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The 42 Best Websites For Furniture And Decor That Make Decorating Easy

We’re always advocates for checking out big purchases in person, because there’s nothing worse than ordering a sofa online only to find it’s stiff as a board on arrival. However, shopping the interwebs for home decor is an easy alternative to hitting up crowded stores. And with so many amazing sources for stylish and affordable goods at your fingertips, it’s almost scary how fast you could decorate your entire home.

Not sure where to start? We’ve put together a BIG list of the best websites for furniture and home goods. For starters.

1. Ballard Designs. Although this line has a traditional feel, there’s something for everyone. And you can choose between hundreds of fab fabrics for upholstered pieces.

2. Jonathan Adler. This cheeky potter has expanded to colorful furniture, lighting, accessories and even fashion — and it’s all available online.

3. One Kings Lane. The king of of decor flash sale sites, this one specializes in amazing vintage finds, too.

4. Fab: This site focuses on up-and-coming brands.

5. Anthropologie. The fashion retailer also has quirky kitchen gadgets, bedding, accessories and furniture — but prices can be steep.

6. My Habit. Created by Amazon, this flash sale site has great deals.

7. Gilt Home. Get deals from hot designers and items curated from some of the best.

8. 1st Dibs. A designer’s secret source for vintage and antiques for the home.

9. MoMA Store: A no-brainer for interesting and artful gifts crafted by notable design stars.

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We create beautiful business card designs for spas, salons boutiques and all types of discerning clients. These are just a small fraction of the card designs we have done. No matter what your business, we can create a stunning card just for you. Choose either a new custom design, or one based off one of our templates you can find in the links below. A really special card sometimes needs more than JUST a fab design – it needs special printing to really stand out. Our luxurious card printing options are not your average ones – we can really jazz these cards up with foil, custom die cuts, metallic color. embossing or stunning foil stamping!

See More

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Pinup Girl Designs

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The World’s 25 Best Design Schools*


As we enter the golden age of design in startups, highly talented user-interface and product designers are becoming ever more important.

Some companies leading the charge are Apple, Path, Pinterest, Square, and Airbnb. What those companies have in common is that design is at the core of their businesses.

But which school is best suited to get you the design job you want?

Over the past couple of months, we conducted a survey to find the top 25 design schools in the world.

All of these schools are comparable in terms of academics, quality of staff, and amazing campuses. But what matters most is how valuable these schools really are.

Of our 633 respondents to the survey, 87.8% said they studied or participated in a college-level design program.

Most of the respondents were either art directors (26.9%) or product designers (30.3%). The vast majority of respondents (76.6%) said skills and knowledge were the most valuable asset their respective design programs offered.

We ranked the schools by a simple metric: What percentage of respondents ranked the schools somewhat valuable, valuable, or extremely valuable?

*We recently added Hong Kong Polytechnic University after one our readers pointed out that we had a duplicate listing.

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“My design philosophy: The field of interior design is one of enrichment; enhancing quality of life. My personal philosophy is to create an ambience that begins the moment you step foot into your space. It’s essential to me to individualize my client’s needs and desires, and to create their dream home.”

Our Mission

To take the project s objectives and elevate them to their highest potential, while maximizing our client s dollars.


To incorporate our design so that it complements the architecture along with targeting the appropriate market in such a manner that the design is appealing to the consumer.


To incorporate our design so that it complements the residence while engaging the senses and persona of the client with a harmonious effect.

We do all of this through

our close attention to detail in the creative, contractual, and technical processes, which includes understanding and clarifying the client s goals and desires. We then follow by encompassing these desires into our design process, ensuing in an accurate representation of the project vision.


  • Full Turn-Key Installations
  • High Rise Specialists
  • Project Programming
  • Design Specifications
  • Space Planning
  • Scale Drawings
  • Furniture Selections
  • Fabric Selections
  • Window and Wall Coverings
  • Consulting
  • Project Supervision
  • Design Concept Development
  • Color Coordination and Selection
  • Flooring
  • Supervision of Remodeling Projects

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6 Virtual Home Decorating Services Redefining The Interior Design Industry

The landscape of interior design is rapidly changing due to the immediacy and accessibility of services provided by the Internet.

More and more individuals, specifically millennials, have a growing interest in enhancing and investing in their home environment. However, they are also bothered by the limited time they have to implement those desires.

The interior design experts in the field are also learning that they are spreading themselves too thin with a growing clientele and that they only have 24 hours in a day to execute new projects. Interestingly, with the advantage of the Internet, designers are seeking new ways to remain relevant.

The possibility of becoming a virtual designer, decorator or stylist is now attainable with companies aiding to provide creative direction solely online.

Whether you are on a strict budget or have superfluous funds to give your home a facelift, we’re letting you in on the top six companies that are transforming the interior design industry.

Homepolish. Havenly. Decorist. Laurel Wolf. Zoom Interiors and Bek Design are redefining interior d cor services by introducing new alternatives online and implementing a philosophy that understands multiple lifestyles.

1. Homepolish

(Photo. Courtesy of Homepolish)

Homepolish has offices across the country and hosts a range of talented interior designers to execute any project at any size. Simply visit its home website and get started with a one-hour consultation with a junior or senior designer to propose ideas and products with a price determined on length of session requested.

2. Havenly

(Photo. Courtesy of Havenly)

Havenly has introduced a four-step, one flat fee service that necessitates a simple style quiz, a scheduled phone conversation with a designer, a week to develop potential products for your space that results in a merchandise assortment for purchase at your choosing. Havenly offers an all-online affordable customizable package to transform your desired interior under $200.

3. Decorist

(Photo. Courtesy of Decorist)

Decorist offers a three-step makeover which requests interior images and project details and from the information you provide, your virtual designer will develop two concepts of room styles for you to choose from. A Decorist designer will provide you with exclusive discounted merchandise and complete the order process for you. All you need to do is just wait for the arrival of your new purchases!

4. Laurel Wolf

(Photo. Courtesy of Laurel Wolf)

Laurel Wolf will transform your space at a one-time flat fee. All clients will have the opportunity to work with hand-selected interior design talent from across the country. The company can provide you with 24/7 service. You simply begin by filling out a design brief, or style quiz, then wait to receive your proposed “First Looks” from the designers. Once you have decided on your most coveted design, select a designer for you to work with virtually. Their designers will allow you to communicate ideas and provide feedback until you’re happy with your potential space.

Once your needs are met, a Laurel Wolf designer will deliver a “Final Design Package” which includes a style board, a shopping list, a floor plan for easy installation and instructions to guide you through the finishing steps.

5. Zoom Interiors

(Photo. Courtesy of Zoom Interiors)

Zoom Interiors is a new company that was recently featured on ABC’s “Shark Tank .” It’s developed by three educated design students with a mission to make affordable living spaces accessible to everyone. A five-step “Zoom Design Process” consists of a style survey, a free phone or skype consultation, a “ZOOM board” for $199 and a “ZOOM cart” that breaks down each shopping item for easy purchase.

You are equipped with the ability to purchase floor plans and elevations to assist in the DIY installation process. For additional services, prices vary per room, but you also have the option of choosing from three different bundle packages to save you some cash. Get started today and get ZOOMED.

6. Bek Design

Bek Design provides clients with an affordable alternative to traditional interior design services by offering an exclusive e-design process.

It is necessary to complete the Bek E-Design form, email photos of your interior along with images of inspiration you have in mind for your space before setting a schedule for Facetime or Skype appointment for a virtual tour.

Once Bek Designers have an understanding of your needs, you will receive a customized storyboard, a room overview and shopping list and a room layout. The prices vary and are determined by the size of the space and number of recommendations.

Perhaps you don’t wish to redo a space of your own, why not purchase a storyboard makeover as the perfect wedding or baby shower gift? Bek E-Design offers exclusive gift certificates.

(Photo. Courtesy of Bek Design)

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We are a luxury yacht interior design company. We specialize in custom marine canvas, refitting remodeling services.

Design Oriented

With Merle Stewart personally at the helm, our talented team is here to help you make the right choices when decorating your yacht. Merle works closely with each client bringing her many years of interior design experience in helping create a beautiful yet functional living space, taking into account your own personal tastes and lifestyle.

Skilled Craftsmen

Our skilled craftsmen are some of the best in the marine industry. Merle’s great care and attention to detail alongside our expert craftsmen will transform your yacht into a work of art, ensuring every element of your project is completed to the highest standards.

Expert Advice

With years of experience we are able to source the finest fabrics, carpeting, linens, accessories & furnishings from around the world. Merle works closely with Yacht Designers, Builders & Suppliers both in Europe & the Far East to bring you the best & latest available in Yacht Interior Design.

Project Management

With 20 years of experience, we have the expert knowledge, skills and techniques to execute your yacht refit quickly and efficiently. Our yacht project management & timely project completion is one of the many reasons our clients come back to us time and time again. Get in touch with us today and let us discuss your yacht refitting requirements.

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Interior Design for Yachts and Large Boats

Feast your eyes on this unbelievable interiors! Normally, you would find such modern and luxurious items somewhere in a five stars hotel or in a opulent residence located on a private beach. And since the subject of private beaches came up, we thought some of our readers own or would some day like to own a yacht. The pictures below are meant to inspire the decorating of your future personal boat. You can find a variety of ideas, from bathrooms to interior stairs. Add some wine, music and friends to this beautiful design and you are off to a great yachting experience. pictures from Furniture Fashion

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Yacht Interior Decor Home Design Photos

Simplicity is the key, so keep lines clean and simple and give energy added momentum through variation in the textures of surfaces and accessories. Again, at the winter solstice you have decorated the interior of your home for Christmas and so have this added encouragement to the flow of the energy’s curiosity.

Andrea Schumacher Interiors

Take into account both a design-related education and professional certification to get the fullest picture of your interior designer’s qualifications. Schumacher, for example, has a bachelor’s degree in interior design from Colorado State University, studied universal design at the Graduate School of Design at Harvard University and is an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers.

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Interior Design Competitions

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Duravit has launched its 2016 Designer Dream Bath Competition. The fourth annual competition invites designers and architects to re-imagine their own bathroom to feature a range of Duravit s top collections and design solutions.

deadline Sep 23, 2016 (13 days left)

  • The Architect s Newspaper s 4th Annual Best of Design Awards, a unique project-based awards program that showcases great buildings and building elements, is now open for submissions. Entrants are invited to submit completed works in 26 categories.

    deadline Sep 30, 2016 (20 days left)

  • This annual competition, now in its 22nd year, is geared toward college-level students involved in retail design and planning, visual merchandising, interior design, and branding programs.

    deadline Oct 24, 2016 (1 month left)

  • The 2017 Bienenstock Design Competitions are now open for entries. The competitions are open to any junior, senior, or graduate student enrolled in a design program.

    deadline Dec 12, 2016 (3 months left)

  • The 2016 Sub-Zero Wolf Kitchen Design Contest is now open for entries. For over 20 years, Sub-Zero and Wolf have honored design professionals who incorporate Sub-Zero and Wolf products into innovative, beautiful kitchen designs.

    deadline Jan 31, 2017 (4 months left)

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    Modern Oriental Interior Design Home Design Photos

    4,440 Saves | 6 Questions

    Passive design makes the most of the sun; the house is oriented so that specially glazed, high-performance windows face south. With a tight envelope, the house is very well insulated and doesn’t leak heat. However, the most important aspect of successful architecture is always livability, which in this case meant creating a comfortable house that took advantage of landscape views and was sized appropriately.

    Inspiration for a transitional one-story exterior in Providence with wood siding. Houzz

    Single level no climbing stairs Shawn John

    TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

    6,214 Saves | 10 Questions

    A close inspection of the interiors shows iconic modern furnishings in the dining and living areas, which really drive home the point: Although the home’s architecture is linked to New England building traditions, the interior design and use of sustainable materials and methods unabashedly breaks with its past.

    Expansive farmhouse open concept living room idea in Burlington with a library, white walls and a wood stove Houzz

    I like kitchen, dining & living all open to each other. Would prefer dining be off to the left instead of between kitchen & dining. Bookcase overload – too much maybe. Rocks Austin

    Узнать больше

    Products in this photo

    41,813 Saves | 63 Questions

    While Heydt designed the layout of the appliances, the nook and the windows, the wife, her mother-in-law (a kitchen designer who lived on the East Coast) and interior designer Dhong and design consultant Matthew MacCaul Turner took it from there. An oversize pendant draws the eye to the center of the room, lending balance.

    Traditional l-shaped kitchen idea in San Francisco with subway tile backsplash, recessed-panel cabinets, gray cabinets, marble countertops, white backsplash and paneled appliances Houzz

    kitchen design and color scheme Brandi Horne

    6,354 Saves | 5 Questions

    Decoding What People Say – “This house was designed with passive solar principles” means the orientation of the house and the placement of windows have been used to gain heat through natural daylight. Perhaps shading for hot summers was also considered. These are the first and most fundamental steps toward reducing the energy consumption of a house.

    Photo of a contemporary exterior in Portland with wood siding. Houzz

    Its really beautiful house but if i would like to make the same house in india what would be the cost Beem Leen Dra

    2,263 Saves | 7 Questions

    They are joined by brightly colored curtains with a boomerang print (the pattern was designed by Copass and screen-printed on the fabric by her husband), classic midcentury chairs and contemporary sofas. Curtains, sofas: custom; rug: Angela Adams Why We Love Midcentury Modern Design .

    Mid-sized 1950s enclosed living room photo in San Francisco with white walls and dark hardwood floors Houzz

    Fun layout with two couches as beds Stacee Peterson