Is a BMI of 16 Dangerous?

Being very underweight, as is the case with a BMI of just 16, could cause a number of health problems. Photo Credit Jose Luis Pelaez Inc/Blend Images/Getty Images

With so many images in the media of very thin women, some people will diet to try to fit in with this idea of beauty and in the process become so thin that they re unhealthy. Others may be overly thin for different reasons, but whatever the cause, it isn t healthy to be underweight. A body mass index of anything under 18.5 is considered underweight and can have potential health consequences, just like being obese. Speak with your doctor if you have a BMI of 16 because this is dangerously low.

Mortality Risk and BMI of 16

It may actually be healthier to be slightly overweight than underweight. Both being obese and being underweight, but not being overweight, were associated with about double the risk of all-cause mortality compared to being at a normal weight in a study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health in 2008. Not that being overweight is good; it was still associated with an increased risk of chronic diseases, such as heart disease. Another study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2007, found similar results, noting that the increased risk for mortality in those who were underweight was not due to cardiovascular disease or cancer.

Health Problems Associated With Underweight

Being very underweight, as is the case with a BMI of just 16, could cause a number of health problems. It could cause hair loss or thinning, skin dryness, fertility problems, increased osteoporosis risk or a weakened immune system so you may get sick more often. In some cases, you could also develop anemia, which can cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue due to the blood not being able to carry enough oxygen. Being very underweight with a BMI of only 16 makes these risks more likely than if you were just slightly underweight with a BMI closer to 18.

Consider the Cause of Being Dangerously Underweight

Although some people purposely diet and exercise to get very thin, this isn t always the cause of this problem. A number of factors could be responsible for you being underweight, including a lengthy hospitalization, a serious illness or simply finding it difficult to eat enough to maintain a higher body weight. Genetics can also contribute, as some people are naturally thinner than others, although genetics probably isn t the only thing responsible for having a BMI as low as 16. Certain medications, as well as depression or stress, can contribute to a person being underweight as well. Speak with your doctor to make sure you don t have a health problem that causes your weight to be low; addressing the cause of the problem may be necessary before you ll be able to bulk up and reach a healthy body weight.

Healthy Diet for Gain Weight

Eating at least five or six times each day, drinking beverages in between meals instead of with them and selecting healthy but higher-calorie foods — such as nut butters, cheese, nuts, olive oil, avocados, dried fruits and dry milk powder — can all help you gain weight in a healthy manner. Don t try to gain weight using supplements or junk foods, as this isn t healthy and may increase your risk for certain health problems, such as diabetes, even after you gain weight. Strength training can help you build muscle, but depending on your doctor s instructions, you may not want to do too much aerobic exercise, as this could interfere with weight gain.

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The Human Resources Department has a staff of 48 employees and a FY 2016-2017 budget of approximately $10.39 million. The Department is organized into three (3) Service Units that provide a full range of personnel services to County Departments, employees, and the public. These Service Units are responsible for the following activities:

Administrative Services Unit

The Administrative Services Unit prepares the annual Human Resources Department budget; directs and monitors department-wide budget activities; and handles purchasing transactions, payroll, staffing, position control, safety, and the data processing needs of the department. The Administrative Services Unit is also responsible for formulating policies and procedures, administering the County-wide Contracted Temporary Help Program, providing consultation on human resources and Merit Board issues, and providing other needed administrative support.

Employee Benefits Services Unit

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Decatur, Brookwood, Chamblee, Doraville GA Plumbers

A Decatur, Brookwood, Chamblee, Doraville GA plumber is something that all people will need at some point in their lives. After all, both commercial and residential spaces must have a bathroom or kitchen and some sort of plumbing that will need to be serviced, repaired, or replaced at some point. Such professionals offer a variety of services that can keep a home in fine working order. The following are just some of the things that you can expect from your DeKalb plumber.

Sewer Repair

Nothing s worse than a backed up or malfunctioning sewer system. Think about what goes on in such systems and you will quickly understand why it pays to build a relationship with your plumbing contractor. This professional can come in and spot the issue right away so that the sewer and related items are repaired and back to working order fast.

Water Heaters Repaired and Installed, including Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters are incredibly important, even if you have never noticed this before. Think about how many hot or warm showers you take a day as well as the hot water needed to wash dishes and kill bacteria. If you do not have hot water, this could make life more uncomfortable than necessary.

Our team can come in and service your water heater if it is malfunctioning. Additionally, this expert can also come in to inspect your model to ensure it is as efficient as possible. Upgrading could mean more hot water at less energy, an investment that will ultimately save you time and money.

24/7 Emergency Plumbing Service

If there is ever an emergency, your DeKalb plumber can come over right away. This is important, especially if a burst pipe is filling up your basement or damaging property. Having 24 hours a day plumbing services that you always have a reliable professional to call in the event of an emergency.

We are someone who knows the ins and outs of everything from pipes and drains to sewers and water heaters. Protect yourself by working only with the very best experts in their field. This is an investment that will keep your home or office running without an issue.

Our service area includes all of the Metro Atlanta and DeKalb County area including:
Atlanta, Atkins Park, East Atlanta, Edgewood, East Lake, Candler Park, Lake Claire, Morningside-Lenox Park, Kirkwood, Virginia Highland.

Avondale Estates, Chamblee, Clarkston, Decatur, Doraville, Dunwoody, Lithonia, Pine Lake, Stone Mountain.


Residential Alcohol and Drug Rehab Recovery Program

When you or your loved one finally come to the realization that their addiction isn’t sustainable and must be stopped as soon as possible, the recovery process has often times begun. This one realization may have been weeks, months and sometimes even years in the making. The next step in the process is to seek out help. For some, the choice may be an intensive outpatient program and for others it may require admission into a residential inpatient drug alcohol rehab program. In residential inpatient programs patients are provided with around the clock care in a supportive environment.

During the patient’s confidential assessment we will discover the necessary information to best make a recommendation as to which type of program will best fit the patient’s needs.

Don’t Let Fear Stand In The Way of Sobriety

Fear is often a major motivating factor when a patient or their loved ones seek out help. The patient is fearful of what will happen if they continue to use, and they are afraid of what will happen once they stop using. We pride ourselves on understanding the recovery process first-hand — because many of the doctors, nurses and counselors that oversee it are in recovery themselves. We understand the cringe-inducing shame that hangs over every new arrival like a cloud, because we’ve been there. We’ve felt it. And we rejoice on seeing that cloud slowly dissipate as the treatment process unfolds, because we’ve felt that, too. Most importantly, we celebrate the start of new lives as patients of our Adult Residential Inpatient Rehab program reach the next stage of the treatment process, because we’ve given everything we have to prepare them for a new life.

We are a part of the recovery process in so many ways, on so many levels … because the success of our patients isn’t just a statistic to us. It’s at the heart of our mission, the one our founder envisioned when he so humbly started our organization — that anyone can stop drinking or using drugs, lose the desire to do so and find a new way of life.

How long does the Residential Inpatient Rehab program last?

Clinically, the Adult Residential Program is one that typically lasts between 28 and 35 days, during which time our trained counselors and other professionals develop individual treatment plans for each patient according to needs, backgrounds and situations. During that process, patients participate in a 12-Step recovery model program and participate in the following:

  • Psychological and physical testing/ assessments
  • Group therapy with others in our inpatient community
  • Family therapy
  • Daily 12-step groups
  • Educational programs
  • Leisure group activities
  • Aftercare services for 18 months

Adult Residential is a comprehensive, intensive treatment program for chemical dependency that’s accredited by the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) . But that description doesn’t begin to describe the miracles that take place during that process.

We see miracles every day, and we consider it a privilege to be a witness to them. No one need ever die from the disease of addiction.

The Veterans Track – Cornerstone understands that veterans have very specific, individualized needs when trying to return back to civilian life. We address these issues and help the veterans with these very specific needs.

There is another way. A better way. And our Adult Residential Program will help you get there.

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Welcome to Violante Rochford Interiors. We are a Santa Fe, New Mexico based interior design firm that works extensively throughout the U.S. It is our greatest pleasure to provide full service interior design from traditional to contemporary. We are located at 405 Paseo de Peralta in the heart of downtown Santa Fe. We have a brand new showroom in a historic 1915 Arts and Crafts home complete with convenient parking. Please come see our interior design studios and retail store. Enjoy the site and let us know what we can help you with. All interior photographs on this site are taken by Wendy McEahern photography LLC.

©2015 Violante & Rochford all rights reserved

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An Eye For Design Ltd

Family run business.
Small but enigmatic.
Based in North Cave, between York and Hull.

We are;
Commercial interior designers.
Contemporary home designers .
Space planners.
AutoCAD specialists

We are very;
Proud to be flying the Yorkshire flag, offering our interior design services nationwide at a competitive price.

Our Interior designs are:
Unique, inspiring and innovative.
We aim to exceed your expectations.

An Eye For Design Ltd ; Commercial Interior Designers.
28 Nordham, North Cave, Brough, HU15 2LT

Interior Design Services

An Eye For Design Ltd

Projects large or small. call us for a no obligation chat.

Commercial Interior Design

Encompasses many different settings and disciplines from restaurant design and bar design, to hotels and office refurbishments. You may need our services for basic space planning layouts within a building or for full design refurbishments of your restaurant or bar. Your project may be in an existing building or you may require a conceptual design for a proposed development.

Office Refurbishment

Our full range of office and workplace design services includes; office space planning, building appraisals, redesigns or new design concepts, office moves and relocations. The Key areas being; reception, boardroom, breakout spaces, cafe, touchdown area, meeting rooms and main office areas. We can of course look at individual areas or look at your building in its entirety.

Contemporary Homes

Also known as residential interior design or domestic interior design is built around your specifics, your situations and your wants. We can work from the initial planning stages taking you through to the full interior design of your home, we can also look at remodeling your key areas offering interior design services for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or any other area you would like to consider.

Restaurants. cafe bars hotels

Having experience in all these design fields we are confident we can produce a unique and inspiring interior design scheme for your project. We understand how to focus on how finishes, colour and detail can impact your space.

Building Services Cad Consultants

With over 16 years experience we can offer a cost effective and reliable CAD drawing solution both locally and nationwide. We can prepare your setting out drawings, tender drawings or ‘as fitted’ drawings, we are happy to take sketch drawing and reproduce in 2D CAD format.




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Luxury brought to life

  • Interior Design Luxus will guide you through the design process to transform your space. Offering advice and suggestions as well as introducing you to beautiful things More
  • Home Automation Using leading energy saving products such as Lutron, Luxus can seamlessly integrate the technology of your home, for you to control from your iPad or iPhone More
  • Soft Furnishings Designed tailored to your taste handmade by highly skilled seamstress’s. Curtains Blinds, Cushions, throws…we create for contemporary and classic spaces More

We are Luxus Interior Design

Luxus Interior Design offer a specialised service to Private Homes throughout Yorkshire and London, delivering the initial design and manufacture through to the installation and dressing of luxury interiors. Working with fabrics and wall coverings, lighting, carpets rugs, upholstery, bespoke joinery installations, furniture and accessories from the most prestigious names in the interiors world.

Stunning interior decoration combined with expertise in Home Automation and Lighting control -Luxus will take care of your project every step of the way, to bring luxury to life.

Here it is! Our brand sparkly new Luxus Interiors website!

A huge thank you to the team, and our friends at Arrival Design for their great work in designing and building our website and. Read More

Proud suppliers of

Request a home visit and start your project today

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Barbara Lee Grigsby Design Associates

To orchestrate and create a home that is in perfect harmony, a designer needs to ensure both scale and proportion have been accomplished. Scale is about size; proportion is all about balance. The interior designer plays as critical a role as the architect in creating a functional, pleasing flow to the home. Since there are no set guidelines, experience is the key, and it has taught me that when each room has been carefully addressed, challenges resolved, and discrepancies manipulated, the end results can be stunning and incredibly rewarding.


Color is a powerful element. It can be serious or playful, and it has a key role in setting a mood and creating an environment. It strongly influences how we highlight our objects of art, furnishings, and or antiques. It helps us expand or contract spaces, simply by using the appropriate colors. Both natural and artificial light greatly influence how we perceive color. Many aspects should be considered throughout the selection process for both color and light. Some of my main considerations are determined by the geographic location, sun exposure of the space, fabrics and furnishings, and color palettes already in place. The most important factors to be considered when selecting color and light are those that will complement and flatter my clients. I always want to keep in mind the importance of function and use as much natural light as possible, bringing the outside in to create that sense of well-being we all strive for.


It is important to maintain an elegant balance between aesthetics and sensibility. I strive for a graceful collaboration between the two. Harmony is balancing all the various components and design elements—space, scale, function, color, light, texture, etc. When you take all of the décor elements and make them work together instead of competing against one another, you begin to orchestrate harmony. Balancing your patterns and textures, soft and hard surfaces, contrasting lights from darks, you begin to blend together all the layers of a design that are uniquely individual to the client. Harmony and balance are immediately sensed, felt, and unspoken. Great design should never call attention to itself—it should exist subtly if executed correctly.

When I design interiors, I tailor the experience to every client’s preferred level of involvement. I’m here to listen, to solve problems, and most importantly to create a home that reflects who you are. Our experience working together will be easy, exciting, and memorable. It’s my job to remove the stress and make the journey wondrous, rewarding, and utterly personal.

Please give me a call today for a consultation, or fill out this simple form to get more information about our design services.

2016 Barbara Lee Grigsby Design Associates, Inc. all rights reserved.

High-End Residential Interior Design Rancho Santa Fe, La Jolla, Del Mar, Santa Barbara, San Francisco
Southern California and Northern California
National and International

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The Yorkshire interior design professionals

Wonderful handmade fireplaces, carpets, curtains, blinds and upholstery

Rainford Interiors are the award winning Yorkshire interior design professionals. We have a showroom filled with thousands of stylish products and accessories, and we also offer a free, fully bespoke interior design service. We can supply everything from lamps and mirrors, to bespoke furniture, wonderful handmade fireplaces and much more, all at highly competitive prices. With decades of experience behind us, Rainford Interiors is the place to come to if you want to give your home a touch of class. Call us today on 01757 600298 if you would like to get further information, or come and visit our showroom at 131 Main Road, Hambleton in Yorkshire to view our range and speak to our expert design team in person.

About Us

Rainford Interiors is a family run company. Annette Rainford has been an Interior Designer for more than 30 years with a wealth of experience. Vic Rainford has made many achievements, we have been awarded House of the Year by WHAT House Magazine, and we subsequently won both Swimming Pool of the Year and Best Exterior Award. We were invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Royal Family for our achievements.

We also specialise in restoration work and have received a Heritage Aware for our ornamental works. If you are looking for help and advise please call to book your free consultation or visit our beautiful showroom today, as we have a wealth of experience to offer you.


Our beautiful showroom is packed with unusual products and we carry over 5000 lines. Our product range includes curtains, blinds, wallpaper, sofas and our own handmade fireplaces. We have over 200 cornices, as well as lamps, mirrors and much more. If you want to buy stylish interior design items, visit our showroom today and discover our free interior design service.


We offer an interior design service to give you the benefit of our award winning style. We can design entire rooms, whether small or large, from bathrooms and kitchens, to bedrooms and living rooms, and even gardens and whole buildings. We will visit your premises to discuss your needs with you, before presenting you with your options on a storyboard. We are design professionals and we love what we do.

Opening hours