Captavi Platform

Comprehensive digital marketing software that gives you the power to leave work on time.

At Captavi, we believe your work can be made easier and deliver more results if you’re armed with technology that offers everything you need for digital marketing: from lead generation, managing your audience engagement, event management, to customer retention tools. in one seamless, simple-to-use platform.

Captavi delivers the best bang for the buck, by offering a fresh approach to digital marketing giving you the creative freedom you need to develop and deploy multi-device, multi-channel marketing campaigns all while removing the grunt work and repetitive tasks — and backed by an amazing customer support and professional services team.

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Starting at Just $175/month

A Simple and Affordable
All-in-One Marketing Platform


Rollout opportunistic email campaigns, landing pages, and content quickly and professionally. Armed with ready-to-use responsive templates and workflows to reduce learning curves and keep your marketing fresh.


Release “marketing approved” content available for syndication by your sales team with your own digital asset library of brand compliant data sheets, sales collateral, sales & marketing videos, email templates, and more


More than 70% of your current and prospective customers are first reaching to their mobile device to search the web for a solution to their challenges. Be ready with an omnichannel experience from desktop, to tablet, to mobile.

The Captavi Difference

There are over one hundred marketing automation and campaign/lead management systems and even more sales automation, sales enablement and intelligence technology solutions available today, why the Captavi Platform? Captavi Platform stands out in the crowd because you and your sales and marketing team need to go to market faster, with more effective lead generation, and higher sales close rates. Captavi is:


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