Mar 22 2020

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Compact kitchen

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Welcome to our Monday routine Life Gadget Design. As usual, 10 creative, bizarre or even silly designs will be presented here.

Keyboard Armchair [link]

Designer Dante Bonuccelli and Lamm have created a unique armchair for the UMUL 2009 project (Use More, Use Less), a permanent workshop on re-use in design. It’s back is made of computer keys, which if they flex, might add a heretofore unseen level of comfort from keys.

The discarded laptop keyboards were then used to create Texte-ile.

Touchless Elevator Button – Against 3,500 Bacteria Per Square Inch [link]

Holy crap that’s how much there is on the average elevator button according to designer Skeet Wang. Skeet Wang, yes, Skeet Wang, has taken the idea of the touchless button and applied it to elevators. Which is a good idea if the other fact Skeet Wang says is true: that the 3,500 Bacteria Per Square Inch is 17 times greater than the average toilet seat.

Contagion! That’s what comes from elevator buttons. Instead of the black death, try this non-contact button method. The system uses “micro sensors mounted inside the hollow of each button, which will activate the order when people put fingertips through.”

And say what? “The UV rays shedding from the buttons will sterilize our fingertips when pressing the button in the meantime.”

Relational Pillow

With the Relational Pillow project, we are trying to provide a simple, intimate, and personable communication medium between loved ones. The pillows are capable of sensing touch information, and displaying incoming touch data as a pattern of lights that show the outline “drawn” upon the remote pillow. Pillows can connect to each other over the network so that this sense of touch can be shared across long distances. The physical sensation of holding a pillow and interacting with it builds upon the idea of using the natural features of the object in order to achieve a deeper connection between the users, without interfering in the communication process itself.

Compact Kitchen [link]

Limited space in your kitchen? The design just allow you compact whole kitchen fits in a cupboard. Table, stool, lamp, compact them when you don’t need them. This is an awesome design for me.

Glass tank designed by Kyouei [link]

It is a glass for drinking a lot. A device consists of a bulb shaped container with the glass below. When the amount in the glass decreases, a constant amount is poured from the tank into the glass. Never overflowing from the glass because of air pressure and water pressure.

Get the wine in that bubble and you’ll be booting your way to strange wineglass supremacy.

4sides4home – No Walls, Only Partitions Designer: Studio Stanta

Without compromising on privacy, the 4sides4home is an amazing interior option for those who have small apartments and even smaller families. The concept utilizes the given floor space optimally by doing away with the walls and incorporating partitions instead. Imagine a huge + (plus sign) on the floor plan where each wing is a specific room. What you design or expect from the modular room is up to you. For instance the four wings could each be a living room, a bedroom, a study and a dining room.


Living room

Dining Room

Study room

How the 4sides4home works on floor plan.

The Solo Man Bib ‘Mansforms’ You Into a Real Man [link]

It is a campaign gift designed for Australia’s Solo soft drinks. Solo Beverage company aims to turn pasty, hairless boys into real men with their Solo Man Bibs. The Solo Man Bib hooks easily around the neck and gives men instant rub-worthy pecs, complete with chest hair and even a Solo gold necklace…(lol)

Liquid Lamp [link]

The Liquid Lamp looks like an overturned bucket spilling blood. This lamp will stand by frozen liquid(blood) oozing onto the table or down the wall, depending on the lamp’s style.

And if you thought that is too bloody, the designer also offer a Grey Style.

Two Ways Door [link]

ERGON is an innovative door mounting system that allows the door to be opened in both directions of travel with a simple push. As an added bonus, ERGON doors require 50% less space to open than regular doors and are perfect for small apartments.

Hana Table [link]

Hana table by Japanese designer Shige Hasegawa consists of five interlocking plywood legs. Such design makes use of an Origami (paper folding) technique, and uses five plywood legs with no screws or nails to hold the glass top. Hence, table easy to disassemble and ideal for flat-pack shipping. And it is look pretty… 🙂

Compact kitchen

Compact kitchen

Compact kitchen

Welcome to our Monday routine Life Gadget Design. As usual, 10 creative, bizarre or even silly designs will be presented here. Keyboard Armchair [link] Designer
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