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The Washington Design Center at Franklin Court is conveniently located in the heart of the downtown Washington, DC business district at the corner of 14th Street, NW and L Street, NW. Our neighborhood is filled with restaurants, hotels, shopping and business services.

1099 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005

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#interior design washington dc


Tiera Interiors,LLC

Interior Decorator in Washington, DC

Decorating and furnishing your interior can be a challenge. With so many different options and details to consider, the idea of tackling the many details involved can be overwhelming. So if you need the help of a talented interior decorator, turn to Tiera Interiors,LLC. As an established interior decorator in Washington, DC, Tiera Interiors,LLC can help you transform your space.

At Your Service

Your interior should reflect your style and your taste; and when you work with Tiera Interiors,LLC, it will. Tiera Interiors,LLC can help you select the furnishings, fixtures, and finishing touches that will allow your interior to stand out. No matter your budget, you’re bound to find an option that will work for you.

Don’t tackle your decorating on your own. Take your space to the next level. For more information or to schedule an on-site consultation, call Tiera Interiors,LLC today.

Save Time, Money, and Sanity

Though working with an interior decorator may seem like a luxury, it can actually be a very economical move. An interior decorator like Tiera Interiors,LLC can use industry knowledge and expertise to help you develop and maximize your budget. And by letting Tiera Interiors,LLC handle the specifics of your interior design project, you ll save yourself the time and aggravation of navigating the details on your own.

Best of all, an interior decorator like Tiera Interiors,LLC with an eye for aesthetics can suggest options for d cor that you otherwise may not have considered options that work to enhance your space in a manner that far exceeds your expectations. For more information or to schedule an on-site consultation, call Tiera Interiors,LLC today.


Are you an owner or realtor looking to sell a home? Of course, an updated home in great shape is an easier sell than a house in disrepair. But did you know that homes tend to sell faster and fetch a better profit when they’re attractively staged for the consumer? More than simply rearranging a few pieces of furniture, home staging involves setting up your house to ideally meet the prospective buyer’s eye. A well-staged home downplays flaws and personal touches and emphasizes space and possibility. So if you’re in need of home staging services, turn to Tiera Interiors,LLC.

Make your home look more impressive by working with an interior decorator professional in Washington, DC. If you re feeling overwhelmed by paint chips and fabric samples, then see how Tiera Interiors can help you simplify the process. We ll give you our personal attention, and we hope that you ll be thrilled with the results.

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Design Firms in Singapore

Kyoob-ID is a commercial interior design company dedicated to building design solutions that encapsulate our clients brands in the marketplace today and for the future. kyoob.com.sg Geylang category Interior Design Companies

  • DB B is a leading commercial interior design and project management establishment in the Asia Pacific region. Headquartered in Singapore, DB B is also present in major cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Manila. dbb.com Bukit Merah category Interior Design Companies

  • Kelvin Frank Reid offers interior design real estate services for corporations. Based in Singapore, our past projects have reached out to the USA, UK and several countries in Asia. kelvinfrankreid.com Outram category Interior Design Companies

  • WOHA offers integrated design for the built environment, encompassing masterplanning, architectural, landscape, interior and lighting and furniture design. woha.net Singapore River category Architecture Companies

  • Creativeans is an interdisciplinary branding and design company based in Singapore and Milan. Our expertise includes branding, product design, packaging design and communication design. creativeans.com Bedok category Logo Branding Design Companies

  • Designphase DBA are one of the longest standing interior design consultancies based in Singapore creating award winning work in the Corporate, Retail and Hospitality markets. designphasedba.com Downtown Core category Interior Design Companies

  • Space Factor is an interior design and build company that adopt styles that are contemporary and make it its utmost effort to ensure that the created space closely fit the unique lifestyles of our clients. spacefactor.com.sg Geylang category Interior Design Companies

  • Chemistry an award winning ideas company. At Chemistry, we understand how ideas are the stepping stones along the journey that leads to unique and sustainable brands, and how they can deliver original solutions that respond to human centered needs. chemistryteam.com Rochor category Multidisciplinary Design Companies

  • Web and interface design company based in Singapore. Constantly pushing to be the cutting edge company to implement creative and web technology trends. krome.com.sg Geylang category Web Design Companies

  • L RUI Concept Group prides itself as being a global strategic partner for many multi-national and local corporate organizations and brands. We excel in the areas of innovative and customized interior designs and delivering a high standard of service to our customers. lruid.com Novena category Interior Design Companies

  • We understand the importance of effective communication, good design and excellent service. From retail corporate interiors, exhibitions events, thematic environments museums to alternative marketing – redefining your brand experience. kingsmen-int.com Tampines category Exhibition Design Companies

  • EHKA Studio is an architectural and interior design firm based in Singapore that pursues an approach of continuous exploration and logical clarity. ehkastudio.com Outram category Architecture Companies

  • Cactus Art is a leading interior design company based in Singapore specialized in commercial, corporate, residential interior design, office space renovation and turnkey project services in Singapore. cactusart.com.sg Geylang category Interior Design Companies

  • Award-winning company specializing in interior design renovation service for homes and offices in Singapore. unimax.com.sg Novena category Interior Design Companies

  • OneStop Creative Associate (OSCA) is one of Singapore s forefront design-and-build service provider in both commercial and residential domains. Having been in the interior design industry for more than 10 years, OSCA has accumulated a considerable amount of experience working with blue chip clients across Asia. osca.asia Downtown Core category Interior Design Companies

  • 8titude is a multi-disciplinary design consultancy, working with clients to build brands that live, breathe and grow – connecting with people in engaging spaces. 8titude.com Outram category Logo Branding Design Consultancies

    Mü Interior specializes in interior development for commercial and retail projects since 2000. At mü, we take a 360 degree approach in all aspects of interior development, from consulting to construction and project management. muinterior.com Geylang category Interior Design Companies

  • Based in Singapore, Orient Design has provided innovative and effective design solutions for countries in Asia. orientdesign.com.sg Bukit Merah category Package Design Companies

  • Creative Mind Design provides bespoke interior design services, crafting meaningful and relevant interior spaces that bring fresh and compelling experiences for all to enjoy. cmd.sg Novena category Interior Design Companies

  • Aeoner is a product innovations company that possesses in-depth design, engineering and manufacturing. aeoner.com Toa Payoh category Industrial Design Companies

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    5 Questions You Should Ask an Interior Designer

    Before hiring any home remodeling professional. there is always that dreaded interview. Not only is this the perfect time to see if you mesh well together, but it’s the only time before you actually hire the pro to see how they work, what they specialize in, how they run their payment structure, and so much more.

    When it comes to interior designers, there are plenty of questions you need answers to before signing a design agreement. As such, we have come up with five questions you need to ask all interior designers.

    1. Do you have an hourly or room rate?

    Designers almost always charge their clients by the room or by the hour. As you might expect, room structures are more concrete, since you as the homeowner will know exactly how much the overall project will cost. Some designers charge up to $200/hour, and as you can imagine, those bills can add up very quickly.

    The overall price will largely depend on the scope of work, but according to our interior design cost estimator, the average price to hire an interior designer is $3,816.

    2. When are my fees due?

    As mentioned earlier, all homeowners should sign a design agreement or letter of agreement with an interior designer. One of the main reasons why is to schedule the exact dates that fees are due. Some designers charge half up front and half once the project is completed. Others like to set up a payment schedule. Also, know that it is typical for you to pay a down payment on the design fee to retain the services of your designer.

    Either way, make sure you know exactly when each dollar is due to ensure there is no project delay.

    3. Do you offer designer discount fees?

    Designers have established relationships with manufacturers, retailers, and other designers. As a result, they often get discounts when they purchase products directly. Before you go jumping for joy, know that they will in turn mark up the products to you.

    For example, many designers have a standard mark up rate of 40 percent over their cost. Therefore, a sofa from a local trade vendor that sells for $1,000 retail could cost the designer $500 and could cost you, the client, $700. You are still saving money even with the 40 percent mark up. If your interior designer does offer discount fees, you wouldn’t be expected to pay a designer fee.

    4. Can you show me examples of similar work with my preferred style, room, and budget?

    If you’re having your first baby, it s a safe bet you d feel more comfortable if your doctor had some experience in the delivery room. The same goes for interior designers.

    Make sure your interviewee has experience working with the room, styles, and budgets that are required for your interior design project. Ask for pictures. Ask for stories. Ask for obstacles. Get any information you need to feel more comfortable with your big interior design project.

    5. Can you provide a list of references?

    If you were interviewing for a job, the company would always ask for a list of references. Just as a potential employer would do, call their references. Talk to their employees. Talk to their past clients. Talk to their current clients. Ask what they are like on the job, ask how they handle pressure or a tight deadline, and ask how they deal with contractors .

    All of these questions—and more—will help determine if this interior designer is right for you .

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    Home Design Story

    Just ok

    I love to design, so here it goes. First of all. When was the last time you were In a house that didn’t have a hallway at least somewhere in the house. It’s a necessary part of a house. I know it would take up valuable real estate which the longer you play takes way to long to get and costs more and more each time, but still, it would be nice to have so room just don’t open onto other rooms. Second, since I got this app because I like design, I should be able to move the front door and the main room whoever I choose. and when I add a room. I should be able to choose where that door goes not have the game choose it for me. And when was the last time a house had only one door I’m sure some of my guests wood love to get out to the pool but there isn’t even an for another door. I think these are pretty big flaws in a game designed to let the USER design. Another thing that would be helpful is to maybe have 3 sizes of rooms you could buy and make them adjustable so we can make them fit our needs at then time. Again. I’m a designer I love to design, this game falls short of letting me do that the way I want.

    Alright app

    This app is very addicting and very fun for kids that like to design cute little bedrooms and get furniture. I love the all because it gives you coins easily, giving you options of time to wait for a certain amount of coins, and also always having new furniture to buy. The thing I would recommend fixing, is that they only way to get more gems, is to buy them, so they need a new way to give gems to us like they do coins. Another thing is I happened to see that I’ll go on the app, press the coin option 6 hours for 3,600 coins and then I’ll go to bed. After plenty of hours (more than 6) I would come back to see that they had given me 260 coins instead. (that is the price of when you wait 2 mintues). THAT NEEDS FIXING. Another thing I think needs fixing, is when you have to build your furniture, you have to wait a day just to get ONE more tool or material to build it. So if I needed 4 fish, (as an example), then I would have to wait four days. This shouldn’t take so long. All in all the game is alright, has some things to fix, but is very fun to play.

    Super fun but.

    by Mad girl mad girl

    So I have absolutely no problem with earning coins, but I do have a problem getting gems. It would be nice if there were ways to get gems other than downloading recommended apps or getting them one by one as a gift from a neighbor. When I’m building things it would be nice to have more options to get gems so that I don’t spend 1 1/2 weeks waiting for materials from my neighbors to finally be able to decorate a new room. Sometimes I just need those gems to purchase the materials so I can get to work right away, but I don’t have them, so then I have to wait a day because I already requested help from all my neighbors, which is very unfortunate most of the time.
    Also about the new room thing, it would be nice to be able to choose where the doorway will be because I have trouble decorating while making sure I don’t cover up the door when I have multiple big items to fit properly in the room.
    Other than that, I love this game and I’m addicted to it and it’s a lot of fun. If you’re not sure whether or not to get it, get it!

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    In this edition, we feature the curated work of Interior Designer Navpreet Arora

    A color that embodies earthiness and stability, but at the same time can convey luxury – is none other than the versatile brown. And as experts point out, it in its various hues and shades it is a popular choice in Indian interiors and exteriors. Perhaps, its ubiquity has something to do with the versatility of the color brown and its ability to seamlessly fit into any space – from your living room, bedroom to even your bathroom. And while, the color communicates a certain air of maturity, it can easily be made more fun by introducing lively shades of orange or even blue.

    Ergo, keeping in mind its popularity and adoration, below is a lineup of inspiration in the various shades of color brown used in both interiors and exteriors of Indian homes.

    The color palette in this living room strictly revolves around brown, but it makes it anything but boring. With the use of different textures the room over, as well as a gradation of brown hues used in the cabinetry makes for an interesting visual detail.

    This living room brings in a touch of baroque with the lighted screen panels. The overall vibe, however, is maintained as contemporary.

    What if the chessboard could be the inspiration for a statement wall of your room? This room does so, successfully, and also adds the cheerful yellow through cushions.

    Though sometimes ignored, the upholstery and bed lines in your bedroom can play an instrumental role in the interior decor. This brown bedroom gets it right with princeton orange bed covers.

    This bedroom clearly shows how maple and cherry wood colors look fantastic against white and light greys. However, the headboard definitely steals the show here.

    This happens to be one of my favorite rooms on the list for its brilliant use of woven textures alongside polished brass. The floor almost matching the walls, is another swoon-worthy detail.

    Interestingly, this home office uses an off-beat color combination of grey and brown. It surely goes on to prove that wooden doors and accessories do have their place in contemporary decor as well.

    Brown’s lighter cousin lends a sophisticated air to this blue and white bathroom. The flowers are the perfect addition.

    But, let’s not restrict the color brown to interiors only. As, the below exteriors might suggest, brown is the perfect choice for the facade of your home as well.

    What colors do you love to use with brown?

    Do you already have a brown room?

    Tweet us a picture or tag us on instagram or facebook.

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    10 Secrets From Top Interior Designers to Better Your Home

    Sometimes we need a little help with our homes. Whether we have lived in our homes for 2 months of twenty years, we all need to change things up from time to time. Our lives our ever changing and this should also be reflected in our living spaces. Changes can be simple, the purchase of a few new accessories, or perhaps a painting. But maybe a big change is due, a new paint color, some new furniture, perhaps even a remodel. Following are some very simple secrets from some well known interior designers to help you transform your living space to best reflect your style and personality.

    1. The first rule about decorating is that you can break almost all the other rules. Billy Bladwin

    Something almost all decorators will tell you is that rules are meant to be broken. It is more important that the decor in your home reflects your living style and your personality than any conventional rule. It is important, however, to find balance so that a home doesn t become to stale and boring or too busy and distracting.

    Collect this idea

    2. Never push furniture up against the walls. By pulling your seating arrangement in (even just a few inches) you instantly warm up a space and create flow. Betsy Burnham

    While each designer has his or own trick to transforming a room, they unanimously believe that a home should feel well lived in, represent the home-owners interests and passions and should never be too serious. Above this cozy library manages to do it all. This library is warm and inviting while giving us glimpses into the owner s own life.

    3. Ceilings must always be considered. They are the most neglected space in a room. Albert Hadley

    When decorating one s home one tends to immediately think of the walls, followed by the furniture and then the floor, but rarely do people think of what s overhead. This gold ceiling manages to do several things in this room. It reflects the natural light coming in from the oversized windows, it adds depth and warmth to the room, and it certainly adds a touch of whimsy.

    4. Pinches of color keep a room feeling youthful and engaging. Christina Murphy

    Many people are afraid to paint their walls a bright color. Color can also be added through accessories. Lovely blankets, vases, paintings, pillows and rugs are a wonderful way to add a pop of color. Start in small increments. Perhaps add a colorful lamp, then you can add a vase, the blanket, and if you are ready try tackling larger areas. Color really does affect your mood and can make your living space a happy and energetic one.

    5. Use wallpaper in unexpected places: on the ceiling, in a paneled room, in closets, hallways and small foyers. A great pattern or texture in small spaces can be a prodigious twist. Lindsay Coral Harper

    It s always fun to walk in to someone s home and find the unexpected. A formal dining room with a bright colored ceiling, a white hallway and an unexpectedly colorful stairwell. A simple white bedroom may offer up a playful surprise with a fun patterned papered wall in the closet. In the room above one s eye is immediately drawn upward to the playful yet elegant ceiling.

    6. I appreciate history but you have to bring your own experience into your rooms. Istvan Francer

    What makes your home uniquely your own home are the things you have in it. Showcase your personal possessions to reveal your personality, adventures, and achievements. Mix your accessories with new and old. We all have a past, present and a future and these are all a part of our personal histories.

    7. I don t think people have enough fun with decorating. It doesn t always have to be so serious. Design isn t like marriage, you don t have to commit for life. Ross Cassidy

    Don t be afraid to try something new. You can always change it. Furniture can be rearranged and walls can be repainted. As with all things, in home decor, try something new, you might like it. Start small if you must then go bigger. The room above would be very bland without the fun and colorful furniture. The furniture gives the room its personality. It shows that the owner is fun loving and most likely doesn t take him or herself too seriously. Conversely, if the walls and lamp shades were not white, the room would be much too busy and too distracting.

    8. Real comfort, visual and physical is vital in every room. Mark Hampton

    Another area where all designers seem to agree is the importance of comfort in one s home. It doesn t matter what your own personal style is Whether you are elegant and sophisticated or casual and whimsical Whether you are minimalist, eclectic, classic, bohemian the most important thing is to make your home livable. A well designed home is one that is both comfortable and functional.

    Collect this idea

    9. The most important thing? Perfect lighting at all times. Oscar de la Renta

    Natural light is best but when natural light sources are limited there should be plenty of light sources. Consider your environment. Are you in a large city, near a forest or by the ocean. Some homes will have more natural light than others and the light in your home will shift and vary through the day. Sit in all the rooms of your home throughout the day and you will notice where lighting needs to be supplemented. The right kind of lighting in the right space will add a glow and a warmth to your surroundings.

    10. Accessories are where I like to make a statement. They re the soul of a room. Austin Warner

    Accessories are a great way to tie in all decor together. They can pull all the pieces together to give your space a finished look. Accessorizing is another way to add a personal touch to your space as they often tell a story of where you have been and where your interests lie. If you are too timid to go for large amounts bold color, patterns or decor in your home, you can still create a colorful atmosphere with the accessories you choose.

    Are you inspired to make a few changes around the house? Where will you start? What will you do? I need to add some more color, myself and am looking for just the right rug to tie everything together.

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    IS YOUR NO.1


    OUR WORK .


    WITH a K .


    Monika Nessbach, among the Southeast’s most prominent interior designers. heads one of the region’s most successful and versatile full service-design firms. Nessbach, who has worked with numerous commercial as well as residential clients, directs a company that has proven over and over again why it is unique in its design approach. Nessbach specializes in unique customization to truly reflect her client’s identity in both business and residences while keeping targets such as home value enhancement and workplace creativity on track. Her work has been published in both local and national magazines such as Design Bureau Magazine. Global companies such as Continental Tire or 3DSystems are her clients among many others. Nessbach combines her European heritage; her strong academic background (B.A Business Management MBA in General Management); her professional experience and her life-long passion for art design into a foolproof recipe for creating modern and contemporary environments that will go beyond your imagination.

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    Best Interior Designers in Charlotte, NC 2016

    #1 Jayme Helms Design

    It has been great working with Jayme. Never having worked with an interior designer, I was a bit anxious about the process but it has truly been a great experience. We are in the process of updating our living room and he has given us a beautiful plan to follow. In our first meeting, he took the time to get to know me and my family and really listened to our needs and concerns and asked a lot of questions to learn about what my vision was or wasn t. In only a couple of weeks, he had a initial plan completed and during that time, he continued to communicate with me about his ideas and allowed me input into the process. He incorporated into his plan furniture that we wanted to keep and did well keeping within a fairly tight budget that we had set for furniture, lighting, etc. He even worked with our existing wall color to save us the huge chore of repainting, which we had done just a couple of years ago! He was clear and up front about his fees and I am able to decide how involved I want him to be in seeing the project through to completion. It really has been fun as Jayme is so easy to get along with and is non pretentious! He has years of experience in the industry and I would recommend Jayme to anyone needing an interior designer. I already have plans for him to tackle our ugly, outdated master bath once this project is completed!

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    #2 R Design

    So Far it has been a pleasure working with R Design. We have received very good insight and ideas from Rebecca. I will write another review once our project has been completed. I am sure R Design will be great. She is very accommodating as well with our work schedule. So far we are happy. Thanks Rebecca!

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    #3 Ed Starr, FASID – Design Consultant

    We are still in the process but Ed is outstanding and the best! He knows top line/quality and looks for the best price. He has great taste and is so enjoyable to work with. He has awesome ideas for bringing the whole home decorating design together. If you are looking for the best, contact him.

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    #4 Tina La Vallee Interiors

    Need an Interior Designer

    Project type Consultation (several hours) Design type Space planning / layout, Furniture, Color palette / paint selection Total budget for designer and furniture Under $1,000 Details My daughter and son-in-law have purchased a home in Hickory and I would like to give them a consultation as a 2-3 hour in-home consultation as a house warming gift.

    $605 Average price Start a similar project

    Need an Interior Designer

    Project type Design of 1-2 rooms Design type Space planning / layout, Color palette / paint selection, Lighting, Flooring Total budget for designer and furniture $1,000 – $3,000 Details We would like to enlarge our kitchen by taking out a wall and closing in the garage. We would also like to remodel a bathroom and laundry room in this area. We are not even sure if this is feasible.

    Start a similar project

    Need an Interior Designer ASAP

    Project type Commercial or office design Design type Color palette / paint selection Total budget for designer and furniture $3,000 – $5,000

    $290 Average price Start a similar project