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Introduction of the Architect

Krishna Kamal Jewellers, a jewellery showroom is situated in a taluka place called Karad in Satara district, Maharashtra, India. It has been designed by a nationally renowned Architect Javed Kachchhi. He has been awarded the National Award called Bharat Gaurav Award for the excellence in design in the field of Architecture. He is a contemporary Architect and strongly follows the principles of design (Harmony, Symmetry, Rythm etc). He is popular for designing symmetrical structures.

Jewellery Showroom By Architect Javed Kachchhi

Introduction of the Project before execution of design plans

When the project was handed to the Architect, it was a hall measuring about 3.6m x 12m with eight columns emerging out from the walls. Two drainage pipes ran down through the wall inside the showroom. As there was an adjoining neighbour’s property, so it was not possible to pass the pipeline from outside the building. The first task was to hide the pipeline as well as the columns. But as the width of the hall was not much, it would be improper to cover the entire wall in panelling at the level of pipeline or the columns.

The showroom was quite long in length and did not have any ventilation from the side of the rear, so it was necessary to make it air conditioned. Split air conditioners were only the option and for that again, we had to pass its drains out.

Design Plans for Jewellery Showroom

As seen from the plan of the showroom and the south side wall elevation. It was decided to cover the existing columns with plywood boxes and created more dummy boxes in symmetry and designed the jewellery showcase cabinets in the spaces created by these boxes.

Intricate False Ceiling Design of the Jewellry Showroom

To reduce the boldness effect of the boxes in the interior and to enhance the glamour of the showroom, FRP carved decorative columns were fitted on the boxes.

The overall treatment decided for the showroom was in acrylic paint. The boxes were painted in maroon metallic paint and the showcases as well as the FRP columns and mouldings on the counters were painted in off-white colour.

The showcase background was taken in mirror instead of routine velvet so as to minimise the maintenance. The glass shelves in the showcases were arranged in zigzag fashion fitted through the background mirror.

Concealing the drainage pipelines

In the northern side, the drainage pipeline as well as the columns and the air conditioner drain pipes were covered with two plywood boxes properly so as not to disturb the ambiance and the glamour of the showroom. The boxes were laminated with black metallic Italian laminate.

In between these two boxes, a backlit stained glass mural was created, enhancing the beauty of the showroom dramatically. Two split air conditioner outlets were installed on these two boxes passing their drain pipes from inside. In front of this, a piece of art was stationed and at the focal point of the showroom, velvet upholstered seating arrangement was done. Owner’s cabin was arranged at the rear side behind plane glass and vertical blinds in such as way that he can keep his eye on the showroom.

To give a different to the showroom, instead of routine long counters, a row of elegant small counters in front of the showcases with glass box on the top to display the jewellery trays were made in maroon velvet. The counters were laminated with Italian laminate in the central portion and stained glass, the carved columns and mouldings enhanced the aesthetic value of the project. On the north side wall near the entrance and opposite to the showcases, a large 2.4m x 2.4m mirror was fitted so that it would give an eyeshot of the showroom to the people coming from southern direction on the road.

Architect Javed decided to create false ceilings of the showroom in plaster of Paris. He wanted to give the ceiling a beautiful ornamental look to suit the other treatments of the interiors. Stained glass was used extensively in the ceiling, keeping in mind the lighting requirements of a jewellery showroom.

As the design of ceiling was very complicated it was important to supervise the ceiling work very precisely to maintain the perfection in the workmanship.

Lighting Design for the Jewellery Showroom

The illumination effect perforating from the stained glass of the ceiling was as desired. A number of spot lights in the floral design of the ceiling and the chandelier at the centre gave an exclusively royal look to the showroom.

Special attention was given to the electrification of the showroom. In every showcase, yellow tube lights were used. White lighting was avoided for gold showcases.

Safety measures while designing the Jewellery showroom

In designing the showroom, safety considerations were also kept in mind. As we all know that the most important factor to be considered in the design of a Jewellery Showroom is the design of locker room . The safe (locker) for the storage of jewellery was fixed in the owner’s cabin behind a wall panelling so that it remains hidden and also merges with the design of the interiors.

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Mobile Home Decorating

Mobile homes have always been an affordable alternative solution to purchasing a traditional home. Although affordable, decorating a mobile home could prove to be a challenge due to the limited space inside. Here are a few solutions to help overcome this challenge.


Painting the interior of the mobile home is a fast and easy way to make the interior look bigger. Painting with lighter colors (yellows, light blues, light green) makes the inside of the home look bigger. This is recommended because of the limited size of the mobile home. If your mobile home is older, pre-1990, then more than likely it was manufactured with wood paneling. Some models were made with milk stained panels, while a majority of others where manufactured with walnut dark brown stain. These dark panels can be painted a lighter color to help increase the apparent size of the room.


Redoing the bathroom may be an easy and quick project. In most mobile homes, the bathrooms, can be pretty cramped so designing it to be visually appealing with reduce some of the non favorable feeling roused by such a small space. When taking on this task, keep in mind of your likes and dislikes. It is recommended to paint your bathroom a brighter color to make it look bigger as well. This is a good idea considering the relative size of this room in comparison to traditional homes.


Windows need attention too. Maybe throw on a set of new curtains and specially fitted blinds. Try to go along with the brighter inside look when choosing the curtains. White tends to be a favorite, also light yellows and creams.

Making the Space Look Larger

Place a large horizontal mirror on a side wall that is unoccupied. Mirrors help make the room appear larger than it actually is. Mirrors give the room a 3 dimensional look and is highly favored by most interior decorators.


If your mobile home needs cabinet re-facing, you could either tackle this task yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Either way, giving your cabinets a facelift can dramatically change the appearance of your home. Shop around for the styles that you prefer best and make sure the go along with your color scheme. Light oak and honey colors are nice as well as oil stained cabinets. But if you prefer not to go do the road of cabinet re-facing, a simple coat or two of white paint will do nicely to giving the cabinets a fresh new look.

Last updated by Rhonda Morin at March 29, 2016 .

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The Mobile Workstation That Redefines Efficiency

Did you know that 62% of all maintenance jobs are stopped to find a tool, part, or ladder?

Every year, facility workers. maintenance departments. and skilled tradesmen lose valuable time traveling to the shop and searching for the tools they need to get the job done. To address that problem, our goal at Mobile-Shop is clear: redefine efficiency.

After 8 years of research and development by industry professionals, the Mobile-Shop System was created to be a simple and robust solution that gracefully conforms to lean design principles while drastically improving productivity.

The Mobile-Shop system is proven to increase productivity by 36% per employee each year, with an average return on investment in as little as 2.5 months.

As the original and award winning flexible maintenance cart system, the Mobile Shop system is unrivaled when it comes to empowering your employees to work smarter, not harder.

Learn more about our mobile maintenance carts below.

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Franchise Designers Retail Store Designers

Brand Inventors is a small team of retail store designers and franchise designers based in Pretoria, South Africa. We strive to always deliver high quality retail design concepts that impresses the end user and leave our clients satisfied. Our disciplines or services include Retail Design, Retail Design Layout, Franchise Concept Development, Shop in Shop Retail Interior Design, Pop-Up or Mobile Shop Design, Window Display Design, signage, graphics, multi-media and more. We take any idea from the ground up and make the visual process an easy one for all our clients.

Brand Inventors was originally registered in 2006 as Red Stripe Design and the main focus was on design and implementation of career guidance centres for the department of education. The company has grown since and the list of services expanded.

Early in 2012 the brand was re-invented as Brand Inventors, stating in a much better way exactly what we do. We design Brands. Our services include everything your clients my experience when visiting your business. This includes furniture, shopfitting design, signage, colour usage, logo’s and more. Basically we cover all visual aspects of your business while you focus on running your business.

As a new company we’ve done a lot and also helped other design firms deliver optimum results.

Our parent company Creative Core. Creative Core is responsible for all visual communication and digital media while Brand Inventors is focussed on interior design and space planning. Together forming a full turn-key solution for your business requirement.

We now also offer full shopfitting, manufacturing and installation of retail interiors. Visit our shop fitting site: www.retailshopfitters.co.za


We are constantly updating our portfolio as projects are completed. Please take a look and see what type of work can be expected from us.

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IKEA Trainee Program:

Motivated? Talented? Creative? A future leader?

Are you always looking to improve, challenge the status quo and come up with new solutions?
If the answer is yes, the 12-month IKEA Trainee Program is a great opportunity for you to show us and yourself what you can do: your personality is the key. We like to give our trainees responsibility early on, which helps us to develop together.

IKEA offers numerous ways for you to build your career. It’s up to you to discover them.

To find out more about our trainee program, download the following pdf: The IKEA Trainee Program – description (PDF)

The next recruitment phase for our Trainee Program will start beginning of October. You will then be able to apply here:

Get inspired by the interesting stories of Chantal, Sandra and Alain who have accomplished our Trainee Program:

I have studied Business Administration at the University Lucerne and the University of Berne. Beside my studies, I did several part-time jobs and also worked in the Marketing-Controlling. In all those years, I gained lots of analytical and organizational skills. I also realised that I needed a job where I would be able to work together with different people. Motivation and support in people’s development is the key issue for me to make a job interesting, varied and challenging. The IKEA Trainee Program caught my interest from the moment I heard about it as it gives young people the chance to take on responsibility and lead people from early on. On top of that, I am excited about the IKEA concept and culture. I always wanted to work in a dynamic company where challenging the status quo is part of everyday. With the IKEA Trainee Program I passed a well founded training. I have gained an overview of IKEA and the various sectors such as Sales, Logistics and Communication & Interior Design. Especially in Sales, I got a deep knowledge and was supported and coached by experienced managers. All those experiences, as well as the valuable networks, will help me to cope successfully with my future job as a Team Leader in the bedroom department. Personally, I can recommend this IKEA Trainee Program to everyone who likes challenges and who is looking for new or better solutions day by day. In IKEA, especially in Sales, everyday is different and therefore a trainee should bring a lot of energy and a positive attitude towards change with him. Of course, dealing with customers and making them satisfied, as well as leading people, should belong to your nature in order to complete the traineeship and all future jobs in IKEA with success and joy.”

After my apprenticeship as a graphic designer and a one-year internship at an advertising agency, I studied International Design Management at the University of Applied Science in Luzern. After this I applied for a job at IKEA because I am a big fan of their Scandinavian-style furniture and I loved the idea of being involved in something I can fully support. Simultaneously, I was interested in the big opportunity of leading and motivating a group of people. The trainee year is a very exciting year and the time flies by extremely fast. During the first part of the year, I was like a sponge – taking in as much information as possible. Towards the end of the year I started to distill and apply the collected information, while still learning. Also, I was trying to find out my own personal way of handling things, because even though at IKEA everyone shares the same concept, everyone still has their own way of applying it. That is one of the reasons why I appreciate IKEA as an employer. As of January 2012, I will take the position as a Team Leader in the lighting and the home organization department in the Lyssach Store. I can recommend this IKEA Trainee Program to people who want to deepen their knowledge in Sales and who are interested in leading people. They should be eager to learn things and appreciate a busy and fast moving work environment.”

I grew up in Lugano in Canton Ticino. After high school, I decided to move to Zurich where I started my studies in Economics and Business Administration. I have always loved travelling, so after graduation I decided to go for seven months to Southeast Asia and Australia, where I could improve my English skills and learn more about other cultures. During my time at the university, I worked part time as a promoter team leader in different events such as musical festivals, sport events and several trade fairs throughout Switzerland. During this time I realized that working in a team close to other people was very important to me. I was looking for a job characterized by a warm and friendly atmosphere, which provides me every day different tasks and challenges. That is exactly what I found at IKEA. It seems like yesterday that I started the IKEA Trainee Program at IKEA St. Gallen and one year is almost over! From the very beginning, I immediately felt at ease and welcomed. During the one-year trainee program I had the opportunity to learn something new and interesting every day. Already after two months traineeship I could lead four people and I was fully responsible for my business area. That was something new for me and motivated me a lot! The traineeship is mostly focused on Sales, but it gives you also the chance to take a look at the other fields such as Communication & Interior Design and Logistics. At the end of the program you can choose the field that best suits your features. I am confident that the traineeship has given me the right knowledge, which will help me in my new job as Team Leader in the kitchen & dining department and in my further development within IKEA. I think that if you are motivated, open-minded, humble (able to admit your mistakes and learn from them) and willing to take responsibilities, you will have huge possibilities to develop!”

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Anton Foss authors an article describing HOK s design for the proposed NBA/NHLarena to be located in Seattle s Sodo neighborhood .


Matt Staublin has joined HOK as senior vice president and technical principal in San Francisco and Seattle.


Officials unveiled HOK s design of Salt Lake City International Airport s $1.8 billion terminal redevelopment.

Thought Leadership

HOK s Chris DeVolder writes about the positive impact of sustainable sports venues on communities across the world.


The renovation to Husky Stadium in Seattle creates one of the country s best settings for college football.


Anton Foss is the managing principal of HOK s San Francisco and Seattle offices.


King County Executive Dow Constantine named HOK to the design team for the King County Children and Family Justice Center in Seattle .


The Oregon State Hospital replacement program includes design and construction of two hospitals to house all of the psychiatric beds in Oregon.

Thought Leadership

In this Facility Manager Magazine article, HOK s Brad Schrock and Nate Appleman summarize the questions every team owner or athletic director should ask about their aging facilities.


My motto is listen to the owner and user, said architect David Crotty in a Correctional News roundtable on trends in correctional design.


Oregon s Daily Journal of Commerce shares images of the new University of Portland Beauchamp Recreation and Wellness Center .


Read a Q+A with San Francisco Design Principal Paul Woolford, AIA, IIDA.


Watch a timelapse video showing the construction of the San Jose Earthquakes Avaya Stadium .


Senior Vice President and Senior Project Manager Mark Otsea has led some of the San Francisco office s most complex projects.


Infrastructure is key to connecting the built environment, says Regional Engineering Leader Amit Khanna in an interview with World Architecture News .


Robert Chicas and Leesa Coller discuss projects at New York s LaGuardia Airport. Salt Lake City International Airport and Tampa International Airport in Passenger Terminal World .


The 2015 HOK Design Annual takes an in-depth look at 40 projects from around the world.

Thought Leadership

What is the state of today s workplace and what are the future trends? HOK collaborated with IFMA to develop Distributed Work Revisited: Research Report #37 .

Thought Leadership

Workplace specialist Julia Payne Cooper describes the benefits of shared workspaces in Entrepreneur .


HOK s rank in Interior Design sTop 100 Giants


The HOK 24 / SIXTY report details the firm s commitment to making a difference with design through a global service initiative .

Thought Leadership

HOK Aviation + Transportation Director Robert Chicas describes what it means to create a sense of place in airports .


Cond Nast Traveler ranked four HOK airport clients Indianapolis. Tampa , Salt Lake City and Long Beach among the top 10 airports in the US.


Watch Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. Executive Director of Airports Maureen Riley and HOK s Robert Chicas talk about the airport s terminal redevelopment program.


The University of Washington s Husky Stadium has been honored with an NACDA Sustainable Design Award .


ENR named Salt Lake City Dept. of Airports its 2015 Intermountain Owner of the Year .


The University of Portland Beauchamp Recreation Wellness Center provides cutting-edge amenities that attract active students.


Architecture/Engineering firm in ENR s survey of Top 500 Design Firms


HOK developed a strategy that helped Alaska Airlines reorganize its operations at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport .


The HOK Tall Buildings book explores 41 conceptual designs, projects under construction and built high-rises worldwide.


Oceanwide City Plaza s Phase II Development provides a new urban living and entertainment destination.


Watch a video of the groundbreaking for the University of Portland s Beauchamp Recreation Wellness Center.

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Church Interior Design

Sometimes church interior design is the last thing to be accounted for in a congregagtion’s budget. It seems that just getting to the point of constructing a building is reason enough to cheer! However, money should definitely be allotted for durable as well as visually appealing furnishings and décor. If you are gifted in this area, great! It will be fun discovering new ideas and challenging when it comes to pleasing the masses. This article will go beyond the standard chair or pew. We’ll concentrate more on how to create an inviting atmosphere with color and design.

Chances are a person will visit the lavatory and least once during a service. Furniture used in church interior design. should be strong and sturdy even if it costs a little extra. It always amazes me how several hundred careful people can unintentionally destroy furnishings in just a few months. A simple long table in the ladies restroom and men’s restroom is a great place to place purses or bibles without having to take them into the stall with you. A lamp set to one side of the table and a nicely framed print hung on the wall completes the look. In the ladies room it’s always welcoming to have a stand placed near the sinks with a bottle of hand sanitizer and sweet smelling hand crème in a pump. The same idea can carry over to the men’s facility. A basket of mints or gum will do just fine.

Paint color can be a huge improvement or a huge distraction. Stay away from really dark trendy colors, but don’t be afraid of color altogether. When a wall is painted white it just doesn’t matter what kind of décor you hang. It always feels empty, kind of like something’s missing. Behr makes some great warm colors such as King’s Gold, Golden Moss or Spring Moss. Keep in mind the way light will shine down on the walls. It’s difficult to get a line free look in a large space without using a sprayer instead of a roller.

This should be the most inviting place of the whole building and should not be left out when thinking about church interior design. It’s a perfect spot for people to stay and chat or for Mom to regroup after picking the kids up from the nursery. Depending on space a few groupings of leather chairs and sofas create an intimate space. Think like you would for your own living room. Add an end table, lamp and rug to add to the coziness. This is where you can play with splashes of color that will be inexpensive to replace once worn or outdated. Toss colorful pillows at each sofa corner, add a vibrant lamp shade and experiment with 3d wall décor.

This is the place where you can let your imagination run wild with church interior design. The more colorful the better! If at all possible it is helpful to have a separate room for sleeping children and babies. You can decorate this room in soft colors with gentle lighting. Nursery rhymes are a good theme with bible verses written on the walls such as psalm 121:2-4

My help comes from the LORD,

the Maker of heaven and earth.

He will not let your foot slip—

he who watches over you will not slumber;

indeed, he who watches over Israel

will neither slumber nor sleep.

Rooms for play and learning come alive with murals. You can purchase them or ask a talented member to paint one. Childrens’ rooms tend to get messy. A painted concrete floor requires less maintenance and saves the expense of replacing carpet often. Babies and toddlers need the extra cushion so carpeting is still the best idea for the younger crowd. Bright recessed can lights add energy to the room and aid during clean up time. Storage cabinets, hooks and cubbies are a necessity for children’s belongings and teacher’s snacks and other supplies. Church Interior Design is an important part of creating family within the body of believers. Remember the most important thing, though, is the attitude of love we show toward one another!

Information On Other Commercial Spaces

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1,566 Sydney Interior Designers and Decorators

List your business here for free – Learn More

What does an interior designer or decorator do?

A good home decor professional will help you tell a visual story and turn your house into a home. They look to you for design inspiration, to hone your style down to its very essence. Interior designers and decorators can be involved as much or as little as the client desires. Many clients who hire an interior designer – particularly those who are renovating – have a good sense of how the room should look and what products they should use. Often clients will insist that the interior designer use the products already present in the home. Other times a designer will need to start from scratch with little more than your saved ideabooks of interior design ideas!

On occasion, interior designers in Sydney will need to subcontract help from other Sydney professionals to help create the perfect look for your home renovation. These may be specialist installers or interior decorators. Here are some related professionals and vendors to complement the work of interior designers & decorators: Architects. Building Project Managers. Home Builders. Design & Construction Firms. Photographers.

How should I prepare for my first meeting with a home decor professional?

Start by asking yourself what you want your space to become and how it will be used. List your must-haves and decide on your budget. Interior design services can add up fast, so be upfront with potential interior designers from the beginning. Also, pick a designer in Sydney that fits your style. Browse through their interior design portfolio on Houzz and ask yourself if you’d live in any of those houses. If the rooms inspire you, take note of what elements you appreciate.

Questions to ask a prospective interior decorator in Sydney:

  • Can I see your interior design portfolio?
  • Have you worked on similar projects to my style, room and budget before?
  • How long will the project take, and do you foresee any obstacles?
  • Do you charge an hourly rate or a flat rate, or use the cost-plus method or a mixed method?
  • What will I need to provide?

    Find residential Sydney interior designers on Houzz. Scroll through this page to find interior designers in your area. Then, browse their design portfolios to see how their work compares to the scope of your project. You can read reviews to see how other homeowners rate their work, and message them directly to to ask any specific questions.

    Another way to find a home decorating specialist is to browse Photos on Houzz. If there’s a photo you like, find out who designed it and strike up a conversation with the professional responsible.

    Professional Categories in Sydney

    Professional Metro Areas

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    Top Interior Designers: Fresh Four

    Category: NW Home Articles

    A Medina kitchen got a French chateau makeover, with useful touches
    like exterior fabric that doesn’t stain in the kitchen nook, colors
    reflecting the lake outside, lavastone countertops imported from France
    and a mosaic to match.

    Amely Wurmbrand started her Seattle-based firm, Amely Wurmbrand Designs (206.542.0447; amelydesigns.com ) in 1999, where she and two other designers createinteriors that artfully combine the creative and the practical. For one recent project, Wurmbrand adopted a subdued color palette, pulling in the colors of nearby Lake Washington, and materials that were chic yet durable in order to match the taste and realities of a family with growing kids. Expert Advice: For those of you who are either do-it-yourself fanatics, or just don t have the time or money to work closely with an interior designer, check out Wurmbrand s sister company calladesigner.com launched last October, which offers quick, pay-by-the-minute help on projects based on your e-mailed photos.

    Northwest Design Award winner, this living room is simple
    and classic, echoing Van Biene s signature style

    This bedroom required a light and airy traditional design
    and was updated with new lighting fixtures, plush fabric window
    treatments and a trendy mirror

    Holly Van Biene. who launched Holly Van Biene Interiors (2000 124th Ave NE, Suite B-102, Bellevue; 425.646.9009; hvbinteriors.com ) in 1995, credits iconic Northwest designer Jean Jongeward as one of the greatest influences on her own design sensibility, which stresses timeless simplicity over fleeting trends. One recent interior interpretation, which earned her a first place at the 2007 Northwest Design Awards, was a living room made warm and inviting with just the right mix of rich hues and materials, including a classic gold leaf table and a plush butterscotch velvet sofa. Expert Advice: Interior designers often do not get brought into a project until the final stages, but Van Biene s advice is to bring the designer in early with the architect or builder so there is a working floor plan for the furniture. Too many times we ve walked into a million dollar home and there is no place for a dresser, she says

    The Parc condos in Belltown are a chic yet serene locale to come
    home to, with 17-feet high sandstone water wall, wood veneer accent
    walls and a standout green glass concierge desk

    Robin Chell of Robin Chell Design (3417 NW 68th St. Seattle; 206.760.0849; robinchelldesign.com ), who h