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How To Create Retail Store Interiors That Get People To Purchase Your Products

Retail has been around for a mighty long time and one thing we know is that there are a lot of different approaches when it comes to designing the interior layout of your store. However, there are also some common design strategies that all retailers can employ that lead to generating more sales for your business.

Designing your retail store’s interior is a topic that we’ve been looking at recently in an effort to help boutique merchants be more successful and thrive in today’s digital era. From telling your brand’s story and creating immersive experiences, to putting together head-turning window displays and signage essentials. when it comes to retail, the devil really is in the details, and we want you to get the basics down pat.

Which is why in this post, I’ll be looking at some of the basics when it comes to creating effective retail interiors that attract more customers to your store, get them browsing more products, and get them heading towards the checkout. It’s vital to keep in mind that from the moment someone steps into your store to the time they decide to checkout (or not checkout), smart design decisions make a significant difference in regards to whether you make a sale or not.

Enter the Threshold

The threshold area, also known as the “decompression zone”, is the very first space that prospective customers step into when they enter your store and typically consists of the first five to fifteen feet worth of space, depending on how big your store is. It’s also the space where your customers make the transition from the outside world and first experience what you have to offer. They also make critical judgements like how cheap or expensive your store is likely to be and how well coordinated your lighting, fixtures, displays, and colors are. Since they’re in a transition mode, customers are more likely to miss any product, signage, or carts you place there.

Then, Off To the Right

It’s a well known fact in the retail community that in North America, 90 percent of consumers upon entering a store will turn right unconsciously. The first wall they see is often referred to as a “power wall”, and acts as a high-impact first impression vehicle your merchandise, so be sure to give it extra special attention in terms of what you choose to display and how you display it.

You’ll want to make sure you entice and arouse your customer’s attention with the products you put on display, whether it’s your new or seasonal items, high profit or high demand products, or a place you design to tell your product’s stories and create vignettes.

Have Them Walk a Path

This will vary greatly depending on the size and general layout of your store, but knowing that your customers want to turn right, your next job is to make sure that as they do that, they also continue walking throughout your store to gain the maximum exposure to your products. This not only increases the chances of them making a purchase, but a well thought-out path can be a great way to strategically control the ebb and flow of the traffic in your store.

Most stores use a circular path to the right to get customers to walk through to the back of the store and come to the front again. Some will make it even easier by covering the path with a different texture or look from the general flooring, paying homage to the old saying “where the eyes go, the feet will follow.”

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want to use the path to lead your customers somewhere, which often means putting a eye-catching and attention-grabbing display at the end of an aisle for example.

But, Slow Them Down

With all the effort and time you’ve put into properly merchandising your products, the last thing you want to happen is for incoming customers to promptly hurry past them, ultimately limiting the number of products they’ll purchase. One way retailers combat this is through creating breaks or what are sometimes referred to as “speed bumps.” Essentially, this can be anything that gives customers a visual break and can be achieved through signage, and special or seasonal displays.

Most retailers effectively deploy the usage of what’s referred to as “merchandise outposts,” which are special display fixtures featuring products near the end of or in between aisles that encourage impulse purchases while complementing products on display in close proximity. However, since it’s not likely that you’ll have “aisles” per say in your store, it’s still important to think about grouping products in a way that makes it easy to see what goes well together from a shopper’s perspective. Also, remembering to keep “higher-demand” products displayed at eye-level is important while placing lower grossing products at the bottom or higher-up. Lastly, It’s recommended to change up these speed bumps weekly or regularly enough to create a continued sense of novelty for repeat visitors.

Also, Make Sure They’re Comfortable

You may or may not already be aware of something known as the “butt-brush effect,” coined by consumer behaviour expert Paco Underhill who discovered that a typical customer, especially women, will avoid going after merchandise in an aisle where they could potentially brush another customer’s backside or have their backside brushed. This holds true even if the customer is very interested in a given product. An easy way to avoid this problem is to ensure that your aisle, floor, and displays allow customers to have more than adequate personal space when browsing your products.

You can also make your store comfortable by incorporating some type of waiting area with comfy seats and benches which will encourage customers to spend more time in your store. Especially, if a shopper is accompanied by someone not interested in making a purchase or kids for that matter. A small tip to keep in mind is to keep the seats or benches facing the merchandise, so that they’re still top of mind for those lounging around in your store.

Lastly, Check Them Out (Not Literally)

Where you place your check-out counter and your POS in a physical retail store is a question you can ask yourself for days and generate pros and cons for multiple options and still end up confused. However, a good rule of thumb to remember is that the checkout should be located at a natural stopping point in the shopping experience or path that you’ve purposefully created and designed.

So if customers naturally turn right when they enter, and you’ve managed to have them go through and circle all the way around, you’ll realize that the left-hand side at the front is probably the ideal location for your checkout counter. However, this decision also depends on the size and layout of the store itself, which means you’ll have to use your best gut judgement on what’s the most natural point to have that check-out counter.

You’ll also want to keep in mind that if you’re a one-person show or don’t have staff wondering the store, it’ll be important to be able to keep an eye and see everything from where you’ll be set-up from a loss-prevention perspective. Other tips to keep in mind when designing your checkout counter are:

  • Have a counter that’s big enough for shoppers to place their bags and/or personal belongings
  • Take advantage of the wall behind the counter to create interesting and engaging displays
  • Encourage impulse or “last-minute” purchases by stocking items customers crave or commonly need close-by
  • Be polite in person by asking questions like “Were you able to find everything you were looking for?” and in signage regarding your exchange or refund policies

Designing your retail interior is a never ending process, where you can always be switching up, tweaking, adding, or taking away to create a resonating customer journey and experience. At the end of the day though, that’s exactly what you want to focus on, the customer journey, which you’ll want to to test out and optimize for constantly. Have a walk-through yourself and see where the visual cues guide you, or get your staff, friends, or family to do the same and give you honest feedback. Lastly, observe your customers and see what they’re drawn to, what they avoid, and how they move, then match that with your intended design. If you keep resilient and keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll be sure to create a retail environment that is a win-win for both you and your customers.

P.S. Selling offline or looking to get into physical retail? We’ve got you covered with Shopify POS.

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Small Apartment Interior Design Pictures Home Design Photos

We spend a lot of time folding, ironing and facing the walls in a laundry room, so it makes sense to be able to look at something more interesting than a blank space. Subtle but delightfully framed dresses break up the blank expanse of wall here. Design tip: When you’re grouping pictures together, shoot for about 2 inches of space between larger pictures. If they are small pictures. an inch and a half may be enough. These distances apply for the spacing above, below and on either side of the frames as well.

Roost Interior Design

Color consultants don’t always have formal training, though some have completed a certification program. Most have a background in the visual arts, graphic or interior design. or paint manufacturing. Browse the directory of professionals on Houzz or your local chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers. Some home stores and paint retailers, particularly higher-end ones, have color consultants on staff.

Install behind a bed – Mirroring the whole wall behind your bed will create the illusion of space without the need to hang a smaller design precariously above your head. It’s perfect if you’re short of wall space but still want a mirror in your bedroom.

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Welcome to Apartment Interior Design

We offer complete apartment interior design. apartment renovations and project management.

Our creative and quality interiors are full of soul and personality to represent your aspirations, the way you live and your likes and dislikes.

We understand your needs and create exciting, livable interior spaces in your preferred style. What apartment interior style do you dream of? Regency Hollywood Glamour, Manhattan/New York style living, Art Deco, Contemporary, Modern, Classic French, Traditional Georgian or Victorian? We do it all! Or allow our creativity to bring a combination of different styles together. We tailor unique apartment interiors with timeless elegance to complement your lifestyle.

Most of our furniture is custom designed and made specially to suit your exclusive apartment interior. You will be coming to us for something truly unique and magical!

We provide quality service and our team is backed by industry knowledge and experience. More importantly our experience in this industry allows us to provide competitive pricing without comprising our high level of quality workmanship.

For an exhilarating experience and spectacular apartment interior design, from a full renovation to a single room fit-out please contact us today! We would consider it a privilege to assist you in creating your dream apartment interior.

We are based from Melbourne. however please contact us about possibly having our services throughout other areas of Australia or even the world.

Timeless Interiors 2011, All Rights Reserved, Melbourne, Australia

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September 8, 2016

Inspired by my Labor Day post in the Hamptons today is all about wonderful alleés, tree lined streets and gardens that are So. Beautiful. Hamptons streets are basically a collection of these alleés but I ve found them in various botanical gardens and even when I was abroad this summer I think I like the way they make Read More

September 7, 2016

Saw this monochromatic bathroom from a Swedish home remodel over at Elle Decor and feeling like all I want to do is climb in the bathtub and press pause for a minute .can anyone relate to having a day when you feel like you re running in slow motion the to-do list in your mind is on overdrive Read More

September 6, 2016

I ve found my next travel spot next year I want to go to Greece! This Greek villa caught my eye and after seeing this beautiful home, I m thinking the village of Lindos might be one of the stops on my trip London fashion-designer Jasper Conrans owns this gorgeous rustic Greek vacation spot and now I can t stop Read More

September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day! I was recently reminded of this moment on one of my trips to the Hamptons this summer felt like an appropriate nod to this holiday weekend and before I go any further, don t worry I didn t trade in Mr. Boo for this little pup, this is my friend A.Ro s dog named Maddox, isn t he Read More

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September 2, 2016

Most summers I feel like fall can t get here soon enough, but I am so sad to say goodbye to this summer! Sharing my summer highlights today from speaking on a blogger panel at the inaugural Southern Style Now Festival to many, many trips to East Hampton to visit best of friend AM where we drank Read More

September 1, 2016

I have Paris on the brain this week! I shared the Paris Dining Room from my summer travels earlier this week and today is all about mixing fashion and interiors. Chloé s Creative Director, Clare Waight Keller, opened up her Parisian home for WSJ recently and it is so chic I can t get over it (not Read More

I know we re quickly approaching the end of summer but I found this fabulous beach house in Inlet Beach, FL from Crowell + Co Interiors and now I just want to pretend we re at the start of the summer season a bit longer. This beach house has so many of my favorite details, it s modern casual Read More

I was scrolling through pictures from my trip to Paris recently and fell in love with this Paris dining room all over again this was in the Paris Apartment my mom rents every summer and it has so many fantastic details I need to share chevron floors and billowing silk drapes created such a charming and elegant mood. So nice Read More


4 days ago by cococozy Happy Labor Day!

  • 1 week ago by cococozy Why I love #dining in #style in this very #Paris room. Dining room design inspiration and tour. Tap profile link for details on our #French #vacation rental. #socococozy #cococozy

  • 2 weeks ago by cococozy Gotta love it when your bestie uses your fabrics for #pillows + Roman shades in her master #bedroom. #socococozy What has your BFF done for you lately? Tap profile link for blog tour of my BFF’s East Hampton sleep spot featuring my COCOCOZY pillows and #window coverings!

  • 2 weeks ago by cococozy Wishing my Mr. Boo a Happy #NationalDogDay.

  • 3 weeks ago by cococozy How we scored this Paris apartment for the summer on the blog! Tap profile link for full tour. Comment if you like or love? #Paris #homesweethome #loveit


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    Merci: Parisian Concept Store

    Opened in Paris last March, the 16,000 Sq foot concept store, is the new mecca for design and fashion lovers alike. Now in her sixties, Marie France Cohen and her husband, (who also created the chic children brand Bonpoint . 30 years ago), have founded yet another brilliant endeavor. Merci is the first Charity Store ( or Magasin Solidaire ) in France, it means that 100% of their profit will go to a charity association helping women and kids in Madagascar ( one of the poorest countries in the world ).

    In an 18th century building in the heart of Paris the Merci store is lavish in its presentation. From vintage (and new) clothing to design furniture to flower shop to coffee shop, where you can peacefully sip your espresso, while browsing the library of magazine and art books, Merci covers all aesthetic grounds. Isabel Marant, Azzaro, Stella McCartney, Kris Van Assche andPaul Smith helped to create Merci, by offering a full look or a unique piece, 30 to 40% below the selling point of their own store!

    The Fiat 500 is Merci s Mascot (and logo), dressed with tons of stuff on top. The Mascot s attire usually changes depending on the season, theme, and trend.

    French Trendsetter, living working in New York. art direction, trend forecasting, styling and designing are part of my daily activities. PS: Sorry for my French, I don’t pretend to be a writer and I know that my writing is not the best.

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    Trust Vedanta
    The best interior design company

    Vedanta Interior design firm with expertise in corporate interior office design india

    VIPL offers a full range of interior design and interior architectural services which include planning, designing, project management, decorating services, deriving project costs, supervising, quality control, budget monitoring and coordination of the entire project.


    About Vedanta Interiors Pvt. ltd.

    We are pleased to introduce ourselves as Vedanta Interiors Pvt. ltd. (VIPL) earlier known as Hemal Constructions & Interiors founded in 1979. is one of the pioneer civil and interior contracting company in this profession / trade for more than the last 20 years.

    Vedanta executed various major prestigious projects all over India. The company’s Executive Staff and Technical Experts have already handled a vast range of Projects including Multi storied buildings, Group housings of public sector, Schools, Hotels, Industrial and Commercial buildings etc.

    Why Us

    We strategically use the very best of different styles to create a sophisticated, distinctive and timeless design. The firm can produce CAD (computer) plans as well as computer images and animation of proposed residential, business or hospitality interior design projects. We take pride in our ability to deliver quality interior design to our clients provide service that is unmatched, regardless of the project size.

    For delivering superior interior designing, it is very essential to use reliable and durable products. For this, we have made tie-ups with major manufacturers of India for ensuring the best quality of products at the most competitive prices. Our company also performs quality testing of material procured from leading company that ensures that no inferior products are used in our projects. The company has trusted and reliable supervisors, who keep an eye not only on the products but also on the finishing quality of the projects.

    • Interior design & architecture for corporate, hospitality & residential projects
    • Space planning for tenant improvement for office design
    • Construction documentation for bidding and pricing
    • Furniture, fixture, and equipment (FF
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    It’s Valentine’s Day, which means love is in the air!

    Speaking of valentines could your funeral home’s interior use a little extra love this Valentine’s Day?

    If your funeral home has peeling wallpaper, that infamous “funeral home smell,” or looks like it was decorated circa 1920, chances are it does need a little makeover.

    I posted a question on our Facebook earlier this week asking our fans what their families loved most about their funeral home. I couldn’t believe that every single one of them had the same answer.

    Can you guess what they all said?

    It was homeyness!

    If you want to make your funeral home homey , you ll have to think about all five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, taste. Check out these easy-to-implement changes you can make to your funeral home that will make your families fall in love with it!


    1. Add some personalization

    Famous interior designer Judith Wilson once said Inviting means seeing a bit of you in your home. Help your families feel at home by allowing them to personalize the interior to their liking. At the NFDA convention this year, one funeral home owner told me that he leaves his walls blank and allows his families to add their own wall decorations during the service. This is a great idea because not only will this make your families feel at home it will also help make their service more meaningful for them.

    2. Let the sun shine!

    Everyone knows sunshine boosts your serotonin levels, therefore making you happier. By ripping your dusty, old curtains of your windows, you’ll literally (we’re talking brain chemicals here) be making your families happier. If you’re not comfortable ripping off all your curtains, try getting sheer ones that offer privacy during a service, but still let the sun peek through.

    3. Add some color with plants

    While your funeral home is usually covered in flowers during a service, it’s still important that you add a little “natural beauty” to the rest of your funeral home. You can achieve this by putting plants (both big and small) throughout. Not only do plants bring life into your funeral home (pun intended), but they also help reduce stress in fact, simply glancing at a plant is known to lower your heart rate.

    4. Garden/Patio Area

    Providing a place of serenity where families can reflect and get some alone time during such a difficult time is a great way to provide a little extra value to your families. Horan McConaty Funeral Home has done a great job with that with their cremation garden. Their cremation garden is complete with a pond, fountains, flowers and even walking paths.


    5. The serene sound of water

    If you’ve ever been to a yoga class or gotten a massage, you might have noticed that they played the sound of water. Isn’t the sound of ocean waves, rain or waterfalls so relaxing? Consider putting a mini water fountain in your funeral home by the sitting area like the one below. Families will appreciate the relaxing environment you’ve provided them with during such a difficult time.

    6. The sound of music

    I don’t know about you, but when I’m sad, stressed or angry, I like to listen to music to bring me back to a happy place. If you have a sitting area for families during the arrangement or service process, keep some iPods or MP3 players with headphones around so families and funeral guests can kick back and listen to some music on their down time.


    7. Open a cafe

    If you visit someone’s house and they offer you snacks or beverages, doesn’t it make you feel that much more comfortable and welcomed? The same should go for your funeral home. Create a cafe area in your funeral home stocked with some snacks, coffee, tea and beverages so your families have something to munch on and somewhere to munch at.

    A great example of this is Robinson Funeral Home. who is opening up a Starbucks Cafe in their funeral home, calling it the “Coffee Corner ”.


    8. Light some candles or incense

    Putting candles or incense in your funeral home is the perfect way to avoid that infamous “funeral home” smell that people talk about. You can also use the power of certain scents to improve your families moods and help them relax a bit. Check out the quick guide below to determine which scents are right for you and your families.

    Do you want to

    • Improve moods? Use scents like lemon, cinnamon and vanilla.
    • Reduce anxiety and tension? Try scents like lavender, cedar, orange, jasmine and bergamot.
    • Heighten relaxation? Try chamomile, marjoram, sandalwood, nutmeg and spiced apple. Not only do these scents add relaxation they’re known to reduce blood pressure too!

    9. Bake cookies in the oven

    If you decide to put a kitchen or cafe in your funeral home, try this trick: bake cookies right before your families come in for an arrangement meeting or right after the service. You ll make your kitchen area smell delicious and your families will love that you went out of your way to bake them sweets the perfect comfort food!


    10. Offer massage chairs
    If you’ve got a little extra money after your funeral home renovation and are looking to spend it, think about investing in massage chairs. Not only will they create a sense of serenity and relaxation, but you’ll get people in your community talking about how above and beyond you’ve gone to make your funeral home “homey”.

    Take it a little further

    10. Tap into a great American staple

    If you live somewhere where warm weather is prominent, consider putting a patio area outside of your funeral home. Because barbeque is a great American staple, you’ll probably surprise yourself by how many families request to use that space either for recreation or as a part of the service for their loved one.

    11. Reception Facility

    Maple Grove Cemetery has done a great job at offering their community more than just one use for their cemetery. They opened up a reception facility for their families to use. It’s been so successful, they’ve hosted weddings there! If you’ve got the budget, opening up a reception facility could be a great way for you to remain profitable and relevant to today’s families.

    12. Game Room

    Funeral guests are overlooked all too often particularly younger children. To avoid children running around your funeral home with ants in their pants, consider creating a game room to entertain the younger crowd. Putting board games, ping pong, coloring books, magazines and toys in your game room won’t cost you much, and your older guests will be thankful that you’ve thought about every aspect of their loved one s funeral service.

    In the end, the more you give, the more you get. It doesn t have to cost a lot of money or take a lot of time to create a funeral home ambiance your families will fall in love with. Just start simple and keep your budget and end goals in mind!

    How have you made your families fall in love with your funeral home s ambiance? Share your thought in the comments below!

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    House Dat! Interior Designs India

    Guest Room Interior Design Styles by Ashwin Architects

    Increasingly, trends in Interior designs India are growing towards contemporary styles with perspective of traditional Indian characteristics. From house interior designs to restaurants, spas, public spaces and offices, vibrant colors and mindful textures are doing up spaces in every innovative forms.

    Luxurious Interior Designs in India by Ashwin Architects

    Textures ranging from a wide range of woods are being used in fixtures, screens, roof and wall elements. Marble tiles and specially crafted masonry walls with deep vibrant hues are creating a series of styles that are reminiscent of the very colorful and traditional local cultures.

    Trendy Baskets For Interior Designs India

    Beautiful hand woven Indian baskets have been popular since long as interior design accessories. Hand crafted by tribals from wide spread heartlands of india, these baskets can be some of the best accessories for your new house interiors. And in case you can t lay your hands on some of these wonders, you can buy online and in stores that sell chic, rustic and country style interior decorating accessories.

    Interior Designs India For Contemporary Attitude.

    Dinning Room Interior Designs India Ranganath s Residence

    Thanks to excellent architecture styles that are tailored to custom requirements, innovative interior designs too are taking firm ground. At Ashwin Architects, special focus is on utilizing the available space and create the best contemporary designs.

    Few Changes For Interesting Influences In Interior Designs

    Contemporary Look Interior Designs India

    1. Lighting. Try making some changes in the lighting of your rooms and see how it transforms the décor. Latest launches in LEDs and CFLs are making these very changes energy efficient and a real new way to give your home a complete new look.
    2. Wall Colors. A little experimentation with the colors of your house walls can also work wonders. Little changes in some parts of selective walls can bring a new look to respective rooms and the house on a whole. Like coloring one of the walls in a room with dark paint and keep other walls of lighter shades.
    3. Natural Stone. Keep some artifacts made of Natural stone at strategic locations in your house. Even slates made of natural stones can be used for roofing of your house. So can the fine textures of granites and marbles be used to make flat surfaces and fireplaces more beautiful.
    4. Candles. Aromatic candles are hardly expensive and can be found commonly in home furnishing stores and online outlets. They come in various decorative designs, scented forms, as decorative columns and create perfect homely atmosphere.
    5. Decorative Rugs Mats. They make for beautiful interior designs in India. Rugs are Environmentally Friendly and come is some classic designs. Rugs offer the best interior design at affordable costs giving the spaces a traditional as well as contemporary look.

    Ashwin Architectsis the name for Interior and Architectural services. The firm commenced its operations to “bridge the divide” between the buildings spaces emerging in the urban setup, and the peoples’ perception regarding that space. Attention to develop meaningful interface between people and their surroundings in an efficient manner, helps them to offer eco-friendly and contemporary designs for residential commercial spaces. Please feel free to contact Mr. Ashwin Ananth with your queries on architecture, house plans, interior design and vastu compliant home designs.

    Company Name: Ashwin Architects

    Contact Person: Mr. Ashwin

    Address: No. 23, Ratnavilas Road, Basavangudi, Bengaluru – Karnataka-560 004 (India)

    Phone No: +91-9019377000

    Mobile No: +(91)-9845605777

    If you are looking for some contemporary Interior Designs India, add Ashwin Architects to your list. Contact today.

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    Singapore Interior Design Renovation

    Our Works


    Compassvale Drive

    Ang Mo Kio

    Keat Hong Link


    Compassvale Dr

    Sky Habitat






    Joo Chiat

    Upper East Coast

    Serangoon North


    Serangoon Central

    Our Beliefs

    We are a team of professional interior designers providing a full spectrum of renovation services. Equipped with years of experience blended with passion, we are committed and confident individuals who are capable of delivering. Juz Interior consists of a flat hierarchy of equal contributors working towards one common goal: to practice absolute transparency at every stage of progression, bridging clear communication and understanding between our clients and us. With no obligation, we are just one call away for you to judge our HONESTY. RELIABILITY. FLEXIBILITY and TRANSPARENCY.

    • Transparency
      A significant element of an excellent working relationship is trust. To achieve that, we always look forward to engage our clients in a transparent approach. We speak openly and share our expertise to assist in attaining your preferences.
    • Pursuit of Excellence
      As the old saying goes: “Learning is life-long”. We believe the only way for improvement is to keep pursuing excellence by constantly exploring new ideas. We listen to every feedback and comment given to us, which in turn, becomes the fuel to keep us going in the pursuit of excellence.
    • Passion
      If pursuing excellence is a way of work, then passion is the soul of work. It is an in-built attitude of the mind which pushes our creative boundaries. This key point will transform into a flood of ideas that contributes to your dream home. To us, we take great joy in fulfilling expectations and delivering your home in a responsive way.
    • Family
      At Juz Interior, we are one big family where we laugh at each other, have silly fun and share mutual respect for everyone’s ability.

    From the Blog

    For people living in cities, finding apartments at a decent price that feel big at the same time can be a real problem.

    Your bedroom is for sleeping and relaxing. What happens when you leave things lying around, thinking that you ll tidy things up over the weekend ? You may find that you never get down to hide clutter that s built up over time.

    Where do you see PVC commonly used in around the house? The transport of water around the house, right? Wait till you see these PVC projects that will make you go Why didn t I think of THAT!

    Satisfied Clients

    “I am so appreciative of all the hard work that Juz Interior Pte Ltd put into my home. My wife and I have different perception and it’s always been a problem for us to agree on anything. Juz Interior Pte Ltd manages to fuse our differences into one house without damaging the look. Ever since we have received a lot of compliments from our family and friends about our house. Thanks to Juz Interior Pte Ltd for all the effort.”

    Mohammad Ali Bin Abdul Mutalib ,

    “At first there was a lot of consideration before we decided to engage any Interior Designer due to the rumors about the interior industry. But our worries went away after we met one of the interior designers from Juz Interior Pte Ltd. Their professionalism and coordination is beyond what we have expected. It is a wise decision we made as homeowners to choose Juz Interior.”

    “Thanks for making our house more comfy than what we have before. We do know that we always change our requirements but Juz Interior Pte Ltd patiently provides and guides us with what is best for our house in the long run. We are grateful and appreciative of all the work and passion that they put in to put our dream house together.”

    Leave Your Big Idea With Us!

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    Home Designer

    Home Design Remodeling

    Automated Home Building Tools

    With Automated building tools, any time a wall is moved the Roof, Framing and Foundation automatically update. Plus, with Home Designer Pro and Architectural you will find several manual building tools to further customize your home project.

    Stairs Ramps

    Home Designer’s stair tool can create straight, curved, split stairs and ramps with defaults typically used in construction. Customize the number of stair sections, tread height and railing style. An automatic stairwell creates a stair opening between platforms. With Home Designer Pro, you will find advanced settings and control for stairs.

    Door Window Tools

    Doors Windows

    Doors and Windows can be customized to create just about any style- wood, casement, moldings, lites, shutters and window treatments. Modify the height, width and shape to create the exact door or window you desire. Home Designer Pro has advanced settings for rough openings, mulling, and lintel and sill.

    Cross Sections Elevations

    Remove a 3D slice from your design and create a detailed view using the 3D cross section elevation slider. From front to back, or side to side, this tool will let you look through your design from any point. Cross Sections are a great way to help you communicate the details of your design. Use the Remove Surface tool to see into tight spaces or to produce architectural style views.

    Dormers Skylights Tools

    The Auto Dormer tool has gable, hip, shed and barrel dormers. Click to place on the roof and the software creates all the structural elements so the framing and roof cutout are accurate. Skylights work the same way and bring natural light into your model so you can easily see the effects.

    Roof Ceiling Tools

    With Automatic Roof and Ceiling tools, you can create the style that’s right for your home. The software automatically creates flat ceilings once the roof is generated and you can create a variety of styles including vault, trey and coffered. Home Designer Pro includes manual roof and ceiling tools where you can create and edit individual roof and ceiling planes.

    Automatic Roof Tools