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Top Interior Design Company in Singapore

MDS Interiors is one of the most renowned design firms in Singapore. Equipped with over 20 years of experience, our team of interior design specialists has carried out numerous transformations to reach the pinnacle of success. We have the skills and the passion to carry out every project perfectly, and oversee everything from space planning and concept design to construction documentation and management. Look forward to top-notch as well as budget-friendly interior design services which are the preferred choice of commercial and residential clients all over Singapore.

A famous interior design company known for its creative solutions

What makes us stand out as one of the best as well as most famous interior designers? We are completely committed to our clients’ needs and strive for excellence in all our makeovers. We pay attention to the tiniest of details and combine efficiency with aesthetics to come up with innovative design solutions each time. Regardless of whether you seek to makeover your outlet, hotel, show suite or residence, we have just what it takes to create a vibrant and inviting environment that makes for a welcoming sight to guests and residents alike.

Our commitment to a superior standard of consumer satisfaction has seen us work closely with our clients to develop creative solutions that accommodates their aesthetic vision whilst conforming to the intelligent design for which our company has become famous. We strive at all turns to provide our clients with creative solutions which are tailored to their unique needs. Flexibility and adaptability are core values at our company and although many of our best interiors are characterised by a certain sleek modern minimalism, we are famous for our ability to realise the unique vision of the client whether it be baroque or Bauhaus.

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Rustic Home Interior Design

Rustic interior design is for those who like to spend time in the retro style places and love things that are old and antique. Those people love the warm and cozy feel of the countryside and would not be satisfied by any sophisticated design, no matter how new or contemporary it might look. Rustic interior design inspirations are nature-friendly and have an unaffected and simple aura.

If you are searching for unique furniture with rustic charm, reclaimed barnwood furniture would be an excellent choice for your home as it is a one-of-a-kind home furnishing. Reclaimed barnwood furniture is simple, solid and charming. This is furniture with a history and is often an art form in itself.

However, the prices of barnwood furniture may differ according to the rarity, age and condition of the wood, as well as the craftsmanship of the furnishings. You can use reclaimed barnwood furniture in styles such as rustic, cottage, contemporary and French country.

Wood ages differently according to the type of wood it is and the kind of climate it was exposed to. On one hand, reclaimed wood that was on the inside of the building will still maintain most of its natural color as it is kept away from direct sunlight and the other elements. On the other hand, wood that was exposed to the elements outdoors will be in silver-gray color that is associated with weathered wood.

Rustic reclaimed barnwood can also be used for outdoor seating such as benches, tables and chairs. They are attractive and bring a rugged look to your backyard or patio.

What you can use for accessories in rustic home are barnwood picture frames. You can also use accessories made of barnwood such as mirror frames, signs, plaques and trinket boxes.

If you are searching for more suggestions about beautiful decor. look at the images below.

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Ceiling Design Ideas from K-EXTREME – 3D Projects – Drywall ceilings ideas. Gypsum board ceiling design. Interior Walls and Ceilings. Plasterboard ceilings and stretch ceilings designs – Worldwide.

3D projects – ceiling designs pictures.

Three-dimensional design of suspended ceilings, stretch ceilings, stretch walls, gypsum board ceilings ideas, ART printed stretch ceiling ideas, drywall and complete interior designs.

Create three-dimensional interior design projects involving suspended and gypsum board ceilings,

stretch ceilings, combinations of stretch ceilings

with suspended plasterboard ceilings, walls, shelving, trim, drywall, decorations according to the tastes and requirements of our customers.

Ideas are our specialists developed in tandem engineer and interior designer some of which you can see in this album.

Previews projects of ceilings:

3D Projects includes 3D visualization,

2D drawings and positioning of lighting fixtures,

and may be implemented by each company which

makes installation of drywall – plasterboard, suspended ceilings, gypsum board ceilings,

Project may be only the ceiling may cover and

interior walls with applications, or full – ceiling,

walls, moldings, trims, decorations, furniture,

interior plasters and colors.

The projects listed here are either dropped in

the design process, or published with the express

permission of the customer.

The uniqueness of the project is our priority and

what you see here is a small part not afraid

We can make 3D projects ceilings of gypsum

board in combination with a stretch ceilings

anywhere – worldwide, just send 2D scheme

and a few pictures of the room. or contact us.

You can view and animated three-dimensional

visualization of interior designs that gives

a complete picture of the ideas in the draft –

In this album of photos of ideas and projects

we put ceilings and performances of some of

the interesting projects ceilings K-Extreme –

you can see how it looks and

how the project implementation.

If you want to see more – contact us:

tel: +359 889 220 978 – Russian

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About Shelley & Co

About Shelley & Co

Established in 2011 by Shelley Cahan, Shelley Co. is a full-service interior design firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. By utilizing strong relationships with architects, contractors, craftsmen and artisans, we seamlessly execute luxury interiors that reflect each client’s individual needs. Mixing clean lines and classic furnishings, Shelley Co. completes artful residential and commercial projects that demonstrate a harmonious balance of past and present. By establishing a foundation of trust and transparency with each client, we ensure that projects are completed on budget and on time. Shelley Co. has been featured in House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and the San Francisco Chronicle, among others.

Residential Design

Residential Design


Whether a San Francisco pied-à-terre or a Silicon Valley estate, Shelley Co. brings a keen eye and thoughtful approach to residential projects in the Bay Area and beyond. Layering contemporary, vintage and antique furnishings with a fresh mix of art and accessories, we create sophisticated spaces infused with rich personality. By collaborating closely with clients throughout the process, our bespoke interiors are a true reflection of the inhabitants’ unique lifestyles.

Commercial Projects

Commercial Projects


When approaching commercial projects of any size, Shelley Co. achieves clients’ needs by working with the industry’s leading architects, contractors, and builders. Marrying form and function, we offer unique design solutions that foster community and reflect a business’s guiding philosophy. Whether completing an emerging start-up office or a sprawling luxury resort, Shelley Co. brings a strong background in project management and commercial furniture selection to each project.




Shelley Co. has been chosen to participate in the San Francisco Decorator Showcase three times. Whether transforming an uninspired closet into a decadent dressing room or creating a sumptuous bathroom with bespoke De Gournay wallpaper, Shelley Co. strives to present one-of-a-kind environments that reflect a well-edited aesthetic.

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Victorian Interior Design

The Victorian design is fairly stylish with specific focus on tertiary or intermediate colors. The Victorian style is also complex when it comes to carpets, walls, flooring, and wallpapers. The design can be described as dramatic and lavish. It is more popular in upscale residences. The Victorian touch means that the home is adorned with antique furniture and ornamental accents.

What is the Victorian design style?

Victorian style emanates from the Industrial Revolution which shaped design significantly during that period. At present, colors have become warm and restrained which include softer shades on backdrops such as cream, brown, burgundy, green, and blue. Accessories like furniture are luxurious and range from subtle to heavy.

How to create contemporary interior designs for your homes?

  • Integrate some of the modern themes with the Victorian concept like partnering an old table with modern chairs.
  • Put in craftsman quality to the home like mahogany furniture with nice carvings or marble for the countertop.
  • Build rooms with a variation of color themes. Ornate shades of red, blue, and gold are popular.
  • Never overlook essential details such as decoration, furniture and paintings.

What are the pros and cons of Victorian designs?

  • The Victorian style is full of character and comes from one-of-a-kind ideas.
  • The design makes your domicile look very elegant.
  • A Victorian house looks very genuine.
  • Materials can be expensive and scarce.
  • It may be hard to find highly-competent designers with experience in Victorian design.
About HomeSavv

HomeSavv is a platform that aims to give savvy home lovers with qualified options, greater convenience and savings on renovation, home services furniture. We help you do that because we believe that everyone deserves better living spaces.

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Interior Design with Reclaimed Wood and Rustic Decor in Country Home Style

Reclaimed wood creates beautiful rustic decor and country home atmosphere. Old wood on a floor, ceiling or walls, and vintage furniture or pieces created of salvaged wood look striking and stylish, adding a natural feel to interior design and creating charming country home decor with unique accents.

Using reclaimed wood for modern interior design and redecorating your rooms in rustic style is stylish and eco friendly. Recycling old wood is good for the environment, and it gives a unique opportunity to be creative, blending modern interior design with structural elements and home furnishings in vintage style.

Using reclaimed wood for modern interior design or home redecorating means going green while creating a fresh modern look with old wood furniture and salvaged wood structural pieces. Recycled lumber means no trees need to be cut down. Using salvaged wood means modern interior design is eco friendly.

Using salvaged wood for modern interior design in country home style

Salvaged wood beams and dining table

Country home decorating style feels inviting, informal and relaxing. Salvaged wood pieces add unique details to modern interior design, and decor looks like in country home, original, pleasant, welcoming and creative. Salvaged wood furniture is one-of-a-kind, adding rustic vibe to home interiors. Reclaimed wood on the ceiling create a traditional atmosphere of welcoming and warm country home style.

Old wood is stronger than new wood. Old wood does not split, swell or warp like new wood does. Recycling old pieces benefits modern interior design and decorating in so many ways.

Old wood ceiling beams, stone and wooden walls, modern interior design

Interior design with salvaged wood ceiling beams, posts, wall and floor, furniture or decorative accessories make a strong statement, creating unique rooms. Using old wood for modern interior design and redecorating you rooms in country home style giving your home amazing and elegant, rustic and casual look.

Salvaged wood pieces, pallet wood and reclaimed wood from old barns, beams, log posts and timbers can be added to modern interior design and transform into great centerpieces for stunning and trendy country home decorating.

Salvaged wood kitchen island and wooden walls

Recycling old wood for rustic wood furniture and decor accessories just increases the effect, adding original and creative home decorations to your room decorating in country home style. Using salvaged wood for modern interior design and decorating is an excellent option for those who think green. Old wood creates the Wow effect and look surprising and stylish, offering custom interior design and charming country home decorating details.

Unique bed design with salvaged wood timber for country home decorating style

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Defining Elements Of The Modern Rustic Home

Modern Rustic is such a buzz term. Everyone seems to be embracing rustic charm and warmth with modern amenities. Personally, I LOVE this style! I am a sucker for character and modern interiors, so why not combine the two? [from Carney Logan Burke Architects ]

The key to a modern rustic space is an open floor plan, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. The color scheme is very simple with large windows bringing the outdoors in. This style has an informal elegance – comfortable and modern living at its best!

Raw Wood and Stone

This is perhaps the most important feature of modern rustic home. Lovers of the this style want to bring nature inside. If you have an old home, it is important to preserve the character and original architectural detail show off that old stone wall! If you build new, expose your beams, use reclaimed wood, or include a stone fireplace. The modern rustics never forget the fifth wall: the ceiling. A-frame homes with cathedral wood-covered ceilings are quite popular, or big beams adorn the rustic space. [from Thea Home, Inc ]

This beautiful bedroom in Aspen, CO has a reclaimed wood ceiling and an exposed exterior stone wall. [from Zone Four Architects ]

If you do not have cathedral ceilings, no worries you can still get the look of exposed beams on your ceiling like the image below. [from Lonny ]

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Christine Chen ’08, English and History of Art 151. Brown University, 2004

he Industrial Revolution had a dramatic impact on interior design in the Victorian Age, increasing the prosperity of the middle class and allowing them, along with other new opportunities, the chance to change the decoration and ornamentation of their homes. Some, unsure of how to best portray their new status and wealth, chose to use architecture and furnishings that had previously been used only by aristocracy and the upper class. In these homes, the owners crammed in as many pieces of furniture, fabrics, and knickknacks as possible, due to both an attempt to showcase new cultural interests, prosperity, and status, as well as the fashionable belief that bareness in a room was a sure sign of poor taste.

Color schemes in the period varied depending on the location of the home. For example, houses in the city were generally not painted with light colors, because of the prevailing pollution. Color choices were also limited by the availability of pigments; paints were mixed on location. Taking these two limiting factors into consideration, the color schemes of the era could be divided into two periods. In the first half, walls tended to be light, the exception being dining rooms and libraries. The second half saw the emergence of more vibrant, earthy colors like green and mahogany. The Grammar of Ornament. a handbook published in 1856 by architect and theorist of color and ornament Owen Jones. stated that it was aesthetically correct to use a complex patter of one main color and many supplementary colors. David Ramsay Hay had two theories of color. The first was “harmony by analogy”, using adjacent colors on the color wheel. The other was “harmony by contrast”, using the colors on opposite sides of the color wheel. The latter was more popular in the 1850-70s. It was considered important to achieve the right balance of color and texture between the walls, molding, ceiling, and woodwork. Texture was created by using wallpaper. stenciling. and various paint finishes (i.e. sponging, marbleizing, spattering, or wood-graining).

Popular wallpapers in the early and mid-Victorian period had backgrounds of red, blue, and green printed with intricate scrolled floral pattern in shades of cream and tan. Later, rich, earthy tones with stylized plants became common. Embossed paper was used on ceilings and friezes to counterbalance the busy wallpapers. William Morris was the most well known designer of wallpaper and at the time. He was renowned for mixing strong, pure colors harmoniously, and giving a flat pattern an unsurpassed narrative quality. Other popular designs included landscape pictures, historical scenes, and papers imitating cut stone or fabric, and “fresco”, which imitated panels, cornices, friezes, moldings, and columns. The 1870s saw the emergence of geometric patterns and Japanese motifs. Well known designers of this time were Tiffany, Dresser. Christian Herter, and Walter Crane .

Decor in the dining rooms passed through three notable stages: the Georgian tradition of restrained, dignified ornamentation; a heavier, more masculine based on Fran ois Premier and the Renaissance Revival; and a lighter, brighter, more feminine style. Walls were dark paneled with mahogany, walnut, or stained oak up to a dado rail, above which papers patterned with tangled lilies, brambles, or vines like those designed by William Morris were popular. Tapestries and fabric were also used as wall coverings. Ceilings were unobtrusively stenciled or paneled with wood. Drapes were heavy velvets, often looped back with gold tassels. An atmospheric light, which Victorians considered most appropriate for dining, was provided by chandeliers, wall sconces, and candles.


“Interior Design.” Victorian Station. Viewed November 2004.

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Victorian Interior Home Design Photos

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Moulding – The quality of joinery and moulding was directly related to the status of the house. Moulding gives form and shape to a room and was an important element in Victorian interior design. Grander homes would have had much more elaborate moulding with decorative details, including ornate coving and ceiling roses, which were designed to catch the smoke rising from gas lights.

Ornate formal living room photo in London with gray walls, medium tone hardwood floors and a standard fireplace Houzz

3. Elegant details. Elaborate chandeliers, sophisticated mirrors, tapestries, stylish mantels and moldings — these are all classic drawing room elements. Bonus points to this room for having a champagne bucket on a stand. But even if your designated entertainment space is the room with a pingpong table in it, you may want to add a few touches to make it special before the party: favorite coasters, fresh flowers, good-looking cocktail tools and serveware, copper mugs for Moscow Mules — you get th Carolina Perez

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Luxury mansion with eclectic interiors. Cantilevered Staircase in Foyer with marble floors and columns imported from China. Period eclectic detailing. Mediterranean style home with darker wood paneling and classical details. Column marble from China. Iron work stairway. Dome ceiling. Fountain. Created with Interior Designer Lynn Adelmann and Jan Moriarty.

Inspiration for an expansive mediterranean wooden floating open staircase remodel in Santa Barbara Houzz

Column npuniya

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46 Stunning Rustic Living Room Design Ideas

Rustic style is a popular interior style particularly suited to people who want a unique, handmade products, home supplies and priceless traces of time. Rustic interiors are typically very romantic, charming, and of course with the vintage charm. Rustic style attracts people who appreciate traditional values ​​and are looking for high quality furniture, including living room furniture. The main feature of pleasant living room style from ancient times is the mix of the quality and functionality.

Rustic living rooms are full of charm and warmth, and are usually performed as a very great because they are a favorite meeting place for all family members. Windows that leak enough sunlight, charming rustic curtains, covering only part of the window surfaces with typical prominent motifs and colors will complement the rustic atmosphere of the kitchen. By choosing the right type of living room furniture, you will never get wrong, and the ambient and the heat In this style are irreplaceable in compared with any other decorating style. Here are some interesting ideas for living room in a rustic style, that you can find them a place in your home.