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Curtain Ideas Home Design Photos

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Build a room within a room. Blessed with a large living space but unsure how to create smaller, interchangeable spaces within it? Curtains can be a clever and temporary solution for creating new spaces without building walls. Sheer curtains, in particular, are ideal and will help to section off lounge or dining areas within the house without restricting light or fresh air.

Inspiration for a beach style family room remodel with a library Houzz

Ceiling mounted curtain rods Wall color Julie Greiner

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Don’t discount curtains – There’s still a place for shower curtains – especially in small spaces. Here, the curtain is neat and unobtrusive and when the shower is not in use, the curtain can be pulled right back to open up the space. A curtain also provides an extra layer of privacy – useful if your flatmate wants to come in and clean their teeth.

Small elegant master bathroom photo in New York with an undermount sink, medium tone wood cabinets, an alcove tub, a shower/bathtub combo, white tile, recessed-panel cabinets, stone slab, white walls and marble countertops Houzz

Marble inset over tub surround, can frame out with white trim weesawee

Clifford M. Scholz Architects Inc.

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Visit AuthenTeak for a wide selection of outdoor curtains made from Sunbrella fabric which will withstand the elements. It looks like these are Sunbrella Sheers which can be found here. Shop outdoor curtains at AuthenTeak.

Inspiration for a mediterranean patio remodel in Tampa with a pergola Houzz

Note different size cross beams wbjolly

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This luxurious patio has just about everything you’d want in an outdoor room. A TV, covered living space and outdoor terrace are all visible in this shot. Houzz users loved the curtains along the longer walls in this outdoor room — it’s a great way to retain heat in the winter or block the sun during a daytime movie.

Example of a trendy patio design in San Diego with a gazebo/cabana and a fire feature Houzz

curtains added to retain heat in winter-attached to house which could be the guest house Melissa Han

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Interior Designers

History and Theory of Interior Design

Interior design views and trends through various historical periods; cultural influences on interior design practices; overview of the interior design profession as it stands today, including space planning, use of color, and selection of furnishings and other materials.

Introduce students to the development and modern structure of the interior design field.

Materials and Applications

Types of materials used in interior design, including various kinds of stone, wood, plastics and fabrics; sources and methods of production for these materials; uses of materials in construction and interior design; evaluating and purchasing materials with the appropriate aesthetics (look and feel), cost margins and functions for the job.

Familiarize students with the material components of an interior design job.

Model Construction and Presentation

Approaches to creating architectural models, including sketching, handcrafting miniatures, laser-cutting and computer-aided design (CAD); materials and techniques used in drafting and crafting models; maintaining model accuracy; preparing and presenting models to clients.

Ready students to assemble and display models for interior design projects.

Color and Lighting Principles

History of color theory; scientific principles of color and light perception; technical terms used in discussions of color; development of color schemes for interior environments; designing and implementing lighting layouts; natural and artificial light sources, and their impacts on colors and textures.

Give understanding of color’s role in interior design, and of the effects of various lighting types.

Interior Design in Practice

Licensing and certification as an interior designer; day-to-day operations of an interior design business; writing proposals, bidding on jobs, setting budgets and schedules, negotiating with outside contractors, and managing a project from start to finish; marketing and expanding an interior design firm; legal and ethical issues in the field.

Prepare students to assist in running an interior design company.

Video Overview

Briefly introduces the interior designing career. Produced for the US Department of Labor.

Certifications and Licensing

Certification for interior designers varies by state, but most require designers to pass the National Council for Interior Design Qualification examination. Visit the NCIDQ website for eligibility information. Interior designers who plan to specialize may opt for additional certification from trade associations or professional organizations; a certified kitchen and bath designer or lighting specialist, for example, can provide clients with additional expertise.

Job Flexibility

Full-time versus part-time:

Interior designers need flexibility in their schedules. Because so much of their work involves clients, they must be able to accommodate the clients’ schedules. Weekend and after-office appointments are common. Although most designers work full-time, self-employed interior designers have more scheduling leeway and may work part-time.

Recommended Websites

Here are some of the top websites for researching a career in interior design:

  • American Society of Interior Designers � With state of the industry reports, videos and an extensive learning library, the ASID website is an excellent first stop for prospective interior designers. Visit the Student Lounge section to find information on becoming an interior designer, resources on career development and applications for student competitions.
  • International Interior Design Association � This organization provides an international network of designers and design students with educational materials. The IIDA absorbed the Institute of Business Designers in 1994 and maintains a focus on business design, but residential designers are also well represented. Qualifying students may find help from the IIDA to defray the cost of qualification exams. The forums and resume center are especially useful to prospective designers.
  • National Council for Interior Design Qualification � This website is a wealth of information about the NCIDQ certification exam. Eligibility requirements, testing supplies and webinars help students prepare for the test and focus their career aspirations. The Interior Design Experience Program gives entry-level designers valuable guidance in building their professional portfolio within a mentored program.
  • National Association of Schools of Art and Design � The NASAD site lists information about hundreds of accredited interior design schools. Students who are looking for a good educational fit will find resources to help them choose the right program for them. A search feature provides contact information and site links to accredited programs.

Salaries by City

See typical salaries and ranges for this career below*. Shift click to sort by more than one column — for example first shift-click on state and then shift-click on salary to find best and worst salaries in each state.

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Creators of Atmosphere and Ambience!

You are happy to admit you don’t have a clue. and need us to guide you.

Unique Interiors that Reflect Your Lifestyle

We would like to introduce you to the sophisticated world of interior decorating. Specializing in tailored interior décor. Offering unique, personalized redocorating and refurbishing services.

Our decorating team can advise you on the most functional and appealing interior solutions for every particular circumstance, home and workplace. We are equipped with quality products and a large selection of fabrics, accessories and colour swatches to help you visualize the designs you desire. Our team will manage your interior décor projects with creativity, commitment and professionalism.

We offer a free on-site consultation. This first visit gives us a feeling and understanding of your unique décor requirements.

We invite you to scroll through and explore our broad range of products and services and see how we can reflect your style which will be both functional and aesthetically appealing to the eye.

Our services include:

  • Soft furnishings including Area rugs, Scatter cushions, Throws and Bedding
  • Wall paper Glass frosting
  • Upholstery and custom made furniture including covered headboards and ottomans
  • Full interior decorating service (all styles)
  • Professional cleaning service

A word from Elsabe.
I believe that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and it is important to me to listen and connect with you as our client.

A word from Janine.
If you buy things you love, regardless of era or price, your home will be a true reflection of you.

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Interior Home Color Schemes Home Design Photos

“The fail-safe secret to creating a complementary scheme … is to let the primary hue dominate, in a toned-down shade, while sprinkling in a light helping of the accent hue, preferably in small doses and patterns.” — Yanic Simard I have a confession to make. Whenever I have to talk about color theory, I have to pull out the old color wheel and refresh my memory on all the relationships between the different colors.

Louise de Miranda

The arrival of her boyfriend, Bram Floris, had a significant impact on her interior styling and choice of color palette. “It used to be a really feminine home with frills and a lot of romantic vintage accessories,” says Vetter. Once Floris moved in, she decided to edit her accessories and add some vivid colors. like the yellow cushions. Noah Joe made his mark on the interior by foraging for branches, like the beautiful specimens to the left of the sectional.

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20 Creative Color Schemes Inspired By The Color Wheel

An empty room is a blank canvas for any decorator to fill with color, pattern and texture. While decorators have a handle on color schemes that work, choosing color schemes can be a scary proposition for others. Fear not, there are a few easy guidelines to follow that will have anyone picking colors like a pro. There are five basic color schemes and a myriad of options from which to draw upon for inspiration and we will review each of them.


The monochromatic color scheme is perhaps the easiest to understand. It is the use of any one tint, hue or shade of a single color. This scheme can be either very relaxing or very dramatic depending on the color chosen and the various shades or tints incorporated. For a bit of drama consider the use of a warm hue such as red or orange. For a cooler feel try blues or greens. Grays, whites and creams are fabulous options for neutral schemes.

Collect this idea

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For Candidates

Every candidate we represent offers a special mix of knowledge and experience. Through comprehensive face-to-face interviews, we take time to understand what they have to offer and gain insight into their career goals and aspirations.

Whether they’re seeking short-term, project-based roles or looking for a strategic career change, we work closely with each candidate to find an employment opportunity that’s the perfect fit.

We review portfolios and resumes and, where required, assist with interview training and support. As a result, our candidates are confident and ready to take full advantage of the myriad exciting opportunities that the market has to offer.

Related Information

Graduates are the future of the industry and at Bloomfield Tremayne we strive to foster the next generation of talent.

Offering salaries commensurate with experience is important when securing new staff, and our market knowledge can help.

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From Our Clients

As we were moving into a new house it was the perfect opportunity to get some professional advice on a colour theme that would not only look well overall but also progress logically from room to room. Ruth was quickly able to give us definitive recommendations on colours that worked really well for the function of each room but also blended seamlessly from one part of the house to another. She selected just the perfect shade of red for our period dining room and came up with a beautiful combination of three shades for the hallway which I would never have thought of. We are so glad we decided to get expert advice for our new home – highly recommend it if you have the opportunity.

Paula Fyans, Dublin 6

  • Thank you for the care and attention you and your staff have given to our new home. You made it happen. My husband and I are truly enjoying our newly finished and furnished Holiday Home. I hope you have saved before and after pictures. because no one would believe it was the same place. It is warm. comfortable and elegant just what we had planned. You worked very hard to get just the right touches. Please use inside photos to share the beautiful results.

    Yvonne Thornton, Chicago & Waterville

  • R.K.Designs has managed a number of fit outs for me over the past few months, all of which have been carried out excellently, I have no hesitation in recommending RK Designs to anyone looking for a creative, reliable and professional service.

    Joe Jackman, Dublin 14

  • I had been thinking of redecorating our dining room for some time but just did not know where to start and was reluctant to ask any Interior Designer to take on such a small project. I came across RK Designs eye-catching website, contacted Ruth and everything took off from there. The final result is a room more beautiful than I could have imagined. Ruth’s friendly and professional approach would put even the most discerning (and reluctant) first-time client at their ease. I feel I will be seeing her again in the near future.

    Alison Kinsella, Dublin 6w

  • RK Designs did a fantastic job of fitting out 2 apartments for me for rental. The service was excellent and they were the first two apartments to be rented out in the whole block. The rental agent was very impressed and I would highly recommend RK Designs to anyone looking to fit out properties for rental.

    Gerry Kid, Dublin 2

  • We built a 3,500 square foot French style lodge using largely reclaimed materials. We employed Ruth Kennelly to design an interior that followed this ‘old world’ French theme. What I loved about Ruth is the way she really listened turning infantile ideas into practical realties with flair and enthusiasm. Ruth’s experience and contacts saved us so much time, legwork and money. Highly recommended – we’re thrilled with our home.

    Michelle Moloughney, Clontarf

  • Ruth Kennelly designed and managed a complete refurbishment of my house. I trusted her judgement and style, so much so that I handed her the keys and went away on holidays for three weeks. And what a result – a fantastic revamp from old to new. I have no hesitation in highly recommending RK Designs to family and friends alike.

    Clodhna Ferris, Dun Laoghaire

  • RK Designs carried out a complete refurbishment of my property including a new kitchen, bathroom, flooring, living room and bedroom. The work was carried out on time and within budget. The consultation process was excellent and the subsequent project management was professional and effective. The workmanship was of an extremely high quality. I received value for money and the result was a fantastic new interior. I would have no hesitation in highly recommending RK Designs in the future.

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    Interior Design Career Information and Education Requirements

    Interior Design Career Information

    Interior designers can be found designing for a variety of settings, such as schools, homes, restaurants, airports or office buildings. They are skilled in both architectural and decorating aspects of interior space. When interior designers begin working with a space, they consider the purpose of the rooms. They make design plans or draw up blueprints that include structural features, such as built-in bookcases. Interior designers also consider characteristics of a space, including colors, lighting and furniture.

    An interior designer might be self-employed or work for a design or architectural firm. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates that in May 2013, the median salary for interior designers was $48,500, although salaries can range from $26,490 to over $89,060. Typically, salaries are determined by years of experience, type of employer and any specialties an interior designer might possess.

    Employment Outlook

    According to the BLS, interior designer employment is projected to grow 13% between 2012 and 2022. Competition for these positions, though, is predicted to be high. With the increasing popularity of green or efficient energy options, interior designers with experience in this area might have an added benefit for employment opportunities.

    Education Requirements

    A bachelor’s degree in interior design is recommended for entry-level positions. These undergraduate programs place heavy emphasis on studio work. Students should expect to take drawing, 2-D design and 3-D design, including learning CAD software. Additional core coursework in an undergraduate program might include building compliance, sustainable technology and design theory, such as topics in environmental design. The work completed in a 4-year interior design program leads to building a portfolio and fulfilling an interior design internship.

    License Information

    Some states do require interior designers to be licensed. This means they must take an exam that is administered by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification. Criteria for licensing will vary by state, according to the American Society of Interior Designers (www.asid.org ). The average requirements for licensure are six years of combined education plus experience. To maintain licensure, interior designers might be required to complete continuing education courses or programs.

    Areas of study you may find at University of Florida include:
      • Graduate: Doctorate, First Professional Degree, Master
      • Post Degree Certificate: Post Master’s Certificate
      • Undergraduate: Associate, Bachelor
    • Visual and Performing Arts
      • Dance
      • Design and Applied Arts
        • Graphic Design
        • Interior Design and Decorating
      • Drama and Theatre Arts
      • Fine Arts and Studio Art
      • Musical Arts

    Get Started with University of Florida

    10 Michigan State University

    School locations:
    Areas of study you may find at Michigan State University include:
    • Visual and Performing Arts
      • Design and Applied Arts
        • Fashion Design
        • Interior Design and Decorating
      • Drama and Theatre Arts
      • Fine Arts and Studio Art
      • Musical Arts

    Get Started with Michigan State University

    Perfect School Search

    10 Popular Schools

    The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users.

    • Associate of Science – Design Studies
    • Diploma in Construction Electrician Foundation
    • B.S. General Studies – Fine Arts
    • A.S. General Studies – Fine Arts

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    We are a recruitment consultancy specialising in Interior Design Jobs. We also work with companies and individuals working in Exhibition Design, Lighting Design, Architecture, 2D 3D Digital Design, Graphic Design for print, Interactive Design for the Web, Games and Applications, 3D printing and Augmented Reality as well as multi-disciplined creative design agencies who combine all of the above. Design crosses boundaries and builds bridges between people from all walks of life. We like to do the same.

    Alchemy Design Recruitment exists to help design professionals and design companies find each other where ever they may be. We have worked on many international recruitment assignments for clients in the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

    We do our very best to make sure that everyone involved in the recruitment process feels like they have been treated as an individual and not a commodity. Our service is completely bespoke, centered around people and relationships.

    We give the same level of care and commitment to job seekers as we do to employers.

    Get in touch with alchemy to find out how we can help you.

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    Architect Interior Master Course

    Are you interested in creating exciting environments for work, play and living? Come and learn how to design spaces that are stunning, sustainable, functional and safe with the Architect Interior Master Course. By Architect Interior Master course you will prepare to enter the profession without any previous background or experience. At ADMEC Multimedia Institute, the Architect Interior Master course offers a comprehensive education of design theory, history and you will develop your skills for presentation, learn valuable resources that allow you to create good design solutions, develop your understanding of architecture and design. and build a strong portfolio to excel in the field of Architect Interior Master.

    Architect Interior Master Course is specially designed for those who are highly interested to enter the field of Architect interior design. Architect Interior Master course at our institute is appropriate for anyone who could take benefit personally or professionally from directed study and practice in Architect Interior design.

    Prerequisites to Join Architect Interior Master Course

    For pursuing Architect Interior Master Course. from our institute, students should have familiarity with computer basics only. Apart from this in order to pursue Architect Interior Master course students should have good understanding of basics of ‘Building Information Designing’. A background in art or design is useful, but not necessary required.

    Semesters and Modules:

    Module I: History of Interior Design

    In first module of Architect Interior Master course we will talk about visual perception of spaces and their organization through design elements principles, human factors like anthropometrics, standard clearances, proxemics and territoriality.

    Digital Media and Industry

    In this module of Architect Interior Master course we will teach these topics: digital media, examples and principles of digital media. how to work with digital data, compression in digital media, etc. After completion of this basic introduction of digital media our trainers will mainly focus on architect/ interior industry specific information. Our institute’s faculty will assist you to develop your interest level for Architect Interior Master course and you will be familiar with your industry at a different angle.

    In this module of Architect Interior Master Course we will teach you how to create designs related to architecture and interior. For knowing about architect interior industry or to develop excellent designs you must be knowing about this term (design) very well.

    In this context our institute’s faculty will teach you these terms: design principles. introduction to color theory. color systems. how to scan, store and transport Images, how to enlarge and reduce, resolution, depth of color, image/file size, palette, mode and image attributes and many more. Apart from the fundamentals you will get knowledge about designing of patterns, textures, and many more by using Adobe Photoshop in this section of Architect Interior Master Course.

    Module II: AutoCAD and 3D Visualization

    In this module of Architect Interior Master course you will learn to develop 3D design explorations. drafting and visualization skills via CAD and develop advanced modeling and presentation skills for interior architecture and design .

    • Develop the Skills to Convince the Clients 3D Perspectives
    • Develop the Skills to Create Modeling an Architectural/ Interior Structure
    • Learn How to Handle Lighting Using VRay
    • Learn How to Set Up the Most Stunning and Dynamic Camera Angles
    • Develop the Best Final Rendering
    • Do’s and don’ts of Modeling
    • Learn how to Model From Sketches in Professional Practice
    • Learn how to Interact With Your Clients Before You begin a 3d Project
    • Develop the Fastest Technique to Create 3D Objects.

    Module III: Project Management

    For every professional 3d architect or interior designer, whether he/she works in company or work on freelancing basis, it is very quite necessary to hand over the project to the client without any inconvenience. This module of Architect Interior Master course is very spontaneous. It teaches you how to manage the projects.

    Collaborative Project in Architect Interior Master Course

    Students will be working on class room projects as their applications finished. At our institute we have a strong assessment system. To get certificate from ADMEC Multimedia Institute is not very easy. When you will visit our center our counselor will explain it in depth.

    Training Mode: