure, retail, F B, office, healthcare, hospitality and institutional spaces. The programme exists as an independent setting for learning, teaching and extending contemporary spatial design methods and aims to be at the forefront of interior design education and practice regionally and internationally.

The curriculum is based on a number of key design principles. Fundamental technical skills and vocational knowledge remain the focus and is supported through design investigations, explorations, experimentations and conceptual thinking methods. These are explored in a practice-based studio environment where traditional drafting and modelling techniques as well as the latest in computer-aided drawing and visualization are honed. Knowledge on historical and contemporary design further develops students’ understanding of design in the built environment. The programme remains sensitive and relevant to the industry’s developments and demands through continuous links with industry partners.

The programme is unique, as it seeks not only to develop the technical skills of a student but also to supplement that professional skill with a wider knowledge and understanding of the built environment inextricably linked to the fields of industrial design and architecture.

The programme prides itself by its practical yet unconventional approach to Interior Design within the Asian context while being regionally and internally relevant to what’s current in the design industry. The studio-based environment mimics ‘design ateliers’, promoting the vibrant exchange of communication, information and ideas. These ateliers are facilitated by experienced staff, who boast a wealth of reputed local and international experiences and knowledge. Personal Professional Development is embedded in the studio through the course of study where students are exposed to the demands of the industry with continual engagement in local and international design competitions, live projects and exhibitions.

With its diverse market sectors and niches, employment is abundant ranging from large architectural practices to smaller boutique consultancy firms. The education you receive at LASALLE competitively positions you in advantageous light. Graduates have found placements in award winning local and international practices.

In Level 1, you will share some common modules across the Diplomas and you will also take discipline-specific modules. The shared modules aim to provide you with a comprehensive grounding in the basic creative processes, art and design fundamentals, technical and academic skills essential for your progression to Level 2 and Level 3. The discipline-specific modules will introduce you to core knowledge and skills required as the first layer to your specialist areas.

In Level 2, you will be taught technical and design skills specific to Interior Design with a directed approach, which encourages reflection and an understanding to design. These essential skills, which you will acquire through group and individual project briefs, are closely aligned to the demands of the design industry. Coupled with an interdisciplinary environment where peer-to-peer learning and dialogues are encouraged amongst you and your peers to maximise learning, you will play a more active role in exploring the possibilities of your chosen area of study with a higher level of confidence.

In Level 3, you will undertake modules, which may include self-devised/directed studies or projects. You will be tasked to problem-solve and articulate ideas through a variety of briefs. There will be self-initiated industry placements and/or live projects learning component designed to assist you in gaining an accurate understanding of the design industry associated with Interior Design.

Career Path: Interior Designer

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