interior design courses in london

Interior design courses in london

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Interior design courses in londonInterior design courses in londonInterior design courses in londonInterior design courses in london

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  • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

    Our objective is to promote the profession of interior design at the highest level of competence

    The Society of British and International Design is the UK-based standard bearer organisation for the accreditation of professional interior designers, product suppliers and educational institutions. We work to strengthen the profession of interior design and the commercial success of our members.

    Interior design courses in london

    • Interior design courses in london

    Interior design courses in london


    As an organisation we believe strongly in collaboration. The strong industry links we form create vital opportunities for our members and allow SBID to further its expertise in all areas of the interior design industry. We work with industry and trade partners as well as professional organisations in the UK and around the world to promote and protect professional interior design and to establish a global network of accredited professionals.

    • Interior design courses in london


    SBID host events to support, inform and advise our members. We invite a global network of industry stakeholders to participate; so as to educate, inform and inspire the design industry at large. Hosted by SBID, our partners and members, our events facilitate life-long learning and career development.

    Interior design courses in london

    Interior design courses in london

    Interior design courses in london

    Interior design courses in london

    Interior design courses in london

    • Interior design courses in london


    One of SBID’s aims is to build a ‘learning to earning’ ethos in interior design education. We are actively involved in the education sector, working with UK universities to create accredited university courses that meet the criteria of the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) European Charter of Education. This ensures SBID accredited UK universities offer a degree-level education that develops comprehensive, practical and commercial skills to enhance the employment prospects of its interior design graduates.

    Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london


    Choose your fashion, art or design course. Paris 23rd November · London 25th November · Mumbai 25th November


    Choose your fashion, art or design course. Paris 23rd November · London 25th November · Mumbai 25th November


    IMdesignTalks is a new series of lectures, with the most renowned professionals in interior, product and visual design.


    IMdesignTalks is a new series of lectures, with the most renowned professionals in interior, product and visual design.

    Orientation Interview

    Choose the most appropriate study programme starting in February 2018. Book your orientation interview at the chosen school, by phone or via Skype video call.

    Orientation Interview

    Choose the most appropriate study programme starting in February 2018. Book your orientation interview at chosen the school, by phone or via Skype video call.

    Study in unique locations










    Interior design courses in london


    Interior design courses in london

    Interior design courses in london


    Interior design courses in london


    Information Offices


    Interior design courses in london

    Open Day Mumbai

    Interior design courses in london

    Open Day

    Interior design courses in london

    Virtual Made Real. How Digital translates into Business

    I’m Alumni

    Welcome to I’M ALUMNI, the Istituto Marangoni Alumni Community: an international, multicultural elite of more than 40,000 professionals sharing the values and skills gained while studying at Istituto Marangoni.


    Interior design courses in london

    Claudia Schafer

    Interior design courses in london

    Violante Nessi

    Interior design courses in london

    Porthia Tantivorawong

    Interior design courses in london

    Elenia Marzolo

    Interior design courses in london

    Marianna Senchina

    Interior design courses in london

    Matteo Lamandini


    • Interior design courses in london
    • Interior design courses in london
    • Interior design courses in london
    • Interior design courses in london
    • Interior design courses in london
    • Interior design courses in london

    • Interior design courses in london

    MA Interior Spatial Design

    Interior design courses in london

    MA Interior and Spatial Design at Chelsea College of Arts explores conceptual spatial concerns and notions of how we inhabit space in an area of study that’s distinct from but still complementary to architecture.

    The course allows you to look at interior and spatial design from either a research orientated or professional practice point of view or combination of both.

    Open Days

    Watch the course video

    Interior design courses in london

    Student work

    • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

  • Interior design courses in london

    MA Interior & Spatial Design News

    In The Studio: Dan Fardell Guest Designer and Curator (Chelsea Alumni)

    In The Studio: Athina Leontiou MA Interior Spatial Design

    In The Studio: Adrienne Bennie MA Interior and Spatial Design

    In the Studio: Dan Fardell MA Interior Spatial Design

    In The Studio: Piera Dencker-Rasmussen de Mascoli MA Interior Spatial Design

    In The Studio: Helena Walsby-Tickle MA Interior Spatial Design

    Course detail

    Content: what students can expect

    • To address issues about how we inhabit space and develop sensibilities about intervening into existing architectural structures or situations
    • To engage with the language of architecture and the experiential aspects of what it is to inhabit and interact with our spatial environment; from the functional design of built structures to fine art installations, from furniture to computer animation or film
    • To have access to Chelsea’s shared workshops including ceramics, casting, laser cutting, photography, metalwork, woodwork and audio visual editing suite. View the Chelsea facilities section


    Enquire about this course

    Haven t found the information you re looking for? Want to ask us a question about this course?


    • Phase 1: Analysis of Practice and Exploration of Methodologies
    • Phase 2: Development and Consolidation
    • Phase 3: Resolution

    These phases are set within a credit framework of three assessed units:

    • Studio practice and Advanced studio practice, which run sequentially
    • Theoretical studies, which runs throughout the course

    Studio practice involves evolving and developing a personal programme of studio work and related research. Theoretical Studies provides a framework for you to develop a critical research paper, enabling you to locate your ideas and practice in relation to contemporary debate on cultural and theoretical issues.

    Throughout the course you participate in individual and group tutorials, develop skills through Personal Professional Development workshops and on-line resources while the postgraduate talks are organised to introduce you to a range of visiting artists and practitioners.

    Work experience and opportunities

    We provide our students with a valuable bridge between study and professional practice, as they engage with leading practitioners through the course. This helps students redefine their current and future practice as professional designers, or progress to further research.

    Course dates

    Autumn Term:

    Monday 8 October – Friday 21 December 2018

    Spring Term:

    Monday 7 January – Friday 29 March 2019

    Summer Term:

    Monday 15 April – Friday 13 September 2019

    Learning and teaching methods

    • Exhibition tutorials
    • General theory forum lectures
    • Independent research
    • Individual and group tutorials
    • Research methodology workshops
    • Technical support and courses

    Assessments methods

    • Essays, reports and final dissertation
    • Final show examination
    • Peer assessment
    • Student self-evaluation
    • Tutorials and mid-year interim reviews


    Interior design courses in london

    3D Workshops

    View images of and find out more about our 3D workshops

    Interior design courses in london

    Photography Studios

    View images of and find out more about our photography studios

    Interior design courses in london

    Digital Studio

    View images of and find out more about our digital studio

  • new york interior design

    New york interior design

    New york interior design

    Paley Center for Media’s inaugural Paley Honors Luncheon; Museum of Arts and Design’s annual gala; The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering’s Associates Committee Valentino Host The Fall Party; The National Committee on American Foreign Policy’s 2017 Dinner Gala.

    New york interior design

    New york interior design

    No Holds Barred. Blair Sabol comments on the Harvey Effect and her own experience of living in Hollywood amongst the movers and the shakers.

    New york interior design

    New york interior design

    Liz Smith and Denis Ferrara: Always Appreciating the Great Constance Ford . And, Finally Appreciating Adam Sandler?!

    New york interior design

    New york interior design

    Multiple events and galas are filing the week’s calendar including as well as Charlotte Moss’ new clothing line for IBU debuting at a reception with more than 200 attending.

    New york interior design

    New york interior design

    New York Restoration Project’s annual Hulaween benefit; The Boys’ Club of New York’s 69th Annual Fall Dance; Jay Heritage Center’s Young Preservationists hosted JAY DAY 2017.

    New york interior design

    New york interior design

    office interior design singapore

    in your enquiry, get connected with interior designers

    and be entitled for rebates & protection instantly!





    Office interior design singapore

    Living Art Design Gallery

    ADDRESS: Blk 177 Toa Payoh Central #01-162 Singapore 310177

    Office interior design singapore

    YIS Living

    Office interior design singapore

    Urban Design House Pte Ltd

    Office interior design singapore

    Ken Home Design

    Office interior design singapore

    Silvotino Design Pte Ltd

    Office interior design singapore

    HIFA Design Studio

    Office interior design singapore

    Design 4 Space Pte Ltd

    Featured Projects

    Office interior design singapore

    136 St Partrick Rd By Silvotino Design Pte Ltd

    Office interior design singapore

    263 Goodwood Residence By Silvotino Design Pte Ltd

    Office interior design singapore

    Blk 816B Keat Hong Link By Silvotino Design Pte Ltd

    Office interior design singapore

    Water View @ Chow Chuan By Silvotino Design Pte Ltd

    Office interior design singapore

    216 Compassvale Drive By Ken Home Design

    Office interior design singapore

    816A Keat Hong Link By Ken Home Design

    Office interior design singapore

    Renovating Your Bathroom On A Budge.

    So, you’re ready to revamp and redesign your bathroom. But dropping $$$$$ on a deluxe spa retreat [ ]

    Office interior design singapore

    7 Things Every Homeowner Should Kno.

    Renovating can seem like a daunting task for homeowners and first-time homeowners. The latter usually find it [ ]

    Office interior design singapore

    20 Stunning Bedrooms: Decor and Des.

    The are several bedroom styles to choose from, but to really add a luxe feel, you can [ ]

    About Us

    Office interior design singapore

    As a Local Home Renovation Portal, we aim to make Renovation easy for you — by connecting you to our panel of Reliable Contractors/ID Firms, capable at conducting your renovation in the most cost-effective and efficient way.


    Advertise with us

    Catering to more than Homeowners, our team works closely with respective Contractors/ID Firms themselves — to innovate and create Personalised Marketing Campaigns, online/offline Event Facilitation Plans to help them achieve their marketing objectives goals.

    Contour Commercial Interiors

    Primary menu

    Interior design companies sydney

    Integrated Office Fitout Solutions:


    Property solutions provided by our office interior consultants for your workspace.


    Creative, functional innovative solutions are brought to you by our world-class in-house designers.


    Focus is placed where the need is, to ensure your project is completed on budget, and on time.


    Bridging the gap between past and future, change management and integration of ‘new office’ principles.

    Our Clients

    Interior design companies sydney

    Interior design companies sydney

    Interior design companies sydney

    Interior design companies sydney

    Interior design companies sydney

    Interior design companies sydney

    Commercial Fitouts and Interior Design in Melbourne, Sydney and Australia Wide

    With over 20 years of experience in a wide range of industries, Contour Commercial Interiors is your ultimate choice for an office fitout solution that will meet and even exceed your requirements. Our team of experts has combined extensive knowledge and experience to become one of the premier interior design and fit out firms in Melbourne and Sydney.

    Our team has extensive experience in office interior design, project management and construction work as well as searching for properties in the commercial market. Combining these elements, we have created a unified brand to offer an all-inclusive service, taking care of every aspect of your project from conception to completion.

    About Us There s No Place Like Work:

    Enjoy tailored solutions from one of the leading commercial fitout companies

    Our professional and responsive team provides personalised commercial interior fitouts in Sydney, Melbourne and beyond that satisfies your corporate goals, vision and identity.

    Our service can include carrying out a property search throughout Australia for your ideal office space. We will then present you with a tailored project brief, designed in accordance with your specific requirements. Our experienced designers will get in touch with you to understand your needs and work closely together with you throughout the project to ensure a strong and trusting relationship.

    Our interior fitouts and designs combine identity, aesthetic and practicality

    Once the brief is approved, we will commence the construction phase. Our specialists will manage your construction and fitout project thoroughly, giving you time and the peace of mind to focus on developing your business. Finally, our commercial interior designers will carefully select the best colours, design and furniture to complement and enhance your office interior. From beginning to end, we provide all-inclusive interior fitouts that delivers you a workspace that best expresses your corporate identity as well as provides a great space for your employees.

    At Contour Commercial Interiors, we don’t just offer a convenient one-stop-shop for commercial interior design and fitouts. We also ensure a high level of quality and service – making sure every detail of the project is handled professionally for an outstanding and satisfying experience.

    Get in touch

    For high quality, convenient commercial fitouts and interior design in Sydney and Melbourne, don’t hesitate to contact us online today. Otherwise, give us a call for further information or professional advice.

    Latest News

    Commissioner MaryEllen Elia welcomes students, teachers, administrators, and parents back to school.

    New york interior design

    Seven New York State mathematics and science teachers are state-level finalists for the 2016-17 Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

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    New york interior design

    Making New York State public college tuition free

    New york interior design

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    New york interior design

    Blog updates from the Monitoring Team for the East Ramapo School District

    New york interior design

    Information and support for districts and BOCES about Annual Professional Performance Reviews

    Pre-K through Grade 12 Education

    New york interior design


    P-12 News

    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2017

    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2017

    TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 14, 2017

    MONDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2017

    Program Offices

    Higher Education

    New york interior design

    Adult Ed Vocational Services

    New york interior design

    Office of Professions

    New york interior design

    Cultural Institutions

    New york interior design

    New york interior design

    New york interior design

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    NYSED General Information: (518) 474-3852

    InDesignВ Courses in Manchester

    Publishing and promotional powerhouse — you could claim such a title. Create a marvellous marketing repertoire with cutting-edge publishing software, InDesign. Our smart yet snappy training equips you with desktop publishing proficiencies to make your own or your employers’ business the envy of market competitors.

    Seize cutting-edge creative design capabilities with professional production proficiencies. Now compelling eye-catching posters, advertisements, documents, ebooks and more can be created at your masterful hand. Our flexible InDesign courses in Manchester propel your business and career advancement with intensive needs-based training.

    InDesign ACA – Zero to HERO

    Learning the Basics with Certification

    InDesign 101 : Yellow Belt

    Learning the basics

    InDesign 201 Green Belt

    Enhancing your skills

    InDesign 301 : Black Belt

    Mastering the application

    InDesign 401 : Adobe Certified Expert

    Getting Certified (Exam Preparation)

    Creative Cloud for Design Zero To HERO

    Learning the basics of 3 Adobe Design products

    Designers Creative Licence – SILVER

    Mastering 3 Adobe Design Products

    Designers Creative Licence – GOLD

    Mastering 3 Adobe Design products and Getting Certified

    InDesign Creative Licence

    Mastering the App and Getting Certified


    Full Description

    No matter how well you and InDesign are currently acquainted, the results you can achieve together are awe-striking. Our Adobe InDesign ‘dojo’ takes you from basic beginner to seasoned partner in no time at all with agile training regimes. Find the perfect InDesign course or package that matches your specific skill level and requirements using our quick quiz . Or step into our ‘dojo’ where authorised masters of the art are waiting to deliver:

    • Beginners ‘yellow belt’ М¶ В your two-day total immersion in all the fundamentals of InDesign. Get all publication tools needed to create impressive singleВ to complex multi-page documents.
    • Intermediate ‘green belt’ В М¶ В set your InDesign acumen on an impressive rise, revolutionising the way you work with new levels of interactive documents, text formatting and next-level layouts — plus certification.
    • Advanced ‘black belt’ В М¶ В acclaimed ACA certification is just the start as your InDesign capabilities really take flight here. Graduate to artwork integration, animation, print optimisation and so much more.
    • Certification ‘Zero to HERO’ В М¶ В get applauded InDesign Certified User accreditation and rigorous proficiency in InDesign interfaces – all in a cool five days.
    • Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) exam — ace your ACE to claim the highest official certification in the creative industry. A dedicated Adobe certified Academy Class instructor tutors you every step of the way.
    • App creation В М¶ В amp up your online presence with wholly independently created tablet and smartphone apps. Our bespoke training enables you to leverage the superpowers of Twixl Publisher and Adobe InDesign to create purpose-specific apps all on your own steam.

    Discover your perfect InDesign training package

    Advanced Adobe InDesign adroitness is the total package – and so is our training. Advance your design and publication capabilities as far as you like with our training packages:

    • InDesign creative licence М¶ В Manchester’s most in-depth Illustrator course featuring a three-course combo and ACA certification.
    • Designers Creative License SILVER М¶ В your six-course mix for full mastery of the Adobe creative suite.
    • Designers Creative License GOLD М¶ В this nine Adobe course combo takes you from zero to certified hero of design.

    All InDesign training packages come with discounted pricing, customised scheduling, ACA certification and a generous 18-month free course re-take – plus flexible attendance. Come along to public scheduled classes or link in as a virtual student. Be sure to look into our private training options for one or a group, at your pleasure. Or we can come to you. Just ask about our Academy in a Case option.

    EZLog Cabins, Cottages, Garages, Garden Houses

    Vanisle Ecolog Homes is a dealer for EZLog prefab log building kits, and we are happy to complement our product offerings with these unique outdoor buidling kits.

    EZLog structures are one of the best ready to assemble do-it-yourself log building kits available. Interior design victoria bcThe unique structures use kiln dried engineered spruce logs that assemble like model building kits. Each log is pre-cut for easy stacking with interlocking corners, resulting in easy assembly and a sturdy and air-tight structure. Every log building kit includes all that is required for a lock up structure, from pressure treated foundation beams, floor, walls, windows, doors to the roof, including all hardware.

    Interior design victoria bcDepending on the size of the structure, the walls are built out of 28 mm (1 1/8″), 40 mm (1 5/8″), 58 mm (2 1/4″) or 70 mm (2 3/4″) thick tongue grooved boards. Roof and floor boards typically use 18 or 28 mm T G boards.

    EZLog offers a huge variety of buildings and wood structures – ranging from garden houses to play houses, garages to small cabins, to large log cottages, which are also suitable for permanent residences.

    The prefabricated cabin and cottage kits offer exceptional value. The ease of assembly minimizes the high labor costs of conventional construction, and the finished homes offer an “all wood exterior” and the warmth of an “all wood interior”.

    Interior design victoria bc

    Interior design victoria bc

    Interior design victoria bc

    Delivery Assembly

    Interior design victoria bcWe can deliver your EZLog building kit in most areas of Canada. Building kits for western Canada will be shipped from the distribution center in Nanaimo, BC, and shipments for eastern Canada are shipped from southern Ontario.

    Some EZLog kits are readily available in our distribution centers, others may need to be ordered and can take 6-8 weeks for delivery.

    Assembly of EZLog kits is very simple and most people can assemble the kits themselves. All EZLog kits include detailed assembly instructions. Small structures can be assembled in less then a day, for bigger structures you may want to get some professional help and assembly can take a few weeks.

    Contact us today to get a customized quote for your dream cabin or cottage.

    Kit Content

    EZLog building kits offer great value and are the most complete log building kits on the market. They contain all material needed to get your building to lock up stage. Most building kits contain:

    • Pressure treated foundation beams
    • Pre-cut kiln dried T G wall boards (single or double grooved) for exterior and interior walls
    • Skirting and kiln dried floor boards*
    • Storm bars and metal support bars where required
    • Roof boards, trim, facia boards
    • Exterior wooden doors and wood frame tilt/turn windows (single or double pane, depending on kit) with trim and hardware
    • Interior wooden doors
    • Assembly kit and installation manual

    The pages on the right side show you selected cabins and cottages with a full description and prices. All prices are based on pickup from one our distribution centres in BC or Ontario. Please contact us with your desired building kit and shipping destination, and we can send you shipping cost estimate.

    There are many more EZLog cabins and cottages available, from small 100 sqft bunkies to spacious 1600 sqaure feet residences. The online catalog with over one hundred pages shows the full product portfolio. Please contact us to request a customized quote for any building kit in the catalog.

    Why Buy from Us ?

    Our experience in designing and manufacturing custom log homes enables us to provide an excellent service for all aspects of EZLog building kits. We will guide you from the early stages of the selection and decision making process until your building is erected on your property. We will help you with foundation design, roofing options and even obtain building permits for you if required.

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority – don’t hesitate to phone or email us to find out by yourself!

    Online Interior Design & Degree Programs

  • “NCIDQ Examination, National Council on Interior Design Qualification,”

  • Interior Designers, “Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2014-15 Edition,” Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Jan. 8, 2014,

  • State Licensing Regulations, American Society of Interior Designers,

  • “How to Become a Certified Interior Designer,” California Council for Interior Design Certification,

    If you spend your nights glued to HGTV and have a stack of home design magazines on your end table, you might be interested in earning an interior design degree. Interior designers take spaces of every size and transform them to suit a client’s vision and needs. However, their work isn’t only about making beautiful living spaces; they also implement practical solutions to make a home or building functional. Awkward rooms and dated finishes are no match for a properly trained interior designer.

    Interior design degrees to consider

    Interior designers must know how to analyze spaces, determine their best use and then implement a strategic plan. According to the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), interior design is more than a creative process it is also a technical one. Earning a degree is the best way to learn about design fundamentals, as well as how to use software and other necessary tools.

    A degree in interior design is also required for anyone wishing to be certified by the NCIDQ. The following are the three levels of interior design degrees most commonly available.

    Associate degree

    Associate degrees in interior design can be a good choice for someone who wants to enter the workforce quickly. While associate degrees are traditionally earned in about two years for full-time students, some accelerated programs in interior design may be completed in as little as a year (though it also depends on whether students are attending full or part time). Course topics may include construction methods, drawing, computer drafting and the history of design.

    Bachelor’s degree

    Those hoping to gain more extensive experience may want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Generally running four years, these programs may delve further into topics such as 3-D design, space planning and specialty designs. Students may graduate with a portfolio of work to show potential employers, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes a bachelor’s degree may be the required level of education for many interior design positions.

    Master’s degree

    Graduate degrees in the field are most commonly named either a master’s degree in interior design or a master’s degree in interior architecture. Depending on the school, admission to one of these degree programs may require a bachelor’s degree in interior design, or may be open to those with an undergraduate degree in any field.

    Online degrees

    For students seeking the most flexibility with their education, online degrees in interior design are available from some institutions, such as the Art Institutes and career-oriented schools like Penn Foster. These programs typically cover the same subjects as traditional campus-based degrees, such as computer-aided drafting. Depending on what type of certification you’re interested in (see below), be sure to check which accrediting body is connected with schools that interest you.

    Q A with an interior design pro

    What’s the best part about being an interior designer?

    The best part of being an interior designer is I am able to use my creative brain to help make people’s homes and lives easier, more functional, and more beautiful at the same time. There’s no bigger compliment at the end of a project than a client saying they’ve loved and used their homes in ways they never have before.

    What was the most important thing you learned while earning your interior design degree?

    The most important thing I learned was flexibility; every project, client, and day is different and it’s so important to be able to roll with the punches.

    What did you like most about your degree program?

    I enjoyed my degree program because it allowed me the chance to explore so many of the different fields within interior design and how they each require a very unique skill set. We tackled projects in commercial design, residential design, institutional design, and then lots of different niches within those categories. It really helped me determine that residential was my calling while still equipping me for any specific project that may come my way.

    What advice would you give to others considering an interior design degree?

    When considering an interior design degree, I would strongly recommend first considering what you want to do with your degree. Every program has a strong point, be it in CAD work or renderings, a strong business perspective, or even a great internship program. Just make sure the program is hands-on and has a great blend of opportunities so you are well-rounded and ready to take on the design world when you’re done!

    Interior design school accreditation

    When it comes time to research interior design schools in your area, special attention should be paid to an institution’s accreditation.

    Colleges and universities can be accredited by a number of different organizations, most notably regional accrediting bodies. However, for the field of interior design, the Council for Interior Design Accreditation is the main accrediting body, and at least one state Kentucky requires interior designers have a degree from a CIDA-accredited school in order to be state certified. Other states may make similar requirements as they consider legislation to regulate the practice of interior design.

    However, while CIDA approval can be considered the gold standard of accreditation for interior design schools, it is not required for NCIDQ certification. Any interior design degree earned from a school approved by a nationally recognized accrediting body will make you eligible to sit for the NCIDQ exam.

    Starting your career as an interior designer

    After earning your degree, the next step to starting your career is to consider certification and licensure.

    Currently, 28 states plus Puerto Rico have licensure or certification requirements for their interior designers. Education requirements vary by state, though most require individuals to have NCIDQ certification, which is only available to those with a minimum of an associate degree in interior degree. You can contact your state’s licensing board for further information, or check the compilation of state requirements on the American Society of Interior Designers’ website.

    Even in states where licensure is not required, students may want to consider voluntary certification. The NCIDQ certification is the main credential available to interior designers and has both education and experience requirements. Once those requirements have been satisfied, an individual can sit for the NCIDQ exam.

    California (which is home to some of the highest-paying cities for interior designers) maintains a separate certification program, administered by the California Council for Interior Design Certification, for designers working in that state. Other certifications in specialty fields such as kitchen and bath may also be available from professional groups.

    Once licensed and certified, interior designers may need to meet continuing education requirements to maintain their credentials. Designers may find it helpful to join professional organizations such as the following:

    • The American Society of Interior Designers
    • The International Interior Design Association
    • The Interior Design Society

    These groups can help professional designers stay abreast of developments in the field and potential changes to state licensure and professional requirements.