List of Colleges that Offer Architecture Degrees and Majors

When selecting an architecture school in the U.S., students may consider the type of hands-on experience available, the type of coursework offered and the types of degree programs offered with an eye toward meeting state licensure requirements.

Students interested in attending an architecture school in the U.S. may enroll in a professional bachelor’s or a professional master’s degree in architecture; doctorate programs are also available. Explore school options and criteria for selecting the best school for you.

Find schools that offer these popular programs

  • Architectural History
  • Architectural Technology
  • Environmental Design
  • Interior Architecture
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Urban and Regional Planning

10 Schools with Architecture Degrees

The following 4-year institutions offer degree programs in architecture for interested students:

*Source: National Center for Education Statistics

College Selection Criteria

There are a number of considerations that students should consider before choosing an educational program.

  • Applicants without experience should seek a school with a Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.), while those with a bachelor’s in a field other than architecture or who have earned a non-professional bachelor’s in architecture might look for an institution offering a professional Master in Architecture (M.Arch.).
  • Find a program accredited by the National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).
  • Consider the coursework and concentrations offered. For example some schools may focus on design, the history of architecture, or technologies used in architectural design.
  • Some schools offer hands-on experiences with professional architects already working in the field.

Aspiring architects can earn a Bachelor of Architecture, a Master in Architecture or a Doctorate in Architecture from public and private institutions. Accreditation, hands-on experience and degree concentrations may be some things that potential students want to consider when selecting a school.

conservatory interior design ideas

Conservatory interior design ideas Conservatory interior design ideas Conservatory interior design ideas Conservatory interior design ideas Conservatory interior design ideas Conservatory interior design ideas Conservatory interior design ideas

Conservatory Design — It s All About the Details

W elcome to Tanglewood Conservatories we are glad you are here! We have created this web site in the same way we create our custom conservatories, greenhouses, and pool and spa enclosures — with care and attention to detail and beauty!

We invite you to take a peaceful stroll through our intimate steel and glass structures; step into our Conservatory Gallery where you will find custom conservatories built with classic, antique, Victorian or Georgian architectural styles. Then move on to view the exquisite details and features that make our swimming pool enclosures, greenhouse and palm house designs, and other steel and glass structure creations so very unique and unparalleled in magnificence.

We think that these scenes will make you want to enjoy a cup of tea while watching dawn s pink glow in one of our antique greenhouse designs, or sip a fine wine at sunset in a custom glass conservatory. Begin your day with the greenery and bright colors of outdoor gardens while watching the lightening of the morning sky, or wash away the stress of the day with dusk s orange, blue and purple hues. Entertain family and friends in the comforts of home, yet be close to nature while being protected from too cool breezes or little creatures that can annoy.

Custom glass conservatories and antique greenhouses have graced fine homes and buildings in Europe and the Middle East for centuries. Tanglewood has embraced that heritage and adapted it for American climates, tastes and architectural styles. The Tanglewood Story tells of our journey to merge today s technology with fine art and in the process creating a perfect glass structure handcrafted exclusively for you.

We want to capture your imagination; therefore, we invite you to examine Working Together to learn how our personalized and customized conservatory design process works. Let us show you how our artisans construct dream conservatories, greenhouses, and pool and spa enclosures. See how each pool house design is special, and how each conservatory and glass swimming pool enclosure is distinctive. We listen to you and your ideas. We learn about your lifestyle and passions. Many of our best ideas come from our conversations with you.

After listening to you, Tanglewood Conservatories collaborates with architects, designers and builders. Our turnkey approach makes your job easier. We take responsibility for all the details of the project from design development, to structural engineering, to flashings and finishes. Our years of experience and obsession with the details will ensure that no matter what type of steel and glass structure you want to build, it will be unique, beautiful, and enjoyable for years to come.

We take pride in designing, creating and building the best custom conservatories, glass greenhouses, pool and spa enclosures, and steel structures from ideas that you bring to us. At Tanglewood Conservatories, our goal is to make your dreams come true.

Tanglewood Conservatories, Inc. 15 Engerman Avenue, Denton, MD 21629

Considered Design Solutions

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Click below to view some of our portfolio

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Interactive workplace for tech company

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Grown up modern spaces for European bank

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Dynamic workplace for busy media business

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Colourful breakout space for film company

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London office for UK construction company

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Urban inspired work place

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Crisp lines for commodities WC’s

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Architectural extension for company cafe

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Auditorium refurbishment for financiers

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CAT A fitout in the heart of Chelsea

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Grown up modern spaces for European bank

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Modern simplicity for finance teams

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Study settings in London campus

Interior design companies in london

About Us

What we do

MRD is a bespoke London based interior design practice creating considered spaces since 2008.

We offer our clients a personalised and practical design service. Our experienced and efficient team concentrate on creating unique, tailor-made commercial interiors for a wide range of clients from FTSE100 companies to small start-ups.

We love what we do and this shows in our commitment to our work and our clients. Let us help you to realise your project.

Workplace, Education, Government, Residential, Hospitality

We Design Concept Design – Brand Strategy – Space Planning – Sketching – 3D Visuals

We Detail Site Surveys – GA s – Detail Drawings – Specifications – Furniture Sourcing

We Deliver Planning – Site Attendance – Design Managment – Site Inspections – Coordination Snagging

Interior design companies in london


What people say about us

At MRD we strive to build lasting relationships with all of our clients and project teams.

“We are delighted with our new offices and enjoyed the process, having been led through every detail in a timely and efficient manner that ensured that we, as relative novices to the world of interior design and planning, understood every aspect of the process and were clear as to how the finished article would look. We look forward to working with MRD again soon”

– Sean Mclaughin, Finance Director / Chief Operating Officer, The Access Bank UK

“Their understanding of the client requirements (including wrestling with the inevitable politics involved), experience and enthusiasm for delivering design excellence within a tough controlled budget were outstanding.”

– End User Client

“We have found them to be highly professional, enthusiastic and totally dedicated in providing both interior design and space planning services for sometimes very demanding clients.”

“Having worked with MRD on a number of projects. we have found them to be highly professional, enthusiastic and totally dedicated in providing both interior design and space planning services for sometimes very demanding clients. Their laid back and non precious design approach coupled with their quick grasp of determining clients’ requirements makes them very user friendly. Notwithstanding the above they are also great fun to work with and I would have no reservations in recommending MRD on future projects.”

– Phil Harcus, Project Manager

Interior design companies in london

Where to study interior design in SA

We’ve been receiving numerous emails from readers who want to be interior designers, decorators and architects but just don’t know where to start. So we’ve decided to help them out by compiling a list of institutions that are renowned for their design courses. But before we get to that, lets discuss the difference between the three professions.

While many people use the terms “interior designer” and “interior decorator” interchangeably, there are key differences between the two. For instance, an interior decorator works with architects to design the entire interior of the space. They work in collaboration with the architects to decide on how the space should be divided, where the walls should be built and what kinds of flooring and ceiling material will work best.

When it comes to interior decorators, the general rule of thumb is that a home owner, developer or residential/commercial architect hires an interior decorator to help create a certain look or feel for a home or workspace.

And lastly, an interior architect combines the study and practice of interior design with architecture.

All three professionals work together or individually to ensure that spaces are functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. We suggest you do a bit of extra research on each so you know exactly what you want to study. Once you’re done, locate a design school by using our list below.

All the educational institutions we’ve provided are approved and accredited by the South African Department of Education. All of them offer a minimum of a three-year full-time course in interior design, interior architecture or interior decorating. Also, like most good design schools, their three to four year diploma and degree courses consist of theory, practical work and compulsory work experience where students are placed in the industry to gain a bit of experience, insight and exposure before graduating.

Full-time Courses in Interior Design:

Tour Our Showroom

Interior design programs online

functionality that reflects your personality

Interior design programs online

seriously stylish, seriously comfortable

Fort Collins Interior Design

Since 1979, Eheart Interior Solutions has been creating personalized, custom-crafted spaces for our clients. Our Fort Collins interior design experts and home renovation specialists bring the latest and best in style to all of our projects in order to deliver spectacular end results. “We believe interior spaces are as much about comfort and identity as they are function,” explains Ken Eheart, President of Eheart Interior Solutions. “We are passionate about creating distinctive spaces and that passion is reflected in our advice, quality products, and service.”

Conveniently located near College Avenue and Harmony Road, our design center includes a retail showroom with vignettes featuring leading-edge designs for kitchens, bathrooms, furnishings, window coverings, flooring, and much more. The Eheart design team carefully selects the best-of-the-best products across a wide spectrum of categories, styles, and price ranges. We feature all components, cabinetry, decorative hardware, lighting, plumbing, countertops, wall surfaces, and flooring, all under one roof. Our interior designers can show you where to invest and where to save so that we can work together to create flawless home renovations and breathtaking interior spaces.

It’s our passion to help you create rooms for life – bringing quality and style into every room in your home or business. At Eheart, we put our heart into everything we do. It’s how we design, decorate, renovate, rejuvenate, and renew your spaces. Our name says it all.


Eheart Interior Solutions offers expert installation for all the flooring, cabinetry, plumbing, lighting, and counter-tops and window treatments, we carry. Our licensed and insured professionals bring craftsmanship and precision to your installation. From delivering beautiful results to a tidy clean-up, our installers pay attention to detail and respect to your home.

toronto interior design

Toronto interior design

Online Start Dates: January 2017, April 2017, July 2017, October 2017

On-Campus Start Dates: April 2017, October 2017

Program Length: 3 years (4 year degree equivalent)

Toronto interior design

The Bachelor of Interior Design is a leading program with in-class and online delivery. A practitioner oriented and skills-based approach will prepare you for a rewarding career as an interior designer in a growing and competitive marketplace.

I love interior design. I m doing a four year degree in three years and I m getting all of the support I need. Tara Bennett, RCCIT Bachelor of Interior Design student

Interior design has always been my passion. Now I m finishing my degree online, working part-time and I still have time to be a mom. Mirielle Drover, RCCIT Bachelor of Interior Design online student

If you are creative with a passion for aesthetics and function, the Bachelor of Interior Design will give you the foundation and skills to create beautiful, practical, healthy and safe environments for interior spaces. You will apply critical, analytical, and technical skills in high level design processes. You will gain expertise in the latest technical and digital media. You will develop creative and collaborative problem solving skills, visual literacy, cultural and ecological awareness. And you will grow a real understanding of the design industry s business side and how to market yourself as a professional.

The mission of the Bachelor of Interior Design program is to cultivate student knowledge, foster exploratory and critical skills through educational experiences that are relevant to effectively meet the demands of their future professional career and the betterment of society.

The Bachelor of Interior Design at RCCIT is recognized by the:

In-class and Online Delivery

Offered both in-class and online, the Bachelor of Interior Design is designed to accommodate your busy schedule and active lifestyle. You can complete your degree in-class, online, or choose a combination of in-class and online courses.

In-class and online courses are limited to 20 students per class, for personal one-on-one instruction.

Accelerated Program and Credit Transfers

The Bachelor of Interior Design is equivalent to a four year degree. Through consecutive, full year study, you can complete your degree in only three years. If you enter the program with previous post-secondary education, you may be able to transfer credits to complete your Bachelor of Interior Design in less than three years.

In your final year, you will work in a professional design environment, one full day per week over the course of 25 weeks. Mentored by practicing experts, you will have the opportunity to apply your new knowledge and skills. If you take the online program and live outside of Toronto, you can complete your internship in your home community. If you already work in a professional design environment, you can complete your internship at your own workplace.

The successful completion of this program will enable the graduate to:

  • Create designs for a variety of market sectors that effectively interpret the relationship of the human response to the built environment.
  • Apply the principles and psychology of design theory, and colour methodology.
  • Articulate the challenges of the changing world of design, and its connection to culture, history and empathy for an interior environment.
  • Apply a systematic design process to creatively solve challenging design problems.
  • Employ effective and professional communication skills and techniques to interact and negotiate in collaborative environments, including client presentations.
  • Demonstrate entry to practice knowledge of building systems, material selection and interior detailing in relation to interior design and interior construction.
  • Use current industry tools, mechanical, digital and manual methods to express design ideas.
  • Employ both convergent and divergent thinking in the process of observation, investigation, speculative enquiry, ideation and implementation of design solutions.
  • Apply relevant building codes, laws, regulations, sustainability and universality to human welfare and safety when designing interior spaces.
  • Engage in quantitative and qualitative research methodologies to underpin design ideas.
  • Critically reflect and evaluate personal depth of knowledge and practical experience to collaborate effectively with others.
  • Model sound business practices related to project management and professional ethical conduct.
  • Develop a professional portfolio and branding as a design professional.

Toronto interior design

West Virginia Joint Apprenticeship Programs

Interior design apprenticeshipsclick here to print the WV Carpenter JATC Program Summary

Carpenters construct, erect, install and repair structures and fixtures of wood, plywood and wallboard. They erect framework in buildings, including sub-flooring, partitions and rafters; and install molding, wood paneling, cabinets, windows, doorframes, and doors and hardware. They also build frames for concrete, building stairs and laying floors. Carpenters study blueprints, sketches and building plans, and they layout and cut materials and fasten pieces with nails, screws and glue. Carpenters make up the largest single group of skilled workers in the country.

Interior Systems Carpenters handle the installation of modern equipment and materials in commercial buildings such as acoustical ceilings, raised floors, metal framing, wall partitions and office furniture systems. They assemble complex interior systems using technical data supplied by manufacturers.

Interior systems carpenters work primarily indoors. Sometimes they work at floor level and sometimes they work above the floor on scaffolds.

Lathers create and install support backings of metal lath, pieces of iron or light iron resembling wire netting and solid or perforated gypsum board on ceiling or walls. They devise their own connections and anchorage systems by building a light framework and fastening it securely to the framing.

The lath is then attached by nailing, clipping or tying it. Lathers may work indoors or outside, but they often work in unheated or unventilated areas of new construction. Lathers sometimes have to work in cramped conditions and the work usually involves prolonged bending and stooping.

You can become a carpenter by applying for apprenticeship training with the local labor-management program of the Carpenters’ union and the construction contractors. At the end of four years, the apprentice is granted a Journeyman Carpenter Certificate.

The typical workday for a carpenter begins early. Most of the work is outdoors, although some jobs require indoor work. Carpenters spend a lot of time standing, lifting, carrying, stooping, kneeling, climbing and balancing.

Zaha Hadid Architects

    • Interior design firms london

        Guangzhou Opera House

        • Interior design firms london
        • Interior design firms london
        • Interior design firms london
        • Interior design firms london
        • Interior design firms london
        • Interior design firms london
        • Interior design firms london
        • Interior design firms london
        • Interior design firms london
        • Interior design firms london

        Featured Project

        Zaha Hadid Chandelier

        Featured Project

        BMW Central Building

        Featured Project

        Maggie’s Centre Fife

        Kircaldy, Fife, Scotland

        Featured Project

        JS Bach Chamber Music Hall

        Manchester, United Kingdom

        Featured Project

        Hotel Puerta America

        Featured Project

        Featured Project

        Zaragoza Bridge Pavilion

        Featured Project

        MAXXI: Museum of XXI Century Arts

        Featured Project

        Evelyn Grace Academy

        London, United Kingdom

        Featured Project

        CMA CGM Headquarters

        Featured Project

        Vitra Fire Station

        Weil am Rhein, Germany

        Featured Project

        Nordpark Railway Stations

        Featured Project

        Lois & Richard Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art

        Featured Project

        Phaeno Science Centre

        Featured Project

        Liquid Glacial Table

        Featured Project

        Glasgow Riverside Museum of Transport

        Glasgow, United Kingdom

        Featured Project

        Mobile Art Chanel Contemporary Art Container

        Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, currently Paris

        Featured Project

        London Aquatics Centre

        London, United Kingdom

        Featured Project

        ROCA London Gallery

        London, United Kingdom

        Contact Us

        Zaha Hadid Architects

        10 Bowling Green Lane

        T +44 20 7253 5147

        F +44 20 7251 8322

        Follow Us

        Interior design firms london Interior design firms london

        Zaha Hadid Design creates a wide variety of pieces for living and for the home, from architecturally inspired homeware, and sculptural jewellery, to limited edition furniture, and innovative installations and interiors.

        Please click the link below to visit our new website to shop online!

        About Us

        We work at all scales and in all sectors. We create transformative cultural, corporate, residential and other spaces that work in synchronicity with their surroundings.

        950 projects 44 countries 400 staff 55 nations

        Welcome to the interactive archive of Zaha Hadid Architects.

        Mathematics: The Winton Gallery at the Science Museum wins 2017 Lux Award

        The Lux Awards recognise those lighting products, projects and companies leading innovation and change. Arup worked with ZHA to create

        Danjiang Bridge named ‘Collaboration Project of the Year’ at the Construction Computing Awards 2017

        The Danjiang Bridge has been commissioned by the Directorate of Highways of Taiwan and will be the world’s longest single-mast

        Zaha Hadid Design participates in 10×10 Drawing the City for Article 25

        Article 25’s mission is to help improve the futures of vulnerable communities often living in the aftermath of disasters, through

        Salerno Maritime Terminal ‘Highly Commended’ at 2017 World Architecture Festival

        The Salerno Maritime Terminal has been highly commended by the 2017 World Architecture Festival jury. The Maritime Terminal is integral

        Zaha Hadid Architects nominated in four categories at the 2017 Construction Computing Awards

        The nominated project, the Danjiang Bridge, has been commissioned by the Directorate of Highways of Taiwan and will be the

        Artfully arrange your career

        As a student at SCAD, you will have exclusive access to the university repeatedly rated number one for studying interior design by DesignIntelligence. Named among America’s best architecture and design schools, both our undergraduate and graduate programs regularly receive acclaim in the industry. Through collaborative projects, you can work on groundbreaking new developments like SCADpad ® — a micro-housing project that garnered global press for SCAD students — solving the design challenges of tomorrow.

        Interior design mission:

        The SCAD interior design department exists to guide students to become innovative interior designers capable of critical thinking, effective communication, and collaborative teamwork, emphasizing professional ethics and values within the context of social, environmental, and global design practice.

        Launch your creative career

        SCAD leads the way in the interior design industry

        The SCAD undergraduate and graduate interior design programs have been ranked No. 1 on the list of “America’s Best Architecture Design Schools 2018” by DesignIntelligence, the publication and rankings body of the Design Futures Council.

        Interior design programs online

        Interior design degrees

        SCAD’s accredited interior design degrees are offered in Atlanta, Hong Kong, Savannah and online via eLearning.

        – Atlanta – Hong Kong – Savannah – eLearning

        • B . F . A .

        Student work

        Interior design programs online

        5-15 Broughton Street | Chun-Yao Huang View more student work

        Interior design programs online

        Chuck Chewning, creative director, Donghia, Inc.

        Many programs at SCAD complement each other, giving you the option to explore multiple majors and diversify your skills. Learn how Chuck Chewning (B.F.A. historic preservation and interior design) used his two degrees to achieve international success.

        Interior design programs online