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59 Modern Luxury Bathroom Designs (Pictures)

Check out these 59 pictures of modern luxury bathroom designs – diverse designs – white, black, concrete, marble, red, large, small – click here.

Gone are the days when bathroom design was an after-thought or so it seemed.

One of the biggest problems when buying a new house is dealing with small bathroom space. A short few decades ago bathrooms were closets with plumbing (hence the term water closet). Some people deal with it by replacing a bedroom (of which there were many in older Victorian homes) with bathroom space. I think that s great because a large, luxurious bathroom is fantastic.

These days home design and architecture dedicates plenty of space for bathrooms. The reason for this is simple people want it because it s luxurious and pleasant to have plenty of room.

To that end, below are 59 pictures of stylish modern luxury bathroom designs that will inspire your renovation or custom home design. Check out our white bathroom collection as well .

Large bathroom renovation in attic with sloping ceiling using grey and white color scheme

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