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Does your life have style?

J.P. Walters Design Associates is an award-winning, internationally published interior design firm. At the forefront of innovative San Diego interior designers, Jim Walters creates personal spaces that are carefully edited and stylistically integrated.

From concept to completion, our comprehensive design services include space planning and furniture, kitchen and bath remodeling, custom built-ins, home theaters, window treatments, flooring, paint, wall covering, art and accessories.

We specialize in whole-house “lifestyle design” where we explore the potential in every living space to maximize aesthetics and utility. We offer expertise in helping clients create primary or vacation homes that are one-of-a-kind. Our geographic footprint extends through La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, Coronado, Point Loma, Kensington, Mission Hills and Palm Springs.

Welcome to San Diego’s premier award-winning interior design firm – for all your custom home, furniture, kitchen, and bath needs!

J.P. Walters Design. All rights reserved.

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Interior Design Fair’s mission is to create innovative designs that are smart, inspired, and uniquely you. It’s also our goal to be a great design firm, not just great designers, as your experience with us matters just as much as the final product. Here’s what makes us different:


We are a team. not a personality-driven firm with an eponymous founder. That s because we believe that collaboration and fresh ideas produce inspired results. Our team-based approach gives clients more one-on-one time with their designer and dedicated staff to ensure a smooth and transparent design process. It also ensures that your design looks like you, not like one of us.


We are focused on maximizing your value, not just the dollars you spend. We take pride in our ability to create design solutions that are both stylish and sensible. We keep your project on budget by assigning tasks across our team appropriately, so you pay only for the level of help you need. We also aim to be at the leading edge of technology-driven solutions that ensure efficiency and ease.

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Find 2016 Design Internships in San Francisco, CA

Are you looking for a Design internship in San Francisco, CA? Design internships are the best way to bridge the gap between going to school and landing great job. Internships can help provide valuable work experience by learning the ropes from more experienced professionals. At the end of your internship, you ll have relevant experience to help you decide if starting your career in the field of your internship is the right choice for you. It also helps that 7 out of 10 internships result in a full time job offer, which means interning in San Francisco, CA can also serve as the foundation to landing a full time job in that city after graduation.

Design summer internships in San Francisco, CA are pretty common, but don’t expect to be in charge at the end of your internship! Usually, you ll have to work from the bottom up, but interns are much more likely to get a job offer from the employer they re interning with. If you decide to intern at a smaller company, you ll sacrifice the name prestige for other benefits, such as having an opportunity to see your projects go from start to finish. Simply gaining Design experience is essential in order to provide value and creativity to the team.

Ready to get started? Search for Design internships in San Francisco, CA below.


Search For Design Internships In San Francisco, CA


CCS Architecture, an award winning San Francisco based architectural firm, is currently looking for a talented Interior Design intern to join our team. Candidates should be highly motivated, extremely

Application Deadline: Available Year-round

GoodSpree San Francisco, CA

September 02 2016

This is a really fun position that will help do some good in the world, so we hope you’ll join us in making it a reality! GoodSpree, provides turnkey ecommerce to nonprofits. We sell physical goods in

Application Deadline: Available Year-round

Ken Fulk Inc. San Francisco, CA

Were currently seeking internship candidates currently enrolled in school that would be interested in interning with a reputable design firm in San Francisco and able to commit to one or two full days

Application Deadline: Available Year-round

Jiun Ho Inc. San Francisco, CA

September 25 2015

Are you looking for a product design internship? Whether you want to see you design come to life or be part of a award winning design team, youll love this internship. Prominent San Francisco furnitur

Application Deadline: Available Year-round

Dia Ates San Francisco, CA

Social enterprises represent a growing and changing field of for-profit businesses that are driven by a social mission. If youre interested in a career that makes an impact, consider interning for us

Application Deadline: 9/12/2016

Yellow Leaf Hammocks San Francisco, CA

Yellow Leaf Hammocks is a bootstrapped young social enterprise dedicated to creating artisan jobs + ending poverty through the sale of “insanely comfy” hammocks. We are seeking rockstars, samurais + t

Application Deadline: Available Year-round

GENENTEC San Francisco, CA

September 08 2016

This is an extremely important job in any office. An assistant has many responsibilities and they are the ones who keep the office running. They have to look after many things in an office, and it wil

Application Deadline: 9/18/2016

Share Your Office San Francisco, CA

September 06 2016

Marketing and PR Internship – Paid internship with an awesome startup Full-time paid internship based in San Francisco (SOMA). About Share Your Office: SYO (Share Your Office) is a web app for compani

Application Deadline: 9/14/2016

Instabeat San Francisco, CA

September 01 2016

Be a part of the team to introduce wearable technology to the swimming community. Instabeat is the first waterproof heads-up monitor that mounts on any pair of swimming goggles. It tracks, stores, and

Application Deadline: 9/16/2016

White Label Connection San Francisco, CA

Looking for a fashion design intern; you will learn basic pattern making, beginning to intermediate sewing, garment creation, prepping artwork for print, communicating with project managers of oversea

Application Deadline: Available Year-round


Drain Cleaning

Custom Cooling Plumbing has been providing trusted sewer repair services in Phoenix, AZ since 2001. We have the capability to handle any sewer concern you may be experiencing including sewer replacement, sewer pipe repair, and clogged drain cleaning. Whether your sewer system is affected by structural defects or obstructions from tree roots and other blockages, we have the right remedies to resolve the issue.

We used advanced techniques to thoroughly inspect your sewer lines using sewer camera inspection techniques and powerful sewer line cleaning. With more than 14 years of experience, we are one of the leading hydro jetting drain cleaning services Phoenix AZ companies and homeowners rely on. We are dedicated to delivering trusted workmanship at competitive rates. Let us expertly handle all of your sewer and drain cleaning needs.

Drain Cleaning Services

Having a toilet, shower, or sink clog up is an awful experience for any homeowner. This is can be especially horrible if you’ve tried plunging or using chemical drain cleaning solution on the drain and the clogging still isn’t going down. The solution to cleaning the drain is hiring Custom Cooling and Plumbing for the best residential plumbing services in Phoenix, AZ. Our emergency plumbing services will come to your aid and clean you drain so that you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience and stench any longer than you have to.

Plumbing Snake Drain Cleaning

For a clogged drain with a blockage that is too tough for a plunger to handle, but still easy enough to be pushed through, the best solution for the issue is a plumbing snake. The plumbing snake is the most commonly used drain cleaning tool. By using a pointed tip on the end of a metal rod, the plumbing snake slides down the drain and pushes through the blockage to allow the water to flow again. Because of the plumbing snake’s simplicity, it’s a very affordable option to choose when deciding how you would like to take care of the blockage creating the clog in the drain. Our drain cleaning experts will break through the blockage so that you will have a cleaned drain that you can use the same day that you contact us.

Hydro Jetting Drain Cleaning

While the plumbing snake is very effective in most scenarios, the pointed tip on the plumbing snake isn’t forceful enough to take care of every blockage that could be clogging your drain. that’s why we also offer hydro jetting drain cleaning method. The hydro jet is a device that has a powerful water jet that sprays pressurized water. This jet stream is powerful enough to clear any blockage of any magnitude that is built up in the drain. It doesn’t matter if there are tree branches and rocks in the drain, the hydro jet has the power to push the objects down the drain to allow water to go down the drain again. Another benefit of the hydro jet is its ability to clear the walls of the drain of any grease build up that could possibly cause or be causing the drain to clog. Due to its effectiveness, the hydro jetting drain cleaning method is more expensive than the use of the plumbing snake, but that extra cost will ensure you that you will completely clean the drain of anything creating the clog now and in the future.

One thing to be aware of before deciding to have hydro jetting drain cleaning done is the kind of pipes that have. Due to its force, hydro jetting drain cleaning could be too much to handle for old pipes that are corroded and are beginning to break down, as well as pipes that are made of delicate materials such as PEX or PVC piping.

Custom Cooling and Plumbing

CCP service is the best option to choose from when deciding between plumbing contractors in Phoenix, AZ. If you’re in the Phoenix area and in need of residential plumbing services, Custom Cooling and Plumbing services will deliver the drain cleaning services that you deserve. Contact the plumbers in Phoenix at Custom Cooling and Plumbing.


Czech Education

If you´re looking for higher education at a Czech university then you´ve come to the right place. Here at Universities.cz we offer you the very best in professional and comprehensive support that will help you at any stage of the process, from choosing the proper Czech university to submitting the papers to your embassy. In addition, we will continue to support you throughout your studies in the Czech Republic.

Our mission is to assist you find, choose and organise your university studies in the Czech Republic.

We will do our best to protect you from any potential issues that may arise. These may include visa application requirements and advice, accommodation, life insurance, the studies themselves and many other aspects that may crop up. We are ready to give you expert consultation at any time. We will also assist you to organize your student life while receiving the best Czech education and help you adapt to your new social environment easily, while avoiding any possible financial or bureaucratic problems. Feel free to contact us at any time for any questions you may have. Our team will be happy to help you with any question concerning Czech universities and your student life in the Czech Republic.

Czech Universities

Universities.CZ focuses on university education in the Czech Republic – the most prestigious and quality study programs of public and private Czech universities, and business schools in Prague and the Czech Republic. We help international students to find the best study programs in the Czech Republic. You can find fully comprehensive information about all public and private Czech universities. business schools and colleges including entrance exams, studying programs and many other details on our website.

Universities.CZ is an entrance gate into studying an English programme in the Czech Republic. It provides information about studying and living in the Czech Republic as well as a list of Czech universities and colleges which offer study programmes in English.

There are many universities in Czech Republic that are popular among international students, and many of them are located in Prague. Applying to a Prague university will help you to find friends from all around the world. You can also discover very unique study programs of Czech universities in various destinations in the Czech Republic such as Hradec Kralove, Brno, Plzen, Ostrava, Olomouc, Karlovy Vary, Mlada Boleslav and other Czech cities.

Welcome to a Czech University!

Once you apply and have been admitted to a Czech university. we will also support you during your first steps into student life. We will first meet you at the airport and transfer you to wherever you will be studying. Then we will give you all the desired help and advice, from registration upon arrival and the introductory meeting at your chosen Czech university to opening a bank account and providing you with all the information you could possibly need.

Study in the Czech Republic!

You are in the right place now, here at Universities.cz and it is your very first step on the way to your dream studies in the Czech Republic.


New Mini Barn Door Hardware

Meet Our Customers

After searching all over Australia for a nice library ladder for months, I thought I had to give up my dream. So I contacted CSH – and what an amazing experience it was, right from the start! My questions were answered in no time, the cheapest freight option chosen for me and everything arrived well-packed and much quicker than I thought possible. Thank you very much for fantastic service and product!
Monule, Australia

They always seem to have what I need and I receive the products very fast. AT THE RIGHT PRICE. People at the service desk are helpful with PDF info [and] emailed me right away. [It] helps me to understand how to install [a] new product if I hadn’t used it before.
Google User

We are a high-end cabinet company in Phoenix, AZ, and I was lucky enough to stumble upon Custom Service Hardware. The people at this company are great to work with and will help with the minor details. In custom cabinetry, it is all about the fine details and they are very accommodating.

I want to thank all the people at CSH for the help to make this project perfect. We are looking to do much more business with CSH in the future. Award-winning in my book.
Jeremy B, Phoenix, AZ

[I] ordered several items of hardware for a project from CSH, and was very pleased with the quality of the products and the speed with which they were processed. I had some questions about the products I intended to use for my project and they were very helpful in providing me with some much-needed guidance. I would recommend them to anyone.
Sam T.

We received the cabinet door and it looks terrific. The finish is superior to anything else that we have looked at.
Allan S.

I’m an architect in NY/CT and have come across many different options and pricing, but have not seen this quality at this price.

I’ve never seen a company invest in a contractor so easily before even placing an order. It’s very refreshing to see this. Then I opened to the first page to find scripture and it all started to make sense. I’m looking forward to business with the company [CSH].
Brian W, Buffalo, NY

As a custom shop I am amazed at the quality of your products and it definitely made a believer out of me. I will be looking for opportunities to use your products again on future projects.
Dominick, St. James, NY

I just recieved my order that I placed on Monday. I just want to say “thank you” for your service and I have never received merchandise, from anywhere, packaged as well as what you sent me. Please give my sincerest THANK YOU to your shipping team – extremely professional – outstanding job.
Jerry, St. George, UT

CSH is a great place to find just about any hardware item. They have a great selection on Blum products as well!
Walter S.

I purchase many items on the web and as such deal with many different companies. I just want to say, in my opinion, CSH is head and shoulders above all others. My orders fullfilled in what seems like hours and have always been shipped on the same day. Any interaction either by phone or email with the CSH team has been exteremely helpful and leaves me amazed at their level of product knowledge. I wish more companies were as great to work with as you. Keep up the good work! Thank you.
Steven K.

It’s been nearly two years since our full kitchen remodel and our cabinets look as good as they did the day we installed them! Now I’m helping a friend with his remodel and I’m definitely referring him in your direction.
April M, Albany, NY

I really liked them [cabinets]. The nice thing about them is that they are all wood, no cheap crappy particle board or melamine, and that tends to give you a much greater perception of value. My guy [installer] was extremely impressed with them. The realtor was ecstatic with them.
Kevin, Orlando, FL

I ordered a #3 Youngdale hinge from you guys yesterday and it was here today before noon! Thanks so much, great service!
Scott S.

I have been very impressed with the product and customer service. I heard of your company through a friend – who says he has referred 7 others to you as well. I will certainly do the same.
LaDonna, Cincinnati, OH

Thank you for your great customer service during my purchase of our new cabinets. You have made the whole kitchen remodel process much easier.
Kevin H, Columbus, GA

I have had good luck with the Ready To Assemble cabinets from CSH. I also build custom cabinets and buy cabinet doors from CSH. I use the RTA when price is the issue. The quality is pretty good, no osb or particle board. The hardware is OK for the price. Thus far I have had a lot of compliments and no complaints from my customers.

CSH has been extremely helpful assisting me with technical questions and advice on my 14′ bookshelf project requiring a 10′ rolling ladder. They helped me determine the proper corner rail and when I originally ordered the wrong one, they exchanged it without charging me shipping on the exchange. I highly recommend using this company, especially for any of your unique and non-standard projects.

We remodeled a kitchen and spent some time reading reviews as well as pricing before ordering the cabinets online. Some minor damage in shipping and they took care of it ASAP. The personal service is excellent. They even called to ask for pictures when we were done! Prices are competitive. Great company.
James E.

We found CSH on every search engine when looking for a rolling closet ladder for a client. CSH was very helpful in answering my questions and in helping me make my selections. Shipping was quick and the overall product was perfect for what my client was wanting and needing.
Brittany Blake Interiors

Thank you for your quick service. Look forward to working with you on future projects.
Paul R.

I needed 2 specialty hinges, qty 27, and found them on CSH for 25% of the Rockler price. Purchased them Monday afternoon and they were on my door step Wednesday night. You just got my loyalty! Thanks.
Ken, Atlanta, GA

I remodeled my bathroom and was looking for crystal knobs for the cabinets. CSH was the only place that had what I wanted. Wendy was a great help to me in selecting the knobs I purchased. She was patient in recommending different options for door knobs, cabinet knobs, and cabinet pulls. I would not hesitate to recommend CSH, and Wendy to all my friends.
Dianne M, Sunnyville, CA

Great service with best prices! Order placed and shipped within 24 hours.
Matt M.

I am impressed with both the cabinets and the service from CSH. New kitchen is done and what a difference it makes for the entire house. Thank you.
Craig S, Virginia.

One of the best woodworking web stores out there. Excellent selection, pricing and service!
Randy R.

Love our new cabinets! Couldn’t ask for nicer, or more helpful, people to do business with. I first ordered my cabinets from a DIFFERENT cabinet company than CSH. They did NOT honor their purchase agreement with me. 19 days after I placed my order, they were still giving me the run around about when/if they’d be able to ship the cabinets. I ended up canceling with 1st company, and ordering the same cabinets from CSH. Dan with CSH was so nice, and so accommodating. Our entire shipment was here within 2 weeks. We are VERY pleased!
Karen M, Texas

At times, I felt like I was getting the run-around from CSH, but I see now that you guys do stand behind your products.
Adam, California.


A quick guide to credit card cash advances: No! Don’t!

In an emergency, when you have no other options to get the cash you need, then maybe — maybe — taking a cash advance from your credit card makes sense.

That’s the consensus of credit counselors and consumer advocates, who say that withdrawing cash from your credit card is usually an unwise idea because of the high fees and interest rates. A November 2013 survey by CreditCards.com of 100 top cards found that the median annual interest rate for cash advances is about 24 percent, or about 6 points higher than the interest rate on purchases.

“It’s a bad way to get cash,” says Linda Sherry, director of national priorities with Consumer Action, a consumer advocacy group. “All in all, we don’t really see a lot of reason for it.”

Cash advance fee credit card

Credit card cash advances are among the worst ways to use a credit card, and CreditCards.com research shows how bad the damage can be.

Still, most consumer groups advocate becoming informed about how cash advances work, rather than seeking to outlaw them.

The overwhelming majority of cardholders have little use for cash advances. According to an October 2013 report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, just 3.1 percent of active credit card accounts took cash advances in a three-month period at the end of 2012.

There are times when a cash advance can make sense: When you have no other option to pay for something you need, and that merchant does not accept credit cards for purchases.

We can all probably envision rare but plausible scenarios: Maybe your wife goes into labor and needs you to meet her at the hospital, but your car has broken down, you’re out of cash and the taxi you hailed doesn’t take credit cards but is willing to swing you by a bank (although the one with your money is on the other side of town).

Aside from emergencies, though, many people use cash advances in ways they shouldn’t.

For instance, casinos are becoming more sophisticated in the ways they accept credit cards for cash advances, including, in some cases, enabling gamblers to swipe cards directly on slot machines. Gambling with money you don’t have is a warning sign of a gambling addiction, says Keith Whyte, executive director of the National Council on Problem Gambling.

“Many more folks are using credit cards,” he says. “The easier and quicker you can access these various accounts on the gaming floor, there is risk there.”

David Jones, president of the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling Agencies, says credit counselors often see people who use cash advances to obtain cash for their daily needs, such as giving cash to their kids to buy something at school. A lot of people use credit card cash advances as a form of payday loan, withdrawing a few hundred dollars to make ends meet until they receive their paycheck.

“We try to tell our clients not to use those cash advances; however, many of them do,” he says. “They get to be a habit.”

Jones offers the following advice on cash advances:

One of the best things people can do to avoid taking a cash advance is to plan — have emergency reserves, and make sure to live within their means.

“People need to be careful how they manage their money,” Jones says. “It makes a big difference.”


When Russian Irakly “Ike” Kaveladze became the eighth and last participant identified last week attending Donald Trump Jr.’s June 2016 meeting with Russians in Trump Tower, many wondered if there might be a reason he’d been fingered last.

Turns out, there is. His legend, or cover story, cannot withstand close scrutiny. Kaveladze’s lawyer Scott Balber said last week his client attended the Trump Junior meeting with the Russians “just to make sure it happened.”

It s been widely reported that Irakly “Ike” Kaveladze, the “8th man” who attended the June 2016 meeting where Donald Trump Jr. was promised dirt on Hillary Clinton, had years earlier laundered $800 million through Citibank.

What s remained unknown until now is that Citibank ALSO loaned the exact same amount, $800 million, to Kaveladze’s Russian oligarch boss at the time. Continue reading

The GOP operative leading a team looking for Hillary Clinton’s 33,000 missing emails —the same ones Donald Trump had publicly implored Russia to find—was active as a Republican bagman in what Hillary Clinton famously called the “vast right-wing conspiracy” during the Bill Clinton-era Troopergate sex scandals.

Chicago financier and leading GOP donor Peter W. Smith last year launched a well-funded quest for Clinton’s missing emails, according to a pair of stories by Shane Harris in the Wall Street Journal. Continue reading

It is public knowledge that two well-known customers of Deutsche Bank have deals considered sensitive to scrutiny. One is Donald Trump.

The other is—or was — Adnan Khashoggi.

The death of Saudi arms dealer and CIA fixer Adnan Khashoggi in London two weeks ago reminds the world again about Adnan Khashoggi s rich history with fellow Palm Beach ‘homie’ Donald Trump. Continue reading

Oleg Deripaska is a name you should know. He s Paul Manafort Olig-Daddy, tried to turn Montenegro into a Russian colony; is suing the Associated Press, and is a Russian Mobster pretending to be a philanthropist.

When Donald Trump shoved a fellow head of state at last week’s NATO Summit, it was probably not just because he was in the way.

The man Trump grabbed, Dusko Markovic, Premier of Montenegro. not only led his small Balkan nation to ratify membership in NATO, in an historic turn toward the West, but cost Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska a lot of money.

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Interior Design PowerPoint Templates

PowerPoint Templates and PowerPoint Backgrounds

Amaze your audience with Interior Design theme. Our Interior Design PowerPoint Templates and Interior Design PowerPoint Backgrounds are “pre-made” PowerPoint presentations that are fully editable. Much to the delight of presenters, each of our template slides comes with a set of PowerPoint Diagrams & Charts and Shapes too. Sizzle your presentation with this professionally designed Interior Design Template. This template is available for instant download on purchase.

Yes, I am a Presenter. How can I create an Impressive Professional Presentation?

Any presentation would look incomplete if it does not have the perfect background that suites its subject- no matter how much valuable content the presentation holds. Impress your next presentation with these eye-catching PowerPoint templates from DigitalOfficePro! With over 1,20,000 presentation design slides to choose from, DigitalOfficePro PowerPoint templates offers a thoughtful arrangement of elements and color, fonts, effects, style, and layout to your plain slides via our templates. Much to the delight of presenters, each of our template slides comes with a set of PowerPoint Diagrams & Charts and Shapes too. Whether you are planning for a professional presentation or a personal slideshow, and regardless of whether your audience are executives of different levels or just your family, you will find suitable PowerPoint templates for almost every occasion at DigitalOfficePro PowerPoint Templates Gallery. All our templates are instantly downloadable on purchase.

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Why Choose Us

We are a creative firm specializing in commercial interior design for offices, as well as corporate, education, and city government facilities.

We have successfully designed projects from 1,000 square feet to over 65,000 square feet, and worked with both local and international corporations to build and furnish their public and private work areas.

Our ability to speak deeply to your company culture and visually express your brand sets us apart. Our Innovative designs blend strategy, brand culture and return on investment.

Our Unique Team

We bring to the table an uncommon combination of talents including expertise in marketing and branding, interior architecture, environmental psychology, fine art curatorial services, and custom furniture design. Our team adds strength to yours; we stick with you every step of the way, and will be your constant advocate.

See Our Work

90% of our work is from repeat clients or referrals. We invite you to see the spaces we’ve created and what our clients are saying.
(although the name says San Diego, we work with clients nation wide!)