Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice


Career rewards beyond measure – protect and serve

The format of the online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program allows working professionals to stay on the job while preparing them for careers or advancement in a variety of jobs including local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, and as security personnel, including preparation for graduate study in related public service fields.

A degree in criminal justice can lead to a variety of different jobs from the crime scene to the courtroom. Classes are taught by experienced faculty, including many active and retired members of law enforcement and other related professions, who impart practical knowledge that can be immediately applied to the job as well as to future career goals. Courses integrate Christian principles as they apply to ethics, justice, and other key issues related to the field of criminal justice. The job market for criminal justice is growing, explore new opportunities in cyber security, homeland security and/or criminal justice management and administration.

The online Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree program is designed to take students through a journey that embraces personal, professional, and spiritual transformation. Students graduating from the program will be equipped to address issues in a global context, with the ethical standards of a Christian heritage. In addition, students will leave the program with the capacity to self-reflect, think critically, lead and engage others, and make effective decisions.

Consistent with the University student outcomes, upon completion of the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice degree, graduates will be able to:

  1. Effectively prepare and present oral and written reports, synthesize the history and philosophy of criminal justice in America, and describe, apply and analyze American political systems, including the US Federal system of government, with an emphasis on examining public administration in the context of criminal justice practices.
  2. Develop, prepare and present oral and written reports whereby challenging students to develop leadership and ethical perspectives for delivery of public services within the criminal justice field, incorporating values of personal integrity, accountability to the public s interest, including equity and fairness, to the study of criminal justice.
  3. Effectively prepare and present oral and written reports examining the principles of emergency management and disaster preparedness, using technology in the management of criminal justice data, demonstrating the ability to define terrorism activities and describe the preparation and response to homeland security matters within United States criminal justice arena.
  4. Effectively prepare and present oral and written reports examining and describing the introduction of criminal justice and additionally examines the effects of minority communities in the criminal justice field, demonstrate, define and apply theories of criminology as it relates to criminal justice systems.
  5. Develop and present oral and written reports demonstrating critical thinking and research skills in criminal justice, with an emphasis on comparative studies examining the functions, institutions and operation of the United States and foreign criminal justice systems.

Course Requirements

Prerequisites to Program

This serves as an admissions process general guide, may vary based on transfer units, test scores, etc. See your admissions counselor for your personal enrollment plan.

Tuition & Financial Aid

Live your purpose. Follow your passion. CBU Online is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Earning your degree at CBU Online is a short term investment with long term dividends.

  • A cost effective education with financial aid options
  • Apply for aid by completing the FAFSA, work individually with caring staff to explore financing options to complete your education
  • Grants, Scholarships, Veteran s Benefits, Employer Tuition Assistance, Student Loans and Financing Plans available for those who qualify
  • Yellow Ribbon Military Friendly School

Find and secure the resources you need to finance your educational investment. CBU Online works hard to provide an affordable and valuable education. We can help you identify, understand, and seek qualification for a variety of financing and financial aid options.

The first step is to fill-out the FAFSA at www.fafsa.ed.gov

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Blood in Semen (Hematospermia)

Melissa Conrad St ppler, MD

Melissa Conrad St ppler, MD, is a U.S. board-certified Anatomic Pathologist with subspecialty training in the fields of Experimental and Molecular Pathology. Dr. St ppler’s educational background includes a BA with Highest Distinction from the University of Virginia and an MD from the University of North Carolina. She completed residency training in Anatomic Pathology at Georgetown University followed by subspecialty fellowship training in molecular diagnostics and experimental pathology.

William C. Shiel Jr. MD, FACP, FACR

Dr. Shiel received a Bachelor of Science degree with honors from the University of Notre Dame. There he was involved in research in radiation biology and received the Huisking Scholarship. After graduating from St. Louis University School of Medicine, he completed his Internal Medicine residency and Rheumatology fellowship at the University of California, Irvine. He is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Rheumatology.

Blood in semen facts

  • Blood in the semen is known as hematospermia.
  • Prostate biopsy is the most common cause of blood in the semen.
  • Blood in the semen can be caused by tumors, infections, anatomical abnormalities, stones, or inflammation in many sites throughout the genitourinary system.
  • Usually blood in the semen is benign and resolves on its own.
  • Treatment, if indicated, depends upon the underlying cause.
  • In most cases, hematospermia has no underlying cause, is benign, self-limited, and no treatment is required.

What is blood in the semen?

The presence of blood in the semen (ejaculate) is also called hematospermia. Hematospermia is not always noticed; therefore, it is difficult to make estimates of its incidence.

What are the causes of blood in the semen?

Blood in semen can be caused by many conditions affecting the male genitourinary system. Areas affected may include the bladder, urethra, the testicles, the tubes that distribute semen from the testicles (known as the seminal vesicles), the epididymis (a segment of the spermatic ducts that serves to store, mature, and transport sperm), and the prostate gland .

Blood in the semen is most commonly a result of a prostate gland biopsy. A majority of men who undergo a prostate biopsy may have some blood in their semen that persists for three to four weeks. Likewise, vasectomy can lead to bloody semen for about one week after the procedure.

In men with hematospermia who have not had a recent prostate biopsy or vasectomy, a number of benign and malignant conditions of the male genital system may be the cause. In many situations, no definitive cause is found.

The following conditions have been reported in association with hematospermia:

  • Benign or malignant tumors of the prostate, bladder, testes, or seminal vesicles
  • Infections including, but not limited to, chlamydia. herpes. cytomegalovirus. and trichomoniasis
  • Inflammation of the prostate (prostatitis ), epididymis (epididymitis), or urethra (urethritis)
  • Calculi (stones similar to kidney stones ) in the seminal vesicles or prostate
  • Polyps in the urethra
  • Ejaculation duct obstructions
  • Metastatic cancers (that have spread from other sites in the body) located in the genitourinary system
  • Cysts, hemorrhage, or other abnormalities in the seminal vesicles

Medically Reviewed by a Doctor on 10/30/2015

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    Centralized tool

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    Understanding Auto Insurance

    What is auto insurance?

    Auto insurance is a product that provides financial protection for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and other road vehicles from loss, physical damage and/or bodily injury liability resulting from traffic collision, theft or other losses.

    By law, all drivers in Nevada must purchase auto insurance.

    How much auto insurance am I required to have in Nevada?

    Nevada drivers are required to have protection levels of at least $15,000 per person for bodily injury, $30,000 per accident for bodily injury, and $10,000 per accident for property damage. This minimum level of coverage is often referred to as 15/30/10. It is possible to purchase more coverage protection than the minimum level of coverage required.
    Liability insurance coverage protects you only if you are liable for an accident and pays for the injuries to others or damages to their property. It does not provide coverage for you, your passengers who are your resident relatives, or your property. Property Damage coverage is also available but is a separate coverage and is not required by law.

    What other types of coverage can I buy?

    Drivers who want to protect their vehicles against physical damage can need to purchase:

    • Collision – This coverage is for damage to your vehicle resulting from a collision, regardless of who is at fault. It provides for repair of the damage to your vehicle or a monetary payment to compensate you for your loss.
    • Comprehensive – This coverage insures you against theft or other damage to your vehicle resulting from causes other than collision. Other causes may include damage from wind, falling objects, fire, flood or vandalism.

    None of the above insurance coverages will pay for your injuries or your passengers’ injuries in the case of an accident.

    The following two coverages help ensure that everyone in your vehicle has the protection needed to pay for medical treatment costs.

    • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) – If you or your passengers are injured in an accident in which the other driver is at fault and either does not have insurance (uninsured) or does not have enough insurance (underinsured) to pay all of your loss, this coverage pays for the medical costs of you and your passengers.
    • Medical Payments (Medpay) – This pays for treating injuries to you and your passengers without regard to fault. It also pays for treating injuries resulting from being struck as a pedestrian by a motor vehicle.

    What is a deductible?

    Your auto insurance deductible is the amount of money you must pay out-of-pocket before your insurance compensates you. A deductible only applies to Collision and Comprehensive coverages.

    For example: You have a Subaru Outback that has Collision Coverage with a $1,000 deductible. You rear end another driver, and your Subaru is damaged. You take it to the body shop and the total cost to repair all the damage is $6,500. In this scenario, you would pay the body shop $1,000. This is your deductible. Once you have met your $1,000 deductible the insurance company will pay the remaining $5,500.

    How does my deductible affect the cost of my insurance?

    Generally, the lower your deductible, the higher the cost of your insurance will be. The higher your deductible is, the lower the cost of your insurance will be. This is because the insurance company is assuming more or less liability for repair costs.

    How do I buy auto insurance?

    When buying insurance, the Division of Insurance recommends that you seek the advice of a qualified insurance professional. There are three types of professionals that typically sell insurance:

    Independent agents: can sell insurance from multiple unaffiliated insurers.

    Exclusive agents: can only sell insurance from the company or group of companies with which they are affiliated.

    Direct writers: are insurers that do not always use agents as intermediaries; instead, some of their employees are licensed as agents in Nevada and are authorized to sell insurance.

    Regardless of what type of professional you choose to use, it is important to confirm that they are licensed to conduct business in the State of Nevada. You can check the license of an insurance professional or company here.

    Remember – Always verify that an insurance company or agent are licensed before giving them personal information or payment.

    How much should I expect auto insurance to cost?

    Insurance companies look at a number of different factors when determining the cost of your insurance. These factors include, but are not limited to:

    • Driving record
    • Claims history
    • Where you live
    • Gender and age
    • Marital Status
    • Make and model of your vehicle
    • Credit

    Nevada has one of the most competitive and healthy auto insurance markets in the country. Shopping for insurance may allow you to achieve competitive pricing.

    To learn more about how insurance companies determine the cost of your auto insurance, you can read our Consumer’s Guide to Auto Insurance Rates .

    To learn about the use of your credit information by insurance companies read our Frequently Asked Questions About Credit-Based Insurance Scores .

    #feng shui interior design


    Interior Design Tips

    If you choose to decorate your house or office according to feng shui and follow feng shui interior design guidelines, there are some important tips you should know.

    How to find the center of a build structure
    Finding the center of a structure is very important for feng shui since it allows determining that building directions accurately. In the next lines we will describe how to find the center of different shaped buildings.

    Learn some feng shui guidelines for your children’s room
    Feng shui indicates some specific guidelines regarding children’s spaces and bedrooms.

    What is feng shui art used for?
    Feng shui art is a great way to add harmony and balance to any kind of space or environment.

    Use feng shui arches to transform a space
    Feng shui arches provide a great solution for many spatial problems, such as the need for a division or an esthetic transformation.

    The ten most important feng shui design tips
    If you wish to learn how to manage interior design according to feng shui design guidelines, there are some major tips you must know.

    Discover some useful classroom feng shui tips
    We intend to provide you with some useful classroom feng shui guidelines and help you create the best learning space possible.

    Feng shui decorating guidelines
    Feng shui decorating guidelines show us the correct way to place objects, furniture and how to decorate in order to achieve harmony.

    How to achieve feng shui kitchen harmony
    According to feng shui, kitchens have a main importance due to the fact that they are a place where people are in touch with nature elements and pays attention to the basic natural human need of eating.

    Important feng shui interior design tips
    Feng shui can provide you with wise tips and information for you to achieve a feng shui interior design which brings you harmony and improves your life quality as well.

    Feng shui bathroom guidelines
    There are several guidelines referring to how a feng shui bathroom orientation and distribution should be.

    Feng shui home improvements
    Your house is probably the space where you spend more time and one of the most influencing environments for you.

    How to create the perfect feng shui living room
    There are some basic things you can do in order to create a feng shui harmonized living room.

    Feng shui bedroom tips
    There are some feng shui bedroom tips that can help you maximize the use of the energy and qualities that this space of your house can give you.

    Feng shui office
    Through this article we will provide you with some of the most important feng shui office evaluation techniques.

    How to place feng shui furniture
    The way you distribute and place the furniture in your house or any other space will directly affect the way the energy or chi flows in it.

    #feng shui interior design


    “More than just a pretty space”

    REIKO FENG SHUI DESIGN is a full-service design build company devoted to creating environments that protect, support and advance our clients’ lives, dreams and goals. Blending the finest of contemporary design with the ancient Feng Shui principles of harmony and balance, we create homes and businesses that feel and function as good as they look.

    Reiko (RAY-co) Design, established in 2000, is a full service design company providing:

    We would be happy to discuss your project.

    #office space interior design


    Office Space Planners: Home

    Office Design with Office Space Planners

    Office Space Planners creates comfortable and productive working environments throughout the United States.

    Why is the working environment so important?

    A person’s work environment is very important. After all, we spend nearly as much time at work as we do at home. According to a recent North American Survey, nearly 50% of workers rank their work environment as the most critical element of job satisfaction. In fact, they ranked environment above praise and recognition, compensation and benefits, job security, and promotions.

    What makes a high quality work environment? The five major elements of Office Space Design:

    • Comfort – Assuring that work stations are adjustable and suited to the task, whether sitting, standing, spending hours at the computer or on the phone
    • Efficiency – Locating work teams in convenient proximity, placing equipment near workers who use it most
    • Communication – Organizing each department for the most effective means of communicating internally and externally with co-workers and customers
    • Productivity – Maintaining a logical flow throughout the office
    • Effectiveness – Establishing clear goals and objectives for the work environment

    Office Space Planners works with you to understand your business and to help identify your major goals and objectives in the work environment. We specialize in reconfiguring existing spaces, planning new office space, and coordinating all aspects of a business move.

    At Office Space Planners. we are dedicated to:

    • Creating quality work environments
    • Providing attentive and precise space planning services
    • Assuring timely and accurate project management services
    • Remaining competitive in price
    • Keeping your project within budget and on schedule

    Process and Methodology

    • Free phone consultation and preliminary project scope meeting. Project proposal submitted to customer contact and reviewed with customer via conference call.
    • After proposal is approved by customer, a site visit is conducted to complete an as-built of the spaces to be designed.
    • Conduct an on-site meeting to review programming information that is applicable to the design, including job functions, communication, office and workstation needs, conference room needs, storage, filing, equipment areas, and work area adjacencies.
    • Multiple option floor plans are submitted to the customer and a conference call is held to review the options.
    • Review comments will be used to finalize one of the option floor plans and plan revisions are made.
    • Meetings will be held to review revised options, as required.
    • OSP can provide finish specifications, including carpet, other flooring, paint, art, etc
    • OSP can provide project management to phase the project to minimize disruption to the organization.

    Office Space Planners has recently completed projects for clients in the following industries:

    • High Tech
    • Engineering
    • Executive Suites
    • Call Centers
    • Food Production
    • Consumer Goods
    • Law Firms
    • Medical
    • Chiropractic
    • Financial
    • CPA Accounting
    • Real Estate
    • Non-Profit
    • Internet
    • Tourism and Travel
    • Government
    • Software
    • Insurance
    • Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Veterinarian
    • Dental
    • Optometry
    • Banking

    Office Space Planners provided exactly what we were looking for in planning a re-design of our call center. They helped us to clarify our ideas, their service was timely, and their total cost came in under budget.

    Steve Moore
    Director of Customer Support
    DRB Systems

    We were faced with a situation where we had two companies we needed to merge into the same work space using an open floor plan. Our space consisted of four separate office suites, all in different shapes and sizes with a hallway in between. Office Space Planners helped us address this complex situation by first, taking the time to learn about our companies, needs and work habits, then assessing the space as a whole, to determine the best use for each space and the best work flow for our staff. This saved us countless hours of deliberation and stress – and all at what we considered to be a very reasonable price. There are not a lot of companies that do this and we were thrilled to find Office Space Planners’. We will be singing Office Space Planners praises for a long time to come!

    Lynn Capron, COO
    Synthenet Corporation

    Copyright Office Space Planners 1997-2016, All rights reserved.
    Corporate Headquarters, 11775 SW Greenburg Road. Portland. OR 97223
    Toll-Free (877) 918-1947 | Toll Free Fax (877) 853-1676 | Fax (503) 214-5358

    #feng shui interior design


    HGTV presents The Elements of Feng Shui

    Feng shui divides the world into five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. If you have a room that doesn’t feel quite right, try balancing the elements to make it more comfortable. Each element invokes a different mood, creating a customized space that’s beneficial for your personality and goals. Here’s a look at each one and how to incorporate it into your home, yard or office design:

    1. Wood. Wood harnesses the power of creativity and expansion while representing traits such as growth, birth, strength, flexibility and intuition. Too much wood can make you feel overwhelmed, rigid, stubborn and inflexible, whereas too little can show up as a lack of creativity or depression, ambivalence and stagnancy.

    When designing with the wood element, use shapes that mimic the vertical, column-like shape of tree trunks and the softness of leaves and flowers. Like the leaves and sky, wood’s colors are green and blue. Consider incorporating the following types of objects:

    • fresh and silk flowers
    • plants and trees
    • cotton and other natural fabrics
    • wood furniture

    Winter Fireplace Installation

    Getting yourself ready for winter is a snap. Gloves? Check! Scarf? Right here. But readying your home for a long, cold season is another story. So, until someone invents a turtleneck sweater you can put around your house when it gets cold, there’s some organizing to do. We’ve got the tips to help you, like utilizing an indoor fireplace installation.

    Getting yourself ready for winter is a snap. Gloves? Check! Scarf? Right here. But readying your home for a long, cold season is another story. So, until someone invents a turtleneck sweater you can put around your house when it gets cold, there’s some organizing to do. We’ve got the tips to help you, like utilizing an indoor fireplace installation.

    2. Fire. Increase enthusiasm and leadership skills by maximizing the fire element. Use this element in design to encourage expressiveness, inspiration and boldness. When there’s an overabundance of fire, it can show itself as anger, aggression, irritability and impulsive behavior, whereas too little can show up as emotional coldness, lack of vision, inexpressiveness and a lack of self-esteem.

    To expand the fire element in your space, add:

    • candles, incandescent lights and sunlight
    • any shade of red, pink or purple
    • electronic equipment
    • animal prints

    4. Metal. Metal affects mental clarity and logic. The presence of metal within a room can be felt in personal characteristics such as organization, focus, righteousness and analytical abilities. When surrounded with too much metal, you can be seen as chatty, overly critical and prone to speaking without thinking. When there’s too little metal, you may notice a feeling of quiet, cautiousness and lack of focus.

    When enhancing a space with metal, add:

    • round or oval shapes
    • anything made of metals, including iron, aluminum, gold or silver
    • rocks and stones
    • white, gray, silver or light pastel colors

    garden water feature makes dramatic statement

    5. Water. Water’s domain encompasses spirituality and the emotions. A balance of water brings about inspiration, wisdom and insightfulness. Too much water can create the feeling of unbalanced transition and the sense that you’re drowning emotionally. It can make you feel overwhelmed and overly social. When there’s too little water, you may experience a lack of sympathy, loneliness, isolation, stress and pettiness.

    When incorporating the water element, add:

    • the color black or any deep, dark tones
    • reflective surfaces, such as mirrors and gazing balls
    • wavy, free-form or asymmetrical shapes
    • water or water features, such as aquariums and fountains

    Pulling It Together

    Now that you understand the basic characteristics of each element, keep in mind one more thing: The objects in your home very often have several elements reflected within each of them. For example, a red flowerpot full of white tulips would represent four of the five elements. The red pot represents fire, the clay pot itself is earth, the flowers represent wood and the white of the tulips are metal.

    Begin playing with the arrangement of elements by starting small, with an entry table or a dresser in your bedroom. Add your red flowerpot of tulips and a few other items, such as a mirror for water and an arrangement of polished stones for metal.

    To tackle an entire room, start by noticing and labeling all the objects within a space. If you find yourself using a specific room less than others or avoiding it altogether, the elemental balance may need some adjusting. Be on the lookout for rooms made up of only one or two elements. By adding in objects that represent those missing elements, you’ll be well on your way to creating a balanced and inviting room.

    #feng shui interior design


    Feng Shui for House Layout, 17 Feng Shui Tips for Good Home Design Plan

    Chinese Feng Shui practitioners say that good Feng Shui house layout has a significant impact on lifestyle and health, creating harmonious exterior and interior design that Feng Shui home for wealth. Designing pleasant and well balanced environment and properly organizing living space will attract good luck, prosperity and health.

    Feng Shui practitioner, architect and interior designer create a great team for designing good home design plan and comfortable house layout, balancing modern architectural designs and adding more harmony to home design plan and interior design.

    Good Feng Shui house layout, exterior design and backyard decorating create a sense of balance that helps people relax and rejuvenate after a busy day at work. Feng Shui for ouse layout make home design plan comfortable, balancing energy and creating the emotional balance when people feel energized and happy.

    Modern house layout, interior design color palette, texture combinations, the selection of materials, lighting, furniture and decor accessories, as well as backyard and front yard landscaping ideas are important elements of good Feng Shui house design.

    Feng Shui tips for good house design plan

    1. The simple geometric shape of of the house and its central location on the lot are good Feng Shui ideas that balance the energy flow around your home.

    2. The driveway or a walk path leading from the road to the front door should be smooth and slightly curvy, and it should not cross the straight line from the road to your front door, Chinese Feng Shui practitioners recommend.

    2. The entryway design should be welcoming. Interior design ideas that allow the energy freely flow from one room to another with no obstacles are good Feng Shui house design choices.

    3. According to Chinese Feng Shui principles the house design plan with well balanced room sizes (no too large or two small rooms) is preferable.

    4. Avoiding L-shaped buildings and rooms, that symbolize a large butcher knife, creates good Feng Shui house layout.

    5. Sloping ceiling surfaces, sharp corners and open ceiling beams require Feng Shui cures to balance the house design.

    6. Attractive wide enough front door decoration and entryway design invite life energy into the house, bringing good luck, health and wealth into your home. A narrow front door is not recommended.

    7. Living room and home office can be designed close to the front door and entryway or foyer. This creates a sense of welcoming, harmonious and peaceful atmosphere.

    8. It is believed, that the kitchen, located close to the front door, create a strong food and dining accent, which stimulates people to eat more and be overweight. Kitchen interior should be bright, ergonomic and attractive.

    9. Bedrooms and washrooms doors should not be seen from the the front door and entryway, otherwise good luck, health and wealth will escape from the house.

    10. Doors in similar size and not located on one straight line that connect the front door and one of the interior doors are good Feng Shui interior design ideas that create balanced house layout. A sloping door symbolizes an ax and is not an element of a good Feng Shui house design plan.

    11. House with lots of windows create light interior design and pleasant atmosphere. The number of windows should not exceed the number of doors in the house times three.

    Open windows bring fresh air, inviting the nature and the energy Qi into home interiors. Windows that can be open only half way significantly reduce the amount of Qi energy coming into the house and slow down the career development, wealth growth and affect the well being of all family members, Chinese Feng Shui masters suggests.

    12. The staircase should be wide and slightly curvy. The staircase should not be located right opposite to the front door. Steps should be even and comfortable.

    13. Dining room, large enough and comfortably accommodating dining furniture for all family members isan important element of good Feng Shui house layout. A large mirror on one wall expands the space, visually doubling food and Feng Shui crystals on a table. The feeling of spaciousness in the dining room creates a sense of wealth and happiness.

    14. Comfortable and bright kitchen interior, next to the dining room, is a part of good Feng Shui for house layout. Kitchen layout requires special knowledge and attention to basic principles of good Feng Shui for kitchen interiors.

    15. Bedrooms along a long hallway do not add harmony to house design plan.

    16. Toilet and bathroom doors should not be seen from the front door, kitchen or dining room. Toilet and bathroom door should not be at the end of a long hallway or opposite to a bedroom door. Toilet and bathroom design require some knowledge of good Feng Shui principles. Toilet and bathroom interiors should be located along the exterior wall. Toilet and bathroom doors should be kept closed.

    17. Feng Shui cures and simple tips help to balance ad harmonize house design plan, neutralize the negative effects of unfortunate architectural designs and interior design elements, Feng Shui a house and create beautiful, comfortable, healthy and wealthy homes.