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The Superhero of Superyachts

As the go-to design guru of the yacht world, renowned interior designer Patrick Knowles has perfected the art of squeezing grand concepts into compact spaces. He’s designed more than 100 gorgeous yacht interiors throughout his career and says the inherent challenges that come with the territory are oftentimes the most exciting part.

“No matter the size, there never seems to be enough room. When you’re working in spaces that typically have an overhead height of seven feet, the scale of everything changes, and if it’s not respected, the space can appear heavy-handed or clumsy,” explains Knowles. And then there’s the challenge of designing a deck space that complies with maritime certifications but simultaneously respects the owner’s requirements—like landing a helicopter on deck or housing a submarine, motor bike or car. Knowles also has to carefully consider the layout of bedrooms—specifically where the beds are placed, as owners can be sensitive to the direction they’re facing while sleeping.

“Another obstacle is the ‘law of attachment.’ Boats move, and so do the components inside them. A yacht designer is always striving for what I call ‘operational utopia,’ which means that every time a yacht leaves port, anything that has the potential to move can be put down or stowed,” he says. “Over the years, we’ve fine tuned this process to a science. I personally find stimulating.”

Click through the gallery for a peek inside a few of Knowles’ favorite projects.

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Interior Design

Decorating rooms in your house is an opportunity for you to show off your unique personality and style, therefore when it comes to creating your interior home design ideas, do not hold back; create a style that you really enjoy! If you are an energetic and lively person, incorporate animated hues into your color scheme, or hang spirited pictures on your walls. On the other hand if you are a trendy person who likes order and cleanliness, modern home designs may better suit your style; in this case you should place smooth, sleek pieces of furniture around your house and use silver, gray, and black hues. Splashes of color can be incorporated into this design by hanging decorative pictures or placing accent pillows on your couches. If you enjoy organization and clean lines but do not like the look of a modern style you can create a contemporary theme in your home. Contemporary home interior design ideas utilize a similar philosophy as modern décor, however they maximize storage space and functionality to create a clutter-free space.

Home Design Ideas

There are expert interior designersthat specialize in providing homeowners with unique ideas for decorating inside the house, floor plan options, and décor styles. While all interior designers can provide you with similar services, some designers may have more experience or be more skilled than others. For a list of the top interior designers for 2016 in your area, do a quick search online. While it is much easier to hand over the reigns to a professional, it can be quite expensive. If you have the money in your budget this may not be a home owner, but if you are redesigning on a budget you will save a lot of money by decorating your home yourself. Choose from among a variety of floor plans, color schemes, fabrics, flooring options, window treatments. furniture and more!If you choose to complete this project on your own, a great resource for coming keeping your designs organized, is interior design software. This software is a computer program that allows you to virtually decorate your own home and can provide you with some great room design ideas and layouts.

Most CAD drafting programs offer three-dimensional imaging and the ability to upload your own measurements to create a custom floor plan. However the features of each program vary so reading online interior design software reviews is a good way to determine which program is right for you. You can even utilize the free downloads that many software companies provide; this will allow you to experiment with the programs and learn how to use features before spending money on the actual product. While interior design is a project that the average homeowner can tackle with easy, you will want to keep a few things in mind when coming up with your diy home design ideas. including functionality, durability, size and color. Functionality is probably one of the most important factors to consider when coming up with any home interior ideas. You want to create a space that is not only beautiful, but can also be used by your entire family. Design ideas for living rooms include creating a spacious floor plan, utilizing natural light, and incorporating furniture that provides efficient storage space. Find a television cabinet that has an area to store your DVDs and board games so that they are not placed about the room in an unorganized fashion.

Interior Decorating

Also make sure to purchase couches that will fit your entire family; loveseats are fashionable pieces but if you have a large family they may not provide enough space for everyone to sit and relax. Durability is also an essential component of home designs because you want your décor to last a long time. For example, if you entertain friends and family a lot, you will want to purchase furniture that is strong and can withstand high traffic. Some of the best ways to incorporate durability into your interior design ideas for dining rooms includes purchasing a table and chair set that is made of high quality wood; this material is very sturdy and will last for many years without incurring too much damage. Metal pieces of furniture are also good options if you are looking for something that will not be damaged by plates, silverware, children, or pets. Size and color are also important aspects of any home design project. If you do not have a very large room you do not want to use dark colors on the wall as it can make the room appear even smaller.

Dark purples and reds are popular 2016 hues and make beautiful interior paint colors. However if used in a small room it will make the space appear darker and closed off; instead use lighter and pastel hues. Light is another important aspect of decorating in a small room. Similar to using dark paint colors, if you do not properly illuminate an area it can make the space appear tiny and cramped; for this reason make sure you make use of windows and other lighting sources when coming up with small room design ideas . Utilizing natural light from windows is an especially good way to brighten up the room and make it appear more spacious because it also decreases your electricity bill. Regardless of the size of your room, light can be used to make any space appear bigger, therefore if you are completely renovating a room you may want to factor more windows into your plans. If you are creating luxury bathroom remodeling ideas. try placing a window above an elegant footed bath tub or Jacuzzi, you can also install a striking skylight in the ceiling. When it comes to bathrooms, flooring is also an important factor in the design plans.

Interior Paint Colors

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Most of our time spend in our home. It should be simply beautiful decorated. By putting some small efforts we can result a lovely peaceful place. A common latest home maybe have featured dull colored theme but it seems like dull look. Bright colors can change the entire surrounding. It shows the elegant and stylish behavior towards.

Hi there, spring is sparkling everywhere with its beautiful colors and making us happy. Tidy home is supposed to be a sign of good women. It s not much easy to maintain always perfect look, but by doing some small changes one can get great results. No matters how big is the place; sometimes LESS IS.

Imagine you are looking through the eyes of another person who comes to visit your home or residence. As they walk through the front door, what do they see first? Clutter and overwhelming amounts of items can be intimidating to your guests. Studies even have shown that people who keep neat and tidy homes actually.

This exotic, yet contemporary home is located on an island in an exclusive locale near the Philippines. This home was specifically developed by Mrs. Faria who worked in collaboration with others. The home breathes openness and a sense of freedom and heightens the sense of pure serenity. Originally envisioned as a resort where couples could.

We have an insatiable appreciation for fabric. A highly-designed textile is a bit of art that can bring a great deal depth and mood with a room. Sometimes I feel as though there just arent enough uses of fabrics in any given room. Combine by purchasing my husbands (cliche, I would argue) disdain for accent.

Windows are typically thought of as just something that a house has, that goes unnoticed in our everyday lives. However, with a little bit of creativity, you can turn your window sill into a fashionable yet functional piece of furniture via some simple interior decorating! By constructing a boxed in area (that will serve as.

A bathtub that is actually a hammock? This sounds far-fetched, yet very relaxing if it were to actually exist. Great news! It does exist! Vessel is a bath that is developed from strong, yet lightweight carbon fiber and hangs like a hammock. It was developed by Splinter Functions. Later in this article, we tell you.

Kids enjoy having unique areas to play in or even a small area to call home . A modified bunk bed custom-built in the attic/loft of this contemporary home would be the envy of any child, while still serving a functional secondary purpose via storage space for books, games, and other items. In lieu of a.

This apartment is located on the top-most floor of a building developed in the mid 1960 s. It is located near Venice, in San Dona di Piave. The penthouse studio flat faces a beautiful view of the Piave river in the distance behind the tree-tops. It also has a large terrace with a gorgeous south-easternly view.

The finishing touches are how normal, ordinary things become wonderful pieces of greatness. For example, if you were to look on the far side of sequins, a ballerina s complex tutu is simply an apparent unitard. Removing that secret dash of his one extra special ingredient, the gourmand chef s chicken tastes rather like one thing you.

Encouraging a brand of Brazillian specialty cheese, Bon Vivant, the creative agency known as JWT Brazil invented the Business Card Cheese Grater, a small cheese grater that serves a dual purpose as both a business card and a cheese grater. According to JWT Brazil, It is produced of a light metal, the size of a.

San Francisco-primarily based studio De Meza Architecture completed the Pacific Heights Penthouse venture in collaboration with interior designer Jenn Kesteloot. The architects completely remodeled the interior decor of this huge 2,500 square foot top floor (penthouse) apartment unit found in a 1925 built development in Pacific Heights, which is an affluent community in San Francisco.

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Interior Design Competitions

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Duravit has launched its 2016 Designer Dream Bath Competition. The fourth annual competition invites designers and architects to re-imagine their own bathroom to feature a range of Duravit s top collections and design solutions.

deadline Sep 23, 2016 (13 days left)

  • The Architect s Newspaper s 4th Annual Best of Design Awards, a unique project-based awards program that showcases great buildings and building elements, is now open for submissions. Entrants are invited to submit completed works in 26 categories.

    deadline Sep 30, 2016 (20 days left)

  • This annual competition, now in its 22nd year, is geared toward college-level students involved in retail design and planning, visual merchandising, interior design, and branding programs.

    deadline Oct 24, 2016 (1 month left)

  • The 2017 Bienenstock Design Competitions are now open for entries. The competitions are open to any junior, senior, or graduate student enrolled in a design program.

    deadline Dec 12, 2016 (3 months left)

  • The 2016 Sub-Zero Wolf Kitchen Design Contest is now open for entries. For over 20 years, Sub-Zero and Wolf have honored design professionals who incorporate Sub-Zero and Wolf products into innovative, beautiful kitchen designs.

    deadline Jan 31, 2017 (4 months left)

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    8 Independent Coffee Shops Serving Good Coffee and Design

    Having good coffee served in a great independent coffee shop is a real boon. Such establishments place a firm emphasis on the coffee it is rightfully the star attraction and ensure it s ably supported by everything from good interior design to branding and furnishings to tableware. Proprietors will carefully consider ambience, presentation and customer care, ensuring an experience that is as delicious as it is memorable. The following selection of eight independent coffee shops, whilst a drop in the ocean, provides representative coffee inspiration near and far.

    Bonanza Coffee Heroes, Berlin

    Bonanza Coffee Heroes in Berlin is a gem of a coffee shop. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee pervades this hip establishment whose minimal interior has little show or ceremony. Rather that ceremony is saved for the star attraction a cup of clean, clear and pure coffee. Be sure to pick up one of the well-packaged bags of joe while you re there.

    Photos © 2015 Reus Choi GbR.

    Café Ferdinand, Hamburg

    Café Ferdinand has the air of a smart classroom meets science laboratory with its rows of custom-designed worktables and desks and a library area replete with cabinets of curios. Commissioned by the multinational telecommunications company Vodafone for its Hamburg-based flagship store, Café Ferdinand’s brand and interior design was created by Aerogram Studio. The name Ferdinand pays homage to the founder of modern telecommunications, the German physicist and Nobel laureate Ferdinand Braun.

    Photos © Aerogram Studio.

    Happy Bones, New York City

    With its rugged good looks and pared down industrial aesthetic, Happy Bones makes no bones about its business to serve New Yorkers good coffee. Adding local art and great publications to the mix, Happy Bones is one of those neighbourhood cafes that every neighborhood deserves to have.

    Photos © Happy Bones.

    Kaffe O, Belfast

    A key player in Belfast’s burgeoning independent coffee shop revolution, the Nordic influenced Kaffe O is located in the city’s leafy and hip Ormeau Road neighbourhood. In establishing Kaffe O, proprietor Orla Smyth was influenced by Copenhagen’s coffee culture, a city where coffee drinking is a sociable pastime. Indeed Kaffe O’s coffee is hand roasted in Copenhagen.

    Photos © Kaffe O Wholsesale Ltd.

    Peggy Guggenheim Café, Venice

    The multidisciplinary creative bureau Hangar Design Group worked diligently to modernise the Peggy Guggenheim Café, a part of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice (Peggy Guggenheim was the niece of Solomon Guggenheim, founder of The Guggenheim museum in New York City). Hanger Design Group defined various spaces within the café, including a long counter facing the garden for quick lunches and an intimate tearoom for longer breaks. The café’s contemporary design is both aesthetic and uncluttered, incorporating furnishings that are graceful and practical.

    Photos © Hangar Design Group.

    Saint Frank Coffee, San Francisco

    Saint Frank Coffee in San Francisco’s historic Russian Hill was designed by OpenScope Studio. The bright and airy interior space has a restrained design that is both spacious and warm, providing a relaxing ambience. At Saint Frank coffee means joy, connection and togetherness, with a firm focus on the customer’s experience and their cup of joe.

    Photos © OpenScope Studio 2015.

    Silo, Brighton

    Silo is a recent restaurant, bakery and coffeehouse venture in Brighton on England’s south coast that strives to generate zero waste the first of its kind in the UK. Milling its own flour, making yoghurt, baking bread, brewing beer and curing meat are just some of the in-house gastronomic feats. Moreover, Silo works with local farmers and composts all leftovers. Designed by Brighton-based studio Baines Fricker. the interior is both pure and raw, in keeping with the products on offer.

    Workshop, Clerkenwell, London

    Established in 2011, Workshop Coffee Co. ’s Clerkenwell cafe occupies a large and breezy space in one of London’s hippest neighbourhoods. Workshop sources and roasts its own coffee (with a roaster on the premises) and hosts workshops on the art of coffee-making.

    Photos © Cereal via Guided .

    Photo © 2015 Workshop Coffee Co.

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    Top 50 Luxury Yacht Interior Decorators and Designers

    • ACHILLE SALVAGNI ARCHITETTI – architecture and design firm, based in Rome, specializing in luxury residential projects and interior yacht design.
    • Adam Lay Studio – since 2003. “Exclusive Superyacht Design.” Adam Lay Studio is a design company that excels in the design of custom one-off superyacht interiors that have a special place in the hearts of their enthusiast owners.
    • ANOUSKA HEMPEL DESIGN – luxury hotels, restaurants, private villas and yachts.
    • ARGONAUTICA YACHT INTERIORS – custom yacht interiors.
    • BANNENBERG ROWELL DESIGN – award winning interior yacht design.
    • BARD DESIGN GROUP – yacht and residential interiors.
    • BILL AMBERG – “We offer a bespoke service for interior design using leather, whether it be a private residence, commercial property, aeroplane or yacht. Creating leather walls, furniture and features for an interior or exterior space.”
    • Christophe Leoni – French interior designer responsible for the sophisticated and luxurious interior in Empire style of the newly launched (April 5, 2013) world’s largest yacht M/Y Azzam.
    • CLAYDON REEVES – yacht exteriors, conversions interiors.
    • CANDY CANDY – “With the golden age of sailing enjoying a renaissance, Candy Candy’s attention to detail has been utilised to create luxurious accomodation onboard, culminating in the ultimate yachting experience.”
    • CITTOLIN POLLI – naval architecture interior decorating.
    • DALTON DESIGNS – “Dalton Designs has, for years, provided attentive interior design services for yacht and residential clients nationally and internationally.”
    • DEUTSCHE WERKST TTEN (German Workshops) – the company�s core areas of expertise are the interior furnishings of private holdings such as mansions, exclusive apartments and superyachts.
    • DESIGN STUDIO SPADOLINI – award-winning exterior and interior yacht design studio.
    • DONALD STARKEY DESIGNS – since 1989 Donald Starkey’s recognised expertise is in the planning, styling and interior design of large motor yachts.
    • EIDSGAARD DESIGN – yacht interiors.
    • Espen ino International – interior designer, yacht designer, naval architecht.
    • Evan K. Marshall Usonia V – “Turning Your Dreams Into Reality.” Yacht interiors since 1993.
    • GLADE JOHNSON DESIGN – serving the unique needs of the transportation industry, especially of custom motor and sailing yachts. We specialize in the inception, development and completion of interior and exterior concept designs, ranging from a solely conceptual package to a totally integrated living environment with touches like custom art, crystal, and dinnerware.
    • Hogenelst Super Yacht Interiors – since 1916. “The difference lies in the detail.”
    • JEAN-PHILIPPE NUEL – yacht interiors, architecture and interior design.
    • JONATHAN QUINN BARNETT JQB – established in 1995. For over ten years, the award-winning design studio has provided exterior and interior design services for challenging yacht projects ranging in size from 50 feet to well over 400 feet in length. Over the last five years, JQB Ltd has added land-based design services to its portfolio.
    • KEN FREIVOKH DESIGN – “Superyacht stylists architects and interior designers.”
    • LINLEY – “LINLEY have been commissioned to create stunning interiors for the world’s most luxurious yachts and private jets, combining bespoke furniture pieces and the talents of our in-house interior design team.”
    • LM PAGANO DESIGN – has decorated numerous homes for Nicolas Cage and Johnny Depp�s yacht VaJoLiRoJa.
    • March White – “Curators of Style.”
    • METRICA INTERIOR – yacht interiors.
    • MICHELA REVERBERI INTERIOR – high profile architect studio engaged in yacthing and residential interior design.
    • MICHAEL LEACH DESIGN – yacht interiors.
    • NUVOLARI-LENARD – Italian superyacht and megayacht (exterior interior) designers.
    • NYMPHENBURG – founded in 1747. Yacht furnishings.
    • OMEGA ARCHITECTS – “We design not only the exterior of buildings and yachts, but also their interiors. Because we believe that a strong unity of exterior and interior creates the distinction between merely functional design and high quality design that is both functional and aesthetic.”
    • PAULINE NUNNS – Chartered Architect and Interior Designer, formed P.M.Nunns Associates in 1978, initially to work on the creation and design of new buildings and the alteration and restoration of great historic houses and interiors, subsequently extending her services to design superyacht and luxury yacht interiors.
    • PETER H LSEMANN – responsible for the Yacht Interior Division of Deutsche Werkst tten.
    • REDMAN WHITELEY DIXON RWD – “We create gracious living spaces in which every last detail is carefully planned to perform in balanced harmony within the yacht.”
    • R MI TESSIER – yacht and residential interiors.
    • ReQuest – “Serious Play.” Whether your brand of oceanic adventure calls for stirring orchestration or a pulsing bassline, life at sea deserves a suitable soundtrack. With a ReQuest system, your entire music and movie collection can follow you around the globe in style, no matter where the currents take you.
    • REYMOND LANGTON DESIGN – highly experienced and professional London based design studio, focusing on the conception, exterior and interior styling, planning, furnishing and project management of the world�s finest superyachts.
    • RHOADES YOUNG DESIGN – interior yacht designers for sailing yachts and motor yachts, classic and contemporary, creative yet considered.
    • Robbe Berking – since 1874.
    • Salvagni Architetti – custom home yacht interiors.
    • SINNEX – yacht interiors.
    • SINOT YACHT DESIGN – exclusive yacht interiors.
    • STEFANO RICCI – yacht interiors. An unmistakable style, made possible by the Florentine House’s craftsmanship according to their design codes: Californian briar-root, Tuscan travertine and crocodile skin.
    • TERENCE DISDALE DESIGN – “Creators of distinguished yachts jets.”
    • Todhunter Earle Interiors – since 1998. “Projects range from English country houses to well known restaurants, ocean-going yachts, nightclubs, 5 star hotels, ski chalets and beautiful homes worldwide.”
    • TRIMLINE INTERIORS – marine, superyacht, office, retail and leisure interior outfitting.
    • ULUTAS – yacht interiors.
    • VEDDER – custom yacht interiors.
    • W RZBURGER WERKST TTEN – yacht interiors.

    Upcoming VIP Privilege Membership Card

    The International Man will in the near future be launching its own PRIVILEGE BENEFIT VIP MEMBERSHIP CARD – named simply ‘The Card’. Members will receive special privileges, benefits and preferential rates with selected partner hotels, restaurants, our webshop, and more.
    Enter your name and e-mail address to receive FREE INFO about ‘The Card’ HERE.

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    Moroccan Interior Design


    Moroccan interior design invites the rich colors of the Middle East, dynamic contrasts, traditional patterns, and the uniqueness of Moroccan decorations and accessories into your home. Vibrant colors of red and rich orange inspired by African sunsets, green and blue found in the shimmering Mediterranean, tones of gold, light brown, yellow and silver from the surrounding desert create a tropical atmosphere by bringing each element into the home. Exotic plants, terra cotta tiles and textured walls all tie the experience and atmosphere together.

    • Mosaics: Small tiles and mosaic designs decorate many Moroccan home interiors. Mosaic designs are also used for decorating Moroccan mirrors, coffee table tops and bathroom sinks.
    • Furniture: Moroccan furniture and accessories encompass natural materials of wool, silk, glass, leather, clay and metal, such as: Moroccan wool rugs; carved wood furniture and accessories; bright decorative cushions made of cotton, wool or silk fabrics; Moroccan bedding and floor rugs; soft rich decorative curtains; and unique Moroccan lamps made of ceramic, leather, glass or forged metal. The quickest way to incorporate Moroccan interior design is by using bright and colorful wool rugs, kilims or thin large rugs with traditional geometric patterns. A few leather ottomans, or Moroccan poufs, and soft large cushions made of soft decorative fabrics add comfort to Moroccan interior design.
    • Window Treatments: Use elegant silk for decorating with curtains. Bring in bright rich room paint colors and ethnic patterns, soft luxurious home decorating fabrics, floor rugs and pillows.
    • Accents: Traditional Moroccan interior design brings crafty Moroccan lamps and skillfully carved wood elements for Moroccan furniture, doors, windows and mirror frames. The aroma of African cuisine and tea with spices stimulates all human senses, adds the final touch, and evokes Moroccan home decor.


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    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and it shows, as we have been crafting interiors for our clients and their friends for over twenty five years.


    We work hard to ensure the quality and diversity of our products, services and facility are unique throughout the world. You can expect personalized service, on-time delivery and access to exclusive product lines.


    We collaborate with you to define the scope of your project and ensure the details of your project are developed and coordinated the specifics of lighting, plumbing, cabinetry, wall covering and flooring down to the installation of furnishings and the final touches of accessories.

    About Us

    Founded by Zak Kadosh back in 1996, IK Yacht Design worked hard to quickly establish itself as a leader in interior renovation and redesign in the yachting industry. Since its inception IK Yacht Design has branched out into the residential, commercial, luxury recreational vehicle and aviation industries.

    Our Services

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    Seen it all before? Us too! We have a huge amount of experience in this sector, we truly understand today’s ever more discerning buyer and pride ourselves on being obsessively up-to-date on industry trends. We also understand the needs of a developer and can work effectively as part of their team. We combine all that knowledge with our well practised creative eye and lots of hard work to produce imaginative lifestyle led looks that bring fresh personality to every scheme.


    A space you’ll love that matches lifestyle and budget, that’s always our start point. Every client, home and project is different, we never try to impose an off the shelf design, and we don’t have a generic house style that limits possibilities. We are all about working with you, your home and your budget to create a space that perfectly expresses your style and personality. We can be as involved as you like – you decide. We’re often asked back by a client to design more rooms and before you know it together we’ve transformed an entire home.


    Whether you’re wanting to refresh an office space for staff, attract new customers with a more enticing retail environment, or put your stamp on a new venture, we can work with you to create an original design that delivers a lot for your budget. Our 2D and 3D Space Planning Service is specifically developed for commercial spaces, with the ability to adapt to your specific brief. We can be flexible to suit you – either provide us with general measurements, or get us on site for a more accurate survey. We’ll then put a range of fantastic layout options in front of you that help get the most out of your office, shop, bar, restaurant, hotel, spa… you name it and we’ve probably done it.



    So is your brief.

    You can t compare apples with oranges (although we love both) so we cost every project individually. What we can state up front is that we ll always work to your budget (making sure you get the most out of it) and we ll happily provide a free consultation to discuss what you want to achieve.


    We have worked with Territory before as they were responsible for our new Head Office design which has received excellent customer feedback. On the decision to open our luxury travel stores, we invited Territory to support us as we were confident they understood our brand and what we were looking to achieve with the new stores and customer experience.

    Paul Beacall, Managing Director, Eden Collection

  • “We were very pleased with the final design. The site launched in September and all five plots were reserved or sold within weeks. We had excellent feedback from buyers on the design and overall feel of the show home. Territory worked very hard to deliver the design we required and delivered on time and within the budget allocated.” Jonathan Bailey, Marketing Manager

    Jonathan Bailey, Marketing Manager, Conroy Brook

  • “Both Kate and Laura handled the project with ease delivering beyond expectations, and kept a continued relationship beyond the project end date. Territory not only showed professionalism in their approach but also passion and care for the products being designed. I would have no hesitations in recommending or engaging them again should the opportunity arise.” Jules, Quested-Williams, Marketing Manager

    Jules Quested Williams, Komfort Workspace

  • “I am speechless, it is more than we could ever have dreamed of. Thank you!”

    Harry and Linda, BBC TV Makeover Series Crime Scene Recue

  • “Longford Park, Banbury is the first project that we have worked on with Territory Interior Design. I have to say from the initial stand out presentation to the finished product, it has been a pleasure working with the team. Nothing is ever too much trouble and no issues ever seem to faze them. The scheme has been well received both internally and amongst the visiting public – most of whom want to know where items have come from so they can get it themselves. The quality of the furniture and items fitted is outstanding and the attention to detail and consideration throughout are a credit to all at Territory. I believe this will be the first of many projects that they will be involved in. Thank you again.”

    Julia Higgins, Homes Design Manager, Barratt Homes

  • “An ability to listen, understand and interpret the exact requirements of the project brief was demonstrated. They considered and satisfied all requirements of design, performance, budget and manufacturing capability. The project research was extensive with imaginative use of both existing / new designs and materials to deliver the final design collection. There was a consistent high level of communication and presentation of designs during the project. The service provided was professional, inspiring and most importantly delivered on the design brief.”

    Phil Calzetti, Longden Doors

  • “The scheme at Mill Brook and Secombe Vale was delivered in time, to a high standard and within my budget! A very big thank you to Laura and Kate who are friendly, professional and very efficient, with their great ideas I can see why they come highly recommended.”

    Beverley Rickard, Elan Homes

  • “A huge thank you to Territory Interior Design who created a 3 bedroom show home at our Queens Court development in Northampton. From start to finish Laura was amazing! She listened to our brief and created a stunning show home for us. She was very friendly, efficient and I couldn’t recommend the services of this company more!”

    Emma Hobbs, Orbit Homes


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    Interior Architecture Creative Space Planning Interior Design Furnishings Supply Installation



    Our Vision
    The Design Practice by UBER

    About UBER

    About us

    The Design Practice by UBER is a multi award-winning team of interior architects and designers able to fulfill classically elegant restorations through to the most contemporary of styled new properties and all manner in between. Directed by Simon Evans our design team helps clients stamp a completely individual mark on their surroundings.

    Our Society of British Interior Design accredit talent has been recognised at the highest level, both with accolades and indeed commissions. Winners of 4 International Design & Architecture Awards in consecutive years, finalist in The Andrew Martin Designer of the Year (vol 17) something the Sunday Times call “The Oscars of the Interior Design World”, the practice is currently engaged in over 20 world-class residential property projects both local and international.

    We have no typical customer. Our work takes from an African holiday home to a vast Golfing Lodge getaway in Scotland, a comfortable and luxurious family oriented farm conversion in Cheshire to a classical family home in Surrey. And our full architectural and design services were required along with Government liaison for a breaking exclusive development of glass houses in Gibraltar.

    The Team

    We are privileged and proud to have such a dedicated and talented ‘UBER family’. It is a pedigree pool of Interior Architects, Interior Designers, technicians and support staff all driven with the same passion and dedication that unites us to make us an exceptional team.


    Another area which stand us apart is our selective use of ‘best in class’ partner companies. Rather than in-house limitations we choose to offer a variety of services ‘from a menu’ using trusted relationships with industry leaders for: home automation and security, pools and spas, landscape architecture etc as well as our renowned construction and craftsmen. This allows you the freedom to pick and choose the services you require or utilize a full suite for a turnkey solution safe in the knowledge you’re using an established collection of world-class companies.


    Although the nature of our projects differs wildly, our service level does not. Every assignment receives the same dedication, creative talent and logistical support. You are also in full control. You choose an agreed monthly fee for our services, depending on how much (or how little) your project requires.

    In this day and age every customer is quite rightly looking for value for money. Not only is our expertise covered in a fixed approach, but we have a linked relationships with supporting team partners to offer the best in high-end bespoke craftsmanship. By being both a design consultancy and the owner of a magnificent showroom, we have access not just to the award-winning creative talent but the best merchandise from a jealously guarded network of suppliers spanning the world at great prices.

    Read On..

    Senior Interior Designer vacancy

    We are currently recruiting for the vacant role of Senior Interior Designer. The successful candidate will be based either in our renowned luxury Cheshire showroom or our Esher, Surrey office and will be part of our multi-discipline high-end Interior Design Team. We are currently engaged in projects ranging from small refurbishments to large scale high-end [ ] View Article

    Vogue rising stars of interior design

    February 12, 2016

    Vogue magazine says “Rising stars. with more strength and depth than any other Interior Design Agency we know of” View Article

    Walmsley Fold Farm video

    Walmsley Fold Farm video – fly through this incredibly hedonistic yet everyday liveable family home. Also Michelle Keegan visits Las Tortugas villa in Pollensa, Majorca View Article

    Celebrating the Man Cave

    When we say the words man cave we mean it in a positive way, bear with us. Yes we know it can conjure up quite unsavoury concoction of smoky, alcohol-fuelled dimly lit rooms that pass as a hideaway for the big game with the boys, or a that special poker night in. Well, these collection [ ] View Article

    Senior Interior Designer required Now filled

    October 23, 2014

    UPDATE Jan 2015:Position now filled Senior Interior Designer Vacancy We are currently recruiting for the vacant role of Senior Interior Designer. The successful candidate will be based in our renowned luxury Cheshire showroom and will be part of our multi-discipline high-end Interior Design Team. We are currently engaged in projects ranging from small refurbishments to [ ] View Article

    Art of Design Magazine article

    Delighted to be the showcase feature article in the recent edition of The Art of Design magazine for our Vicarage Georgian restoration and enlargement project. The respected industry magazine have delivered over 70,000 copies to subscribers, and give-aways at key interiors exhibitions. The full magazine is available as a viewable flip magazine on issuu.com [ ] View Article

    North Yorkshire Luxury Homes Interiors feature

    In the second ever publication of the beautifully produced publication North Yorkshire Luxury Homes Interiors we we re thrilled to be showcased with a six page article of our award-winning Gleneagles super home. The stunning home set on the world famous golf course has incredible views to the third flag as well as woodlands beyond [ ] View Article

    Winter 2013/14 Bridge for Design magazine article

    January 16, 2014

    We we re delighted to be featured with a comprehensive article by one of our favourite interior design magazines, Bridge for Design this Winter. The piece features a round up of our projects to date and an interview with Simon Evans owner and design lead for the company. In this inaugural issue for the new editor, [ ] View Article

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