Interior design victoria bc

Maritime Nostalgia Infuses the Redesign of Hong Kong s Fleming Hotel

Interior design victoria bc

Sweet Childhood Memories Inspire SPOONING Cookie Dough Bar in Berlin

Interior design victoria bc

Long Story Short: A Historic Fort Becomes a Hostel in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Interior design victoria bc

The Belly Tank: A Military Drop Tank is Transformed Into an Αerodynamic Pommel Horse

Interior design victoria bc

Le Temps Retrouvé Residence by Marcante-Testa in Milan, Italy

Interior design victoria bc

The Law of Past Experience and The Sculptural Chimeras of Studio Nucleo’s Boolean Series

Interior design victoria bc

Ferrari: Under the Skin at the Design Museum in London, UK

Interior design victoria bc

Southern Hospitality: The Drifter Opens its Doors in New Orleans, Louisiana

Interior design victoria bc

CHIANG HOUSE by 2BOOKS Space Design in Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Interior design victoria bc

India Meets Germany: Reclaimed Stories by Nikita Bhate Pascal Hien

Interior design victoria bc

Sparkling Innovation in Montreal, Canada : La Géode Lives Up to Its Name

Interior design victoria bc

A Mobile Hair Salon: Tzapos – The Flying Hairdressers Created by Designliga Drives Around Munich

Interior design victoria bc

Maestrie: The Evocative Beauty of Foscarini’s Industrial Craftsmanship

Interior design victoria bc

The Welcoming Urban Aesthetic of Black Drop in Kavala by Ark4lab of Architecture

Interior design victoria bc

Sean Connolly at Dubai Opera

Interior design victoria bc

Mid-century Modernism Meets Bohemian Chic in AS Apartment in São Paulo

Interior design victoria bc

The Revamped Mid-Century Charm of The Native Hotel in Malibu

Interior design victoria bc

Ris Interior Design Brings a Vivid Playfulness to Taiwan s Gatto Bianco Bistro

Interior design victoria bc

Graphical Minimalism Meets Japanese Folklore in Hokkaidon Restaurant

Interior design victoria bc

The Warm Industrial Design of Cask 215 in Šiauliai, Lithuania

Interior design victoria bc

In Ghent, an 1898 Post Office Turns Into a Magnificent Hotel

Interior design victoria bc

The Creative Learning Curves of Brazil s Escola Britânica de Artes Criativas



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Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

OUR MISSION is to create thoughtful, beautiful interiors that meet our clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while honoring and celebrating the buildings that contain them.

OUR PERSPECTIVE is informed by a respect for historical architecture coupled with an appreciation of the playfulness and brightness of modern design.

OUR EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE applies to all types of projects: on smaller residential and renovation work we can produce the drawings necessary for permitting and construction, on larger commercial and new-construction projects we focus on the interiors and work in tandem with architectural and engineering teams.

OUR APPROACH is flexible and responsive. We work with some clients who have a strong vision and we help them achieve it. Others are less sure and we guide them through the design process, helping them to formulate their own aesthetic as we go.

OUR NETWORK of collaborating professionals, formed through fifteen years of practice, includes architects, builders, artists, and artisans who share our vision.

WE ARE BASED IN PORTLAND, OREGON but we are currently working on projects in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities in the US. We enjoy the diversity and learning opportunities offered by working in communities other than our own.


Jessica Helgerson has more than fifteen years experience designing residential and commercial interiors. Though her interiors are typically clean and uncluttered, she is comfortable working in a variety of styles, guided by her clients’ individual needs and tastes. Her design process is pragmatic (how should the space be laid out to flow and function well?) as well as creative/conceptual (what idea or feeling will ground and focus the design?).

At the beginning of each project, Jessica likes to start with the same questions: What’s the best design for the client? What’s the best design for the building or space? What will stand the test of time, stylistically and functionally? For any project, her goal is to ensure that the fundamental design and materials are classic, long lasting, and appropriate to the building and its period. Then she likes to layer on fresh, contemporary elements—such as lighting, furniture, and art—that feel just right for the clients and for the moment.

Jessica has a long-standing interest in green building and sustainability. At the start of her career she was a green building activist, sitting on a number of boards devoted to environmental preservation and serving as president of the Sustainability Project. She continues to bring this interest in sustainability into her daily life. For four years, her family lived, rather experimentally, in a 540-square-foot cottage on five acres of farmland. Adorned with a planted green roof and big front porch, the cottage was remodeled with almost entirely reclaimed materials. With her husband, she has been raising chickens, turkeys, and bees and growing nearly all the food their family eats, as well as throwing lots of big dinner parties for friends hungry for food they can see growing. They now live on a larger house on the same property, where everyone can spread out a bit.

Fluent in French and Italian, she has lived and worked in Italy, Switzerland, and France. Her life in Europe and her travels in India, Mexico, Morocco, and the Far East have strongly influenced her work.

Photo by Parker Fitzgerald

Chelsie Lee

Originally from Ohio, Chelsie studied Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. During school she interned in Nashville, Cincinnati, and Boulder and studied abroad in Copenhagen where she fell in love with Scandinavian design aesthetic and principals. After graduating in 2008, Chelsie temporarily shifted her path away from design and volunteered at AmeriCorps. She spent a season living and working at Arches National Park in Utah before eventually finding her way to Portland in 2009. Prior to joining JHID, Chelsie spent six months at Skylab Architecture where she worked on a number of projects including the renovation of the W Hotel in Seattle.

Photo by Ty Milford

Em Shephard

Em Shephard first discovered her passions for design and travel touring across Asia with her 78-year-old grandmother when she was 12. Since then, she has studied in Europe, taught English in Argentina, eloped in India, and travelled throughout SE Asia and Central and South America. Along the way, she has fed her design aesthetic with the cultures, perspectives, landscapes, architectures, and inspirations of her travels. She earned a Bachelors in World Religions from Colorado College, and went on to receive a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She then spent three years at Kelly Wearstler, Inc. in LA where she managed design projects for 5-star hotels (including the Viceroy brand), high-end residential, and boutique retail. She worked on new construction and renovation projects, while gaining extensive experience with custom designs—from rugs and lighting to furniture and millwork. Tiring of the clichéd LA traffic and smog, and looking for a community to compliment her sustainable design perspective, Em and her husband moved to Portland where she joined JHID. She has fallen in love with the city, and surrounding area, and spends her weekends hiking, camping, and indulging in Portland’s renowned food and wine culture.

Photo by Malcolm Lee

Mira Eng-Goetz

Mira Eng-Goetz enjoys exploring the relationships between objects, people and spaces. She studied sculpture at Mills College in Oakland, California and later received a bachelor of science degree in interior architecture at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Mira’s designs are often influenced by her experiences abroad in Europe and West Africa where she interned with a variety of visual artists and volunteered as a health worker in the Peace Corps.

Photo by Ty Milford

Alisha Borden

Alisha Borden is intrigued with the effect the built environment has on its users. She believes the most inspired designs are created through multidisciplinary practices, and is always seeking to learn. Alisha graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design and a minor in sustainability from the Art Institute of Portland. During her time in school she completed an internship at Skylab Architecture, and regularly collaborated with students in various fields of study, broadening her perspective on design and how it is influenced by allied arts.

Photo by Malcolm Lee

Mariah Hum

Having grown up around and in her father’s ceramic and woodworking studio, Mariah has developed a deep appreciation and connection to fine craftsmanship and the intimate qualities of the handmade object. These influences inspire her to design spaces with intention and integrity that create human and environmental wellbeing. Mariah earned her BFA with honors in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. In her free time she continues the creative tradition with her own art making, be it painting old buildings, sculpting with clay or carving wooden spoons. In any endeavor Mariah always brings a positive attitude along for the journey.

Photo by Malcolm Lee

Kayti Huffman

Kayti Huffman grew up in the suburbs of Southern California, where she longed to be surrounded by architecture with history and a story. Before beginning design school, she spent time training in water purification relief work in Hawaii, then volunteered in Southeast Asia providing aid for tsunami victims. Upon her return she earned a bachelor’s of art degree in interior design and a minor in business administration. Working in the service industry throughout college, Kayti couldn’t help but notice that the spaces she was working in could be better designed, and she began to develop a strong interest in hospitality-oriented public spaces. She is particularly interested in the relationships between brand identity, consumer behavior and the built environment.

Photo by Malcolm Lee

Stephen Pierce

Stephen was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. After receiving a B.A. in marketing from the University of Memphis, the humidity finally drove him out of the South to teach ESL in Korea and Spain. He decided to move to the Pacific coast after hearing about the food and culture of Portland, and he received a post-baccalaureate degree in accounting from Portland State University. When he is not at JHID, Stephen spends his time biking, cooking, and exploring our beautiful city.

Photo by Malcolm Lee

Interior design portland oregon

Adam Porterfield

As a primarily self-taught, multidisciplinary artist and designer, Adam experienced a late-in-life realization that dabbling is, in and of itself, an interesting career path. In working with JHID, Adam has been provided the opportunity to wear many hats; from scheming dream projects for the firm, to corresponding with the press, and picking up tile samples. Every day, and every project, is chock full of opportunities for learning, growth and gratitude.

office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Things to note for when planning to renovate offices, factories, retail shops in Singapore

Pass a copy of this manual to your Interior designers / Renovation contractors for their reference and compliance. Application forms for the Renovation permit, Shut down of Fire Sprinkler System, Application of Hot Work Permit are found in the manual, and needs to be submitted prior to the commencement of the renovation.

We would also advise tenants to ask the building management office for any special instructions relating to the renovation, as this may spells out any hidden cost to you later.

Experienced teams from Singapore Interior Pte Ltd will provide a full turnkey service to your renovation needs:-

. Preparation of drawings for submission to relevant authority such as FSSD (SCDF), HDB, URA, BCA, etc.

. Cabling work for lighting, power, voice and network points.

. Provision of keyphone / PABX system, server rack, UPS, door access, surveillance camera.

. Erection partition rooms with drywall gypsum board, tempered glass, fire rated board, etc.

. Install false ceiling and plaster ceiling

. Floor finishing – carpeting, vinyl tiles, vinyl sheet, granite / homogenuous tiles.

. Wall finishing – wall paper covering, emulsion / enamel painting.

. Fire protection system – addition / alteration to the fire sprinkler, heat / smoke detectors, call points. Provision of FM200 for server rooms / data centre.

. Plumbing work – inclusive of supply and waste piping, coring of floor slabs for new wet pantry and toilets. Installation of toilets sanitary ware, sink, etc.

. Carpentry work – all design and built items relating to furniture inclusive of decorative items such as stainless steel, mirrors, glass, etc.

. Office furniture – complete range of office furniture, system furniture, open plan partition, desks, cabinets, chairs, conference table, reception counter, etc.

. Company signage – in 3D acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium box-up, vinyl stickers, etc.

. Provision of telephone and video conferencing equipments, projectors, etc.

. Is electrical distribution board provided?

. What is the electrical supply rating provided?

. Is the telephone main cabling from TAS riser to unit provided on site by landlord?

. Any floor trap for water discharge (for pantry, etc)?

. Hacking of floor screed allowed (to conceal cabling)?

. Installation of split unit aircon allowed?

Our project team will also conduct a Pre-inspection check when the premises is hand over to us and we will list down any irregular items found and forwarded to our clients for their reference / followup action. Similarly once our fitting out is completed, we shall conduct a handover to our client.

Information mentioned above is strictly for your reference only and not for sales as training material, neither allowed for use by interior designers / contractors for their check list. All authorisation from us must be written. All rights reserved.

Diploma HE Architectural Interior Design

Dates: Sept 2018 July 2019, 10am – 4pm

Length: Full-time, 1 academic year in 3 terms

Course Director: Alan Hughes MA

Location: 7 Eaton Gate, London SW1W 9BA

Fee: £26,546.00 inc VAT. An Instalment Plan is available, please ask the Course Administrator.

News:This Diploma has been newly validated by Wrexham Glyndŵr University and as such will form part of the BA (Hons) qualification. It now constitutes a Diploma HE Architectural Interior design at FHEQ Level 5. Please contact the School for details as the web is currently being updated.

Course Aims

  • To evaluate site and functional constraints and evolve design solutions.
  • To develop an understanding of design as it relates to the domestic and commercial interior together with the capability to present design ideas visually.
  • To develop spatial awareness, the capability to organise space with a knowledge and understanding of ergonomics and an ability to handle interior decorative elements.

Diploma HE Architectural Interior Design – course content

Throughout the course you will develop skills in the following modules:


This is at the heart of the Diploma HE in Architectural Interior Design Course. It addresses the fundamental elements of design in interiors, covering survey spatial manipulation and planning, design concepts and form, use of light and colour and use of texture and materials.

Through project work supported by lectures you learn to approach the process of design as a problem-solving exercise, involving successful interpretation of the client brief and incorporating psychological and emotional considerations.

Design analysis

Analysis encourages spatial appreciation and the investigation of a site in terms of its current and proposed uses and its relationship in the wider context. It also encourages design development – methodically exploring alternative solutions before moving to the design stage with the use of diagrammatic assessments of tasks and the space needed to carry them out in conjunction with analysis of survey, circulation and ergonomics.


Visual communication and presentation skills are essential for the dissemination of design information. You will develop two- and three-dimensional drawing skills and learn to use various rendering and colouring techniques in your design projects, alongside the creation of sample and illustration boards. You will also explore Vectorworks, an industry standard computer-aided design (CAD) software package, as a means of drawing up designs.


The understanding of constructional issues informs and exposes what is possible in interior design terms and it is crucial to comprehend the constraints and regulations with regards to the alteration of the built environment. You will examine structural principles and the fabric and services of both domestic and commercial buildings. The aim is to promote professional realistic thinking within your design proposals and to incorporate sound practice with imaginative and appropriate design solutions. You will also examine the technical application of hard and soft finishes, the detailed installation of services, staircase design and the design of built-in fitments.

Job administration

In this module of the course you will explore business issues relevant to the practice of interior design: types of business, accounts, tax, professional indemnity, personnel management, equipment, budgeting, tendering and placing orders, site supervision and the fee structure.

Diploma HE Architectural Interior Design – teaching methods and entry requirements

The Diploma HE in Architectural Interior Design course is taught through practical projects carried out in studio and lectures, and also includes visits. Course places are strictly limited to ensure that you gain close working relationships with teaching staff. You will be supported in studio at a ratio of 8/9:1.

You must demonstrate a commitment to deal with a heavy workload as the Diploma course is an intensive professional programme.

All teaching and lectures are conducted in English and the following criteria may be required if English is not your first language: IELTS 5.5 (with no individual element below 5.0).

Artrend Interior Design Singapore

Artrend Interior Design Singapore industry with its track records of over 12,000 created dream homes in 30 years. Founded by Kelvin Chua, the interior design Singapore company is today, regarded by many as one of the best in the industry. With the in-house carpentry facility at Woodland Link, We lead the market in commercial interior design, residential interior design, condominium interior design and interior renovation services in Singapore.

No project is ever too small, and no interior design is ever too big. Creating a soothing and cozy home in a range of design styles, especially for limited space, is never an easy task. We are proud to say that we devote our utmost time and effort in every project. With our innovative ideas and Space Optimization Planning Solution , we will match to your requirements and maintain to the highest of standards in terms of Interior Design, Quality, and Service. – Founder Kelvin Chua


Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

What We Do

Located in the heart of Singapore, Artrend Interior Design is a collective establishment that functions as a one-stop service specializing in Commercial Interior Design, Residential Interior Design, Condo Interior Design and Interior Renovation Services to providing all-rounded services in Singapore. Throughout the years, Artrend Interior Design has since embarked on a tireless journey to diverge from familiarity and create spatial identities for everyone in an increasingly anonymous world be it a home, office or commercial space.

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Office interior design singapore

Manifest Your Dream Space Today

Office interior design singapore

new york interior design

New york interior design

Starwood Hotels – Huzhou

New york interior design

New york interior design

JW Marriott – Dubai

Frederick Alan Robertus will join the Hospitality Studio at Forrest Perkins as Associate Principle in the Washington DC .

OUR READERSHIP: Over 100,000 Architects, Designers, emerging Architects and Interior Designers in the US and abroad. .

Frank Lloyd Wright was an American architect, interior designer, writer, and educator, who designed more than 1,000 stru.

If you don’t have an architectural license, it’s illegal to call yourself an architect or perform architectural services. offers a wide variety of vital information especially developed for the Architecture Community. By registering with, or signing-in to, our site (it s fast and free), you can enjoy a number of unique benefits. View industry news, design competitions, search architect job postings, view our salary poll, post images of your projects and events, discuss business critical issues in our forums and create a personal profile.

Employers: Reach the largest targeted architecture audience on the Internet today. Post your Architecture Job vacancies, add your Architectual or Interior Design Firm to the Employer Showcase and develop advertising packages to increase your exposure to the Architecture Community.

Job Seekers: Subscribe to JOB ALERTS and have job postings delivered directly to your inbox. Build your personal career profile, upload your resume and display unlimited images from your portfolio.

New york interior design

New york interior design

MCG Architecture provides a full scope of architectural services. National projects range from regional malls to neighborhood shopping centers to power centers and single tenant stores.

Food service/Restaurant, Hotels/Hospitality, Office Buildings/Comml., Restaurants, Retail/Shopping, Theater/Entertainment,

Interior Design

Il Master in Interior Design fornisce la struttura metodologica, le competenze strategiche e le esperienze sul campo necessarie per rispondere alle nuove tendenze e agli scenari futuri del design italiano e internazionale. Al termine del corso, gli Interior Designer sono in grado di affrontare il progetto dal punto di vista tecnico-formale, ma soprattutto dal punto di vista strategico, puntando l’attenzione sui bisogni del consumatore contemporaneo e sulle necessità evolutive del settore. Sono in grado di formulare soluzioni progettuali di forte contenuto emozionale e sensoriale che migliorino l’utilizzo dello spazio tramite diversi strumenti espressivi – arredi, materiali, colori e luci – declinati e interpretati secondo le necessità.

Opportunità professionali – Dopo il Master, Gli Interior Designer entrano nel mondo professionale sia come liberi professionisti o associati in studi di architettura o design, sia come dipendenti nei settori creativi delle aziende, in showroom o agenzie di comunicazione – organizzazione eventi.

Interior design brisbane


Conto alla rovescia per La luna è una lampadina. 50 anni IED

Apre il 26 ottobre, alla Triennale di Milano, la mostra che racconta mezzo secolo di storia dell’Istituto Europeo di Design. 50 anni che corrono in parallelo all’evoluzione della società, della cultura, del costume.

Interior design brisbane

Borse di Studio

5 borse di studio per il Master di I livello in Design

Ferrarelle, Scoprega e Midea confermano anche quest’anno la collaborazione sul Master internazionale in Design Innovation, Strategy and Product organizzato [ ]

A chi è rivolto – Il Master in Interior Design costituisce la giusta specializzazione per laureati, italiani e stranieri, in design, architettura o in campi affini, che vogliano arricchire la propria esperienza nel settore della progettazione, ma anche per professionisti con una comprovata esperienza alle spalle.

Metodologia e struttura – Obiettivo del Master è insegnare innanzitutto la metodologia progettuale che, partendo dall’analisi dei codici espressivi e comportamentali del consumatore contemporaneo, dell’identità del committente, delle tendenze attuali del design e delle tecnologie dei materiali, permette di acquisire un importante bagaglio di esperienze. Lo studente impara a creare un proprio linguaggio espressivo e a far confluire in esso, valorizzandola, la creatività. Realizza layout di progetto curati nei colori, materiali, finiture, effetti luminosi, in grado di offrire nuove esperienze sensoriali ed emotive.

L’attività principale del percorso in aula è costituita dallo sviluppo di progetti di valore strategico, in grado di rispondere alle molteplici esigenze delle industrie del design. Sotto la guida di una faculty, costituita prevalentemente da professionisti e designer, i progetti si svolgono secondo un sistema aperto, in cui i partecipanti sono chiamati a collaborare con aziende italiane di fama internazionale e con brand giovani, alla ricerca di un design innovativo e sostenibile.

Il programma prevede quattro settimane di laboratori introduttivi a cui seguono i laboratori progettuali che mirano a supportare i tre progetti principali, di difficoltà man mano crescente.

I progetti si svolgono simulando una reale situazione professionale: brief, sviluppo e presentazione.

Il Master prevede seminari tematici, visite ai principali produttori di materiali e a showroom, partecipazione a eventi (primo fra tutti il Salone del Mobile di Milano), workshop e laboratori interdisciplinari. Si conclude con la presentazione del Progetto di Tesi Finale.

British Academy of Interior Design

Home Study BTEC Courses Interior design courses manchester

  • Higher National Certificate
  • Higher National Diploma

Classroom-Based BTEC Courses Interior design courses manchester

  • Higher National Certificate
  • Higher National Diploma

Interior design courses manchester

A New Career in Interior Design?

We have the course for you

Interior design courses manchester

Looking for a new creative outlet?

You do not need to be an expert artist

to become an interior designer

Interior design courses manchester

Personal tuition is an essential part of our courses

bring your unique skills and we will teach

you what you need to succeed

Interior design courses manchester

Now enrolling for our February 2018 classes

Choose to study in London

Interior design courses manchester

Request a free Brochure

Read our Testimonials

Your Personal tuition

More info on our Courses

latest updates

Another interesting blog from a great website, 10 monochrome schemes well worth reading

See attached some interesting use of wood stitched together for pendants

Some great examples of Modernism in West cost America

See how a small extension can make a big difference in the kitchen area

Whilst I have a good mark on my first assignment, I’m disappointed at the lack of information/how vague the questions are, it’s hard to figure out what exactly is expected. I seem to have been marked down on the first two questions, and a lot of the comments back I think I have done what is said, so I’m confused. and there is no example anywhere to see what is expected. Eg; a site survey page etc.

of our students are happy with our courses

provided by Interior design courses manchester

  • Interior design courses manchesterInterior design courses manchester
  • Interior design courses manchesterInterior design courses manchester
  • Interior design courses manchesterInterior design courses manchester
  • Interior design courses manchesterInterior design courses manchester
  • Interior design courses manchesterInterior design courses manchester
  • Interior design courses manchesterInterior design courses manchester

Established in 2004, the British Academy of Interior Design is a leading provider of accredited, industry recognised, interior design qualifications in the United Kingdom.

British Academy of Interior Design 2017

Enter your details and we will send you out a FREE course brochure.

new york interior design

New york interior design

New york interior design

Paley Center for Media’s inaugural Paley Honors Luncheon; Museum of Arts and Design’s annual gala; The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Associates Committee Valentino Host The Fall Party; The National Committee on American Foreign Policy’s 2017 Dinner Gala.

New york interior design

New york interior design

No Holds Barred. Blair Sabol comments on the Harvey Effect and her own experience of living in Hollywood amongst the movers and the shakers.

New york interior design

New york interior design

Liz Smith and Denis Ferrara: Always Appreciating the Great Constance Ford . And, Finally Appreciating Adam Sandler?!

New york interior design

New york interior design

Multiple events and galas are filing the week’s calendar including as well as Charlotte Moss’ new clothing line for IBU debuting at a reception with more than 200 attending.

New york interior design

New york interior design

New York Restoration Project’s annual Hulaween benefit; The Boys’ Club of New York’s 69th Annual Fall Dance; Jay Heritage Center’s Young Preservationists hosted JAY DAY 2017.

New york interior design

New york interior design

MSF50213: Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

  • Brisbane: Monday the 19th of February 2018: 9:00AM – 4:30PM
  • Gold Coast: Monday the 19th of February 2018: 9:00AM – 4:30PM

Courses are subject to sufficient student numbers. Insufficient numbers will result in cancellation (10 days prior) and students will be notified by phone and email.

If the dates above are not suitable, you can always register interest and you will be notified of any new dates when they are added.

The Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration is a dynamic, practical, industry-relevant course.

Interior Design and Decoration course gives you greater design awareness and the skills to develop your individual style.

The Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration will provide you with the skills and knowledge to create plans and undertake project in later stages of the course; you will learn how to create and plan, furniture, fittings, surfaces and colour schemes for commercial and residential settings.

You’ll learn 2D and 3D design skills and the decorative aspect of design. You’ll develop high-level documentation and technical skills in order to present your ideas to both residential and commercial clients in a professional brief.

Projects are themed around exploration into colour, material and finishes, interior construction techniques, soft furnishings, fabrics and furniture, based on historical and contemporatry styles and trends.

As your studies progress you’ll develop a deeper understanding of commercial and residential interiors, spatial layout, furnishings and decorative treatments and documentation process.

Interior design brisbane

During the course students will:

  • Explore decoration.
  • Cover colour theory
  • Problem-Solve design issues
  • Develop presentation approaches and construction drawings
  • Learn decoration and design practices from industry professionals working across both residential and commercial projects.
  • Acquire knowledge regarding the structural components and construction techniques and materials employed within an interior space;
  • Represent design concepts using sketches, renderings, perspective drawings, technical drafting and CAD generated drawings;
  • Research the diverse and evolving range of decorating design resources in today’s industry
  • Appropriately select and quantify decorator products calculate relevant costings;
  • Assess lighting requirements and make appropriate recommendations for a specific interior space;
  • Confidently proposing design concepts and providing professional advice on the selection and specification of decorating and design products for a specific interior space;
  • Develop visual design techniques to successfully showcase concepts decorating products;
  • Communicate and showcase design concepts through the preparation of concept, colour finishes boards;
  • Explore interior space planning – recognising the relevance of human scale and ergonomics;
  • Interior design brisbaneDevelop basic business skills and understand the value of professional practice in the design Industry.
  • Gain skills in effectively communicating with a range of industry professionals – interpreting information appropriately and recognizing the value of clear and concise written and verbal correspondence;
  • Appropriately documenting product and material schedules and specifications;


“I started off pursuing my bachelor in education, however after one year decided my interests lay in design and in particular interior design. It was through a lot of research that I picked and enrolled in the Diploma of Interior Design at AICD in Brisbane. I started not knowing exactly what to expect of the course, but was pleased to spend the first 6 months understanding core elements and principles of design.

The second 6 months was putting this into practice and into more industry focused scenarios and working on things like client briefs and presentation boards. Through client briefs I found my career path, which is redesigning and redecorating residential homes. The practical approach of the course, including excursions and teachers experience has cemented my knowledge of the industry. Apart from learning the best part has been meeting new people and creating new friendships.”

Margie Rose, 2013 Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration student.

Career Opportunities

The diploma is either to entry-level employment in the interior design and decoration sector or to further study to the Advanced diploma of interior design and decoration

  • Self-employment as an interior decorator
  • Architectural sales representative for industry product
  • Interior Stylist
  • In-house Interior Designer or Decorator for Design and Decoration consultancies
  • In-house Interior Designer or Decorator for furniture, furnishings and fabric suppliers
  • In-house Interior Designer or Decorator for furnishings departments of retail stores
  • Soft Furnishings consultant
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Events and Installation designer
  • Real Estate homestager
  • In-house Interior Designer or Decorator for shop fitters

Interior design brisbane

Qualification and Units of Competency

Interior design brisbaneOn successful completion students will be awarded the MSF50213: Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration which is nationally recognised as part of the Australian Qualifications Framework. This course is the latest training package on offer, and is the most industry relevant qualification available.

On successful completion of the course students will receive competencies in the following units: