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Aviation Design Recessed Armrest Upgrade Kits now available for 1970 to 2006 Bonanzas and Barons.

These models include: 36, A36, B36TC, E55, 58, 58A, G36 and G58s.

Aviation Design Side Panel Armrest Upgrades available for any aircraft from 2006 down to 1970. See pictures and testimonials below.

These Models Include: F33, F33A, V35A, V35B, V35BTC and S35.

Upgrade your 1970 to 2006 Bonanzas or Barons to our premium Side Panel Armrest Kit. This adds an amazing 4 more width and more leg room to your cockput.

The picture below shows 3 completed kits ready to put into crates and shipped anywhere in the world.

Testimonial by 2006 G36 Owner – Rick Roussin

Thank you for the outstanding upgrade to my 2006 G36 – N336RW. Your side panels/armrests give the pilot and passengers so much room and are perfecctly located. They are so comfortable and ergonomic and extremely “Beautiful”.

The seats are the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in and the window panels are gorgeous. I would be happy to be used as a reference any time.

Thank you again for my beautiful upgraded airplane interior.

See you at the top. Rick Roussin

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