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• Established and Incorporated in 1996

• Certified FAA Part 145 Station

• 2 Locations – Mobile dispatch covering 48 States, We Can Come to You!

• Highly skilled and experienced cabinetmakers, upholsterers, artisans and fabricators

• State-of-the-art shop and tooling to bring each project from concept to completion

• Staffed, dedicated Design Center

• Impeccable Safety Record

• Full Engineering Capabilities

• On Staff – DER, IA and A P Technicians

• Over 18 Manufactures Listed, nearly all Models serviced

• No Limitations. PERIOD.

Outstanding Craftsmanship. Ultimate Convenience. Extraordinary Value

Artistry and imagination, tempered by respect for the unique performance and economic demands of corporate aircraft operation. Traditional hand-craftsmanship and attention to detail adapted to the latest technologies and advanced materials. That’s how Classic Interior Completions delivers luxurious corporate jet cabin refurbishments designed to exceed owner expectations in every regard. From custom cabinetry to upholstery, headliners to carpeting, for design, hand-craftsmanship, engineering and installation, Classic Interior Completions is setting the new standard for customer satisfaction and value.

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Mobile Ready

Complete Corporate Interior Refurbishment and Completions Capability at your Preferred Location. We Come to You. It’s never been easier to get what you want, when you want, where you need it.


We currently have multiple locations. Cleveland, OH. – Corporate headquarters 30,000 Sq. Ft. State-of-the-art facility. We also have a repair station in Ft. Myers, FL and offer services In Palm Beach as well.

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Online Interior Architecture & Design Degree Programs

Interior Architecture Design Online

The School of Interior Architecture Design will help you build a successful interior design career. Our curriculum integrates theory, design, and technology in tandem with the current standards of the industry. Our students develop the requisite intellectual, artistic, and ethical abilities necessary for professional practice.

We encourage our students to master essential skills and techniques professionals need while still exploring and creating the designs of their dreams. Our program fosters innovative thinking about our inner and outer environment. Concern for spatial issues, design innovation, and attention to detail are emphasized under the direction of a faculty of professionals.

Online Degrees

Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree

The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree prepares graduates for the professional practice of interior architecture and design through theoretical education and practical training. Our curriculum helps students discover better ways of thinking about our environment. Students begin the program by learning basic skills (sketching, technical drafting, and computer graphics) followed by courses in lighting design, color concepts, and materials. Students integrate their skills to further develop their portfolio and presentation skills.

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture Design requires the completion of 132 semester units. Students who already have a bachelor’s degree can enroll in our streamlined Second Degree program, which entails 66 units and does not require any liberal arts classes or art electives.

Master of Arts (MA) Degree

The Master of Arts (M.A.) program in Interior Architecture Design is a thirty-six (36) unit program that will provide students with a dynamic learning environment and a curriculum to prepare them for professional practice. The curriculum covers all aspects of design, including programming, design analysis, understanding human social and spatial interaction, space planning, use of color and materials, preparation of construction documents and specifications, site observation, professional business practices, current methods of interior construction, building systems and components, codes and regulations, fixtures, furnishings and equipment.

Master of Fine Arts (MFA) Degree

The Interior Architecture Design program features a unique interdisciplinary approach to master’s degree preparation involving studio work as well as academic investigation. The core of the curriculum in integrates theory, design, and technology, adhering to the highest industry standards.

The Final Project allows candidates to select a site and redesign its function and interiors. Concern for spatial issues, design innovation, personal expression, professionalism and attention to detail are emphasized under the direction of a faculty of professional experts. Final Projects are exhibited professionally upon the approval of the Review Committee.

Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

Our Associate of Arts program is designed for students interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary for a career in the industry. This degree provides a crucial stepping stone for those interested in finding an entry-level job with major design firms and companies. Our classes are taught by a talented faculty of working professionals, well versed in the techniques and considerations of modern designers.


Explore our course catalog and take classes based on your interests and schedule. Enhance your knowledge, learn a new skill, or try out a new form of art.

Online Programs

Studying interior architecture and design online at the Academy is designed to bring you a world-class education in the comfort of your own home. Both the BFA and MFA programs are CIDA (Council of Interior Design Accreditation) accredited, while the MA program is accredited by WASC and NASAD. Our small class sizes and real-time support guide you through the rigorous curriculum. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and the will to start.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact Online Student Academic Support?

Will I be able to interact with my classmates?

Get to Know Us

Online Coordinator, School of Interior Architecture & Design

Get to know our world-class staff and see why we’re one of the top arts universities in the country.

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2016 Academy of Art University

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The mission of the firm is to use our pragmatic artistic skills to create homes that convert a living space into a living experience, containing beauty for the eye, a sanctuary for the spirit, and pure joy to live in. Each home is a celebration of its owner’s achievements, tastes and interests. It is a great honor to be given the opportunity and the trust to design such homes.

I love my home, it is absolutely beautiful. The experience was fun and enjoyable.

Lisa Mooring
Los Altos Hills, CA

Design Tip

Sustainable design is not only about local, reuse and recycling. Consider making decisions about materials and furnishings that will last. Your tastes, your experiences and your family will continue to evolve. Choosing products wisely and considering your future is the most sustainable decision you can make today.

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Modular Office Furniture

As your business grows so will your team, and at some point you may need to re-think your office landscape. Choosing modular office furniture gives you the flexibility to adjust and add onto your existing layout to accommodate your changing needs. If you’re looking for office cubicles. office desks, reception desks, conference rooms, or to outfit your team with standing desks, we can help.

Create an office layout that looks great and meets the needs of your business. Modular office furniture manufactured by Interior Concepts is not only durable, functional, and looks great, it maximizes your floor space too. We manufacture our furniture to fit the needs of your office layout. We build our furniture per your order, we do not stock standard designs. Interior Concepts’ commercial office furniture is made out of a unique one-inch panel system, versus typical 2-3 inch panels, giving us the ultimate design flexibility while taking up less space. Plus our unique Chase Wire Management System keeps all cords and cables hidden while providing up to 80 times more cable capacity.

Interior Concepts manufactures quality furniture, made in the USA, and is MAS® Certified Green. Our furniture looks like new for years, and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. To learn more about office furniture designs for your workspace, contact us to speak with an Interior Concepts design expert.

Modular Office Furniture Products

Featured Case Study

Overall, Frisco ISD’s needs have been far from cookie cutter, especially in the Administration and Career and Technology building. The Administration building was challenge with demands for many different spaces — from reception areas and human resources to student services and accounting.

Interior Concepts has been in business for over twenty years and has thousands of installations across the country in schools, call centers, and offices. Take a look at some of our office designs for inspiration. We’re here to help. Put our expertise to work for you.

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Market Size Matters: you can’t plan a strategy, start a business, or make an investment without understanding key facts about the Interior Design Services industry. Find the information you need to help make the right decisions.

The Report on Interior Design Services contains key information used by Marketing Departments in many of the Fortune 1,000 companies and beyond. The report helps identify industry changes, trends, key players, and growth opportunities.

2016 Market Research Report on Interior Design Services Industry

Current Research on the Interior Design Services Industry

This section provides answers to fundamental and critical questions about the industry:

  1. What is the total market size ($ millions)?
  2. What is the Interior Design Services industry outlook?
  3. Has the market grown or declined?
  4. What is the market growth rate?
  5. Are long term forecasts positive or negative?
  6. What is the industry size and average company size?
  7. How many companies are in the industry?

Market Size Statistics

The total U.S. market size for the Interior Design Services industry: statistics cover all companies, both public and private. In addition to total revenue, the industry research provides details on employees, companies, and average firm size in the sector. Use this market information to research and analyze growth rates and the Interior Design Services industry trends and market outlook based on quantitative research and economic data.

Charts and graphs can be copied to Microsoft Word and Powerpoint presentations.

2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Sales from other industries of Interior Design Services are less than those from Interior Design Services. This may mean that other channels are a competitive risk of increasing their Interior Design Services sales, taking market share from this industry.
Interior Design Services Product Sales Report

Segments classified within this market research report

This market research report includes companies whose primary business is any of the following:
Interior design consulting services, Interior decorating consulting services, Interior decorating consultant services, Interior designer services, Decorating consulting services, interior, Interior design services, etc.

Related Reports

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We have over a thousand market research reports. Ask us and an analyst will help you find what you need.

Industries Related to Interior Design Services

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wiseGEEK: What is Classic Interior Design?

Classic interior design is derived from Greek and Roman design. This type of interior design is based upon order, balance, and perfect harmony. Classical design does not include any modern elements or current influences. Instead, it is steeped in tradition. In order to distinguish classical design from other types of design, it is important to understand the idea behind a focal point.

Classically designed rooms often contain large focal points. A large fireplace, grand table, or impressive staircase are good examples of focal points that are often used. Once a designer has chosen the focus of a room, all other items within the room are placed in order to enhance the look of the chosen focal point.

The idea behind a classically designed room is to create a sense of perfect symmetry. If a classic interior design were to be sliced down the middle, one side of a room would perfectly reflect the other side of a room. Everything from the lighting to the way that pictures are placed inside of a classic room should be immaculate.

The colors that are used in classic interior design are often inspired by Mother Nature. Deep blues, browns, yellow, green, and earth tones such as terracotta are frequently found within classical spaces. In addition, black can be used to outline important items within a room. Objects such as Roman columns, busts, and large vases are also quite common within classical themes.

As with most other materials used inside of a classical space, fabrics should be understated. Linen, cotton, and other durable fabrics are often used to create a classic theme. Designers who wish to add a bit of a splash to a classical room may choose to use taffeta and silks along with cotton and linen. Velvet is also used in abundance, though velvet is best used as an upholstery fabric.

When it comes to flooring options, classic interior design does not stray that far from the flooring materials once used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans. Wood, marble, slate, and stone are all ideal choices. Marble and stone can be placed in a geometric pattern in order to create an interesting, and calculated, look.

Patterns can be used in conjunction with classic interior design, though any pattern should be kept conservative. Large striped motifs are the best pattern options for this type of space. While a classically designed space is not for everyone, this type of space is often breathtaking and glamorous if executed properly.

Article Discussion

5) In Posts 1 through 4, all of you are confusing interior design with decorating. There is a vast difference. What you all are discussing are styles of decorating.

Interior designers are required to have a degree (Associates, Bachelors, Masters). Decorators are not required to have formal training to call themselves decorators.

Designers must have almost as much training and education as architects and engineers, must have specific levels of experience, and in most states, must pass a qualifying examination to be licensed.

4) It seems that classical interior design is being confused with classic interior design. Classical means related to ancient civilizations (specifically Greek, actually).

Classic is anything that references a prior, familiar design era. For instance, I read recently about a new house styled like a classic Bungalow , which is a style from the ’20’s to the ’40’s.

The Barcelona chair, by Mies van der Rohe, is considered a modern classic , as are the works by Charles and Ray Eames. You hear of mid-century modern classics as well.

A lot of these have little to nothing to do with classical, but are now considered classics in their own right, just by virtue of having been adopted into the interior design lexicon. They are recognizable in their own right (and therefore, classic), due to the ingenuity of their design, and their use of materials.

3) I have mixed feelings about classic interior design. When it’s done well, in appropriate circumstances, it looks good, but I think it’s grossly overused to try and lend a little dignity to rooms that are obviously lacking.

People just need to bear in mind that residential interior design has a lot of variables, and slapping a Roman bust on top of your cheapy coffee table does not make the room nice.

2) Oh, I love classic interior design! I think that when it comes down to the modern/classic interior design debate, classic totally wins.

I think that modern designs are just too out there, whereas a nice, elegant classic design is suitable for just about anything.

Seriously, just look at some classic interior design photos and tell me that you can’t see it — I think that the pros of the classic style far outweigh any complaints of stodginess.

1) I think that one of the most interesting styles you can have for interior design is a mix of classic and modern interior design.

Of course, it can look really just odd and messy, but when done right, I think that modern with a touch of classic — or the other way round — can end up working really well.

Besides, that way you can breathe a little life into overly-stiff classical designs, or give some of those outre modern designs a little grounding.

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Reality is usually better than illusion. But when reality is not quite up to snuff, a little illusion can be useful. This is certainly the case with Interior Design, which deals with the psychology of home.

We tend to benefit with certain features in our environment. The illusion of those features is often better than nothing, and often in fact good enough for our well-being.

This recent article on Houzz, below, gives many case studies for making a rental your own. I d like to highlight a few basic principles it contains, which I think you will find applicable to many design scenarios. Have a plan It sounds obvious, but just like the.

It s indoor gardening time (or, just time to spruce up your living space with a little green). Read below about Pilea Peperomioides, dubbed the plant of the season — easy to maintain, but not easy to get, which is why the article has also.

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Modern Classic Interior Design Home Design Photos

Eclectic design is all about skillfully mixing styles and periods, and this bathroom does just that. The white subway tiles are classic. but with a charcoal-gray grout, they verge on modern. A custom steel vanity with a rust-preventing finish similar to one used for gun stock lends an industrial edge to the traditional brass sink and shower fittings, while a slate floor once again modernizes things.

Interior designer Nina Jizhar gave vintage pieces contemporary upholstery to help them live in this modern interior. The sofa features a hallmark of classic Victorian settees: a garland of carved wooden flowers in the center.

Camilla Molders Design

TIP: If you know your home could make you happier than it does but you’re not sure where to start, inviting an interior designer to come over for a consultation could give you some fresh ideas. Designers offer a range of services to fit your budget and can bring a breath of fresh air to your interiors. Just be clear up front about your budget so you’re both on the same page.

They are joined by brightly colored curtains with a boomerang print (the pattern was designed by Copass and screen-printed on the fabric by her husband), classic midcentury chairs and contemporary sofas. Curtains, sofas: custom; rug: Angela Adams Why We Love Midcentury Modern Design .

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Why Choose Us

We are a creative firm specializing in commercial interior design for offices, as well as corporate, education, and city government facilities.

We have successfully designed projects from 1,000 square feet to over 65,000 square feet, and worked with both local and international corporations to build and furnish their public and private work areas.

Our ability to speak deeply to your company culture and visually express your brand sets us apart. Our Innovative designs blend strategy, brand culture and return on investment.

Our Unique Team

We bring to the table an uncommon combination of talents including expertise in marketing and branding, interior architecture, environmental psychology, fine art curatorial services, and custom furniture design. Our team adds strength to yours; we stick with you every step of the way, and will be your constant advocate.

See Our Work

90% of our work is from repeat clients or referrals. We invite you to see the spaces we’ve created and what our clients are saying.
(although the name says San Diego, we work with clients nation wide!)

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Interior Design Fair’s mission is to create innovative designs that are smart, inspired, and uniquely you. It’s also our goal to be a great design firm, not just great designers, as your experience with us matters just as much as the final product. Here’s what makes us different:


We are a team. not a personality-driven firm with an eponymous founder. That s because we believe that collaboration and fresh ideas produce inspired results. Our team-based approach gives clients more one-on-one time with their designer and dedicated staff to ensure a smooth and transparent design process. It also ensures that your design looks like you, not like one of us.


We are focused on maximizing your value, not just the dollars you spend. We take pride in our ability to create design solutions that are both stylish and sensible. We keep your project on budget by assigning tasks across our team appropriately, so you pay only for the level of help you need. We also aim to be at the leading edge of technology-driven solutions that ensure efficiency and ease.