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BA Degree in Interior Design

The BA Interior Design Degree is a 360 credit point qualification at NQF level 7 and consists of three years of full time study. The programme emphasises that interior design is a creative problem solving activity that has the potential to affect our responses to living and working environments on a profound level. GDC students are trained to think conceptually, to frame design problems through research and analysis, to apply the design process and to develop design solutions that are innovative original, socially responsible and technically resolved. As an academic discipline, the programme further enables students to become critical thinkers who can locate and critique the practise of design within contemporary theoretical discourse.

Learning by doing

GDC maintains that programmes based on separate and independent modules or subjects do not teach students how to integrate the various skills needed to be an exceptional designer. At GDC we practice a highly integrated and holistic educational philosophy. The core of the curriculum is made up of two principal courses. In the Studio course, students execute design projects that mirror the practise in industry. The learning is experiential, hands-on, authentic, and exposes students to real-world design. In the Critical Studies course, the ability to engage meaningfully with the theoretical and critical underpinnings of design is emphasised. Through the writing of essays, students come to grips with existing theory in visual culture and develop critical thinking and academic research skills. Additional enrichment classes, such as computers, visual communication and academic writing, set extra tasks that hone specific skills to support the Studio and Critical Studies courses.

Year by year

In the first year of study, students are taught basic three dimensional design principles, visual literacy and communication skills. The second year of study is structured to teach students to manipulate space and volume within the context of Interior Design practice. Students learn about construction methods, appropriate use of materials and finishes, the relationship of space and volume and various techniques for communicating design proposals. Research skills and a broad understanding of architecture and design in the twenty-first century will provide a theoretical basis for design solutions. In the third year of study, students tackle increasingly complex design problems in a more sophisticated and eloquent manner, thereby equipping them for a place in the design industry. Projects may include design competitions allowing students the opportunity to gain recognition and to develop a professional portfolio. The subject Critical Studies encourages students to develop a personal philosophy of design.

On completion of the programme, graduates at GDC have a repertoire of high level skills and can:

  • Conceptualise and produce creative design solutions with a personal design philosophy
  • Communicate meaningful digital design messages in signature style
  • Create and present a professional multimedia design portfolio thatstands apart from the rest
  • Operate multimedia design related computer hardware and software at industry level
  • Articulate and represent ideas and arguments professionally and with confidence

Admission Criteria

  • A National Senior Certificate with entry into a Bachelor Degree programme
  • A minimum of 60% for English.
  • All applicants must attend an interview and present an art or design portfolio or complete a drawing exercise

Apply online if you meet the admission criteria

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