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STEM Academy

Grow your instructional strength and expand your thinking around STEM. Academies provide one day of immersive professional development at no cost to support educators and leaders in effectively implementing STEM.

What is STEM learning?

We believe powerful critical thinking and exploration practice commonly used in effective science, technology, engineering and math classrooms should be drawn across disciplines and connected by a common or transdisciplinary theme, allowing students to:

  • Ask deep real-world questions
  • Collaborate with their peers
  • Arrive at meaningful conclusions
  • Explore STEM careers

STEM Camp: Empowering Young Women and Minorities to a Brighter Future in STEM

Spending a week learning about the properties, function and roles of water, doesn’t sound like your typical camp. Read more.

STEM Camp in Osceola County, Florida

What is Transdisciplinary?

“The idea of transdisciplinary literally means beyond all the disciplines but connected to all the disciplines by a unifying issue or topic of inquiry.”

Basarab Nicolescu
The Transdisciplinary Evolution of Learning

Mythbusters’ Kari Byron Dishes on Girls and STEM

Kari Byron (Mythbusters, Head Rush) is incredibly passionate about science, and she’s joining an increasingly large number of educators, parents, and celebrities in urging young girls to brush aside “nerdy” stereotypes that have plagued them for years — and get them to explore STEM opportunities and careers. We caught up with Kari at SXSWedu this past March and asked her a few questions on the topic.

Streaming Plus

Bringing the Real World Into the Classroom

Discovery Education Streaming Plus is a comprehensive digital service that motivates students to learn and helps teachers in every content area to transform their instruction. Containing thousands of standards-aligned resources, Streaming Plus provides you with the tools to teach your students to think critically about the content they use, see, and experience in their daily lives and to ask questions about the world around them.


We encourage all of our portfolio companies to measure their churn rates by cohort. It is very revealing.

I saw this tweet by Liad this morning that shows startup churn by cohort.

No Cake Walk.
Not for Entrepreneurs.
Nor for Investors. pic.twitter.com/pRCLD3dfRy

I don t know the source, but the data is sobering.

Some of the churn is companies getting sold. Some of the churn is companies getting profitable. But most of the churn is companies failing.

We have looked at our portfolio this way and our portfolio has performed much better than this. Some of that is selection. Some of that is support. And some of that is tenacity of the founders .

But, as Liad says in his tweet, startups are no cake walk.

Yesterday the SEC issued a report of investigation finding that DAO Tokens are securities under U.S. law. This report sent shock waves across the crypto sector leading to roughly 10% declines in the major cryptocurrencies. I must have received a dozen or more emails from people saying that ICOs are over.

I don t think ICOs are over. I think regulatory clarity is going to be good for the crypto sector long term and while this report does not give us total regulatory clarity, it does give us some very valuable insights into what the SEC is thinking about tokens.

Specifically, we now know that:

  1. The Howey test is the regulatory framework through which to evaluate whether a token is a security.
  2. A token that return profits to holders will be considered a security.

We likely know a lot more regarding jurisdictional issues and what the SEC is going to regulate and what they are not. But I will leave it to the lawyers and other SEC watchers to weigh in on that. I am not a professional and don t want to pretend to be.

At USV, we have been urging our portfolio companies and others in the crypto sector to get good legal advice before embarking on an ICO, investing in ICOs, and more. That legal advice, given as far back as several years ago, more or less anticipated much of what was in this report.

You could see this coming if you did your homework. None of this is surprising to me and to most of the folks in the crypto sector who have sought legal counsel on these matters.

In fact, if you look at all of the regulatory actions that have been taken in the US over the life of cryptocurrencies, you will see that it has mostly been straightforward application of existing laws, on AML, KYC, taxes, securities, etc. Almost all of this could be, and in many cases, was anticipated by those who took the time to consider what the regulators might do and would do.

None of this means that the crypto sector in the US (or elsewhere) won t be harmed by bad regulations. That has always been a big risk to the sector and remains one. Regulators must be careful to do no harm , here in the US and elsewhere. To date, I would say they have done a good job on that. I encourage them to continue that track record.

But mostly I would encourage all entrepreneurs, investors, and others who are actively participating in the crypto sector to get good legal advice before doing anything significant. The regulators are watching. Closely. So know the rules and play by them.

In the summer of 2008, I attended the SeedCamp in London and the winner of that class was a company called Zemanta. out of Ljubljana Slovenia. I was taken with everything about Zemanta; a small team (three founders), out of a place that I had never been to and had barely heard of, winning the SeedCamp with a really smart blogging tool that I just had to have on my blog.

USV invested in a seed round that summer that was led by the SeedCamp folks and Eden Ventures. Zemanta was USV s first European investment. Today, we have ten out of sixty-seven active portfolio companies (

15%) based in Europe.

The seed investment in Zemanta led to a nine year journey with Bostjan and Andraz. who founded Zemanta along with Ales .

The blogging tool is amazing. It recommends links and images in real time as you type into your blogging tool. I still have it running in my WordPress web application. It looks like this right now.

Zemanta sold the blogging tool to a company called Sovrn a while ago and refocused on the native advertising market. They understood how to place related content into a content feed as well as anyone and they decided to focus the company on that. Bostjan and Andraz recruited Todd to lead the new business opportunity. Over the course of the last three years, Zemanta DSP has become the leading buying tool for native advertising.

And the largest company in the native advertising market, Outbrain. became their largest customer. So a few months ago, Outbrain asked the Zemanta founders to join their team and help build some important new technology for Outbrain. After haggling for a few minutes, the deal was sealed and Outbrain now has an office and a team in Ljubljana.

Like every investment, Zemanta taught me a few important things. I learned how to work with founders from a different part of the world, I learned that Ljubljana is a lovely little city with wonderful cafes and restaurants along a gorgeous river, I learned that you can keep a company alive for almost a decade on less than five million dollars if you have a crack team of product managers, data scientists, and software engineers in a place that most people don t know about, and I learned that tenacity wins, always.

I am pleased that Zemanta has found a home inside a larger company with a bigger opportunity, I am pleased that Ljubljana has a startup success it can point to, and I am pleased that USV is now a shareholder in Outbrain, an investment I mistakenly passed on a decade ago. But mostly I am pleased that Bostjan and Andraz, with a lot of help from Todd, were able to go all the way, from startup to exit, never losing that which makes them special. That s a big win in my book.

I posted last week about the debate between the SegWit2x Bitcoin update and the threat of a soft fork.

Since then a number of important things have happened.

BIP91 locked in on Thursday and and yesterday BIP91 enforcement was activated.

That means that SegWit is now active on the Bitcoin network.

This is a big deal because the most contentious protocol change in the history of Bitcoin, the introduction of SegWit, has finally happened.

The SegWit2x road map is not complete yet, as the next step will be to introduce a block size increase.

Jeff Garzik. who has been leading the SegWit2x implementation, has a good interview up on Coindesk explaining all of this and more.

Bitcoin has a lot of great things about it. As Jeff says in the interview, it is by far the most secure blockchain. But it s developer community has had a hard time finding consensus and moving forward together.

SegWit2x is an opportunity for that to change. And I am encouraged by that.


Practical Nursing Access


This program is not currently offered and we will not be accepting applications. You can visit our Practical Nursing website for more information about an alternative program. Otherwise please return to this page for updates on the status of this program.

If you are a Resident Care Attendant or Health Care Assistant and would like to upgrade your skills to gain a Licensed Practical Nurse Diploma then the College of the Rockies has an enhanced program for you!

This program is designed for Health Care Assistants (HCA) 1 who would like to upgrade to a Licensed Practical Nursing diploma. The program, approved by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses, recognizes the prior education and experience of Health Care Assistants and provides them with a bridge to a Practical Nursing diploma.

The Practical Nursing Access Program has a prospective start of January 2017. This innovative program allows students to complete an Access Semester before entering into the second year of the Provincial Practical Nursing Program.

In the Acce ssSemester. students complete twenty- two weeks of online course work followed by nine weeks of Integrated Nursing Practice (nursing skills lab on site at COTR campus) and a Consolidated Practice Experience (clinical) at the facilities in the area.

Upon successful completion of the Access Semester, students are eligible to enter Semesters 3 and 4 (Year 2) of the Provincial Practical Nursing Program at College of the Rockies.

Upon successful completion of this program, students will receive a Practical Nursing diploma and will be eligible to write the Canadian Practical Nursing Registration Exams (CPNRE) and able to apply for licensure with the College of Licensed Practical Nurse in British Columbia.

Loan Forgiveness for PN student graduates staying in BC and working in an under serviced community. Graduates from eligible schools in nursing (including practical nursing) will have all outstanding BC Student Loan debt forgiven at a rate of 33 1/3 percent per year of practice in an underserved community. They must agree to fill a vacancy at a publicly funded facility in a full-time, part-time or casual-on-call capacity.

Students in Nursing programs are eligible for up to a $2,000 bursary if they apply for a BC student loan. They will automatically be assessed when they apply. This is based on financial need.

For more information on loan forgiveness they can go to the StudentAid BC website at www.studentaidbc.ca

1 Previously known as Resident Care /Home Support Attendants in BC

Located in the Kootenay Rocky Mountains of southeastern BC, College of the Rockies offers students lifestyle and learning opportunities to match our spectacular surroundings.


Find Your Degree

Game Design Schools In California

California has 4 accredited game design schools where game design faculty who teach game design classes can find employment. The following statistics and charts help analyze the current state of the game design academic community in California, and the future trends in game design training at the following levels:

  • Associates degree in Game Design
  • Bachelors degree in Game Design
  • Masters degree in Game Design


Arrange By

8888 Balboa Ave, San Diego, California 92123-1506

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

University Park, Los Angeles, California 90089

23 U.S. News National University Ranking

101 E Huntington Dr, Monrovia, California 91016

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking

6363 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, California 90028-7318

N/A U.S. News National University Ranking




Professional Trends

California Vs. National Game Design Employment

Of all of the game design professionals in the country, nearly 14% are in the state of California.

Employment Growth for Game design professionals In California

Educational Trends

Game Design Faculty Salaries in California

Share Compare

Enter your salary to gain access to our continually growing higher education faculty salary database. Don’t worry! This is 100% secure and anonymous.

We are now in the process of collecting data for the number of game design faculty in California, growth in the field of game design academia and game design faculty salaries in California. Please enter your information in the form below if you are involved in teaching game design courses to students at the associates degree in game design, bachelors degree in game design, and masters degree in game design levels This will help us build a valuable free database resource for the benefit of current and future faculty in the field of game design in California. All information you submit will be anonymous. Once you submit your information, you will get a chance to see the data we have collected thus far.

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Coffee Shop Design Home Design Photos

When you have two sofas or any larger seating arrangement, a big coffee table might seem like the obvious solution. But also consider a pair of matching coffee tables. They will keep the focus off one large piece of furniture and let your eye move around the room more easily. One classic coffee table size is 48 by 24 inches, so you can plan on that when thinking about your furniture arrangement.

The Sky is the Limit Design

Showpieces. Sometimes a coffee center is better suited to stand out, rather than hide in your cabinetry. This coffee center’s unusual shape is a reaction to the other dynamic shapes in the kitchen. Have you done it? We’d love to see your take on the coffee center. Please post a photo in the Comments!

Caroline Beaupere Design

If you don’t want the coffee table to be the focus of the room, choose one with a glass top and a finish that blends with others in the room, as in this example. This will keep the eye interested in all the items in the room, not just one layer of the design .

Products in this photo

Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Helgerson designed nearly all the furniture in the house. The owners love having parties and entertaining, and urged Helgerson to make a sturdy coffee table that could withstand the daily wear and tear of life with young ones — and the occasional dance party. “They told me that nearly every gathering ends with guests dancing on the table,” she says.

While you can buy these new, you’re sure to find something even more characterful at a garage sale or op shop for a fraction of the price. TIP: When shopping around, keep in mind the size of the trunk. It’s crucial that it sits at a comfortable height, similar to that of a typical coffee table, so you’re not forced to stretch your abs in order to get to the chips (though, that’s not necessarily bad for your waistline).

Tobi Fairley Interior Design

The vase can then be filled with inexpensive white blossoms, colorful tulips, a votive candle or nothing at all, for a look that is truly effortless. TELL US How have you styled your coffee table at home? Show off your design talents by uploading a photo in the Comments below.

AgathaO House of Design interior decoration design

The Majestic Vertical Garden Hotel is a 285-room inner-city property in Adelaide, South Australia. Agatha O House of Design has been involved in working collaboratively with the developer and architect to create the original concept, and interior, architectural and spatial design and planning. Magnificent cascading gardens on the outer walls are a feature of the hotel, which i. More

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Your bag is empty.

Store Design

Sustainable design is part of who we are and what we do.

Our coffee comes directly from the earth so we naturally take an interest in treating it well. We strive to reduce the impact our stores have on the environment and this commitment influences almost every aspect of how we approach design and construction, including landscape, building methods, materials, lighting and more.

We believe a coffeehouse should be a welcoming, inviting and familiar place for people to connect, so we design our stores to reflect the unique character of the neighborhoods they serve. We are also interested in the way design can connect us all to sustainable building practices and provoke thoughtful questions and engagement with the built environment. In addition to reducing energy and water consumption, we incorporate reused and recycled materials wherever possible and often use locally inspired design details and materials in our stores.

To guide our efforts, we use the U.S. Green Building Council s LEED certification program as a benchmark for success. (LEED is short for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.) We started our LEED certification globally for all new, company-owned stores beginning in late 2010 and are gaining momentum as we continue the program. Currently we have LEED certified stores in 19 countries around the world.

Starbucks design studios are located around the globe so that our designers can fully understand the communities they serve. The mission of each designer is to create a spectacular Starbucks caf experience that is steeped in the local culture and designed to reflect the unique characteristics of each neighborhood. Together, we are fully committed to our goal of creating sustainably designed, locally relevant stores that inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.

Our Stores

Have an eye for design?

Join the Global Development team whose mission is to design stores using responsible practices and sustainable materials.

Have a spot for Starbucks?

If you’re a landlord or developer with a great place for a store, tell us about it.

LEED Certified Stores

We re creating more eco-conscious stores on a global scale from the design stage right through to construction and operations. Learn more

Building Greener Stores

Explore a Green Store

Our first LEED certified store in Seattle at 1st and Pike has been designed and built with many environmentally smart features.

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Home Decorating Trends Homedit

Oriental homes have always been fascinating for the rest of the world. Chinese interior design in particular has been studied and recreated in many situations. But what exactly does this style offer and what makes it special?

One of the first things anyone can notice is that Chinese or Oriental-inspired decors in general are very simple. The rooms are not filled with furniture or decorations. Only the basics are included. It s all about knowing how and where to place these valuable elements and how to create a balanced and inviting décor.

Also, another thing we admire in these spaces is the exotic look. Certain patterns, details, colors and shapes are specific to this style. However, even though we can identify all these elements that make an Oriental décor unique, reproducing the look and recreating the atmosphere proves to be a tough challenge. You have to understand the basics and to really become part of this world in order to be able to properly illustrate the style and to adapt it to a different environment.

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Creating the Coffee Shop Brand Experience: a Designer’s View

By Mya Stark on November 13, 2013

By John Barnett and Anna Burles, JB | AB Design

Designing a coffee shop isn’t just about getting the right look. Or serving the best coffee. It’s about creating an experience which not only shouts about the amazingness of your coffee, and how that makes people feel good, but also an experience which gives a double-shot boost to your brand.

We design coffee shops in different parts of the world for clients who roast and grind and brew really great coffee. We’re also serious coffee drinkers, which—handily—makes us a target consumer for the brands we work for. The challenge for our clients is that we, like coffee lovers everywhere, are increasingly spoiled for choice.

It’s a crowded marketplace for sure, with an ever-growing breed of artisan coffee brands opening up shop in our towns and cities. So what makes us (or you) choose one brand’s coffee shop over another? And how can we as designers use our professional and personal insight to help you as a client stand out in a way which makes consumers stay loyal to you?

Through our work in the coffee industry, we sometimes find clients feeling perplexed about how to approach the design of their environments in terms of identifying the most important elements to get right. We usually advise taking a step back to look at the business as a whole, to see what the new venue needs to deliver on all fronts.

A successful coffee shop integrates everything the brand represents into a three-dimensional space—not just a cool interior, but great customer service, a great product, smart and efficient operations and a powerful identity brought to life through branding and innovative graphics. Everything works together to create something even bigger. All the parts have to work in sync and if any don’t, the cracks start to show and the business suffers. These guiding principles are a must:

Share the same creative business goals
The Holy Grail for designer and client has to be the same from the outset. To design something different, which cuts through the competition, delivering not only an exciting visual experience, but one which works to drive foot traffic and make money for the coffee shop brand. If your designer is only interested in creating the hottest new look in town, run for the hills.

Bring the customer center-stage
The coffee shop experience should always be built around the customer and the design tailored to fit him or her, culturally, socially and geographically, like a glove. Today’s consumers are savvy and warm to brands which mirror their view of themselves in the world, responding less and less to identikit design. So it follows that coffee shops in a chain shouldn’t be clones of each other, but tailored to fit the space you’ve chosen. Adding a local twist (or three) can make all the difference to making the consumer feel that the shop has been designed thoughtfully for him or her.

Get the customer journey right and the rest will follow
Understanding how customers will interact with the space is key. From what they see when they approach the shop from across the street through to how they move through the space. What they see at any given point will drive the decisions they make. We always put ourselves in the place of the customer, analyzing the way different types of customers might make decisions about the brand in and out of the shop environment. These decisions drive the interior design, spatial arrangements, bar configuration, graphic communications and customer service. Exploring this helps us work with the brand to talk to the customer through the design of the shop at the exact point where they make their decision.

Make sure design and operations are integrated (and willing bedfellows)
If you want to create an amazing interior display of coffee beans or coffee bags, make sure you also put in place some strict visual merchandising rules to maintain the display, or it’ll fall apart, become messy, and you won’t make a dime.

The coffee shop is the biggest and one of the most expensive marketing tools a business has and it should be used for maximum effect. The store design is like a silent barista, talking to the customer in discreet ways, in a tone of voice which makes them warm to your brand and love what you do.

Here are our top 6 tips for creating an exciting environment that does the things you want it to:

The shop is a stage. Raised seating all around the brew bar ensures the whole coffee shop is focused on the art of the barista in Travelers Coffee. Graphics communicate the provenance of the brand and the coffee.

Showcase your baristas’ skills: all the care and attention that goes into preparing the perfect cup. This is key to educating the customer about specialty coffee. Every point in the customer journey should be focused on spotlighting the barista and the theatre of making coffee. Help people understand the craft of great coffee and they will be encouraged to try new things. The design and spatial planning of the whole environment needs to be focused on this.

2. Customers eat with their eyes

The way to a person’s stomach is through his or her eyes. Which is why mouth-watering food and drink display and photography is key to the commercial success of the menu. Creating sumptuous imagery will stimulate the perception of taste, aroma and appeal.

Graphic communication shouldn’t just be confined to the menu. The whole shop is a canvas for imagery and messaging that forms the basis of a conversation with your customers. Graphics can be updated and changed inexpensively, keeping the brand fresh and relevant. Graphics need to say something inspiring, not just look pretty. Use graphics to showcase your baristas’ skills, your specialist coffee and the deliciousness of your food. Customers can sometimes feel paralyzed by too much choice, so using graphics to tell a visual story can help them navigate the options more easily.

See it, like it, buy it. The customer always leaves with a pack of coffee. Our new concept coffee shop for Travelers Coffee in Russia delivers great product displays integrated into the customer journey and environment.

The single most important principle we adopt when we’re designing is “See it, Like it, Buy it.” Great visual merchandising sells products. Easy to understand, accessible displays, attractive, persuasive point of sale and clear pricing at every customer decision point (not just at the bar) will increase profits.

Creating ambience. Circular manual brew bar for speciality coffee brand Traveler’s Coffee.

Never underestimate the power of great lighting. It will transform the environment, creating mood and focus exactly where you want the customer’s eye to land. Yet it is one of the elements so often overlooked and under-budgeted.

Gather round the table. The Globe, set to lead a third-wave coffee revolution in the heart of Siberia.

Customers know exactly what they want from their individual coffee moments, and the environment needs to give it to them, offering different reasons to visit whatever the occasion, time pressure or mood. Flexible design and clever seating arrangements will create special solitary spaces for those who seek them, as well as buzzy zones where people can enjoy socializing with friends.

Commercial design has two functions, to give pleasure and to sell. Focusing our work on both of these at every stage of the design process creates real value for customers and owners.

We also tend to get involved in every detail of the coffee shops we’re designing. Not only concepting the space itself but every element of the brand experience, helping design everything from the architecture through to the interior look and feel, as well as how the brand identity comes to life in the space, the graphics on the walls and menu boards, even down to the uniforms. We find this holistic approach works particularly well to make sure good design becomes good business.

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Casa Rex is a highly acclaimed international design consultancy credited with over 100 awards, with offices in Sao Paulo and London. Headed up by Gustavo Piqueira, a multi-cultural team of almost 40 people develop strategic design for global consumer brands; original design for editorial, corporate and environmental projects; and cutting-edge experimental design for anything from typefaces to homeware – affirming that Casa Rex can’t be boxed in the traditional agency or design studio terms.



Development of a special edition gift box to celebrate the launch of Campari’s new bottle and packaging design in Brazil. The gift pack is lined by red fabric, the brand’s signature color, and closed with a unique golden lock, which when unlaced, opens the packaging as a book, revealing within its pages a unique narrative which takes consumers through a retrospect of the brand’s evolution across the years, passing through its previous iconic bottles to finally find, nested within the box, Campari’s new bottle.



Gain worldwide exposure: Enter one of the most respected Design Awards. Architects and interior designers, product designers, graphic designers and fashion designers are invited to submit their work for the IDA design competition.


Roadside Assistance

Progressive’s Emergency Roadside Assistance exists for your peace of mind. If you purchased this coverage with your policy, it’s available 24/7—just call 1-800-776-2778 at any time, and a representative will dispatch a roadside service professional right away.

What’s included?

If your vehicle has stopped running due to non-accident related events (e.g. mechanical or electrical breakdown), use your roadside assistance coverage to help with:

  • Towing Whenever your covered vehicle requires more than at-the-scene service, we can arrange to tow it anywhere within a 15-mile radius, or to the nearest qualified repair facility if one doesn’t exist within 15 miles. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for the cost of any parts and/or repairs made to your vehicle.
  • Winching Service Defined as an at-the-scene service when we can pull your car out of an area with a motor-powered cable or chain. We’ll offer this service if your car is trapped in mud, snow, water or sand within 100 feet of road or highway.
  • Battery Jump-Start Call us if your battery fails. If possible, it will be jump-started at the scene to help get you on your way.
  • Fuel Delivery If you run out of gas, get the required fuel you need delivered directly to your vehicle. You only pay for the cost of the fuel. The delivery and service are free.
  • Locksmith Service If your keys are lost, stolen or accidentally locked inside your vehicle, we will dispatch a qualified service provider. You’ll only be responsible for keys/costs to replace them.
  • Flat Tire Change No need to panic if you have a flat. A roadside professional can put the spare tire on your vehicle at the scene.
  • On Scene Labor Related to disablement, up to one hour.

Note: The number of roadside events we cover in any rolling six-month period may not exceed your policy limit in order for coverage to apply.

How to use it?

If you have Roadside Assistance coverage on your policy, the easiest way to use it is to call us at 1-800-776-2778. We’ll send a service provider to you to get you up and running as soon as possible.

Please note that in some states, such as North Carolina and Virginia, Roadside Assistance coverage is subject to limits stated on your policy.

That easy?

Yep. That easy. Whether you’re in your own driveway or on the road, a Roadside Assistance customer service rep is ready to help. We’ll send you some company right away.

Please note: Emergency Roadside Assistance services are provided by Agero and its affiliate companies. Some services described above are only available to customers who purchased coverages such as Comprehensive, Collision, Rental Reimbursement, Medical Payments, etc. before their loss. Coverage is subject to the terms of your policy. Please refer to your policy to verify which coverages you have.

Report or Track a Claim

Or, track a claim without a Progressive account