interior design institute

Interior design institute

Online Start Dates: January 2017, April 2017, July 2017, October 2017

On-Campus Start Dates: April 2017, October 2017

Program Length: 3 years (4 year degree equivalent)

Interior design institute

The Bachelor of Interior Design is a leading program with in-class and online delivery. A practitioner oriented and skills-based approach will prepare you for a rewarding career as an interior designer in a growing and competitive marketplace.

I love interior design. I m doing a four year degree in three years and I m getting all of the support I need. Tara Bennett, RCCIT Bachelor of Interior Design student

Interior design has always been my passion. Now I m finishing my degree online, working part-time and I still have time to be a mom. Mirielle Drover, RCCIT Bachelor of Interior Design online student

If you are creative with a passion for aesthetics and function, the Bachelor of Interior Design will give you the foundation and skills to create beautiful, practical, healthy and safe environments for interior spaces. You will apply critical, analytical, and technical skills in high level design processes. You will gain expertise in the latest technical and digital media. You will develop creative and collaborative problem solving skills, visual literacy, cultural and ecological awareness. And you will grow a real understanding of the design industry s business side and how to market yourself as a professional.

The mission of the Bachelor of Interior Design program is to cultivate student knowledge, foster exploratory and critical skills through educational experiences that are relevant to effectively meet the demands of their future professional career and the betterment of society.

The Bachelor of Interior Design at RCCIT is recognized by the:

In-class and Online Delivery

Offered both in-class and online, the Bachelor of Interior Design is designed to accommodate your busy schedule and active lifestyle. You can complete your degree in-class, online, or choose a combination of in-class and online courses.

In-class and online courses are limited to 20 students per class, for personal one-on-one instruction.

Accelerated Program and Credit Transfers

The Bachelor of Interior Design is equivalent to a four year degree. Through consecutive, full year study, you can complete your degree in only three years. If you enter the program with previous post-secondary education, you may be able to transfer credits to complete your Bachelor of Interior Design in less than three years.

In your final year, you will work in a professional design environment, one full day per week over the course of 25 weeks. Mentored by practicing experts, you will have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge and skills. If you take the online program and live outside of Toronto, you can complete your internship in your home community. If you already work in a professional design environment, you can complete your internship at your own workplace.

The successful completion of this program will enable the graduate to:

  • Create designs for a variety of market sectors that effectively interpret the relationship of the human response to the built environment.
  • Apply the principles and psychology of design theory, and colour methodology.
  • Articulate the challenges of the changing world of design, and its connection to culture, history and empathy for an interior environment.
  • Apply a systematic design process to creatively solve challenging design problems.
  • Employ effective and professional communication skills and techniques to interact and negotiate in collaborative environments, including client presentations.
  • Demonstrate entry to practice knowledge of building systems, material selection and interior detailing in relation to interior design and interior construction.
  • Use current industry tools, mechanical, digital and manual methods to express design ideas.
  • Employ both convergent and divergent thinking in the process of observation, investigation, speculative enquiry, ideation and implementation of design solutions.
  • Apply relevant building codes, laws, regulations, sustainability and universality to human welfare and safety when designing interior spaces.
  • Engage in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to underpin design ideas.
  • Critically reflect and evaluate personal depth of knowledge and practical experience to collaborate effectively with others.
  • Model sound business practices related to project management and professional ethical conduct.
  • Develop a professional portfolio and branding as a design professional.

Interior design institute

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Red’s True BBQ


At Dawnvale, we believe in maximising profit through design. Our in-depth industry knowledge and years of experience enable us to create spaces that wow your customers and work for your business, prioritising function, efficiency and operational flow.

We manufacture commercial bars and kitchens, home bars and contract furniture, and can deliver a turnkey service that takes you from concept to completion.

Whatever your space, we’ll make it work.







Interior design sheffield Interior design sheffield

Interior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffield

Top Schools for Interior Design

Learn about degree programs in interior design, which can be found at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Take a look at what’s available at four high-profile design schools, and find a list of other schools in the United States that offer formal training in interior design. View article

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  • MA in Interior Design
  • MA in Graphic Design
  • MA in Design & Media Management
  • BS in Interior Design
  • BA in Industrial Design
  • BA in Fashion Design
  • AS in Interior Design
  • AS in Kitchen and Bath Design
  • AS in Drafting Technology & Design
  • AS in Industrial Design
  • Diploma in Interior Design
  • Certificate in Residential Interiors
  • Diploma in Residential Planning
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    • Master of Arts in Arts Administration
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    • 0:05 School Overviews
    • 0:39 Pratt Institute in New York
    • 1:22 University of
    • 1:58 New York School of
    • 2:51 Bellevue College in Washington
    • 3:23 Top Interior Design Schools

    Video Transcript

    School Overview

    Aspiring interior designers can find undergraduate and graduate programs at many of the nation’s top schools. Programs are offered at a variety of institutions including the Pratt Institute, the University of Cincinnati, the New York School of Interior Design, and Bellevue College.

    Three top schools have received high marks from DesignIntelligence for their interior design programs, while a fourth offers two different degree tracks for students. Degree levels awarded at these schools range from a certificate to a master’s degree. Students may develop a design portfolio that can aid them in the job search upon graduation.

    Pratt Institute in New York

    A private school in Brooklyn, NY with programs in art, architecture and design, the Pratt Institute offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design program, through which students can learn how to create commercial or residential settings. The MFA program is new as of Fall 2015 and replaces the previous Master of Science program. Course topics can include 3-D design and architectural drawing. In addition to coursework, students enrolled in a master’s degree program complete a thesis project. The undergraduate program at Pratt was ranked third, and the graduate program was ranked second in the nation of top interior design programs by DesignIntelligence in 2016.

    University of Cincinnati in Ohio

    DesignIntelligence ranked the University of Cincinnati as #4 in the nation for undergraduate interior design programs in 2016. Through the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. This is a 5-year course of study that helps aspiring professionals develop skills in design technology, critical thinking, and visual communication. The school offers a special co-op program for interior designers, and the degree program culminates in a capstone project, which provides students with hands-on practical experiences.

    New York School of Interior Design

    The New York School of Interior Design in New York City is a public institution that was ranked 4th among graduate programs and 5th among undergraduate programs in interior design by DesignIntelligence in 2016. In addition to a basic certificate, the programs can lead to an Associate of Applied Science, a Bachelor of Arts, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Students who enroll in the certificate program acquire an understanding of architectural design for interior structures. Graduate programs include a professional and post-professional Master of Fine Arts, Master of Professional Studies in Sustainable Interior Environments, Master of Professional Studies in Interior Lighting Design, and Master of Professional Studies in Healthcare Interior Design. This school offers faculty and guest speakers in this field that are among the top in the world.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Advertising and Commercial Design
    • Commercial Photography
    • Fashion Design
    • General Visual Communications Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration and Drawing
    • Industrial Design
    • Interior Design and Decorating

    Bellevue College in Washington

    Located in Bellevue, WA, Bellevue College offers an associate’s degree in interior studies and a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Graduates of the associate’s program can apply to the bachelor’s program. The bachelor’s program requires students to complete a capstone project and a 150-hour practicum. Both programs prepare students to work at architectural, space planning, or interior design firms, offering coursework in lighting, fabrication, the history of art and design, and building systems.

    Top Interior Design Schools

    Here are some other top schools that offer interior design programs:

    Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

    OUR MISSION is to create thoughtful, beautiful interiors that meet our clients’ aesthetic, functional, and economic goals while honoring and celebrating the buildings that contain them.

    OUR PERSPECTIVE is informed by a respect for historical architecture coupled with an appreciation of the playfulness and brightness of modern design.

    OUR EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE applies to all types of projects: on smaller residential and renovation work we can produce the drawings necessary for permitting and construction, on larger commercial and new-construction projects we focus on the interiors and work in tandem with architectural and engineering teams.

    OUR APPROACH is flexible and responsive. We work with some clients who have a strong vision and we help them achieve it. Others are less sure and we guide them through the design process, helping them to formulate their own aesthetic as we go.

    OUR NETWORK of collaborating professionals, formed through fifteen years of practice, includes architects, builders, artists, and artisans who share our vision.

    WE ARE BASED IN PORTLAND, OREGON but we are currently working on projects in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and other cities in the US. We enjoy the diversity and learning opportunities offered by working in communities other than our own.


    Jessica Helgerson has more than fifteen years experience designing residential and commercial interiors. Though her interiors are typically clean and uncluttered, she is comfortable working in a variety of styles, guided by her clients’ individual needs and tastes. Her design process is pragmatic (how should the space be laid out to flow and function well?) as well as creative/conceptual (what idea or feeling will ground and focus the design?).

    At the beginning of each project, Jessica likes to start with the same questions: What’s the best design for the client? What’s the best design for the building or space? What will stand the test of time, stylistically and functionally? For any project, her goal is to ensure that the fundamental design and materials are classic, long lasting, and appropriate to the building and its period. Then she likes to layer on fresh, contemporary elements—such as lighting, furniture, and art—that feel just right for the clients and for the moment.

    Jessica has a long-standing interest in green building and sustainability. At the start of her career she was a green building activist, sitting on a number of boards devoted to environmental preservation and serving as president of the Sustainability Project. She continues to bring this interest in sustainability into her daily life. For four years, her family lived, rather experimentally, in a 540-square-foot cottage on five acres of farmland. Adorned with a planted green roof and big front porch, the cottage was remodeled with almost entirely reclaimed materials. With her husband, she has been raising chickens, turkeys, and bees and growing nearly all the food their family eats, as well as throwing lots of big dinner parties for friends hungry for food they can see growing. They now live on a larger house on the same property, where everyone can spread out a bit.

    Fluent in French and Italian, she has lived and worked in Italy, Switzerland, and France. Her life in Europe and her travels in India, Mexico, Morocco, and the Far East have strongly influenced her work.

    Photo by Parker Fitzgerald

    Chelsie Lee

    Originally from Ohio, Chelsie studied Interior Design at the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. During school she interned in Nashville, Cincinnati, and Boulder and studied abroad in Copenhagen where she fell in love with Scandinavian design aesthetic and principals. After graduating in 2008, Chelsie temporarily shifted her path away from design and volunteered at AmeriCorps. She spent a season living and working at Arches National Park in Utah before eventually finding her way to Portland in 2009. Prior to joining JHID, Chelsie spent six months at Skylab Architecture where she worked on a number of projects including the renovation of the W Hotel in Seattle.

    Photo by Ty Milford

    Em Shephard

    Em Shephard first discovered her passions for design and travel touring across Asia with her 78-year-old grandmother when she was 12. Since then, she has studied in Europe, taught English in Argentina, eloped in India, and travelled throughout SE Asia and Central and South America. Along the way, she has fed her design aesthetic with the cultures, perspectives, landscapes, architectures, and inspirations of her travels. She earned a Bachelors in World Religions from Colorado College, and went on to receive a BFA in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She then spent three years at Kelly Wearstler, Inc. in LA where she managed design projects for 5-star hotels (including the Viceroy brand), high-end residential, and boutique retail. She worked on new construction and renovation projects, while gaining extensive experience with custom designs—from rugs and lighting to furniture and millwork. Tiring of the clichéd LA traffic and smog, and looking for a community to compliment her sustainable design perspective, Em and her husband moved to Portland where she joined JHID. She has fallen in love with the city, and surrounding area, and spends her weekends hiking, camping, and indulging in Portland’s renowned food and wine culture.

    Photo by Malcolm Lee

    Mira Eng-Goetz

    Mira Eng-Goetz enjoys exploring the relationships between objects, people and spaces. She studied sculpture at Mills College in Oakland, California and later received a bachelor of science degree in interior architecture at the University of North Carolina, Greensboro. Mira’s designs are often influenced by her experiences abroad in Europe and West Africa where she interned with a variety of visual artists and volunteered as a health worker in the Peace Corps.

    Photo by Ty Milford

    Alisha Borden

    Alisha Borden is intrigued with the effect the built environment has on its users. She believes the most inspired designs are created through multidisciplinary practices, and is always seeking to learn. Alisha graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design and a minor in sustainability from the Art Institute of Portland. During her time in school she completed an internship at Skylab Architecture, and regularly collaborated with students in various fields of study, broadening her perspective on design and how it is influenced by allied arts.

    Photo by Malcolm Lee

    Mariah Hum

    Having grown up around and in her father’s ceramic and woodworking studio, Mariah has developed a deep appreciation and connection to fine craftsmanship and the intimate qualities of the handmade object. These influences inspire her to design spaces with intention and integrity that create human and environmental wellbeing. Mariah earned her BFA with honors in Interior Architecture and Design from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. In her free time she continues the creative tradition with her own art making, be it painting old buildings, sculpting with clay or carving wooden spoons. In any endeavor Mariah always brings a positive attitude along for the journey.

    Photo by Malcolm Lee

    Kayti Huffman

    Kayti Huffman grew up in the suburbs of Southern California, where she longed to be surrounded by architecture with history and a story. Before beginning design school, she spent time training in water purification relief work in Hawaii, then volunteered in Southeast Asia providing aid for tsunami victims. Upon her return she earned a bachelor’s of art degree in interior design and a minor in business administration. Working in the service industry throughout college, Kayti couldn’t help but notice that the spaces she was working in could be better designed, and she began to develop a strong interest in hospitality-oriented public spaces. She is particularly interested in the relationships between brand identity, consumer behavior and the built environment.

    Photo by Malcolm Lee

    Stephen Pierce

    Stephen was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. After receiving a B.A. in marketing from the University of Memphis, the humidity finally drove him out of the South to teach ESL in Korea and Spain. He decided to move to the Pacific coast after hearing about the food and culture of Portland, and he received a post-baccalaureate degree in accounting from Portland State University. When he is not at JHID, Stephen spends his time biking, cooking, and exploring our beautiful city.

    Photo by Malcolm Lee

    Interior design portland oregon

    Adam Porterfield

    As a primarily self-taught, multidisciplinary artist and designer, Adam experienced a late-in-life realization that dabbling is, in and of itself, an interesting career path. In working with JHID, Adam has been provided the opportunity to wear many hats; from scheming dream projects for the firm, to corresponding with the press, and picking up tile samples. Every day, and every project, is chock full of opportunities for learning, growth and gratitude.

    Your first choice for Luxury Kitchens|Fitted Bedrooms|Kitchen Appliances|Project Management|Design and Planning

    Interior design sheffield

    Interior design sheffield

    KAW Kitchens

    KAW Kitchens

    Award Winning Design

    Nominated as a finalist in the Kitchen Customer Service of the Year category at the 2015 kbbreview Retail Design Awards.

    KAW Bedrooms

    KAW Bedrooms

    We transform living spaces

    Full of clever ideas to personlise your bedroom with great internal storage solutions and cabinet features

    KAW Appliances

    KAW Appliances

    Interior design sheffield

    Neff Master Partner

    As a 5-Star Neff MasterPartner, KAW’s showroom is of the highest quality, designed to inspire

    Interior design sheffield

    KitchenAid at KAW

    KitchenAid is Serious About Food and its products represent the perfect mix of professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design.

    Our Showroom

    Unit 2 Lisle Avenue,

    Interior design sheffieldInterior design sheffieldInterior design sheffield

    Request a Quote

    KAW’s kitchen installation and construction specialists are amongst the most reputable in the West Midlands.

    Having worked in the industry – and for KAW – for a significant time, they are all highly knowledgeable of our kitchens and strive for the same upmost perfection.

    Working closely with our showroom team, they are able to fit the kitchen of your dreams, as detailed from our plans. From our plumber to our plasterer, our builders to our electricians and tilers – you are guaranteed the very best in quality and efficiency.

    Do you have any additional work needed? Let us know! Both of our kitchen fitters are carpenters/joiners by trade, and can be used to help extend your kitchen ideas throughout your home.

    All pictures and videos of our installations within our portfolio are of kitchens fitted by our highly efficient and highly skilled fitting team.

    Rest assured, your kitchen and/or construction project will be completed to the highest of standards.

    An interior design graduate who spent 3 years at Sheffield Hallam University studying for a BA Honours degree, Gemma’s desire is to create beautiful environments for people to live and work in.

    She has a keen eye for spatial awareness and understands how lifestyle is a big part to incorporate when designing.

    Gemma joined KAW Interior Design to utilise and develop her skills within the kitchen and bedroom industry.

    For Sales Design Enquiries:

    An accomplished sales manager with 23 years’ experience in the kitchen retail trade industry.

    Ashley has enjoyed a strong career progression within a national retailer, with roles including store management, trade development manager for 25 sites, midlands area manager, regional sales development manager for 45 stores.

    Ashley has recently joined KAW to enhance brand awareness and formulate a footprint for future expansion plans and also enhance the customer experience not only through the showroom, but enhancement through technology to make the process of buying a kitchen a smoother transitional process.

    For Sales Kitchen Enquiries:

    An award winning designer, Kevin will ensure that the kitchen you opt for is the right one for you.

    Kevin joined the kitchen industry in 1997, working for a national kitchen sales company. With a fledging reputation throughout the Midlands as an up-and-coming designer, Kevin moved on to work for Magnet’s highest grossing stores in both Gloucester Coventry.

    Whilst successful in sales and design, these companies only offered a basic install of a kitchen – which is what inspired the setting up of KAW. The philosophies noted during the company’s initiation haven’t changed – providing and managing a kitchen service from construction through to those delicate finishing touches.

    Contact Kevin for Sales Kitchen Enquiries:

    Vegas interior design

    Vegas interior design

    Vegas interior design

    Five Year Workmanship Guarantee

    Vegas interior design

    Free Estimate

    Other Services Online Pricing

    Residential Painting

    Stains special coatings

    Texture stucco repairs

    When quality counts!

    Commercial Painting

    High-rises to single story

    On budget on Time

    $950,000.00 bid limit!


    They did an excellent job. There was no need for a call back. I ve already recommended them to some of my co-workers.

    Vegas Painters is the premier Las Vegas painting contractor

    With over 40 years in the painting industry in both residential and commercial painting; we have built our business based upon experience, quality craftsmanship, attention to detail and an old-world work ethic. Simply put, our goal is your goal; 100% customer satisfaction and we take that commitment to you very seriously. We provide extensive training for each of our professional painters and we include a 5 year workmanship guarantee on our expert workmanship. You only pay us when we’re finished.

    Vegas Painters is fully licensed, and insured for your protection.

    • Vegas interior designFree color consultations with all of our jobs
    • Interior residential painting
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    With our high bid limit of $950,000.00 we can accommodate both large and small painting projects. We’ve even got an affordable program for small jobs like hallways, closets and bathrooms. You’ll love our work.

    We’re easy to work with too. Whether you’re looking for your home to be painted or a commercial property painted our company, Vegas Painters, will get the job done quickly with as little impact on your daily routine as possible. We respect your time. Our office keeps you informed by email or phone with daily reports on progress and status. Other than the beautiful new look of your space, you won’t even know we’ve been there.

    So, if quality, value and peace of mind is important to you, call today for your free consultation. Hire the Professionals at Vegas Painters. Lic #53359

    Vegas interior design

    Watch Our Video

    Vegas interior design

    interior design brisbane

    Interior design brisbane

    Degrees, Diplomas and Postgraduate courses

    Interior design brisbane

    Short Courses

    Upskill in downtime with our ‘Studio Sessions’ short courses.

    Interior design brisbane

    2017 Course Guide

    Find out about our courses in detail including, costs, subjects , campus information and more.

    Choose your location

    • Interior design brisbane
    • Interior design brisbane
    • Interior design brisbane
    • Interior design brisbane

    Upcoming events

    Life at Billy Blue

    “The most valuable thing I gained from my time at Billy Blue was the practical and industry standard techniques and skills. My passion for design turned into a skill that I could bring to a studio but also a real live process that I could work through and watch come to life. This become the most apparent when I was given the opportunity to intern and gained a part-time Junior Design position at Edge Interiors before graduating.”

    Lizz Fawcett


    Interior design brisbane

    Billy Blue produces creative thinkers who can do – giving you the chance to acquire the relevant design skills, collaborate with the design industry’s leading talents, and gain practical experience along the way. We passionately believe that design can change the world and that skilled, connected problem-solvers have an important role to play.

    Interior design brisbane

    BA Interior Design

    The interior design institute

    passionate about Interior Design ?

    BA Interior Design – 3 Year Level 7 QQI award. Course for You

    Course Description

    This course provides students with a creative and exciting programme of study required for a career in interior design. Graduates from this programme will be qualified and professionally suited to pursue careers in related fields including residential and commercial renovations, office and commercial fit-outs, retail branding and facade design, design for the hotel, leisure and tourism industries, and sustainable design.

    What will you learn

    The programme facilitates a practical, theoretical and critical appreciation of interior design. New technologies are delivered as mandatory rather than elective modules, supporting Dublin Institute of Design’s belief that these are essential skills for any graduating interior designer in today’s competitive market.

    Starting Dates Format

    Now enrolling for October 2017. Application guidelines can be found here.

    Please see our Timetable Fees page for start dates and fee information.

    Course Content

    Year 1

    Year 1 introduces students to a comprehensive range of skills relevant to the world of interior design, as well as traditional architectural design techniques. The programme is structured to teach students fundamental design skills starting with residential and domestic sized projects. Students gain a detailed theoretical understanding of the process of interior design, as well as methods and skills required to practice.

    Modules: Interior Design Studio 1, Contextual and Cultural Studies, Design Technology 1, Design Communications 1

    Year 2

    In Year 2 students develop their core skills and processes across a range of more complex designs largely focused on commercial projects. During this year, students develop a deep knowledge and understanding of the core interior design and architectural principles. On completion of Year 2 students are ready to progress to a more innovative process of design.

    Modules: Interior Design Studio 2, Interior Design Contextual Studies, Design Technology 2, Design Communications 2

    Year 3

    In Year 3 students engage with more personalised and innovative projects. Students develop and manage designs on a large scale and engage with their peers in a flexible and professional manner. By the end of the year, students will show professionalism, initiative, autonomy and a range of original design solutions.

    Modules: Interior Design Projects, Contextual Research, Design Technology 3, Design Communications 3, Professional Practice

    Entry Requirements

    All applications for this programme are made directly to the Institute via the online application system.

    Standard applicants (School leavers under 23yrs old) a required to have completed the Leaving Certificate (or equivalent) with five subjects, to include English and Mathematics, at D3 Ordinary or better, or equivalent. Standard applicants are also required to submit a portfolio of work for assessment OR to complete an aptitude test as part of the application process. Please see the Standard Applicants page for application guidelines.

    Applications are accepted from non-standard applicants (e.g. mature learners over 23yrs old with or without a relevant qualification, school leavers who do not meet the minimum Leaving Certificate or portfolio requirement). Please see the Non-Standard applicants page for application guidelines.


    On successful completion, learners are awarded the QQI BA Interior Design. This award is a Level 7 qualification.

    QQI is the state Higher Education awarding body.

    Protection for Enrolled Learners

    A learner protection charge of €275 applies in each academic year in addition to standard tuition fees.

    Student Testimonials

    The interior design institute

    Project variety is good, I feel we have learned a lot over the past 2 years that helps us a lot now that we are in 3rd Year.

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