Car Repossession Laws

Most people depend on their car to go to work, school, the grocery store, and just about anywhere else they have to be. Therefore, the prospect of having a car taken away (repossessed) is usually a scary one since most people would be stranded without it. But if you fall behind on your car payments, this is exactly what might happen if you are not careful. This is called car or vehicle repossession.

Read on to learn how repossessions work, how to get your car back, and what you can do to avoid them.

Can the Lender Seize My Car?

Each state has its own set of laws and rules that govern repossession; however the rules are similar no matter where you live. Once you finance or lease a car, your car lender has certain rights and remedies that come with the contract you sign. One remedy allows the lender to repossess your car if you default under the terms of your agreement. Your contract will specify what exactly constitutes a default but common examples include failing to make your payments or not having car insurance.

In many states, if you are in default, the lender can repossess your car without giving you any notice. However, when repossessing the car the lender cannot commit a “breach of the peace.” This usually means that the people sent by the lender to get the car cannot use force against you, threaten force against you, or go into your closed garage. But for example, if your car was sitting in a parking lot and you were not there to object, then the lender is free to repossess it without giving you any notice as long as there is no breach of the peace.

What Happens After Your Car Is Repossessed?

If your lender repossesses your car, it can keep it as compensation for your unpaid loan balance or sell it at a public or private sale. The lender will usually choose to sell the vehicle but it must do so in a “commercially reasonable manner.” This will depend on the standard sales practices in your area but generally does not require the lender to get highest sales price it can. In most states, you have the right to know the time and location of the sale so you can attend and participate in the bidding.

Getting Your Car Back: Redeeming the Car or Reinstating the Contract

You will usually have the right to “redeem” the car by paying the full amount you owe plus any costs of repossession. In some states, you can also get your car back by “reinstating” your loan by paying off any amounts you were behind and the repossession costs. But you will still have to continue making timely regular payments in the future if you wish to keep the car.

If you’re facing a lot of debt, and are considering bankruptcy, you may have more options to get your car back. See Bankruptcy and Car Repossessions .


A deficiency is the difference between what you owe on your loan and what the lender was able to get by selling the car after repossession. Let’s say you owed $10,000 on your car loan and stopped making your payments. As a result, the lender repossessed the car and sold it for $7,000. The difference of $3,000 (plus any other fees or costs associated with repossession) is your deficiency. In most states, the lender is allowed to sue you for this balance to try and collect the money.

You may have a defense against the lender’s collection of the deficiency. Defenses include:

  • the lender breached the peace during the repossession of your car
  • the lender waited too long to sue you (this is called a “statute of limitations” defense), or
  • the lender did not sell the car in a commercially reasonable manner.

Communicate With Your Lender

It is a good idea to talk to your lender first if you are having trouble making your payments because you may be able to work something out (like a temporary lower interest rate or tacking overdue payments onto the end of the loan repayment period) before risking repossession.

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Our Dual Diagnosis Curriculum ,
Embracing Change: Recovery for Life

Exclusive to Our Facilities

We developed our dual diagnosis (co-occurring mental health disorders) curriculum for use at our facilities using research-based clinical practices in order to provide clients with effective addiction therapy developed in consideration of industry best practices. In order to create this effective, research-based curriculum, we collaborated with addiction industry consultants with 30+ years of experience.

Unique Features

Among dual diagnosis treatment centers, American Addiction Centers addiction recovery curriculum Embracing Change: Recovery for Life is a comprehensive, quality product and a top strength of our treatment facilities. Our dual diagnosis curriculum focuses on engaging our clients, from the content and imagery to the colors and interactive exercises. Presented as a series of workbooks that follow alongside the dual diagnosis treatment process, our curriculum was designed with interactive and informative lessons, that appeal to all learning styles.

Our dual diagnosis curriculum was designed to appeal to many different learning styles with information to which anyone can relate.

Throughout treatment, clients participate in recovery-focused didactic and experiential groups and have time to complete their workbooks together or independently. For many clients their workbooks are tangible and powerful indicators of progress and inspiration. For the rest of their lives they can revisit these pages for further reflection and growth.

Dual Diagnosis Curriculum

Primarily focuses on the research-based modality of Motivational Interviewing. Since the problem has been identified, this book delves deeper into tangible stages of change and goal setting.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Centers on the relationships between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and changing the way clients think so it is more conducive to long-term recovery. In addition to CBT, the modalities of Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) and Solution-Focused Therapy are emphasized via reflection exercises.

Coping with Addiction

Addresses the identification and practice of coping skills. In collaboration with the treatment team and treatment plan, clients learn to narrow down what works best for them and their recovery.

Living in Recovery

Focuses on life s more difficult questions such as finding purpose in recovery. To achieve sustainable change clients learn to define who they are and want to become as well as long-term actions that will add new meaning to their lives.

What Are the Twelve Steps? Steppin a New Life

An over-arching workbook that serves as an introduction to the steps and overall spirit of the 12 steps. Additionally, clients are able to participate in various 12-step meetings, learn how to find sponsors and more.

Why is a 90-Day Program better than the typical 30-day program?

  • Allows for the identification and treatment of co-occurring disorders.
  • Lets new habits take root, increasing the probability of lifelong sobriety.
  • Better chance at employment post-treatment.

Curriculum FAQs

Why is the curriculum called Embracing Change: Recovery for Life?

Great question! A major component of our treatment philosophy derives from Motivational Interviewing (MI). The overall spirit of MI states that instead of forcing people to change, we should focus on building their intrinsic value of change and help them nudge towards new behaviors. Since experience and research demonstrates that change can be scary, we want to help people embrace it at a pace that is healthy for them. Furthermore, we want these pro-recovery changes to be sustainable and long-term, hence the subtitle.

How often are the workbooks updated?

At minimum, they are updated annually to remain current with research and best practices for dual diagnosis treatment centers.


Effective Media Management

Measuring Media effectiveness

EMM International is an independent media auditing and management consultancy. We build bespoke media solutions for world-class brands.

We evaluate, benchmark and monitor our clients’ media investments. This means we help you understand the complexities of the media process, measure communication effectiveness and empower you to make judgements and enable you to save money.

EMM distinguishes itself by being the client’s critical friend. streamlining and analysing data and illuminating opportunities to increase effectiveness of media spend. Every one of our assignments begins with a blank sheet of paper. We listen to your brief, understand your issues and create a bespoke process accordingly.

We apply best practice skills, competitive information, data and market insights to evaluate performance. We then report back to you in plain English.

The result? Smarter media, enlightened strategies, greater clarity, rigorous accountability, sharper media efficiencies and protection from costly mistakes.

Because we are independent in ownership, we are independent in thinking. We are also flexible and nimble in our ways of working with our Clients.

We can provide a highly personalised service with the involvement and commitment of our key principles. This enables us to build long-term relationships and to premise our relationships on trust.

EMM is committed to delivering return on investment. The first thing we earn is your trust.

News Flash

EMM compete with the big players. To read more, see our ‘In The News’ page.


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    Enterprise Voice with Office 365

    Not too daunting of a task for SMBs

    A Microsoft Exchange environment, complete with email and Active Directory can seem be a daunting task for small and medium sized businesses. You may think you need a highly trained and certified IT staff to configure and maintain this complex web of technology. Also the servers and software needed to run it can require a significant capital investment.

    Microsoft Office 365 is a service that brings a comprehensive Microsoft solution to even the smallest operation, through a hosted system that delivers Microsoft Exchange and Office applications. This cloud-based solution eliminates the burden of investing in capital and technical staff required to deploy a full Microsoft solution on-site.

    A version of Office 365 that contains Lync is also available. Lync is a complete Unified Communications (UC) solution which delivers a suite of collaboration tools including instant messaging, presence, conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboard and file transfer, as well as voice and video communication between Lync client software endpoints.

    However, Lync on its own, does not offer telephone connectivity outside of the Lync network.

    Once Lync is deployed and integrated into the work flow, it makes sense to add telephony to Lync. Without connections between Lync and the public telephone network, some of the advantages of Lync are lost, including powerful call delegation features and a single telephone number that works in the office, at a remote office, and with a mobile phone.

    It is even possible to replace an entire PBX with a Lync-based solution, however, special considerations need to be made for 911 access, and FXS support for legacy equipment like fax machines and door phones.

    Connecting Lync with Office 365 to the PSTN

    Connectivity to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) can be achieved in two ways: either with a direct connection to the PSTN through a gateway, or through a connection via a SIP trunking provider.

    Either choice requires equipment on the premises of the business because Microsoft does not offer direct connections to the PSTN or to standard SIP trunks, although a direct connection to Microsoft-certified SIP trunks is possible. Even when Microsoft-certified SIP trunks are used, an SBC is recommended to protect the network and prevent toll fraud. However, having on-site equipment and the trained staff required to source and deploy this gear, erodes much of the advantage to using Office 365.

    To gain the advantages of Office 365 with Lync and full telephony support, the customer must engage a Microsoft partner to supply, set up, and maintain the Lync servers on the premises, alongside PSTN or SIP interface equipment.

    This presents a problem to the solution provider, who must source an appropriate server, test it with various Lync and related application servers, and deliver a package that they hope will be adequate, reliable, and not price them out of the market by selecting an over-powered server. They also have to source a gateway to interface to the PSTN, and an SBC to protect the network and enable interfacing to standard SIP trunks.

    Express for Lync: a Pre-Packaged Solution

    Express for Lync is an all-in-one server that supports a complete Lync solution, packaged with an SBC and interface hardware for the PSTN. The server is “right sized” to run all of the software that is installed, ensuring the hardware is not under-powered, leading to poor performance, and is not over-specified, leading to wasted capital expenditure and power consumption.

    Express for Lync includes a Lync server, edge server, mediation server and session border controller. It can also supply Active Directory if required.

    Express for Lync offers a variety of PSTN connection options, including T1/E1, BRI/ISDN and FXO analog interfaces, depending on the model. This gives corporations the choice of using SIP trunks, traditional telephone trunks, or both.

    When a phased approach is preferred, to avoid the risk of disruption that may be caused by a flash cut to a new communications system, or in a multisite implementation, where some offices are using older technology and some have migrated to Lync, Express for Lync can be integrated with an existing PBX/IP-PBX, maintaining the internal dial plan to support seamless interoperation with existing handsets served directly by the PBX/IP-PBX

    About Sangoma

    Sangoma Technologies Corporation is a trusted leader in delivering globally scalable Voice-Over-IP telephony systems, both on-site and cloud-based. As the communication landscape evolves and businesses invest in new strategies to provide effective communications, Sangoma Technologies is your trusted partner; delivering Unified Communications solutions for SMBs, Enterprises, OEMs, Carriers, and service providers.

    Founded in 1984, Sangoma Technologies Corporation is publicly traded on the TSX Venture Exchange (TSX VENTURE: STC).

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    Design is a life-love. Not a job.

    Candidates should have a degree from an accredited Masters or Bachelor of Architecture or Interior Architecture program and should have a minimum of 5 years of design experience. Ability to express innovation and rigor around ideas is a must. Experience in the hospitality design industry is a plus. The ideal candidate should be creative, should have the desire to take initiative, and should have the ability to multi-task between different projects. You will be required to express your ideas both visually and verbally.

    Candidates must be proficient in AutoCad and should have a great hand.

    We offer a competitive employee benefits package including medical and dental insurance, 401K with a matching program, significant vacation time and annual bonuses based on merit.

    Qualified candidates should send their resume and portfolio by selecting Apply below. Please keep all correspondence under 2MB and please designate the Designer position in the subject line of your email. We regret that we are unable to accept phone calls.


    ICRAVE seeks talented fulltime Digital Artists to work in our studio.

    Candidates must be proficient in all aspects of digital rendering using Autodesk 3DS Max, V-Ray, and Photoshop to translate a designer’s insights into sophisticated marketing imagery. Experience with Unreal Engine, AutoCAD, Adobe Premiere, and After Effects is a plus. Minimum 2 years of experience creating high-end, luxury renderings, preferably in a creative agency environment.

    What we’re looking for:

    • Advanced knowledge of Autodesk 3DS Max, V-Ray, Photoshop, and Adobe Creative Suite
    • Minimum 2 years of experience creating high-end, luxury renderings.
    • Experience handling several projects with changing requirements, client requests, and tight deadlines
    • Good project and time management skills
    • Graduate of an Architecture, Graphic Arts, or related program

    Qualified candidates should send samples of work: Samples should include examples of interior lighting techniques and realistic material mapping with a clear description of what your responsibility was in the production of each image (i.e. modeling, lighting, mapping, post production, rendering or all).

    Salary is commensurate with experience. We offer a competitive employee benefits package including medical and dental insurance, 401K with a matching program, significant vacation time and annual bonuses based on merit. Candidates must be eligible to work in the US.

    Please keep all correspondence under 3 MB and note the position for which you are applying.


    Design is a life-love. Not a job.

    ICRAVE, an award-winning, concept-driven experiential design and branding firm, is looking to grow our team of talented designers. We are looking for a designer who specializes in materials and FF E with strong graphic/illustration skills. Candidates should have great creative vision and stellar resourcefulness. Designers should have experience writing FF E specifications, managing the flow of a project and deliverable schedule as well as experience working directly with clients, contractors and vendors.

    Candidates should have a degree from an accredited Masters or Bachelor of Architecture or Interior Design program and should have a minimum of 4 years experience in the hospitality design industry. The ideal candidate should have impeccable taste, should be creative, should have the desire to take initiative and should have the ability to multi-task between different projects. You will be required to express your ideas both visually and verbally. The nature of this job will require non-traditional hours and potential travel.

    Candidates must be proficient in SpecSources, AutoCad and Photoshop and should have a great hand.

    We offer a competitive employee benefits package including medical and dental insurance, 401K with a matching program, significant vacation time and annual bonuses based on merit.

    Please keep all correspondence under 2MB. Please designate the Designer/Job Captain position in the subject line of your email. We regret that we are unable to accept phone calls.

    Senior Graphic Designer

    Graphic designers at ICRAVE have the opportunity to work on a collaborative, cross-functional design team that helps build holistic brand experiences for our clients. From identity and web to packaging and wayfinding, you’ll play a vital part in creating a cohesive and enticing brand experience for clients in every sector from hospitality to healthcare.

    What we’re watching for:

    • Solid conceptual thinking, and the ability to stand up for a concept. Our graphic designers need to both execute the ideas of others with great rigor, as well as drive a healthy debate and push for excellence during the initial creative process.
    • Talented designer with high taste level – most branding projects will be high-end, luxury, or aspirational in nature.
    • A solid background in design – at least 4+ years of identity design experience (preferably agency experience), including full logo and graphic system packages, including secondary applications such as packaging and physical signage.
    • Interactive design experience – including solid understanding of designing intuitive site functionality, interaction, site architecture, user interfaces, and navigation.
    o A working knowledge of off-the-shelf website design systems (ie: square space and wordpress) is a plus.
    o Motion graphic design and production experience is a plus.
    • You’ll work both autonomously and as part of a team, so both collaboration and time management are key.
    • Leadership skills You will work alongside and mentor more junior graphic designers as part of most projects.

    Please include a link to your online portfolio as part of your application in order to be considered.

    #interior design mirrors


    Wall Mirrors Reflecting 25 Gorgeous Modern Interior Design and Decorating Ideas

    Wall mirrors are excellent home accessories for modern interior design. Small and large mirrors catch beautiful play of light and make rooms look more spacious and bright, while visually stretching spaces. Wall mirrors and beautiful mirror frames offer fantastic interior decorating accents that set the mood and define interior design style.

    Decorative wall mirrors and beautiful mirror frames can be used in different ways to jazz up modern interior design ideas and create unique and dramatic room decor.

    A large mirror in an unusual frame becomes the focal point of interior design and decorating. A large mirror is perfect for a living room, where you want to define the central point and decorate your fireplace. Even in a small apartments, attractive large mirrors can look wonderful on empty walls, increasing rooms visually and creating stunning centerpieces for modern interior design and decorating.

    Room decorating with wall mirrors

    Large mirror and deep blue color for modern living room decorating

    Mirrored wall designs, mirrored tiles and wall panels are modern interior design trends that create glamorous and unusual interior design with a flavor of extravagant room decorating. Flamboyant wall designs with mirror panels from the floor to the ceiling create drama and make fantastic statements.

    Mirrored wall designs and large mirror panels from the floor to the ceiling are great for stylish and luxurious bedrooms and bathrooms that benefit from additional light reflected from mirrored walls.

    Two wall mirrors in black frames for living room decorating, fabulous modern interior design

    Decorative mirror on blue wall, white living room furnishings, modern interior design

    An arrangement of two or few mirrors transform empty walls into fantastic displays that catch modern interior design reflections and enrich room decorating with light and pleasant optical illusions of large space. Wall mirror arrangements create fabulous displays, changing the way modern interiors look and feel. Grouped wall mirrors make beautiful wall decorations, turning rooms into bold and bright living spaces.

    Contemporary mirror stickers and custom made mirror wall panels can add interesting images and decorating themes that brighten up modern interior design. Simple and very decorative mirror stickers are a nice way to enhance room decorating with unexpected accents and make your interior design ideas feel complete, unique and personal.

    Charming contemporary bathroom decorating with butterfly wall mirror

    #interior design mirrors


    About Bathroom Mirrors

    When designing your bathroom pay attention that mirrors have a great influence and they add a touch of creativity. Mirrors reflect the lights and other objects in the bathroom. With mirrors we can accomplish tasks such as makeup and shaving.

    Before buying mirrors you can browse different websites to see various styles of mirrors and choose the one that really suits you. Don’t forget the mirror edges should never stretch beyond the length of the vanity sides.

    In case you have two separate sinks and want to get incandesce look in your bathroom, you can either annotate one large mirror with side lights or annotate two separate smaller mirrors of the same style with the side lights next to each one. You can also opt two different mirrors of the same style.

    The best place for mirrors to be placed is over the sink. They can also be placed in front of the bathroom window. That will reflect the natural light. Adding a single decorative bathroom mirror can change the look of your bathroom.

    Bathroom mirrors which are attached at the bathroom vanity tops are of the best quality. But what can you do if you chose the bathroom vanity tops that come without mirrors? Simply standing bathroom mirrors are the best option for that.

    The best choice to create a pretty atmosphere is by using illuminated bathroom mirrors. This kind of mirrors is able to enhance your mood. These bathroom mirrors come with light fixtures that ease off the use of the mirror and likewise irradiate the ambience of the bathroom with LED lights

    If you do not have sufficient storage in your vanity you can buy a bathroom mirror medicine cabinet. That will help you get ready every morning.

    Bathroom vanity mirrors give small bathrooms a wonderful appearance. The chrome coating over mirrors surface has two benefits: Firstly, chrome coating will boost the quality of the mirrors; secondly, it will make the mirrors more robust and durable.

    Release you imagination and figure out you creative side with these portraits for bathroom mirrors.

    #luxury homes interior design


    Luxury Homes Interior Pictures Home Design Photos

    Design was inspired by faraway places, and materials could be shipped by rail or truck and even flown to almost any place in the developed world. Out of this luxury of choice evolved a few persistent styles, which are pressing into the latest century with great affection. Here you can see five home styles that have roots in the past yet are firmly 21st-century dwellings with a strong sense of place and character. 1.

    Garret Cord Werner Architects & Interior Designers

    Statement artwork has its place, but a few smaller photos and bits of artwork go a long way toward making a home feel cozy and personal. Bear in mind, you do not need to keep every little picture on display at all times — rotate, rotate, rotate! Store what is not currently being used in a drawer and pull out new pieces when you get bored. Foolproof combo: Picture rail + small frames. Feeling a little cautious about doing a full gallery wall?

    Lisa Petrole Photography

    Frame some of his or her photos as new art in your space. Having people you love and trust contribute to your new home immediately fills it with love and purpose.

    #interior design mirrors



    Using Mirrors for Interior Design and Decorating

    It s all smoke and mirrors as the saying goes and of course the wonderful thing about mirrors is that not only do we use them for practical purposes such as personal grooming and presentation, but they also have a multitude of aesthetic and mood enhancing properties.

    Lets look at how mirrors can enlarge a space.

    Often a small room, narrow corridor or hallway can be made to feel larger by incorporating the mirror on one of the walls. Which one? Usually select the longest of the three walls. We do this to help balance the space by counteracting the elongated feeling with the reflection of light increasing the perceived width.

    For a hallway mirror, using a mirror for an entire wall is not practical and would be very expensive, however using a series of mirrors opposite doorways or windows will have the desired effect.

    Another good place to do this is in small bathrooms. This combined with good light levels can make an enormous difference, spending only a small amount of money for maximum effect. It also creates an easy clean surface that won t peel like paint or wallpaper.

    Using mirrors in a narrow space gives the illusion of more space and light.

    A romantic and calm mood is achieved when using a candle in front of a mirror.

    Mirror used in conjunction with lighting will of course help with reflectivity. This is why they have reflectors in lamps. Lighting can therefore be enhanced with the use of mirrors. You can achieve a decorative and romantic effect by placing a candle in front of a mirror. The mirror frame and candleholder can be any style however that soft light reflected will always create a romantic and calm mood.

    Mirrors can be decorative in themselves without having to have an expensive frame. A very effective look is to have a wide bevel on the edge. Securing the mirror can be neatly done with chrome dome head screws for a contemporary look.

    Mirrors create an ever changing piece of artwork over a fireplace.
    Mirrors can act as a piece of artwork. They come in many decorative frames and placed over a mantle of a fireplace as a feature, they create an ever-changing picture in the room and a great talking point.
    Experiment with mirrors, you might be surprised what a difference they can make to your room.

    Written by Chris Brown

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