25 Shabby Chic Hallway And Entryway DГ©cor Ideas

Shabby chic interior design

We continue discussing shabby chic spaces, full of charm and beauty, and today we’ll have a look at shabby chic entryways and hallways. Decorating a shabby chic entryway or hallway is actually the same as any other space but you may need some tricks cause this space is usually tiny but it should be functional and stylish at the same time.

hallway with rustic touches

French-style entry with a serenity door

shabby chic entryway with rustic touches

delicate hallway with blush touches

shabby chic cottage-style whitewashed entryway

whitewashed shabby chic entryway

entryway with pastel touches

Colors And Patterns For A Shabby Chic Hallway Or Entryway

White, cream, buttermilk, all kinds of neutrals and pastels are welcome here! If it’s a tiny hallway, avoid bold touches at all, opt for whitewashing. You may try stenciling walls, choose floral textiles or wallpapers, add rustic touches with warm wood pieces, burlap or twine, rustic and shabby chic styles mix very well and look awesome together.

whitewashed shabby chic entry with grey touches

all-white shabby chic entryway

shabby chic hallway with rustic touches

various wooden textures and shades give this entryway a unique look

white entryway with wooden decor and a vintage metal lantern

shabby chic whitewashed entryway with netural textiles and a chalkboard

ethereal white lace curtain for shabby chic decor

Furniture For A Shabby Chic Hallway Or Entryway

As this space is often small, be laconic and choose practical yet stylish furniture. You may need some console, a storage bench, a couple of shelves or racks. Pay attention to the large mirrors in vintage frames, they can make the whole look up. Find these pieces on the flea market or in your grandma’s home and renovate them to match your interior. Whitewash, age or paint them in pastel colors, distressing is another cool idea, characteristic of shabby chic style. Such approach will save your budget as DIYing isn’t expensive,s o you’ll decorate your entryway for cheap.

mint console table for a shabby chic entryway

shabby chic whitewashed telephone table

mint shabby coat rack with drawers

distressed pastel bench

refined patina console table

whitewashed shabby chic bench

distressed shabby chic console

Accessories And Decorations For A Shabby Chic Hallway Or Entryway

An entryway is often the first space that a guest sees in your house, so it should make some impression. Choose right accessories, even if there isn’t much space, you can always find something cool. The accessories here may add some touches of other styles, for example, of rustic style – go for baskets, jugs instead of vases, antlers and other stuff. If you want something more refined, try French chic style and choose a crystal chandelier, some floral and lace textiles and chic vintage lamps.

an old window can be a cool decoration for a shabby chic entryway

a whitewahsed watering can instead of a vase

crystal chandelier for French chic style

an old milk jag and a piece of clock used to create a mood

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