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A complete remodel with new furnishings or a fresh, updated look in your existing space is what Design Studio B’s expert Interior Design services will deliver. Ranging from design consultations and paint selections, to the selection and purchase of new furnishings, art and accessories we can help. Let our design staff help you discover and bring to life your distinctive style with purposeful planning and specialty sourcing. Working with us will allow you access to showrooms and manufacturers available only to the design trade. This will open up options to phenomenal furnishings, fixtures and accessories that you won’t find in local retail sources.


Bring your project from concept to reality with our
specialty remodeling services. Our personalized approach to your project will allow us to discover your design preferences and project priorities. Creating your reimagined spaces is an investment of time, money and emotion. We have built a trustworthy team of subocntractors and fabricators to alleviate you from having to make additional hiring decisions. The relationship we build with you will allow you peace of mind, and time to enjoy the parts of the design process that interest you while we coordinate schedules and the details that make the difference between a good project and a great project.

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