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Design Consultant: Job Description and Education Requirements

Sources: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

Job Duties

Interior design consultants may focus on decorating, or they may focus on architectural details and layout planning. Commercial and interior designers create new products or alter existing designs. They essentially help clients utilize living space by arranging furniture, lighting and other fixtures, create design plans and select color schemes and styles. Knowledge of computer software is usually needed. Interior design consultants can be self-employed or work for studios or design firms.

Fashion designers study the latest trends to create articles of clothing, footwear and accessories. They can select fabric styles and colors, choose collection themes and help with the marketing of designs. Fashion design consultants can specialize in specific areas, such as footwear design or accessory design. They can be self-employed consultants for work for apparel manufacturing firms or clothing stores.

The goal of a graphic designer is to convey a client’s message through the visual arts. They create images and develop graphics for company websites and products. They typically use graphics software and are responsible for color schemes and layout. Graphic design consultants can also be self-employed or might work on a contractual basis in any type of industry.

Licensure and Other Requirements

For interior designers, it is common to obtain licensure in order to operate in this field. This requirement varies from state to state; in some, interior designers might do interior design work but are not allowed to refer to themselves as interior designers without a license, while in others no license is needed at all to be an interior designer. Obtaining licensure requires passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam.

There are no required licensure or certification requirements for fashion design or graphic design consultants in any state; however, graphic design consultants could pursue a voluntary graphic design software certification from certain vendors that could help reflect their proficiency to potential employers.

An associate or bachelor’s degree is needed for an entry-level interior design position. Some states require licensing. There are approximately 300 accredited colleges with programs in art and design, and some of these offer a degree in interior design. Such a program may offer courses in psychology as well as art and design principals.

For commercial and industrial designers, bachelor’s degree in industrial design, engineering or architecture is often the minimum requirement. Courses in physical science, mathematics, psychology and anthropology may be included, as are a variety of computer design skills.

Employment Outlook and Salary

The BLS doesn’t have a data specifically for design consultants; instead, the information is provided within each design discipline. The BLS expected a three percent decline in employment for fashion designers from 2012 to 2022, while graphic designers might see only a 7% growth in that period. In comparison, interior designers were predicted to see growth as high as 13% during that decade.

The BLS reported in May 2014 that interior designers earned a median annual salary of $48,400, with the highest salaries being paid by design firms and wholesalers. Fashion designers were paid a median yearly wage of $64,030, with salaries over $80,000 being paid by apparel manufacturers. Finally, the BLS stated that graphic designers made the median annual salary of $45,900, with salaries exceeding $50,000 in advertising and public relations, specialized services and computer design.

that fashion designers earned a median of $63,760 in annual salary, while industrial and commercial designers had a median of $62,370. The median salary for graphic designers was $44,830, and interior designers earned a median of $48,500, the BLS noted.

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LBD DESIGN – Company was launched in July 1990 as a leading edge design company, with its headquarters based in Russia.

Since 1994, Company works with Projects all over the world.

Since 2006, opened main branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The biggest Projects where done in United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Russia, Europe.

Nowadays LBD Design has strong reputation in Middle East Market as Unique Designers of Royal Palaces, Private Villas, Government Projects and Penthouses. At LBD Design LLC, we pride ourselves in surpassing the focus of design by delivering luxurious and innovative homes that directly correlate to our client’s needs.

Our first priority is to take the time to understand the individual needs of each client and apply them throughout the interior design creative process.

Our projects across the world depict the work of an International group whom rely on their professional knowledge, advanced experience, savvy taste, and exceptional customer service.

LBD Design is at the forefront of UAE excellence. Our history is one of a long and prestigious creators of Interiors, no limit placed on client’s imagination, and open to the most audacious experiments and the most sophisticated requests by a client looking for the best and exclusive.

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Top 10: Interior Designers to Know

1. Tom Egan
Evolve Residential
Lives in: Back Bay
Designing for: 15 years
Strength: My ability to design both the architecture and the decoration.
Palette preference: My clients tell me theirs, and I make that beautiful.
Architectural crush: The 1972 addition to the Boston Public Library by Philip Johnson
Favorite room in childhood home: The front hall. It had a great staircase and proportions.

2. Kristina Crestin
Studio KC
Lives in: Essex
Designing for: 9 years
Strength: Listening to and interpreting clients
Palette preference: Aqua, gray, taupe, chartreuse
Architectural crush: Boston Public Library
Favorite room in childhood home: Wherever we were playing with Legos.

3. John Pompeii
Pompeii Design Group
Lives in: The Residences at W Boston
Designing for: 8 years
Strength: I have a photographic memory when it comes to color and a strong sense of design styles and possibilities.
Palette preference: Soft, pale blues to warm grays
Architectural crush: MFA s new Art of the Americas wing
Favorite room in childhood home: My bedroom it was fabulous even when I was eight years old.

4. Sarah McGuire
Sarah McGuire Design
Lives in: South End
Designing for: 2 years
Strength: I think it s important to push my clients just a bit beyond their comfort zone.
Palette preference: I am currently hunting for the perfect cornflower blue.
Architectural crush: Anywhere with a courtyard the Public Library, the Gardner Museum.
Favorite room in childhood home: The screened porch with swings hanging from an exposed beam.

5. Stephanie Rossi
Spazio Rosso
Lives in: Boxborough
Designing for: 10 years
Strength: I know my shit.
Palette preference: I don t play favorites with colors. If it s good, I like it; if it works, I use it.
Architectural crush: The ICA and The Liberty Hotel
Favorite room in childhood home: My bedroom. I rearranged the furniture and redecorated it too many times to count.

6. Amanda Hark
Hark + Osborne Interior Design
Lives in: Needham
Designing for: 8 years
Strength: Eclecticism! Mixing stately antiques with contemporary pieces.
Palette preference: Neutral to cool gray tones
Architectural crush: Trinity Church in Copley Square
Favorite room in childhood home: My bedroom. The walls were a soft pink hue, and my mother had hand-painted the ceiling a pale blue with puffy white clouds.

7. Kate McCusker
Theodore Company
Lives in: Fenway
Designing for: 6 years
Strength: My attention to detail. I believe in hand-drawn floor plans and custom details.
Palette preference: I like bold colors. Right now I am obsessed with black, gold and magenta.
Architectural crush: Liberty Wharf complex
Favorite room in childhood home: My bedroom. Starting when I was 12, we moved often and I got to redesign my room each time.

8. Kristen Rivoli
Kristen Rivoli Interior Design
Lives in: Winchester
Designing for: 25 years
Strength: Connecting with my clients and being able to give them the home of their dreams.
Palette preference: Rich, saturated colors that play off neutrals
Architectural crush: The new wing of the MFA
Favorite room in childhood home: My mother s walkin closet.

9. Peter Rivoli
Design Complements; 617-242-7587
Lives in: Boston
Designing for: 16 years
Strength: Color and spatial design
Palette preference: Earth tones
Architectural crush: Trinity Church
Favorite room in childhood home: The sunroom off the living room.

10. Annsley McCaleer
Annsley Interiors
Lives in: Back Bay
Designing for: 11 years
Strength: Fabrics. I love to shop for them, I love to place them I just love textiles.
Palette preference: Blue
Architectural crush: Boston Athenaeum
Favorite room in childhood home: My first bedroom. My twin bed had a white bamboo-style headboard and a lime-green comforter with a white bamboo pattern.


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Interior Design Bachelor of Fine Arts

Program Overview

In the Interior Design program, you’ll study the design, safety, and usability issues of creating the spaces where we live, work, and play. Coursework focuses on space planning, traffic patterns, and the colors, surfaces and furnishings that make surroundings comfortable and livable. Graduates are prepared to seek entry-level employment such as draftsperson, facilities planner, interior designer/decorator, or space planner.

News and events

Program Description

What You’ll Study
Interior designers impact the lives of others by creating spaces in which people live, work, and play. The Interior Design program is designed to encourage creativity while offering students practical experience in space planning, color, lighting, furniture, and materials. Building on a foundation of drawing, drafting, color theory, and design, students continue on to courses in interior detailing, perspective, human factors and building codes, computer-aided design (CAD), and other skills. Students have the opportunity to develop thoughtful, substantive design solutions that reflect market reality. Coursework emphasizes current design practice, especially sustainable materials and environmental concerns, cultural diversity, the needs of various economic and age groups, and changing technology.

Mission Statement
The Art Institute of Austin Interior Design program is designed to prepare students for entry-level careers in the interior design profession, or an interior design-related field. Students employ the design process to solve environmental problems; to acquire cultural and artistic literacy; to apply specialized knowledge to meet program requirements; and to gain an understanding of environmental technology matters. Students are expected to design safe, functional and aesthetically pleasing interiors that facilitate and enhance human activity. The Bachelor of Fine Arts curriculum is based on industry and professional standards, and serves as a platform supporting student development in a wide variety of professional and life settings.

Career Opportunities
The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree program is designed to prepare our graduates to seek entry-level positions with interior design firms or companies specializing in facilities or space planning.

With my new skills I can be:
• Commercial designer
• Space planner
• Consultant
• Interior designer

The Interior Design program leading to the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is accredited by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, www.accredit-id.org. 206 Grandville Ave. Ste. 350, Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

Licensure, Credentialing and Other Student Outcomes
The Art Institute of Austin, a branch of The Art Institute of Houston, collects and publishes important information regarding student achievement, including aggregate data addressing attrition and retention, graduation rates, job placement rates, and acceptance into graduate programs in order to meet Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA) program eligibility requirements. That information can be found here.

Your education just got more affordable

Students need to meet all requirements. The Art Grant is not offered at all Art Institute schools and the grant amounts vary by location; check with the school you’re considering attending for exceptions and details.

See aiprograms.info for program duration, tuition, fees and other costs, median debt, salary data, alumni success, and other important info.

Credentials and experience levels vary by faculty and instructors.

The Art Institutes https://www.artinstitutes.edu/

210 Sixth Avenue, 33rd Floor 15222-4332 Pittsburgh, PA

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How Can I Become an Interior Design Consultant?

Learn about the courses and degree programs that can help you become an interior design consultant. Read about job duties, professional activities, potential employers and opportunities for career development. Schools offering Art degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What Does an Interior Design Consultant Do?

Consultants are professionals who get paid to share their specialized expertise with clients. While interior design consultants and interior designers often perform similar functions, there are some differences. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, interior designers plan, coordinate and execute the design of space in a building (www.bls.gov ). They not only draw out the plans, but also purchase and physically set up items such as artwork, rugs and furniture.

If you become an interior design consultant, you job will be to provide your clients with design ideas they may implement on their own. You might also try to sell them products and services offered by your company. Utilizing your skills and design judgment, you might choose colors, textures and architectural features that meet your clients’ aesthetic and functional requirements. You create plans and present drawings or computer-generated images to communicate your ideas. Creativity, artistic ability and a working knowledge of computer-aided drafting software is necessary. As an interior design consultant, you may work at furniture, department or home improvement stores. You might also find employment at a design firm, assisting interior designers.

What Education Do I Need?

A college degree is not always required to be an interior design consultant. However, as seen in October 2011 job postings on Monster.com. employers prefer some coursework be taken in the design field. Professional design schools offer classes in space planning, computer-aided drafting, textiles, color and design fundamentals. If a career as an interior designer appeals to you, you can pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design or an associate degree in fine arts. These programs can be completed within two years, and online education options are available. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design provides a list of accredited schools that offer programs in interior design studies.

After you earn an associate degree, an interior design consultant certificate program will build on knowledge and experience you may already have. Some courses may include the study of feng shui, visual merchandising and digital imaging.

Learn While Working

Much of your career development can come from experience gained on the job. You will learn how to work with difficult clients and design for a variety of interior spaces. At a design firm, you may have the opportunity to be mentored by an interior designer. With experience, you might eventually choose to open your own interior design consulting business or pursue additional education to become an interior designer.

To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

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Interior Design Graduate Programs & Interior Design Schools

A graduate degree in Interior Design can give you the edge you need to succeed in this highly competitive industry. Interior design professionals need to have a wide-range of skills; ranging from excellent communication to leadership. Interior Designers need to be able to translate ideas into visually appealing interior solutions, they have to manage teams of builders and craftsman and handle countless numbers of suppliers and vendors. And they need to have sound business knowledge in order to effectively run their businesses.

Interior Design Job Growth

Click through the image to explore the 13% growth rate in Interior Design jobs and top paying States

A graduate degree in interior design will enhance your skills and give you an advantage over the competition. Students will learn design concepts, technical information and hands-on skills to create a range of public, commercial, residential and institutional spaces. Grad programs in interior design also instill the principles of sustainability, globalism, and social responsibility. In short, graduate programs in Interior design are intended to produce future design leaders.

Interior Design Graduate Program Degree Options

Students wishing to pursue a graduate degree in interior design have a number of options available to them, including: at the Masters in Interior Design level a Masters of Arts in Interior Design. or a M.S. in Interior Architecture. At the PhD in Interior Design level a Doctorate of Environmental Design and Planning. or a PhD Human Environment: Design and Management. Just starting out? Consider a Certificate in Architecture and Interiors or other Interior Design Certificate.

Below you can sift through a number of Graduate Programs in Interior Design from accredited colleges, to find the one that best fits your educational goals. Whether you’re interested in a traditional college campus experience, a modern online learning environment or some hybrid of the two – you’re sure to find a graduate program that’s suits your needs.

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Great interior design makes a house a home. Kathy has helped hundreds of clients feel peace and motivation by creating an Authentic Home reflecting their personal style and values. After an initial consultation to provide us with important insight into your lifestyle, desires and goals, Kathy and her team will guide you each step of the way through your transformation. Relax and enjoy watching your dream home come to life!
Email Kathy

From the Blog

Whіlе redecorating our hоmеs, we sometimes gеt tеmрtеd to trу something new аnd unіԛuе. Painting іѕ a рrосеѕѕ thаt ѕ bееn around fоr dесаdеѕ and there hаvе bееn ѕеvеrаl іntrоduсtіоnѕ of unіԛuе paints аnd раttеrnѕ that hаvе hеlреd реорlе еnhаnсе thе beauty of thеіr hоuѕе оr оffісе. But, tо brеаk thе nоrm, covering wаllѕ іn wаllрареrѕ has [ ]

Latest Project

After designing many rooms in the interior of this beautiful Mercer Island home, we stepped outdoors and began to update the exterior. The new paint, landscaping, and garden like setting is truly an oasis- a place that the homeowner s will be able to find peace and relaxation for years to come. Back Yard Before (Pictured [ ]


Authentic Home did an amazing job turning my daughter s nursery into a magical girl s room which will grow with her. Kathy did a great job engaging my daughter throughout the process and giving her appropriate options from which to choose.

K. Holmes, Madison Park, WA

We hired Kathy to help look at how we might update the carpets, window coverings, and furnishings in our living room and dining room. We love the results! This is the 3rd time we have used the services of Authentic Homes, and we have always been pleased with both the process and the end product. Kathy is a pleasure to work with—she’s professional, organized, a good listener, and very able to help clients clarify what they need and want. Her services saved us countless hours of wading through…

B. Guzzo – Seattle, WA

Kathy Banak of Authentic Home was referred to me by my business partner who was thrilled with Kathy s paint choices for her home, so I scheduled Kathy based on her recommendation when I was ready to choose paint. I, too, was thrilled with the awesome results! Since then we had Kathy select paint colors and carpet for our offices, and the result is truly stunning. We have received many compliments from client visitors on how nice our office looks, and even a request to give them the name of the c…

J. O’Bien, Mercer Island, WA

After almost a year of trying to choose interior colors for my home and not having any luck, a friend referred me to Kathy at Authentic Home. After just an hour, I had several unique colors chosen for every room in my home that not only reflected my own personal style but complimented the character of my old home. Frustrated with the many color swatches I d painted on my wall, I was days away from going completely white. After an hour with Kathy at Authentic Home, we were able to find some ama…

C. Smith, West Seattle, WA

I ve used Authentic Home on two projects and have been absolutely thrilled with the results. Kathy is a talented designer, accountable consultant/contractor and a complete pleasure to work with. The first time I worked with Authentic Home, it was to update interior paint + add new baseboard and crown molding. The new color palette and molding completely transformed our living space from plain to vibrant and inviting. The workmanship was high quality and completed on time. My friends and family w…

A. Merlino, West Seattle, WA

After several attempts with other companies to create window treatments for our living room and master bedroom, I was lucky enough to find Authentic Home after reading an article in a local magazine. They came into our home and helped us not only with window treatments but also exterior paint colors. Both rooms now look finished and they are warm and inviting, exactly what we wanted. We can t wait to paint the exterior of our house in the spring with the colors they helped us choose.

M. Alexander, Mukilteo

Kathy did a great job in helping us design our master bath. She saved us from quite a few bad decisions had we been left on our own. The bathroom turned out really fabulous and all the parts (tile, cabinets, paint, granite, closet, windows, etc) fit together really well. She was easy and fun to work with and adjusted to fit our taste. When we get around to doing our other bathroom, I will be giving Kathy a call!

S. Griffin – Federal Way, WA

Authentic Home was recommended to me by a friend when I bought my house in May 2011. I worked closely with Kathy Banak from May 2011 to December 2012 on transforming my home. Everything from paint colors and lighting and window dressings, to transforming several rooms with new layout shelving and new Carrera marble fireplaces, to complete home furnishings for a 5 bedroom home. We even installed a new water softening system sourced by Kathy! Kathy s eye for color and subtle variations of color …

E. Williams, Kirkland, WA

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Interior Design Cost

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer?

The costs associated with hiring an interior designer will vary quite dramatically from job to job. One homeowner may ask for help with their entire home, while another wants some professional assistance in the family room. The American Society of Interior Designers stresses that there is “no such thing as a ‘typical’. fee for an interior designer”. They do indicate that most professionals will charge in one of four ways :

  • Cost plus – this is a somewhat traditional method used in all types of assignments. In this approach, the designer purchases all of the materials for the job (including furnishings and accessories) and sells them to their client at an agreed upon markup or additional percentage. This percentage is the method by which the designer is paid for their work. A sample scenario would include:
    • Consultation with designer on a bedroom decorating project ;
    • Agreement on terms of the arrangement, which is going to usually be in the area of 20% markup on goods purchased from a wholesale distributor; and
    • Budget is set at $6,000 and will include flat design fee, materials, vendors, and any contractors;
  • Fixed or flat fees – this is the most likely way that a large job will be priced because it provides the designer with a streamlined method of billing for the work. It puts a single price on the entire job and is intended to cover all expenses that include everything from design and layouts through the final installation process. A sample scenario would include:
    • Consultation with designer on a bedroom decorating project ;
    • Agreement on terms of the arrangement, which is going to usually include a discussion on the costs per service such as retainer amount, design fee, color selection, purchasing, etc; and
    • Budget is set at $6,000 and will include all services
  • Hourly rates – this is for a smaller project and pays the designer based on the actual amount of time that they contribute to a specific project. Current market prices vary between $50 and $200 per hour. depending on the designer; and
  • Square foot basis – this is usually the manner by which commercial work is done and it pays the designer a fixed amount per square foot of space.

Additional considerations and costs

When deciding to work with an interior decorator it is best to have a very clearly-defined project in mind. The ASID warns that “how you work with your designer will have tremendous impact on the final cost”. Generally this will mean that making changes late in a project or deciding to expand the scope of the work is going to frustrate the decorator and also increase the price of the project.

The smartest approach is to meet with a few designers. take a look at their portfolios, discuss the project you need assistance with and hear what their thoughts are on the work. You can then request a bid for the work, and wait until you have three candidates from which to choose.

Many professionals require their clients to pay a retainer fee, which is usually a small percentage of the total estimated budget, and will also ask for a contract. This is to ensure that any changes in the work and any schedules established will be dealt with in an amicable and clear-cut manner. A contract should protect both parties, and if this is required by the designer in order to do the work it is a wise idea to have a legal professional review the document.

Most homeowners and interior decorators understand that any project will need to occur in controlled stages. This is to ensure that the work is done in a timely fashion and that any budgetary concerns can be addressed immediately. If the designer is going to work with subcontractors for the project, they should be consulted with about the schedules to ensure they can meet their obligations. They too might need to sign a contract in order to adhere to the terms of the project and ensure that estimated costs are fair and reasonable.

Like many other household contractors, however, any interior decorator should be willing to provide customers with references. It is always a good idea to ensure that no complaints have been filed against the provider, or any of the contractors they have brought in for the project as well.

How much does it cost to hire an interior designer in my city.

Cost to hire an interior designer varies greatly by region (and even by zipcode). To get free estimates from local contractors, please indicate yours.

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Seattle’s Premier Interior Designers

Individuals looking for designers can access our extensive list of interior designer resources for home contractor resources, furniture, lighting, paint, plumbing, cabinetry and much more!We are the Seattle Chapter of the Northwest Society of Interior Designers (NWSID), a non-profit regional organization dedicated to promoting excellence in interior design. NWSID was established in 1977 with the intent of connecting interior designers with clients and other industry professionals. Whether you re looking for help remodeling, building a new home, or just need assistance making your space feel better, we provide resources and knowledge about interior design.

Dream. Connect. Design.

We’ll help you find the best interior designer and design resources in your area with our exclusive Design Network! Our intuitive search filter will find the perfect match for whatever you re looking for in design and home improvement.

“NWSID designers have met educational and professional standards that give you confidence and assurance that your interior design project will be handled professionally and with excellence!”

Join Us!

If you’re a professional interior designer or a student pursuing a career in this exciting industry, we’d love have you as part of our select list of educated and reputable interior designers in the Seattle area! As members, you are part of a dedicated organization committed to promoting education, accountability, and peer networking that increases the success of your business and status as a professional.

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BROX Design began as a hobby for Ivan Radosavljević Predrag Bozovic, over 16 years ago. And, when we spoke with Ivan, he told us Deep inside it is still a hobby, as we do it with our hearts. Today it is a business with expertise in graphic, interior and web design; as well as fashion and leather goods. Their client list includes big brands such as Harrods, Armani Jeans and The Four Seasons Hotel.

.design represents an important step in the promotion of our company. It is a simple and effective tool to broadcast what we do.

Roko.design is the website site of Rodrigo Montoya Sarmiento. He began his career in design when his father taught him how to create images and art in the early Mac paint software. He began by creating comics, stories and other worlds, and has since become a professional architect and interior designer. When asked how he felt about his new .design address, he told us, I actually feel that I can get in to a closer dialogue with my potential customers using www.roko.design as my main page.

It is the new way to discover new talents and new studios through all over the world.

//3877 is a design firm that primarily works in architecture, but they also offer interior design services along with brand development and graphic design. They’re style? Clean and contemporary. As for why they switched to .design? “Because it talked more about our brand. We don’t want to be a mainstream firm… .design says that we are a bit different and we are okay with that,” said David Shove-Brow, Partner at //3877.

“it speaks more directly to who we are and what we do. com. net, etc are too generic…we don’t need to be in the same mix as lawyers, accountants and other businesses…we want to go after a more direct audience.”