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Interior Architecture Design

Designing residential interior environments that we live and interact in everyday requires a lot more than simply decorating and furnishing a space. It demands a more focused expertise and skill set related to structural boundaries, space creation and planning, ergonomics, sustainable interior materials, interior lighting as well as other aspects of the built environment which are focused on the interior scale.


The team at Darren James Interiors understand the unique requirements when renovating or modifying an interior environment. Trained in the art of re-purposing or modifying structural elements our designers focus on interiors that cater for the needs of the modern family.


Whether you are redesigning and renovating your kitchen, relocating or remodeling a bathroom or planning to embark on a large interior renovation for your entire house or apartment – Darren James Interiors will take the heartache out of the design and renovation process. From start to finish we offer a complete design and construct service for residential interiors.

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Your kitchen is the very heart of the home and the room where we spend most of our time. As Australians we gravitate to the kitchen for more than just cooking purposes..


Renovating your bathroom is exciting, not only will it improve your lifestyle but it will add thousands of dollars to the value of your home..

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Best Interior Designers in Denver, CO 2016

Need an Interior Designer

Project type Design of 1-2 rooms Design type Lighting, Window treatments, Other (decor) Total budget for designer and furniture $1,000 – $3,000 Details Help with pulling together my kitchen and livingroom which are very open and the main living space of house

$80 Average price Start a similar project

Need an Interior Designer

Project type Consultation (several hours) Design type Color palette / paint selection, Window treatments, Flooring Total budget for designer and furniture More than $5,000 Details I m looking for someone who can recommend a great paint selection for my home, and a great flooring for second floor of my home

$275 Average price Start a similar project

Need an Interior Designer

Project type Consultation (several hours) Design type Space planning / layout, Window treatments, Other (Patio) Total budget for designer and furniture $1,000 – $3,000 Details I have a beautiful patio with outdoor kitchen area and want to complete this area

$300 Average price Start a similar project

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Top 10 free online interior design room planning tools

If you’re thinking about redesigning a room and altering the layout, then it’s sometimes hard to work out whether your ideas will really work and if everything will fit in well. This is particularly so with rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens, when you’re considering totally re-arranging the existing layout.

One of the best ways of seeing whether or not your ideas are actually viable, and to get an idea of how they might look, is to put together a proposed layout of your room. If you don’t fancy drawing this all out on paper, then there are a wide variety of very useful free room planning tools online, many of which are simple and easy to use.

Some of the tools are useful for an initial play, to see how you could move key items around in a room. But if you want to get a more accurate idea of how things could work in your particular room, you will need to take measurements and input these into the room planners. Don t forget to also take into consideration where windows or doors are located and which way they open!

There are online room planning tools run by individual brands, which use examples of their own products to help you plan a room, plus generic tools that guide you as to what size bath or sink you’ll require to meet your plans.

We successfully used one of the generic room planners to re-design our bathroom, completely altering the original layout. Using our measurements, it was very useful to see the maximum size of bath and shower unit that could fit in, whilst still giving enough space in the rest of the room.

Once you’ve produced your perfect room plan, you can usually save it, download it or print it out. If you’re employing a builder or contractor to do the work, then the room plan will be useful for them to get a better idea of what you’re looking for and find products that match the required sizes.

10 free online room planning design tools

1. Room Sketcher The free floor planner and home design tool from Room Sketcher makes it easy to draw out and plan your room layouts, as well as get a more visual idea of how things could fit.

2. Floor Planner Floor Planner offers a useful tool (the basic option is free) to create new floor plans and room layouts.

3. Bathroom Accessories Guide This back-to-basics tool uses graph paper and simple measurements to show you what sizes of bathroom furniture may fit into the room you have available.

4. Sweet Home 3D Free online interior design tool that allows you to create 2D plans and see previews in 3D. It s available in a range of languages.

5. Autodesk Homestyle Useful free drag and drop room planner tool that allows you to easily create floor plans, plus add decorating ideas too.

6. Ikea Room planning tools from Ikea, including a kitchen planner.

7. Model Rooms Free online room planner tool to help you design a new interior layout.

8. B Q B Q have several free room planning tools on their website, including a bathroom planner, kitchen planner and room designer tool.

9. Homebase – Homebase have a selection of useful online tools and calculators, including a free room planner.

10. Magnet Online kitchen planner tool that helps you create a 3D model of a kitchen.

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Are there any free online tools that allow you to:
1 use inches (instead of feet or meters)
2- plot the actual measurements on the diagram
I have an old house, and I m attempting to build/plan shelving there are all kinds of nuances I need to plan for (e.g. an oddly shaped wall that is probably the closet in another room). I need to use inches and accurate (not rounded off) measurements. It would be helpful to have them written on the page (e.g. technical drawing). It seems that I ll just have to go back to graph paper and a pencil.

I stopped looking at number 4, which is Sweet Home 3D. This is a magnificent free program that lets you lay out just one room or a whole house, transferring your real world measurements into walls, windows, and furniture that is precisely to scale. You can move and rotate furniture easily with mouse or keyboard (measurements). Your floor plan is always also shown in 3D, and you can take photos of the 3D rooms. My wife and I love this program. It is much better than the description here on this website. I recommend it and am planning to give them some money when we are done with our two-room project.

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“We had the fortune of meeting Kristen Thomas after going under contract on a home remodel/expansion. The builder had hired Kristen to consult on the design of the home and to work with the buyers on interior and exterior finishes. From the moment we first met Kristen, she was a delight to work with. Her design selections were fantastic. Kristen worked with us on every phase of design: hard surface selection, flooring, wall color, bathroom hardware, light fixtures, cabinet hardware, door selection, built-ins, exterior color scheme, etc. Kristen did it all. Even though she technically worked for the builder, you could sense that it was her true desire to make sure our house was exactly the way we wanted it. We were so impressed with Kristen, that we hired her to help select new furniture for our house, as well as floor and window treatments. Kristen even designed a custom piece of furniture for us. We cannot recommend Kristen more highly. She is talented, professional, courteous, prompt and overall just a wonderful person to work with.”

Kevin and Kendall, Denver

“Studio Thomas is amazing. They helped me design and decorate several rooms in my existing house and are currently helping me design my next house. Their team is professional and they really knows their stuff and not to mention, a joy to be around. I love that they can design for any aesthetic. They know exactly what I want even when I don’t know it myself! They also stayed within my budget, which is always a plus! I love Studio Thomas and their designs and highly recommend their services. “

Whitney from Parker, Colorado

“I am so grateful to Studio Thomas for their expert opinion. I could not have done this without them. They have made my house so beautiful. People are nuts not to hire a designer. Their advise has been the greatest return on my investment. “

Stacey from Parker, Colorado

Claudia Goodwin, Parker Co.

“I recently bought my first house, and came into the new living situation with virtually zero furnishings. I let Studio Thomas work their magic on the blank canvas, and their team was able to create a remarkable space with unique features that were well aligned with my taste. They truly have talent for decor and design. I am very happy with the end result.”

Collin Denver, CO

“My husband and I turned to Studio Thomas to help us finish up an extensive remodel on our home. The team has been so invaluable to us since they came on board. Our only regret is that we didn’t get Studio Thomas involved right from the start! They are so creative and fun to work with. Each member of their team has an incredible amount of energy and passion. We enjoyed working with them so much on our remodel that we decided to have them help us design/decorate our house as well. It’s been a blast! Thank you Studio Thomas! We are so thrilled with everything you have done for us.”

Megan from Parker, Colorado

“Studio Thomas was a tremendous resource for me when fixing up an investment property. They managed all aspects of the project. This entailed the scheduling and supervision of the numerous vendors and contractors that were in and out of the house on a daily basis, as well as selecting amazing designs for everything from tile to lighting fixtures, and countertops to appliances. The staff at Studio Thomas has an incredible knack for knowing how to make things appear special and stand out. If you are in need of a super creative interior designer firm for your home or investment properties, I highly recommend you contact Studio Thomas!”

Seth Jensen, Parker, Colorado

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Design Firms in Italy

With a history dating back to 1930, Pininfarina is today one of the leading service company within the automotive industry. pininfarina.com Cambiano, Piemonte recent article E-voluzione: Pininfarina Unveils Its First Electric Bike category Car Design Companies

  • Alessi is a family business established in 1921 in Omegna, by the Lake Orta side, in Northern Italy. Started as a workshop for the manufacturing of brass and German silver sheets, in its almost centuries-old history Alessi has evolved into being recognized as one of the Italian Design Factories , able to apply the abilities it achieved in this field to several product typologies. Alessi, an internationally oriented and change ready company, has at the same time deep roots into the cultural traditions of its territory, towards which it feels consciously obliged. Still today, in fact, Alessi is a byword for machine-aided handicraft. alessi.com Omegna, Piemonte category Industrial Design Companies

  • The idea behind Industreal begun in 2004 and resulted in an exhibition of design called In Dust We Trust produced by ONEOFF in Milano with the collaboration of 30 designers. The intention of all exhibitions are to illustrate how creativity starts freely from ideas without interference from manufacturing or marketing limitations. industreal.it Milan, Lombardy category Industrial Design Companies

  • Iosa Ghini Associates has offices in Bologna and in Milan, where architects, engineers and designers of different nationalities work together. iosaghini.it Bologna, Emilia-Romagna category Interior Design Companies

  • Creativity and technology, glamour and functionality, quality and innovation: a combination of extraordinary factors together with a strategic vision of distribution has contributed to the lasting success of Kartell. A leader in design, Kartell addresses an international clientele with a collection unique in originality, variety, size and range. The products are multifunctional and cross-sectional, easy-to-use and with undeniable visual appeal. kartell.it Santa Corinna, Lombardy category Furniture Design Companies

  • Hangar Design Group is a multidisciplinary firm, atypical and completely original. Under one name it groups together different departments that deal with company communications, graphic design, retail and interior design. Hangar Design Group can be defined as a true laboratory with a strong calling for creative design, which is developed in the various areas of graphics, design, retail and the web, always attentive to innovation. hangar.it Veneto category Multidisciplinary Design Companies

  • Kristalia is a small furniture company from Italy. Kristalia was founded in 1994 by young local entrepreneurs joined by two common passions: design and jazz. kristalia.it Brugnera, Friuli-Venezia Giulia category Furniture Design Companies

  • Italian manufacturer of handmade glass lamps, design chandeliers and light sculptures. andromedamurano.it Murano, Venice, Veneto category Lighting Design Companies

  • Renzo Piano is a world renowned Italian architect and recipient of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, AIA Gold Medal, Kyoto Prize and the Sonning Prize. In 1981, Piano founded the Renzo Piano Building Workshop , employing a hundred people with offices in Paris, Genoa, and New York. Piano s projects include, among many others, the Cultural Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris; the regeneration of Genoa s old port; the redevelopment of Potsdamer Platz in Berlin; the Kansai International Airport Terminal in Osaka; the Beyeler Foundation Museum in Basel; the Centre Paul Klee in Bern. rpbw.com Liguria category Architecture Companies

  • Idkid is a consultancy dedicated to the design of products, environments and events for children. idkid.it San Fermo della Battaglia, Lombardy category Toy Design Companies

  • Experientia is an international experience design consultancy With the needs and contexts of people driving our designs, we create product and service experiences that really matter to them. experientia.com Turin, Piedmont category Design Consultancies

  • Studio DiDeA is an integrated architecture, interior, branding and design firm based in Palermo. architettididea.it Palermo, Sicilia category Architecture Companies

  • A Milan based firm founded in 1999 by Geert Koster, Filippo Pagliani, Michele Rossi and Nazim Beltran. Provides design services in architecture, interiors, industrial and web design. parkassociati.it Milan, Lombardy category Architecture Companies

  • GBR is a brand identity, creative, web design and graphic design studio based in Venice and Milan and works for clients in Italy and throughout the world. gbrdesign.com Milano, Lombardia category Web Design Companies

  • Zagato is a modern design consultancy and engineering services company situated just outside Milan, the hub of Italy s world-famous fashion industry. zagato.it Rho, Lombardy category Car Design Consultancies

  • The Artemide group, founded by Ernesto Gismondi in 1959, today operates throughout the world, with 16 subsidiaries and affiliated companies. Known for its philosophy The Human Light , Artemide is one of the most renowned and prestigious lighting brands in the world, a synonym for Light, Design and Made in Italy. For contexts of life, Artemide offers not only lamps for moments of relaxation at home, but also large sophisticated installations for lighting public and private professional activities. artemide.com Pregnana Milanese, Lombardy category Lighting Design Companies

  • Studio Marco Piva is an architecture and interior design company based in Milan with international background with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, and San Petersburg. studiomarcopiva.com Milan, Lombardy category Interior Design Companies

  • Jim Goring and Andre Straja formed the partnership of Goring Straja Architect in 1995. The firm s projects have been dealing with the most varied functions, both in architecture and interior design. With offices in Rome, Milan SF, we deal with projects from the conceptual stage all the way through design development and construction. gasarchitects.com Milan, Lombardy category Architecture Companies

  • Migliore+Servetto, founded in Milan in 1997, develops architectural, interior, urban and communication projects. architettimiglioreservetto.it Milan, Lombardy category Architecture Companies

  • Italdesign Giugiaro provides a wide variety of services, ranging from creativity, through to engineering, validation and prototyping, aiming to the industrialization of new vehicles and products. italdesign.it Moncalieri, Piedmont category Industrial Design Consultancies

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    An Interior Door upgrade is the most cost effective way to transform the look of every room in your home in what is typically a 3-4 hour process!

    Welcome to the Interior Door and Closet Company (IDCC). located in Huntington Beach. California. We provide service to all cities in Orange County. California. We have developed the most convenient and affordable door and closet systems to beautify, organize and add value to your most prized possession; your home.

    As our name simply states, we improve the appearance and function of three vital areas of your home: your interior doors. closet door and the closet organizers within them. We have the unique ability to provide you with both expert design guidance and professional, convenient installation.

    We are a family owned and operated company that’s been in business for over 8 years. Everyone you meet is either a family member or employee, and unlike some others, we don’t use sub-contractors.

    Interior Door and Closet Design Experts

    Our design expertise starts with evaluating your individual taste and décor as well as your home’s architectural style. We then identify the functional needs and demands of your family. By assessing these two critical elements we are able to guide you in selecting the appropriate style, material, finish and accessories for your new doors, closet doors and organizers. At IDCC we pride ourselves in having courteous and professional craftsmen along with one of the most convenient and time efficient process in the industry.

    All the labor such as intense cutting, sanding, priming and painting of your new doors is performed solely in our facility. Unlike other door replacement services, there is very little inconvenience to your family and absolutely no mess in your home. We simply measure and remove your old doors, then return within the same week to install your beautiful new finished doors. Because the work is completed at our facility, our typical door or organizer installation takes less than 4 hours in your home!

    We Only Specialize

    Specialization within our trade, our proprietary tools and processes and our large volume of work allow us to offer you prices that cannot be beat! IDCC also offers a range of products that can meet any budget; from our installed hollow-core doors to our custom closet doors that please the most affluent tastes. Our interior door and closet gallery contains many of today’s most popular designs, however the possibilities are endless. If you don’t see the closet or interior door you are looking for please contact us!

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    How Can I Become an Interior Design Consultant?

    Learn about the courses and degree programs that can help you become an interior design consultant. Read about job duties, professional activities, potential employers and opportunities for career development. Schools offering Art degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

    What Does an Interior Design Consultant Do?

    Consultants are professionals who get paid to share their specialized expertise with clients. While interior design consultants and interior designers often perform similar functions, there are some differences. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, interior designers plan, coordinate and execute the design of space in a building (www.bls.gov ). They not only draw out the plans, but also purchase and physically set up items such as artwork, rugs and furniture.

    If you become an interior design consultant, you job will be to provide your clients with design ideas they may implement on their own. You might also try to sell them products and services offered by your company. Utilizing your skills and design judgment, you might choose colors, textures and architectural features that meet your clients’ aesthetic and functional requirements. You create plans and present drawings or computer-generated images to communicate your ideas. Creativity, artistic ability and a working knowledge of computer-aided drafting software is necessary. As an interior design consultant, you may work at furniture, department or home improvement stores. You might also find employment at a design firm, assisting interior designers.

    What Education Do I Need?

    A college degree is not always required to be an interior design consultant. However, as seen in October 2011 job postings on Monster.com. employers prefer some coursework be taken in the design field. Professional design schools offer classes in space planning, computer-aided drafting, textiles, color and design fundamentals. If a career as an interior designer appeals to you, you can pursue an Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design or an associate degree in fine arts. These programs can be completed within two years, and online education options are available. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design provides a list of accredited schools that offer programs in interior design studies.

    After you earn an associate degree, an interior design consultant certificate program will build on knowledge and experience you may already have. Some courses may include the study of feng shui, visual merchandising and digital imaging.

    Learn While Working

    Much of your career development can come from experience gained on the job. You will learn how to work with difficult clients and design for a variety of interior spaces. At a design firm, you may have the opportunity to be mentored by an interior designer. With experience, you might eventually choose to open your own interior design consulting business or pursue additional education to become an interior designer.

    To continue researching, browse degree options below for course curriculum, prerequisites and financial aid information. Or, learn more about the subject by reading the related articles below:

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    Vintage Interior Design


    Vintage interior design is all about creating a sense of charm and history through old eclectic pieces. By adding antiques, collectibles, flea market finds, and estate sale items you can develop a vintage atmosphere. Vintage interior design is about embracing the things of the past and enjoying them just as they are by repairing or refinishing them. Excellent places for sourcing vintage finds include flea markets, estate sales, salvage shops, consignment shops, and antique stores.


    Source: 1st Option

    Source: 1st Option

    Source: 1st Option

    Source: Mi Casa Revista

    Source: Living Agency

    Source: Sabrina Bignami

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    Compared: 5 Of The Best 3D Interior Design Software Apps

    As many of you know, nothing online will ever compare, for me and the Hadley Court team, with the beauty and artisanship of a professionally hand rendered sketch like the one above by Toronto designer, artist and blogger, Michelle Morelan, who pens the exquisite blog, A Schematic Life.

    I ve written before about hand renderings, here. a post you really liked, but today, I m going to share with you my comparisons and thoughts on 5 of the best online 3D interior design software applications or *apps*, as they are commonly referred to in the industry.

    I recently spoke about these software applications to consumers who attended the Houston New Home and Remodeling Show last weekend and today s post will share with you, Hadley Court, readers, a summary of that information.

    Have you ever wanted to avoid costly mistakes and save time by being able to visualize, very quickly, in 2d or 3D, the furniture, art and accessories you are considering buying, before you buy them? Do you want to be able to upload your own room, any item you want into a set and then drag and drop all of that around to see how different combinations look together? Do you want to be able to do that privately? Do you want to then compare pricing so you stay on budget? Do you want to be able to filter your selections by brand, color, price, room, and piece and then buy them, too? Do you want to embed this on your website, blog or upload it to Pinterest to share your style and taste with others? Try Olioboard.

    This Olioboard, below, was created by Hadley Court contributor. Lynda Quintero-Davids.

    < Be watching for Lynda s wonderful Father s Day post -to help you shop for Dad gifts, this coming Friday.>

    This Olioboard was created by designer Jennifer Reynolds Interiors, by uploading her client s room into Olioboard, dragging and dropping the furniture and accessories she wanted to use into it from her *set* on Olioboard, and then downloading it, uploading it into Instagram, and putting a filter on it. For more on this process, and her client s reaction, see Jennifer s post about it here .

    Here s how easy it is to use Olioboard s filter function to see your options and save time.

    Have you ever wanted to be able to create a floor plan *to scale*, layer in wall color, all interior details, including windows, trim, lighting aspects, etc. and then, with a click, see it pop up in 3D and then take a 360 degree tour of it from any angle and also be able to upload your own room into it..and do the same thing AND try out real pieces from real manufacturers and turn then to any angle and have all the details to make it easy for you to shop offline and save time? Try 3Dream.net

    Have you ever wanted to be able to change out and see countertop options in your kitchen, or in any room of your home, so you can see what various materials might look like with your furniture and textile selections before you make the commitment to that large purchase? Do you want to do that in scale? Do you need to change scale from meters to inches or vice versa? Do you want to see the entire area with transparent walls, to see how each piece relates to the other and then want to be able to take a high res snapshot to share it from any angle? Do you want to add and share your completed designs to a community of over 2 million users? Do you want to do this for free..and on your IPad or IPhone in a native app and then share it on your social media channels? Try Autodesk s Homestyler.

    And lastly, if you love to build things from the ground up, and need an extremely robust tool, Sketch Up s software empowers you to program in every single detail and is widely used by architects, interior designers, kitchen and bath designers and engineers the world over. The two screenshots below were created using Sketch Up.

    Which tools are free to use, but also have a PRO option that gives you additional benefits? AutoDesk Homestyler, Olioboard and 3Dream.net. Which tools are available only by subscription but are reasonably priced and worth it if you need the more specialized features they offer? Minutes Matter and Sketch Up.

    All of the tools come with extensive video and learning tutorial backups on You Tube or Vimeo and on their own sites and many of them have communities of people already using them, willing to help you learn what you need to know.

    Here are the introductory video tutorial links for each of these software apps if you d like to watch them:

    As you already know, readers, nothing compares with the services of a professional interior designer, as they are not only visual artists and creatives, but have extensive resource knowledge, construction knowledge, sourcing knowledge, performance knowledge and project management knowledge that are invaluable to you.

    I wrote, here. about how and why working with a professional interior designer saves you so much money and time.

    The software apps I ve compared for you today, however, are excellent tools to help the communication process between you, your designer, architect, and their sub-contractors flow smoothly and seamlessly.

    I hope this has been helpful to you and we d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

    Leslie Hendrix Wood

    Chancellor Interiors
    Midland, Texas

    Founder, Editor In Chief

    Gracious Living. Timeless Design. Family Traditions.

    You’re invited to please subscribe to the Hadley Court blog, here. and to follow Hadley Court on Pinterest, Facebook, G+ and Twitter, here. here. here and here

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    Top 10: Interior Designers to Know

    1. Tom Egan
    Evolve Residential
    Lives in: Back Bay
    Designing for: 15 years
    Strength: My ability to design both the architecture and the decoration.
    Palette preference: My clients tell me theirs, and I make that beautiful.
    Architectural crush: The 1972 addition to the Boston Public Library by Philip Johnson
    Favorite room in childhood home: The front hall. It had a great staircase and proportions.

    2. Kristina Crestin
    Studio KC
    Lives in: Essex
    Designing for: 9 years
    Strength: Listening to and interpreting clients
    Palette preference: Aqua, gray, taupe, chartreuse
    Architectural crush: Boston Public Library
    Favorite room in childhood home: Wherever we were playing with Legos.

    3. John Pompeii
    Pompeii Design Group
    Lives in: The Residences at W Boston
    Designing for: 8 years
    Strength: I have a photographic memory when it comes to color and a strong sense of design styles and possibilities.
    Palette preference: Soft, pale blues to warm grays
    Architectural crush: MFA s new Art of the Americas wing
    Favorite room in childhood home: My bedroom it was fabulous even when I was eight years old.

    4. Sarah McGuire
    Sarah McGuire Design
    Lives in: South End
    Designing for: 2 years
    Strength: I think it s important to push my clients just a bit beyond their comfort zone.
    Palette preference: I am currently hunting for the perfect cornflower blue.
    Architectural crush: Anywhere with a courtyard the Public Library, the Gardner Museum.
    Favorite room in childhood home: The screened porch with swings hanging from an exposed beam.

    5. Stephanie Rossi
    Spazio Rosso
    Lives in: Boxborough
    Designing for: 10 years
    Strength: I know my shit.
    Palette preference: I don t play favorites with colors. If it s good, I like it; if it works, I use it.
    Architectural crush: The ICA and The Liberty Hotel
    Favorite room in childhood home: My bedroom. I rearranged the furniture and redecorated it too many times to count.

    6. Amanda Hark
    Hark + Osborne Interior Design
    Lives in: Needham
    Designing for: 8 years
    Strength: Eclecticism! Mixing stately antiques with contemporary pieces.
    Palette preference: Neutral to cool gray tones
    Architectural crush: Trinity Church in Copley Square
    Favorite room in childhood home: My bedroom. The walls were a soft pink hue, and my mother had hand-painted the ceiling a pale blue with puffy white clouds.

    7. Kate McCusker
    Theodore Company
    Lives in: Fenway
    Designing for: 6 years
    Strength: My attention to detail. I believe in hand-drawn floor plans and custom details.
    Palette preference: I like bold colors. Right now I am obsessed with black, gold and magenta.
    Architectural crush: Liberty Wharf complex
    Favorite room in childhood home: My bedroom. Starting when I was 12, we moved often and I got to redesign my room each time.

    8. Kristen Rivoli
    Kristen Rivoli Interior Design
    Lives in: Winchester
    Designing for: 25 years
    Strength: Connecting with my clients and being able to give them the home of their dreams.
    Palette preference: Rich, saturated colors that play off neutrals
    Architectural crush: The new wing of the MFA
    Favorite room in childhood home: My mother s walkin closet.

    9. Peter Rivoli
    Design Complements; 617-242-7587
    Lives in: Boston
    Designing for: 16 years
    Strength: Color and spatial design
    Palette preference: Earth tones
    Architectural crush: Trinity Church
    Favorite room in childhood home: The sunroom off the living room.

    10. Annsley McCaleer
    Annsley Interiors
    Lives in: Back Bay
    Designing for: 11 years
    Strength: Fabrics. I love to shop for them, I love to place them I just love textiles.
    Palette preference: Blue
    Architectural crush: Boston Athenaeum
    Favorite room in childhood home: My first bedroom. My twin bed had a white bamboo-style headboard and a lime-green comforter with a white bamboo pattern.


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