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Pittsburgh Home Painters

Nothing brings out the best in a property like a fresh coat of paint. It can brighten up a room or boost your curb appeal in a snap. If a new coat of paint is in your house’s future, whether it is interior or exterior work, you want to be sure you’ve picked the right kind of paint, as well as the right kind of painter for the job. In Pittsburgh, home painters are not difficult to find, but finding the one that’s going to do the best job for the best price can be a task in itself.

Exterior Home Painters

Nowhere is knowledge of an area’s conditions more important than when you’re doing work on the outside of your house. In Pittsburgh, home painters should have not only an understanding of how paint works, but also of what techniques and tricks of the trade work best for southwestern PA. Pittsburgh’s weather patterns contain the very cold, the very warm, and the very moist, which are all conditions that can age paint prematurely. Before settling on the right company for the job, you should not only look at the price of their services, but what kind of experience they have in the Allegheny County area as well.

A good Pittsburgh home painter is well aware that the excessive moisture in the air can hinder paint adhesion, and how to best get around this issue. A good exterior painter will be able to advise you on what time of the year a job should ideally begin, as well as the specific steps that should be taken to get the longest life out of your investment. The type of paint you use, the number of coats that are applied, and the kind of priming and sealing that should be preformed before the paint is applied will all make a difference in how well the finished product looks after a few years time. Whoever you hire should be able to give you sound answers to any questions you have on any of these topics.

Interior House Painters

While how long a paint job lasts is definitely a huge concern for the outside of your home, there’s no shame in being cautious about the inside, either. A type of paint that would work well in most situations might not be the best choice for households with children. A less expensive brand might require extra coats and reduce your savings by increasing your labor costs. A painter that is honest about his or her practices is a must, and one that knows the limitations and benefits of the wide array of products on the market can be invaluable.

One of the best things you can do as a homeowner looking to redo your interior is to research the companies you are considering and the work that they have done before. Many companies now have websites that will show you, at the click of a mouse, the type of work that they have done in the past. For an independent evaluation and measure of quality control, HomeAdvisor also provides ratings and reviews for all our contractors, so you’ll know how each one matches up.

Pittsburgh House Painter Prices

To hire a home painter, Pittsburgh residents can pay anywhere from $800 to $4,000, depending on the size of the job. That’s a pretty big difference, but house painting comes in many different forms. The national average cost for hiring an interior painter is around $2,200, while an exterior paint job runs closer to $3,000. Getting the most for your money is a concern for anyone, and a professional Pittsburgh house painter will have the experience to know that your questions are important and worth the time to answer completely and politely. Remember, the right person for the job might not always be the least expensive. More often than not, a high level of quality and customer service is well worth a few extra bucks.

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