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ReportDesign Industry Research 2010

Inside you will find

An overview of the UK design sector from Edinburgh to the South East covering:

  • Freelance designers p.6
  • Design consultancies p.9
  • In-house design teams p.12
  • Digital and multimedia design p.19
  • An overview of design business practices

This will interest

  • Design companies seeking facts and figures on their area of design compared to the rest of the UK design industry
  • Freelance designers

In autumn 2009 the Design Council conducted its second comprehensive survey of the UK design industry.

This survey covered 2,200 design businesses including in-house design teams, design consultancies and freelance designers working across communications, digital multimedia, interior exhibition, product industrial, fashion and service design disciplines. Design businesses were asked about the profile and size of their businesses, their clients and the competition they face, their business practices and the education, training and skills of their employees.

You can download the detailed research of our findings (attached) or download a helpful summary of our most essential research findings below:

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