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Interior design concept provides the client a brief idea about the appearance and ambience of thehouse at the end of the project.

Every interior design project starts with a good design concept. The concept of the designing project is the central idea around which the whole project revolves.

The interior design concept is the starting point of every interior design project. It consist visual presentation of style, color and mood of the prospective space. It should be illustrative and concise.

Client looking at a concept board must be able to understand the overall feel and look of the room. In nutshell interior design concept is the blue print and guiding factor of entire designing project.

I am in the business of real estate and many a time I have to cater the interior designing requirement of the client. Hot space consultants are one of the best interior designers whom I admire for their business acumen. They have provided perfect finish to my several projects. You can visit their website for further information Interior Designers, Home Designs .

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We love to get inspired and motivated on new projects at Sara Busby Design. An inspirational quote is just one tool that helps us, that s why we ve gathered some of our favorites to help inspire you.

What s your favorite inspirational design quote?

2. For a house to be successful, the objects in it must communicate with one another, respond and balance one another. Andre Putman

3. “Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.” Charles Eames

4. A house is much more than a mere shelter, it should lift us emotionally and spiritually. John Saladino

5. When you re building a room, you re building character, and character is the strength and wisdom of a home. Rose Tarlow

6. Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking. Milton Glaser

7. What is done in love is done well. Vincent Van Gogh

8. I hate good taste. It s the worst thing that can happen to a creative person. Helmut Newton

9. We shape our homes and then our homes shape us. Winston Churchill

10. The details are not the details, they make the design. Charles Eames

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Art Deco Inspiration With a Contemporary Flap

Based on streamlined geometric forms and metallic color, the art deco style has flourished in Europe in the early years of the 20th century, following a weaker art nouveau influence.

Art deco was led by fashion and the use of motifs depicting nature. It was one of the most exciting decorative styles of the century, and is one that still influences contemporary geometric designs these days. Without further ado, today we re going to inspire you with a few art deco interiors .

Art Deco Living Rooms

by Evelyn Benatar, New York / Photo Credit: Tony Calarco

A stylish, modern way of decorating with art deco in mind is to include just a few touches and not overcrowd the room with geometric elements and the flapper style of the 20s. It s all about creating discrete look with rich colors or elegant materials with zigzags and sharply angled and cubist forms.

by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

by Scott Neste | Minor Details Interior Design

by k.sutherland design

by Interiors International

Art Deco Dining Areas

by Imagine Living

A dining room with an art deco feel is just as appealing as our artistic and glamorous living rooms above. It s all about creating a visual effect where high-gloss metals, black lacquer, exotic woods, leather and mirrors are key focal points. And remember, black and white is not all about retro, it can also be warm and cozy, so you should really consider it for your home if you want to catch the glamor of the period, the electricity and the sporadic nature of modern jazz.

by Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC

by Kelsie Hornby / photography by Dan Mayers

by LDa Architecture Interiors

Art Deco Kitchens

by Mal Corboy Design and Cabinets / Photography: Kallan MacLeod

At first I wasn t sure that art deco would go well in the kitchen. Our research proved me wrong. There s a certain appeal to a kitchen with geometric patterns or high gloss cabinets standing on fancy legs, or dark colored kitchens with clean sharp angles. and white and black geometric flooring. The exuberance of stainless steel and highly reflective surfaces certainly won me over.

by Thomas Buckborough Associates

Art Deco Bedrooms

by Laura U / Photos by Julie Soefer

An art deco bedroom is all about being cozy and warm. Nothing spells inviting as good as a bedroom with a slick and gleaming effect. Sprinkle glass and mirrored pieces throughout your bedroom, go for a highly textured leather-like comfy chair, ix vinyl, add silk and satin for an exquisite tone and think of gold and silver you just got the most elegant art deco bedroom to spend the night in style.

by Madison Modern Home / Robin deCapua

by Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects in collaboration with Wells Fox Architectural Interiors

by Morgante Wilson Architects / Photo by: Tony Soluri

by Art deco Hungary

Courtesy of HiaMAG

Art Deco Bathrooms

by Robert Granoff

For me, an art deco bathroom is all about mixing fashion elements with the functionality of your room. It makes me think of red carpets, dressing tables and photos hung on the walls. It makes me think of sophistication, lustrous lacquer and vintage at the same time. Am I wrong about it? I guess not, these are truly inspiring bathrooms with an art deco feel.

Designed by Debbie Miller. Photo by KuDa Photography

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100+ Bedroom Decorating Ideas You’ll Love

Dreamy Spring Bedroom

Refresh a tired space with a lively mix of patterns and hues. A playful bedspread (Tatiana by Kathryn M. Ireland ) provides an easy jumping off point to inspire other design elements, like a chippy vintage whitewashed bed that gives soul to the space and keeps feminine prints from feeling too prim. Bold textiles pop against neutral wood paneling, and unexpected accents like a vintage hat mold on the table make a space feel truly personal.

Cherished Art Display

Rather than edit down a large collection of artwork, this California homeowner created a gallery wall that stretches from the crown molding to the baseboards, making room for every cherished piece.

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Updated Parlor Retreat

The bedroom in this 105-year-old Victorian farmhouse was originally the house’s parlor. The homeowner upholstered the white-painted bed in a graphic blue-and-white-check fabric to complement the whimsical sheets. Wallpaper with a wood grain pattern, a fresh way to achieve a similar effect as unpainted, wood-paneled walls, creates a warm backdrop for the crisp bed.

Blue and White Bedroom

Patterned textiles add dimension to light, bright spaces, as seen in the master bedroom of this rural Connecticut farmhouse. Although the homeowner mixed multiple patterns—windowpane plaid, vertical and horizontal stripes—the effect is still subdued, thanks to the consistent palette.

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Golden Accents

A 1950s brass Hollywood Regency headboard that the homeowner picked up at a local antiques store is the centerpiece of the master bedroom in this Arizona ranch home. Its metallic finish inspired the room’s other golden accents, from the nightstand’s campaign details to the 1960s tufted yellow bench.

No-Fuss Neutrals

The laid-back atmosphere of country superstar Ronnie Dunn’s Tennessee barn home is maintained by keeping the palette neutral while focusing on organic textures (lots of linen and rope) and raw materials (metal, wood, and stone). An antique barn door track gets a second life as a picture rail above the tufted burlap headboard in the master bedroom.

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Airy Master Bedroom

The pine-clad ceiling in singer-songwriter Holly Williams’ bedroom is painted a cloudy gray. The star of the room—a wrought- iron canopy bed from Restoration Hardware —is a close match to an antique one that belonged to her maternal grandmother. To toughen up the otherwise feminine space, Holly brought in a rustic leather club chair and simple pine chest. Brass sconces cast a warm light while keeping tabletops clear.

Country Blues

A major wash of blue can feel right as rain. Here, the headboard’s large-scale print serves as the jumping-off point for the room’s bold mix of motifs. In a smaller scale and lighter hue, the comforter’s subtle checks look cohesive, not clashing. Ornately patterned pillows provide a visual counter to the bed’s double dose of gingham.

10 Mind-Blowing Drawers Everyone Needs in Their Home

Talk about cabinets of wonder! By Lauren Smith

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Modern Art Deco Interior Home Design Photos

5,229 Saves | 11 Questions

For architectural style – To enhance the architectural features of a space and complement the style of this bathroom, the French Interior Design Studio selected a mirror that had undertones of Art Deco style. The mirror, along with the patterned tile in the shower recess and the wall light, was enough to provide the ambience of this period’s architecture.

Example of a trendy bathroom design in Melbourne with a vessel sink and white cabinets Houzz

the predominant decorative art style of the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by precise and boldly delineated geometric shapes and strong colours. There’s nothing timid about this style, which radiates flash and dazzle. Seductive curves mingle with razor-sharp corners, while posh materials and shiny finishes emit an air of luxury. At the same time, art deco furnishings and surfaces have a certain straightforwardness about them; there’s little excess or frippery. Unusual materials, such as ebony an Shammee

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The idea of loft living has become appealing and desirable to increasing numbers of young people, worldwide. To begin with, what really is a loft? The standard English dictionary defines it as a large, usually un-partitioned floor over a factory, warehouse, or other industrial space. It is indeed like a large studio. with no separation between rooms. Sometimes, there is an extra floor or sleeping area on top of the room, in order to maximize space, rather than an extra room on the side. The lack of walls and other types of dividers makes it trickier to create separate spaces, such as the kitchen area, dining area, living area, etc. within a large room. In this post we round up a few helpful tips for designing the various areas within a loft and also provide inspirational images of a few lofts from Paris, Milan, Berlin and London.

A good way to separate areas in your loft space is to use furniture as dividers. For instance, you can separate an open kitchen and living area by using a high kitchen table or bar and stools. This London loft studio space below resourcefully makes use of naturally colored wooden bookshelves and green plants to separate the bedroom from the living area

Carpeting or different floor finishes can also help distinguish different areas. The entertainment area can have a different floor finish or carpet than the kitchen area. Rugs can be strategically placed to designate certain areas. For example, a rectangular rug can be placed to mark the hallway entrance. Or a rug can be placed diagonally to lead from one room into another, or it can simply be placed in the middle of an area, with furniture surrounding it to designate it as the living room.

Painting one side of the walls of a room one color, and the other side a different, can also help differentiate between the two. For example, in one space, the left wall can be painted a pale yellow to mark it as the kitchen, whereas the entertainment area can be painted cream or whatever color one wishes.

The type of furniture you use is just as important as how you arrange it all inside a loft. For instance, ottomans and longer, winding couches with extended chaise loungers not only maximize space, but can help corner off an area. Potted plants can also be strategically placed to fill in little gaps or areas that need a bit of separating. Bookshelves and even beds can be pulled out of the walls and can be tucked away during the day, so that the area can be used for something else.

It is also wise to think about what the focal point of such a large space should be. Ideally, it should be the most social area of a home the living or entertainment room. Logically, this also makes more sense, since the bedroom area cannot be in the middle or very beginning of the space, unless it can be pulled back into the wall. The red and black details of a Milan loft below, incorporates pops of color into the sofa and ottomans to draw attention to the living area. Colorful paintings are also mostly positioned on the walls of the living area, to really bring into focus. Lastly, installing a large, unusual, and dramatic piece in the center of the living area or large loft space, can really serve as the focal point of the entire space, and can ultimately help to balance out the space as a whole.

Paris Loft

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Welcome to AL ZAHER Interiors

“For more than two decades, our company has been servicing Dubai and the rest of the country by providing highly innovative interior solutions designed to fulfil both aspects of function and aesthetics. As a premiere manufacturing company, we have an unwavering commitment to achieving absolute excellence in everything we create. Whether you are looking for bespoke restaurant furniture or joinery works for the office interior design of your company, we can deliver.

As one of the leading interior design and furniture suppliers in UAE, we are home to some of the most talented and creative artisans and craftsmen in the industry. By combining sublime artistry with an in-depth understanding of material composition, we are able to fashion some of the most intriguing and striking designs imaginable.

Additionally, our furniture factory houses some of the most advanced manufacturing equipment in the industry, allowing us to create highly intricate and detailed designs. Unlike other companies, our factory sources materials from the best markets in the industry today, whether you are looking for the best sugar maple wood for your table, or custom upholstery for your couch”.

Our Process

Call. +9714 4231180 View Our portfolio Download Catalogue

Some Interisting Facts

Our team takes over everything, from an idea and concept development to realization. We believe in traditions and incorporate them within our innovations. All our projects incorporate a unique artistic image and functional solutions. Client is the soul of the project. Our main goal is to illustrate his/hers values and individuality through design.

Finished projects
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Winner of
“peoples choice award” at Index exhibition 2016,

Featured Projects

Al Hamra Real Estate


My Office

Al Zaher Interiors – Manufacturers of custom made furniture in Dubai, UAE?

Your choice of furniture plays an essential role in the health and synergy of a space. On one hand, the right furniture can improve the overall atmosphere of a particular room, while the wrong choice can make a space feel imbalanced. The furnishings you choose for a particular space defines its purpose and function. The dining room, the living room, thes bedroom – all these spaces would all look the same if not for the particular furnishings you have decided to place in each room.

Determine and define your purpose for your personal space with the most intricate and beautiful custom made furniture in Dubai from Al Zaher Interiors, one of the leading furniture manufacturers in UAE today.

Reliable timetables and product turnover delivery

As a professional furniture factory and manufacturing company, we understand the importance of time. Time is an invaluable resource, but more importantly, it is a measure of trust. When you expect manufacturers to deliver on a particular date, you are entrusting your time. We have earned our spot among the most trusted furniture manufacturing companies in Dubai today with our firm commitment to delivering our products on time. As manufacturers, we will ensure we deliver quality work as per your specifications.

So if you are looking for furniture suppliers in UAE, get in touch with one of the leading furnishing companies today – Al Zaher Interiors – Experts at bespoke furnishing and interior design.

Al Zaher Interiors has been decorating and servicing properties of people of U.A.E and Middle East for almost 23 years now. Since 1993, we have enjoyed every moment of our work and duty.


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Warm and Stylish Scandinavian Interior Designs

We hope Freshome managed to familiarize you with what Scandinavian interior design has to offer by showing you all those amazing apartments from the Northern Europe. Still, we can not talk of a common and typical Scandinavian design, but just of general characteristics, such as spacious and airy interiors, with a great regard to aesthetic effect, but also featuring original decorative elements. Today s interiors come from Bolig and give away a lot of warmth, coziness and not to mention inspiration. From the wacky paintings on the walls to the colorful pillows, we have to say these rooms have the ability of captivating and fascinating. -via decor8

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A bespoke design for your interior from one of the best companies in Dubai

The inside of a space speaks volumes about the character of its occupant. For retail stores, the layout of a place can have a significant impact on the decision-making process of the potential consumer or buyer. For corporate workplaces, on the other hand, the office interior design can have a significant effect on both workplace productivity and customer perception.

As such, it is important to have a layout that directly reflects the character and personality that you want to project unto visitors. Make sure you leave a strong first impression on your clients with the help of one of the leading interior design companies in Dubai today – Mefco Interiors.

Our company: Delivering high quality designing solutions for decades

Here at Mefco Interiors, we believe in creating value for our clients through world-class solutions that deliver absolute customer satisfaction, whether through interior planning or exhibition stand designs .

As a full-service interior design company in Dubai, we can deliver end-to-end solutions for your space, ensuring a unified layout and design that boasts aesthetic resonance and world-class materials.

With our creative acumen and industry experience, you can expect our company to create the perfect arrangement according to your specifications.

As an interior design company, we will work closely with you in order to turn your vision for your space into reality. We will discuss your idea for the space as well as its technical aspects, such as the overall area of the space and its location.

We will begin designing ideas with you, with respect to the identity and character you want for the space. Afterwards, the designing process will proceed to the visualization stage, as we recreate your bespoke concept into a digitally rendered image viewable in three dimensions.

After considering alterations or changes made to the master plan, the designing process moves to the implementation stage, as we put all the pieces together. As one of the premiere design companies in the country today, we use only the highest quality materials on our projects.

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Ah, triangular buildings! This one in Oporto, Portugal was constructed in the 19th century with a footprint of 52 sq.m. A2Office molded the original structure in to a building with four modern studio apartments. Stripping it down to its remaining viable components was the first step. These included the solid log floor joists, which were given a boost in strength. The top floor corner construction was removed, as it did not meet today’s standards. Historic documents guided the creation of facade colors, interior shutters, and new windows. A new timber stair resides where the former narrow and dilapidated once traveled the four levels. Continue reading

February 17, 2015

Calling all car lovers! This former carpentry workshop in Rotterdam invites the beloved automobile right in to the three bed home. Studio OXL drove this modern home design with strength and light. The 30 meters length of the home was daunting in regard to natural light. Yet their solution is brilliant on so many levels. Continue reading

February 1, 2015

The chill is gone from this former refrigerated warehouse. Nevertheless, the expansive space remains, as do the enormous original concrete columns and beams. ACT Design added warmth and opportunity to this Montreal loft for its modern art-collecting owner. Continue reading

When the architecture of an interior is the star, no ornament is required. Bernd Gruber converted this wonderful loft space in to an abstract yet still incredibly intimate one bedroom home. Continue reading