Interior Design

Interior Design degree programs at Berkeley College focus on the creative and technical aspects of this exciting industry. Graduates are prepared with the necessary skills and practical knowledge to enter the industry in a range of roles.

Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) and Associate’s degree programs prepare students to pursue careers in creative positions, as residential or commercial interior designers, exhibit designers, designers in architectural firms, and more.

Faculty members in this program are selected for both academic excellence and relevant professional experience in interior design. They combine firsthand knowledge and know-how with classroom instruction for a thorough education for entry into the professional world.

  • A curriculum that focuses on exploring design fundamentals, theory, visual communication, culture, and history
  • Studio-based, hands-on projects, exploring all aspects of design through sketching, drafting, and color composition
  • Modern computer-aided design learning current programs used in the design industry, such as AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp Pro, Rhino, 3ds Max, and rendering with V-Ray
  • Valuable, practical experience through program-related, faculty-monitored internships or job-related assignments
  • A seamless transition between Associate’s and Bachelor’s degrees

Bachelor of Fine Arts Student Achievement Data

Berkeley College collects and publishes the following information in connection with its accreditation with the Council for Interior Design Accreditation (CIDA). This data is separate and apart from the retention, graduation, and employment rates calculated and disclosed in accordance with federal law. With respect to the Interior Design B.F.A. program, a student taking 15 credits or more each semester could complete the program in four years or less. A part-time student taking nine credits each semester could complete the program in seven years or less. (An academic year is comprised of two semesters.)

Student Attrition/Retention: 70.37% of all Interior Design B.F.A. students enrolled in the spring 2015 term were still enrolled in the program for the fall 2015 term.

Graduation Rates: This program was first offered in fall 2011, so many of its students have not yet graduated. Of those who have completed the program, 90 percent have done so in four years or less. The remaining ten percent who have completed the program did so in five years or less.

Acceptance into Graduate Programs: Of those who completed a program between September 2014 and June 2015, no program graduates enrolled in graduate school.

The following employment information for those who completed a program between September 2014 and June 2015 was collected from graduates six months after graduation.

  • 96% of graduates were employed within six months of their graduation date in discipline-related jobs.
  • No graduates were employed in non-discipline related jobs.

Interior design schools online

interior design training

Interior design training

Energy costs are on the rise and will continue to rise. Better understanding of the effect our everyday actions have on our environment are driving more and more people to want to make changes, to “go green”. They want to give back to the environment, but have no idea where or how to start. Making homes and businesses more energy efficient saves money and resources, and also represents opportunities to offer green training for individuals to perform evaluations and make the necessary recommendations to bring others into the world of sustainability. This is green training, and the demand for green expertise exceeds the supply.

Sustainability and green design are factors that more businesses and individuals are coming to value when they make choices, so learning to minimize our environmental impact can not only help us to protect the environment, but also to be more successful. Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues, with the number who said they would be more willing to buy from a sustainable company jumping from 56% in 2008 to 68% in 2010, and still rising. Keeping this motivation in mind will help you to achieve success as you embark in green training. Earn your green certification today!

Start a new career, or add on to your existing career. There has never been a better time to learn a new skill. Education and training are crucial to understanding sustainable strategies, initiatives, and implementation.

A Certified Green Specialist has the expertise to conduct a sit-down evaluation and a walk-through session of a home or business, using a comprehensive check list to identify problem areas, and offer physical and lifestyle change recommendations to solve those problems.

A Certified Green Designer is an industry professional from varied backgrounds – from architecture and interior design, to the electrical and plumbing trades, or any other aspect of the construction field.

He or she is prepared to evaluate green products and finishes with the entire home s or busines s “environment” in mind, making careful selection of healthful and environmentally responsible materials and products. With a Certified Green Designer in your green construction team, you will be able implement green building design and green interior design principles to any project.

Science has shown that thousands of chemicals emit from the products we use or encounter every day. The indoor air quality in the home or office is adversely affected by these emissions, and exposing ourselves to these chemicals is like gambling with our health.

The Indoor Air Quality Specialist has earned his green certificate by learning about the chemicals in residential and industrial cleaning products, as well as procedures that make it possible to clean effectively, efficiently, and with less impact on the environment.

Interior design training

Get what you need to compete in an ever growing green economy – green certification. There will be many green training programs that will appear on the landscape, however, few, if any, will have the experience and tenure that those at Becoming Green , Inc. command.

Interior design training

The Green Designer Certification is a specialized and tailored educational program developed to bring comprehensive and reliable information to you, the Design Professional. You’ll learn how to apply sustainable design principles and practices to any design project.

Interior design training

This certification is for those wanting a change and to make a difference. You may be in the real estate , building, HVAC, engineer, janitorial field, or even as broad as a nursing career. No background is needed to start learning. We teach you all the basics to wear the label of Certified Green Specialist , the proprietary U.S. trademarked title for the serious green professional.

Interior design training

Our Green Advantage Training course provides a review of the information needed to pass the exam to become a Green Advantage Certified Practitioner (GACP) or a Green Advantage Certified Associate (GACA), along with a better understanding of the concepts of green building and green construction practices.

interior design training

Interior decoration & Space planning

  • Interior design training

    Turn-Key Renovation

    Commercial renovation fitting outs works

  • Interior design training

    Open plan system furniture

    Open plan system furnitures & workstations

  • Interior design training

    MESH Chairs

    Ergonomic mesh chairs with adjustable features

  • Interior design training

    Interior Fittings

    Interior decoration & Space planning

    Interior design training


    Interior design training


    Interior design training


    Interior design training


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    Interior design nyc


    Interior design nyc

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    Top Schools for Interior Design

    Learn about degree programs in interior design, which can be found at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Take a look at what’s available at four high-profile design schools, and find a list of other schools in the United States that offer formal training in interior design. View article

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    Select a school or program

    The Art Institutes
    • MA in Interior Design
    • MA in Graphic Design
    • MA in Design & Media Management
    • BS in Interior Design
    • BA in Industrial Design
    • BA in Fashion Design
    • AS in Interior Design
    • AS in Kitchen and Bath Design
    • AS in Drafting Technology & Design
    • AS in Industrial Design
    • Diploma in Interior Design
    • Certificate in Residential Interiors
    • Diploma in Residential Planning
    • View all programs
  • Winthrop University
    • Master of Arts in Arts Administration
    • View all programs
    • 0:05 School Overviews
    • 0:39 Pratt Institute in New York
    • 1:22 University of
    • 1:58 New York School of
    • 2:51 Bellevue College in Washington
    • 3:23 Top Interior Design Schools

    Video Transcript

    School Overview

    Aspiring interior designers can find undergraduate and graduate programs at many of the nation’s top schools. Programs are offered at a variety of institutions including the Pratt Institute, the University of Cincinnati, the New York School of Interior Design, and Bellevue College.

    Three top schools have received high marks from DesignIntelligence for their interior design programs, while a fourth offers two different degree tracks for students. Degree levels awarded at these schools range from a certificate to a master’s degree. Students may develop a design portfolio that can aid them in the job search upon graduation.

    Pratt Institute in New York

    A private school in Brooklyn, NY with programs in art, architecture and design, the Pratt Institute offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Interior Design program, through which students can learn how to create commercial or residential settings. The MFA program is new as of Fall 2015 and replaces the previous Master of Science program. Course topics can include 3-D design and architectural drawing. In addition to coursework, students enrolled in a master’s degree program complete a thesis project. The undergraduate program at Pratt was ranked third, and the graduate program was ranked second in the nation of top interior design programs by DesignIntelligence in 2016.

    University of Cincinnati in Ohio

    DesignIntelligence ranked the University of Cincinnati as #4 in the nation for undergraduate interior design programs in 2016. Through the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning, students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design. This is a 5-year course of study that helps aspiring professionals develop skills in design technology, critical thinking, and visual communication. The school offers a special co-op program for interior designers, and the degree program culminates in a capstone project, which provides students with hands-on practical experiences.

    New York School of Interior Design

    The New York School of Interior Design in New York City is a public institution that was ranked 4th among graduate programs and 5th among undergraduate programs in interior design by DesignIntelligence in 2016. In addition to a basic certificate, the programs can lead to an Associate of Applied Science, a Bachelor of Arts, or a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design. Students who enroll in the certificate program acquire an understanding of architectural design for interior structures. Graduate programs include a professional and post-professional Master of Fine Arts, Master of Professional Studies in Sustainable Interior Environments, Master of Professional Studies in Interior Lighting Design, and Master of Professional Studies in Healthcare Interior Design. This school offers faculty and guest speakers in this field that are among the top in the world.

    Find schools that offer these popular programs

    • Advertising and Commercial Design
    • Commercial Photography
    • Fashion Design
    • General Visual Communications Design
    • Graphic Design
    • Illustration and Drawing
    • Industrial Design
    • Interior Design and Decorating

    Bellevue College in Washington

    Located in Bellevue, WA, Bellevue College offers an associate’s degree in interior studies and a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Graduates of the associate’s program can apply to the bachelor’s program. The bachelor’s program requires students to complete a capstone project and a 150-hour practicum. Both programs prepare students to work at architectural, space planning, or interior design firms, offering coursework in lighting, fabrication, the history of art and design, and building systems.

    Top Interior Design Schools

    Here are some other top schools that offer interior design programs:

    Interior Design

    This category organizes all of the interior designs featured on our site so that you can find them much easier and much more organized. Inside you will be able to find all of the designs you need without any struggle regardless of whatever it is you are looking for. You can find anything from the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom as well as designs of living and dining rooms. If you are looking for something else then you can also find kids’ room and home office designs as well as hallway and entrance projects.

    18 Stunning Asian Staircase Designs That Shape The Space Around Them

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    19 Captivating Modern Bedrooms That Will Leave You Speechless

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    15 Attractive Ideas For Better Garage Organization

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    15 Wonderful Asian Kids Room Designs You Can Get Ideas From

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    The kids room is an important part of any modern home, no matter what style it has been designed in. It is of key value to realize the importance of having a kids room before [ ]

    Autumn Refreshment In The Home- 16 Orange Interior Designs

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    There is no color that more associates with heat, than the orange. The color of the pumpkin is excellent for decorating interiors because it is pleasant, and thus gives it a contrast to the cold [ ]

    The Best 5 Colors For More Happy Comfortable Home

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    In addition to influencing the mood and talking a lot about our features, you can create a happier home with the help of the colors. And to find out in which shades hides the happiness, [ ]

    20 Sophisticated Asian Home Office Designs That Are As Elegant As They Are Practical

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    Working from home has never been as popular as it is nowadays. Thanks to all the new technology, more and more jobs can be done from the comfort of your home but there are also [ ]

    20 Stunning Asian Dining Room Designs That Will Give You A Taste Of The Orient

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    The dining room is one of the things that the Asian home design does right. It is an important part of any Asian home and it always has space dedicated just for it. The Japanese [ ]

    interior design dallas

    Toll Free: 866.212.7123

    Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas Interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

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    interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

    contemporary to timeless traditional. Her projects incorporate personal elements that reflect her clients personalities and tastes.

    Listening to the desires and concerns of clients and integrating their ideas into excellent interior design is the primary focus of each

    renovations present. She makes it her mission to create a new perspective for the homeowner by converting their spaces in fresh and

    unexpected ways with function and comfort always in mind. She is known for her lighting experience, keen eye for color, and ability to

    balance space planning, material choices, and customized furnishings to create stylish yet comfortable rooms and environments.

    local, national and international books and periodicals and showcased on Home and Garden TV. Cheryl s innovative designs have also

    led to an impressive list of industry accolades, including ASID Design Ovation and Texas Legacy of Design awards. In addition to the

    awards, she has also been selected for 11 consecutive years by the Dallas design community to D Home Magazine s Best Designers in

    Dallas annual issue.

    Interior design dallas

    He specializes in comfortable luxury living. He has an experienced interior design team providing furniture, draperies, lighting and

    accessories. He also provides a selection service for new construction and remodeling. Michael uses his creativity and your personal style

    to create rooms that are beautiful and comfortable. Through the years Michael has developed a series of questions that help capture your

    style and taste. That way, he is able to provide you with a beautiful environment that is uniquely your own.

    Professional member of A.S.I.D.

    Winner of Best of Houzz 2013 and 2014

    Featured in Spectacular Homes

    Over 35 years experience in the Interior Design business

    His attention to detail is unparalleled. In addition, he delivers your requests with expediency. Working with Michael and Donna on past, as

    well as current, projects has been a pleasure . Glen and Anna

    Oklahoma State University. One of the first designers registered in the State of Texas after passing the NCIDQ exam, Mary Anne Smiley is a

    member of ASID, and is qualified in AutoCAD. She has been featured in a myriad of publications, and is the recipient of numerous awards for

    excellence in design. Mary Anne has been on the Best Designers in Dallas list for the past 10 years, and was celebrated in 2013 as one of the

    FAB FIVE TOP DESIGNERS IN DALLAS by Luxe and Roche Bobois.

    the 60 s she was informed by the Dean that women don t enroll in architecture. Undaunted, she enrolled in Fine Art and Interior Design. Her

    career has taken her coast to coast. Ms. Smiley is known for her use of pure color and pearl finish backgrounds, and for her avant-garde use

    of contemporary art. Her AutoCAD skills have given her the ability to design custom furnishings when unique and creative solutions are

    required. This often results in recognition for product design, and sometimes in collaboration with various artists.

    art, and enjoy dabbling in water colors purely for personal pleasure. She has even illustrated the children s book, SAM S BIRTHMARK with

    charming water color drawings.

    Interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

    Texan whose passion for interior design began more than 25 years ago. In January of 2004, this passion blossomed into the creation of Kim

    Bailey Interiors. Kim carries the designation of an Associate Member of the Interior Design Society and currently serves on the IDS DFW Board

    as Treasurer. She is also a member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. KBI was also given the prestigious Best of Houzz 2015

    believes that their customers’ needs are of the utmost importance and they are committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high

    percentage of their business is from repeat customers and referrals. They utilize their affiliations and access to trade-only resources like

    Dallas Market Center to offer options that bring elegance and beauty to their clients spaces.

    and trends, and the ability to customize products and solutions. KBI has built significant trade relationships in order to bring to life their custom

    design visions for each client. The success of KBI lies in getting to know their clients. the form and function of their overall lifestyle. to create

    a beautiful space for them to enjoy!

    Interior design dallas

    Texas. Barbara translates her expertise in color theory, principles of design, and environmentally friendly renovation into beautiful,

    completion, Barbara and her team endeavor to make the experience enjoyable and stress free. After an initial meeting to discuss

    wants, needs, and lifestyle, Barbara s unique back office processes allows clients to approve design elements, see budget reports,

    and approve spending online.

    in her many design awards, including 13 ASID awards, 4 IDS Designer of the Year awards, six consecutive years as Best of Houzz for

    Design and Customer Service and an HGTV Pro Network Designer.

    the National Board of the Interior Design Society, is the former President of the Interior Design Society, Dallas chapter, served as a

    presenter for the 2011 Dallas Home and Garden Show, and as a judge for 2011 Habitat for Humanity Design Duels. She is a founder

    and managing partner of Dallas DesignWorks, a design co-op she created to ensure her clients have access to the most exclusive,

    custom furniture lines.

    Interior design dallas

    Pres./Prinicpal Designer | Nicole Arnold Interiors

    Founding Partner | North Texas Design Group

    Interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

    Interior design dallas

    services to luxury residential and prominent commercial clients throughout the metropolitan Dallas area. As president of an award winning

    design firm, she s earned widespread acclaim for her ability to make space meaningful for the customized, personalized residential interiors

    and the commercial facilities she designs in such prestigious Dallas communities as Preston Hollow, Richardson, Southlake, Highland Park,

    Turtle Creek, Frisco, Fairview and Prosper.

    and other successful professionals. In addition, she works with commercial clients ranging from World Trade Center showrooms to

    professional service provider offices, creating dazzling interiors that improve their customer experience and convey their corporate image.

    She also consults and guides custom homebuilders and realtors so they can enable their clients to visualize their new space. Nicole s clients

    benefit from the project management, budgeting, communication, consulting and rapport skills she gained during her highly successful 16

    year sales and marketing career with Levi Strauss Co. Her corporate background enables her to speak the language of the executives

    precision, look no further than Nicole Arnold Interiors. She’s proven time and again that they can imaginatively transform a single room or an

    entire home or office to embody her client s desired result!

    fast efficient manner, that allowed minimal time from my busy multi-office in multi-city schedule. Nicole is a genuine expert in Interior Design. I

    highly recommend her services. I am very well pleased. -David R.

    Worth chapter and led the chapter to four consecutive national design awards during her tenure. recognized us as one of the

    Top 20 Dallas interior designers. Houzz recognizes Nicole as a Top Influencer, Recommended Professional and one of the Best of Houzz

    Dallas, KBB Online and Lifestyle Frisco.

    Interior design dallas

    interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city


    BFA Advertising

    BFA Animation

    BFA Cartooning

    BFA Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects

    BFA Design

    BFA Film

    BFA Fine Arts

    BFA Illustration

    BFA Interior Design

    BFA Photography and Video

    BFA Visual & Critical Studies


    Art History

    Honors Program

    Humanities and Sciences

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city

    Interior design new york city


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