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Los Angeles Interior Design Firms

Don’t wast your time interview.

Don’t wast your time interviewing other interior decorators. Just call Jaqueline. When I visited my friend’s home in Manhattan Beach after her remodeling project , I was so impressed that I decided it was time for my home to get a facelift reflecting our transition to retirement. She highly recommended Jacqueline, so I gave her a call. She came over a couple of days later and we spent hours sharing concepts and ideas. She was so different from other designers I’d consulted with over the years. A fellow baby-boomer and former corporate executive, we were on the same wave-length and immediately clicked. Soon she returned with a detailed proposal (better than many I’d seen in my corporate days!), and soon we were up and running. She had great ideas, great contractors, great execution, and great bookkeeping! Moreover, she was a delight to work with – it was more like teamwork. I could not be more please with the results! And, something that I never anticipated, I have a wonderful new friend!

Dont let the small sore front fool you. These guys know what they are doing. I wish all companies are ran this way. Here is a brief discreption of my experience ( wich by the way as so excellent it compelled me to write this review ) 1. I stoped by after work, and asked for an estimate. 2. A couple of days later Mr. Vasquez was in my home measuring and, and tolorating my fickle ideas. 3. In about a week later I had my beautiful drapes installed, correctly. the first time. Thank you Mr. Vasquez, hopefully you get a chance to read this. Bottom line, you will not be dissapointed!

Kenneth’s Beverly Hills Luxury Interiors is the most wonderful experience. My husband HH Sheikh Khalifa Bin Naser Bin Jassim Al Thani and I have the pleasure of Kenneth’s great talent. He is designing our palaces in Doha and London. I could not ask for a more professional person or company. Al Hamdualla

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French Country Home Design Photos

Style Secret: Flowers – Blurring the boundaries between inside and out is a cornerstone of life in France’s rural regions (indeed, throughout the nation). Thus, no French country interior is complete without flowers, whether they’re clustered in a pottery vase, blooming on linen upholstery or carved into a wooden mirror frame.

Barnes Vanze Architects, Inc

New build French Country cottage, exterior, Details: shutters, door, lintels, overall finish.

Coronado Stone Products

French Country Villa stone veneer will enchance a home with style and elegance that until now has been the best kept secret of the French Bordeaux Region. Coronado Stone’s French Country Villa Stone can transform a home into a dream chateau. The stone veneer used on the exterior of this home is French Country Villa – color: Verona. – See more Manufactured Stone Veneer projects from Coronado Stone Products.

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211,282 Contemporary Living Room Design Photos

How do I decorate my contemporary living room?

When it comes to contemporary living room design, there are really no hard-and-fast rules. When considering different contemporary living room ideas, you’ll want it to be a space that makes your family and guests feel comfortable, but is also functional for day-to-day living. When thinking about contemporary living room colors, most people have a tendency to go super neutral or boldly colorful in living rooms, but be careful of going overboard with either. If you go with neutrals for the big items, like sofas, armchairs and ottomans, then go a bit bold with contemporary decorative accessories — that way, you can easily swap out the small things when a new color scheme is in order. Likewise, if you want your sofa to be a statement piece then scale back the decor so they don’t fight for attention.

Don’t forget about the mid-sized living room decorating ideas, like rugs and curtains, which can double as functional and decorative when done right. Lighting is also an important feature to consider when decorating a contemporary living room. Do you have the ability to do overhead lighting, or will you need to use table and floor lamps? Either one can be design features in themselves, as well as putting the spotlight on other decor you want to showcase. In your contemporary living room design, position lighting in accordance to any art you want to illuminate, and remember to have a well lit spot for reading-related activities. You can also change the light of the space by the paint color you choose; a room with little natural lighting will benefit from a light and airy color, while one with plenty of sunlight may have more leniency in color choice.

What should dictate my contemporary living room design?

Living rooms were originally intended to act as sophisticated settings for hosting and entertaining, while family rooms were used for more casual, everyday activities, like lounging, playing or watching TV. However, many homes today will only have one larger room that acts as both an entertainment and primary living space. If yours is the former, you’ll likely be utilizing it as a trendy sitting room to have drinks and good conversation with guests, without distractions like television. As often shown in contemporary living room photos, a bar cart, formal furniture and an eye-catching focal point, such as a sophisticated fireplace and mantel, will help achieve this look and feel. On the other hand, if it’s your primary living space it should see more daily use, often functioning as a TV room, complete with sofa sectional, media console and gaming spot (that cleans up nicely for guests, of course!). In the end, think about your needs when considering different living room ideas; after all, a family with small children will likely need a playroom more than a formal sitting room.

What kind of living room furniture should I have?

Because trendy living rooms can serve many purposes, you’ll want to be sure to incorporate a variety of different furniture pieces to cover all possible activities. When considering contemporary living room ideas, start with your space. If your home is generally tight on space, having plenty of shelves, cabinets or drawers will be crucial to accommodating any storage needs. Built-ins are the best way to do this, since they take up less space and are often customized to meet your needs, however they can run on the more expensive side. If built-ins aren’t part of your trendy living room design ideas, start with the big pieces, like an entertainment center or TV stand to house any electronics and accessories, or a bookcase to keep books, picture frames and knickknacks in check. Plenty of living room furniture ideas use pieces in multiple ways, like a desk or table as a craft station or homework spot, and a window seat as a go-to reading or nap station.

You will no doubt need some seating options incorporated into your contemporary living room design, which can range from small accent chairs to a big roomy sectional. Be careful of cramming a too-large sofa into a too-small space — it’s tempting to go big, but sacrificing walking paths or potential storage space is not always worth it. While there are a lot of different options in trendy living room designs, you definitely want to have enough seating for those living in the house, plus an extra seat or two for the occasional guests. A place to put down drinks or snacks, like side tables or a coffee table, is a must. If you have the depth for it, an ottoman or coffee table where people can prop their feet up is always a welcome contemporary living room decorating idea, but skip out on this if the living room is on the narrow side and go for a deeper sofa instead. Whatever size your space is, there’s plenty of living room inspiration to choose from – to get started on your living room remodel, add trendy living room pictures which spark creativity to an ideabook on Houzz.

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French Country Interior Design:
Authentic Country French Decorating Ideas

French country interior design is a unique and very addictive form of rustic chic .

Try these easy-to-copy French country home decor ideas for a convincing French country home decorating look!

French country interior decorating has some traits that really are distinctly French. See if you can spot them on a Virtual Tour of authentic French provincial homes! Featured on this page are ways to.

add ornament (particularly above doors), and

use antique fabrics in very creative ways.

In addition, you’ll find an overview of French country home decor from Provence .

The fluidity of boundaries between home and outdoors, and the inventive use of ornament and textiles are probably the most conspicuous aspects of authentically French country interior design.

But there’s much more to this style, and you’ll find a motherlode of additional country French decorating ideas at the bottom of this page.

To be sure, France is rather large – so the look of French country interior decorating will differ greatly between, for example,

a dairy farm in Alsace,

a fisherman’s cottage on the coast of Normandy, and

a hilltop farm above the C te d’Azur .

A chair like the one to the left would be perfectly at home in French country home decor along the German or Swiss border, but not at all among the cool blue-and-white of, say, La Rochelle on the Atlantic coast, only 500 miles away.

Interestingly, most people outside France find that French country interior design is really summed up in the farmhouses and cottages of Provence.

French Country Interior Design,
Provence Style

The south-eastern corner of France, with its seductive scents of lavender, roses, herbs and honey, is what most of us have in mind when we think (or dream) of French country home decorating.

For information about French provincial design. including French country wall decor. French provencal furniture. flooring ideas, and country French pottery. check out the page on Provence Interiors .

The stone villages of Provence are great for holidays (and for doing a bit of research into French country home decorating on the side.

which is exactly what I did last fall, so if you haven’t got time for a trip to Provence right now, don’t worry, the legwork’s been done for you 😉

As a result, you’ll find loads of information about French Proven al furniture and Provence-inspired country French decorating ideas in the following articles:

French Country Interior Design,
Indoors Outdoors

Most of France is blessed with a wonderful climate, and French country living is practically synonymous with fabulous food and fine wine (deservedly so, in my humble opinion!)

So it’s only natural that French country interior design should include an outdoor dining area as well.

It’s usually a terrace, shaded by vines and roses or a wattle screen, and it’s the perfect place to enjoy breakfast, lunch and dinner with a view to the countryside or garden.

At the same time, wrought iron (or wooden) garden furniture is used inside French country style homes as well, particularly in a sunroom or around the kitchen table.

Cushions covered in linen, cotton florals, or toile de Jouy fabric provide seating comfort while keeping the decor easy and informal.

In the South of France, I found another interesting take on French country interior design: outdoor living rooms.

Would you believe that the little patio in the picture above is an open-air interior courtyard, gravel and all, on the first floor of an old Provencal country house?

A seriously cool, chic place to have a cup of coffee and read a (French) novel!

French Country Interior Design –
Making Doorways Special

If you’re into French country interior design, your doors will know it.

or rather, the spaces above them.

No doorway is too humble to be adorned by a little creative doorway jewelry.

  • porcelain or earthenware plates
  • a handpainted tile
  • an old photo in an even older frame
  • a wooden ornament (one that’s fallen off somewhere else)
  • something gilded
  • a fragment of beautiful plasterwork
  • a little oil painting on a ‘distressed’ slat of wood
  • a few of your daughter’s drawings
  • a framed bit of antique patterned fabric
  • a decorative piece of wrought ironwork
  • three post cards from the 1930s
  • (help! I can’t stop. )

You see, above the door’s a place where you can get really, really creative.

And since even small items do the trick perfectly well (and you don’t need to own, or be, a Picasso).

you’ll be able to create a very convincing French country look for your doors in no time at all.

For an authentic touch of French country interior design above the doors of your home, check out this eBay selection of French faience plates. To see all, just click the ‘view all items’ link in the bottom left corner.

Not from the US? Click HERE for French plates available in YOUR country!

French Country Interior Design
With Textiles

Fine fabrics make fine windows, chic beds, lavish tables, and sumptuous sofas.

And you can easily accomplish this without breaking the bank.

You could start with a snippet of something velvety or silky, a monogram or a small piece of antique lace.

and integrate it strategically into a length of plain linen (appliqu it, or stitch it onto a different-colored background and then attach).

Then hang, wrap, drape or otherwise exhibit it somewhere obvious: as a tablecloth, a cushion cover, a curtain.

In French country interior design, these small touches of precious, handmade detail are crucial.

A sofa cushion with an appliqu ‘d, monogrammed patch from the flea market will add a dose of panache to your country French style living room. Check out my friend Wendy’s treasure trove of French Country Fabric for a few ideas!

(You could also look at adding a bit of Toile de Jouy to the mix – but use sparingly!)

An interesting piece of old printed or embroidered cotton could embellish just one corner of a simple length of table linen.

Don’t strive to create things that match – rather, combine colors and fabrics in a slightly offbeat, quirky way.

French country interior decorating is all about enjoying the beauty of things. and having a laugh while you do 🙂

Ideas With Toile de Jouy:

French Country Interior Design Library:

  • Find fun, frugal country French decorating ideas in French Country Decor On A Shoestring.
  • Want to turn a so-so space into a French country vacation oasis? With French Country Colors you’ll be halfway there.
  • For window treatments with attitude, check out the page about French Country Curtains.
  • Have a look at the DO’s and DON’Ts of French Bedroom Design.
  • Learn more about Provence, the land of painters and poets – Provence Interiors are considered by many to be the ‘prototype’ of French country interior design.
  • Find creative country French decorating ideas for living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and walls on the French Country Interior Decorating page.
  • Create tons of French flair for your home with the help of French Wall Art (buy it. or fake it!)
  • Decorating With Toile has great potential and even greater pitfalls. Here are 40+ tips tricks to help you get it right.
  • Looking to remodel your kitchen? French Country Kitchen Design shows you which design elements you need for a kitchen la fran aise. (For a ‘lite’ makeover – just a little French flavor – head over to the page about French Country Kitchens ).
  • Beyond French country interior design: French Interior Design is quirky, elegant, outrageous and seriously chic.
  • Neutral Color Schemes – The Book:
    Learn about using neutral color palettes in your (French-style) home. Understand what makes neutral color schemes look their best, and what happens when you inject ‘real’ color into neutral color palettes. It’s FREE! .

Yet to find the information you’re looking for? Type a word or phrase into the search box below:

Return from French Country Interior Design to French Country Decorating .

Return from French Country Interior Design to the Dream Home Decorating homepage.

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French Country Interior Design


French Country interior design is rustic, old-world, and welcoming. Wood beams, furniture with delicate, carved details, stone or brick floors covered with rugs, and fireplaces are prominent features. Copper pots, baskets, iron candleholders, pottery, colorful linens, old paintings, and clear glass vases are common accessory choices. You may also see window boxes containing clay pots of geraniums and lavender on window sills.


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Sometimes we just know which house is the right one for us and for this young family, that had just moved from California to New England, this house was the perfect one to raise their small children in. The homeowner drove by the house and couldn t help but fall in love with its architecture and its roof lines and shingles.

The architecture of this New England home certainly grabs your attention, but the interior proves to be cohesive with its exterior. Interior designer Jan Hiltz used her great expertise to design every room of this house. She combineb summery colors with light grays and the result is a design suitable for a young family with distinct taste.

The living room is one of my favorite rooms of this house. Coffee table is by Oly and geometric-patterned drapes are by Victoria Hagan, ceiling is covered in a gold grasscloth.

Summery hues bring some happiness year-round to the space.

The designer beautifully mixed yellow, white, navy and turquoise. Art by Kerri Rosenthal.

We don t have to compromise on style when we have small children. Jan used indoor-outdoor fabric on the bench and faux crocodile on the chair seats. Table is from Bungalow 5. one of my favorite stores.

The stools add some texture and color to this elegant kitchen.

The master bedroom exudes elegance. The custom headboard is made of white velvet and the lamps are by Festoni.

I really like the shape of this custom vanity and the gorgeous marble finishing in this bathroom, including the floors.

The wood-framed antique chair is covered in Aqua Trellis fabric by S. Harris and the art brings some color to the bathroom.

Love this: Hiltz added punch to a boy’s room by rimming one wall in nail-head trim. Isn t it brilliant?

I can t wait to hear what you think of this place! I think it s filled with fun and beautiful colors and it feels so welcoming. Did you like it?

Talking about liking, did you like your weekend? We had a great time and I loved spending such a wonderful Mothers Day with my kids. This was my first Mothers Day with Matthew (my 3rd child_ the little one of the house_ only 5 months) and it was perfect. My husband and I used to buy things for each other when the kids were too small to understand the meaning of this date, but now, that my older kids are well, older, we let them do what s in their hearts. This year I got some beautiful gifts they prepared at school and I ve been receiving little notes and homemade cards all week long.

I remember when I was a kid and used to write letters to my mother. I wonder if she misses them. Maybe it s time for me to let go of the keyboard and grab a pen, a piece of paper and some tissues.

Have a wonderful week and make sure to speak what s in your heart. It can be liberating.

Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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For its 5th anniversary, the Daltile Interior Design Scholarship, presented by the ASID Foundation focuses on the unique relationship between nature and design.

Biophilia is the concept that people have an inherent desire to connect with nature and natural systems, highlighting the relationship between nature, human biology and the design of the built environment. The principles of biophilic design gives designers the guidance to design spaces that positively impact occupants’ health, productivity, creativity, and wellbeing.

Recognizing the impact biophilic design can have on occupants within a space, Daltile and the ASID Foundation challenge you to design a hotel lobby using key biophilic design principles to address and enhance the guest experience. Your design must be for an existing hotel and must remain within the current structural parameters.

Design solutions will be judged on their vision, functionality, human impact, innovation and presentation.

To compete for the Daltile Interior Design Scholarship, you must be an undergraduate student studying interior design (or a related major) at an accredited college or university. Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students are eligible.

Click here to learn more about entry requirements.

Entry period open NOW through Sept. 22, 2016.

Contest Requirements

Each project should:

  • Clearly define the biophilic principles integrated in the design
  • Convey your design solution through written and graphic communication
  • Demonstrate innovative design, creative concepts and thoughtful design solutions
  • Include at least two of the Daltile products below. Appropriate use of the Daltile product(s) is a requirement.

o Haut Monde™ ColorBody™ Porcelain
o Consulate™ ColorBody Porcelain
o Ambassador™ ColorBody Porcelain
o Dignitary™ ColorBody Porcelain
o Bee Hive™ ColorBody Porcelain
o Volume 1.0™ Glazed Porcelain with StepWise™ Reveal Imaging™
o Brickwork Paver Tile with Reveal Imaging
o Marble Attaché™ ColorBody Porcelain
o Artigiano™ Ceramic Wall Tile
o Yorkwood Manor™ Glazed Porcelain
o Season Wood™ ColorBody Porcelain
o Saddle Brook™ Glazed Porcelain
o Saddlebrook XT Glazed Porcelain with StepWise™
o Stone Mosaics Natural Stone
o ONE™ Quartz
o Natural Stone Tile Slabs

Learn more about these products by visiting Daltile.com.

Project Codes Requirements

Each design must comply with applicable codes and standards for the building type and solution you develop. These codes may include, but should not be limited to: IBC, UBC, NFPA, ADA, and NEC.

  • Design Brief – Project description detailing your design as a whole, as well as how key biophilic concepts were incorporated in the design (500 word maximum, to be included in entry form).
  • Design Presentation –
    — Submission must be one 11×17 JPG no larger than 10 MB.
    — Should include a “before” picture of the selected space.
    — Can include process images (sketches, diagrams, etc.)
    — Examples from past entries can be found here .
  • Copy of Transcript (instructions for submission on entry form).
  • Each document should be composed of vector art and/or raster images. Raster images should be at a resolution no less than 200 dpi and no greater than 300 dpi to maintain both visual clarity and manageable file sizes.
  • Project may be hand drawn, computer generated, and/or a combination of both.
  • Notations and labeling must be clear and legible in simple type font.
  • All submissions must be from individual entrants; submissions from teams of two or more entrants will not be accepted.

To compete for the Daltile Interior Design Scholarship, you must be an undergraduate student studying interior design (or a related major) at an accredited college or university. Freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior students are eligible.

Any design student enrolled in an accredited U.S. college or university may apply. Non-U.S citizens may be subject to additional taxes which will decrease the total prize awarded.

Are there any limitations on square footage?
The space you design is not restricted by any square footage limitation.

Where do I submit my entries?
Entries may be submitted beginning August 15, 2016 at daltiledesign.com.

What Daltile products can I use in my design?
You must use at least two products from the list of featured Daltile products (see above), but you are encouraged to use multiple product lines. Any Daltile products can be used.

When is the deadline for entries?
All entries must be submitted by at 11:59 (PST) on Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016.

Is the use of 3D visualization and documentation software is permitted?
Yes, software use is permitted and encouraged.

I am a graduate student, can I enter the Daltile Interior Design Scholarship?
To compete in the Daltile Interior Design Scholarship, you must be an undergraduate student studying interior design (or a related major) at an accredited college or university. Freshman, sophomore, junior and senior students are all eligible.

What can the scholarship money be used for?
Prizes are awarded in the form of scholarships which are to be used for funding of tuition, books, or other educational or living expenses associated with the interior design program and college or university.

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School of Architecture and Interior Design Scholarships

Thanks to the generosity of numerous alumni and friends of the college, scholarships are available to students in the School of Architecture and Interior Design.

The School of Architecture and Interior Design scholarship process is online. The deadline for most scholarships is March 15.

Submitting FAFSA information is highly recommended for those scholarships that consider financial need.

Architecture Class of 1984 Scholarship

This fund provides scholarships for undergraduate architecture students; emphasis is on leadership, scholarship, and financial need. more

Baxter Hodell Donnelly Preston Endowed Scholarship

This fund has been established to attract and retain deserving students of high academic achievement who intend or are currently pursuing a degree in architecture. more

Eugene W. Betz Endowed Scholarship Fund in Architecture

This fund was established to support graduate level Architecture students, with preference given to students contemplating practice and/or career in the area of health care related facilities. more

Susan Butcher Travel Fund

This fund was created to help interior design co-op students defray co-op related expenses such as travel, housing, food, and miscellaneous items. more

Champlin Architecture Scholarship

This fund was created to support a student in excellent academic standing with demonstrated financial need studying in the School of Architecture and Interior Design. more

The Collaberative Inc. Scholarship Fund

The purpose of this gift is to provide meaningful scholarship support for a student studying in the School of Architecture and Interior Design. more

Harris Forusz and Ido deGroot Scholarship

This scholarship, in memory of two DAAP faculty members, provides scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in Architecture, Urban Planning, and Community Planning. more

Todd DeGarmo Scholarship

This scholarship was established to provide support for tuition, fees, room and board for a full-time DAAP student in the School of Architecture and Interior Design. more

Christopher Earls Family Endowment

This fund was established for the benefit of students and faculty of SAID. It provides several scholarships for SAID students annually. more

Paul Richard Eggert Architecture Memorial Scholarship

To provide scholarship support to a full-time BSARCH student from a family of moderate means and who has filed a FASFA each year. Preference will be given to an out-of-state student. more

George Fabe Endowed Scholarship

Multiple awards are given to graduate level SAID students, with preference given to students in under-represented groups. more

FRCH Design Worldwide Scholarship

This scholarship was created to provide meaningful scholarship support to undergraduate interior design students at DAAP. more

HIXSON Architecture Engineering Interiors Scholarship Fund in Honor of Harry J. Bothwell

Provides annual scholarship to undergraduate student enrolled in the architecture program at the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning. more

James and Laurel Howell Scholarship

The purpose of this gift is to provide meaningful scholarship support for a student studying Interior Design at DAAP. more

Mark and Carla Hutker Scholarship Fund

This scholarship was established to benefit a full-time DAAP student in the School of Architecture and Interior Design and a student in the School of Design who has demonstrated academic ability, with a 3.2 GPA or higher cumulative average. more

Knoll, Inc. and RJE Business Interiors of Cincinnati Scholarship

This fund awards one interior design student in their third or fourth year. more

The Frank T. Leo Endowed Scholarship

This fund awards scholarships to architecture students in the School of Architecture and Interior Design. more

Lenore Cunix Levy Endowment Fund

The Lenore Cunix Levy Endownment Fund has been established by the family and friends of Lenore Cunix Levy and Lawrence B. Levy, MD, to provide meaningful scholarship support for students in the School of Architecture and Interior Design. Scholarship recipients will be selected on the basis of academic merit and personal qualities of integrity and leadership. more

Macy’s Scholarships Endowment in Memory of Rudolph V. Javosky

Macy’s, Inc. has made scholarships available to students enrolled in fashion design, communication design, and interior design. These funds have been given to encourage students to consider retail design careers. more

John S. Madzula Scholarship

This award will be made to an architecture student with demonstrated financial need. more

J. Clifford McDaniel Scholarship

This fund is awarded annually to students in the architecture program. more

Thomas B. Persons Scholarship

Multiple scholarships may be made to full-time students studying Interior Design. more

John and Norma H. Richards Scholarships

This fund was established for scholarship support to architecture students. more

The Carl Strauss and Raymond Roush Scholarship

Annual awards are made to deserving students who are studying Architecture. more

The Joseph J. Strauss Scholarship in Architecture Fund

This scholarship was established to benefit a full-time DAAP student majoring in architecture who has demonstrated academic ability, with a 3.2 GPA or higher cumulative average and financial need. more

SAID Scholarship

This scholarship fund was created to allow students, faculty, staff, alumni, and others to contribute in support of current SAID students. more

SAID-AIA Ohio Foundation Scholarship

Provided through the generosity of the Ohio American Institute of Architects for high merit undergrad students intending to continue the study of architecture in Ohio. more

Michael and Michele Schuster Scholarship Fund

The purpose of this gift is to provide meaningful scholarship support for a student studying architecture in SAID. more

The Erik Soeberkrop Scholarship in Architecture Fund

This scholarship was established to benefit a full-time DAAP student studying architecture who has demonstrated academic ability, with a 3.2 GPA or higher cumulative average and financial need. more

Newton Tebow Scholarship

This fund is awarded annually to current undergrad sophomore or junior (to be junior or senior next academic year) in Architecture on the basis of academic achievement. more

The Maureen Tansey Tokar Endowed Scholarship in Architecture Fund

This fund was created to support a full-time Architecture student who has demonstrated academic ability, with a 3.0 or higher cumulative average and financial need. more

Donald C. Smith, Gordon Wildermuth and John H. Winkler Endowment Fund

Annual awards are made from this fund to deserving SAID students. more

Erwin S. and Rose F. Wolfson Fellowship

This fellowship is to support a graduate student studying in environmental design towards a part of their degree in Masters of Science, Masters of Design, or Masters of Community Planning. more

Bernard J. Zofcin Architecture Scholarship

This fund was created to support an enthusiastic student in excellent academic standing with demonstrated financial need studying in SAID. more

External Scholarships

These scholarships are not affiliated with DAAP, but provide SAID students with opportunities for additional funding.

Home-Residence AIA Chapters Opportunities

Miscellaneous scholarship opportunities may be found through your home/residence AIA Chapters, both city and state.

Jack Kent Cooke Scholarships

Miscellaneous scholarship opportunities. more

Tile Contractors’ Association of America Architectural Scholarship

Since 2001, the Tile Contractors’ Association of America (TCAA) has had the honor of awarding two annual merit scholarships in the amount of $2,000.00 to outstanding architectural students. To date, TCAA has awarded scholarships to fourteen exceptionally talented students. more

Simpson-Strong Tie Architecture Student Scholarship Program

The Structural Engineering/Architecture Student Scholarship Program offers scholarships to support education and encourage the design and building of safer structures in our communities and is sponsored by Simpson Strong-Tie Company, Inc. more

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New England Interior and Tropical Plantscapes LLC is a full service plantscaping company. We provide interior landscaping and weekly indoor plant care. Interior plant maintenance service is our specialty but we can also extend our service to seasonal exterior tropical plantscape service. We are located in Salem, NH.

Our service area includes,

After we meet with you to listen to your ideas and needs we will work with you to design a plant care program that fits your schedule, taste and budget. Our design professionals will help you pick the plants that best fit the environment that you have to work with. After your plants are placed in the location you choose we will provide the weekly plant care service that your plants will need.

We offer a wide variety of plants for sale or lease. When you lease a plant with us it will be guaranteed for as long as we provide service for you. If a plant fails or does not remain appealing we will replace the plant with a new one. If you own your own plants we can offer a interior plant service program and can recommend plants that fit your light and temperature environment.

Some of the benefits that plants provide:

  • Helps create a pleasant working or office area.
  • Healthy plants provide clean air.
  • Plants bring a green appeal to your facility.
  • Plants help reduce air pollutants and controlling humidity.

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Modern times have brought the challenges upon designers to invent new home design ideas every day and as such, these days, one can see many homes featuring geometric patterns in every facet of their decor like walls, art work, lighting fixtures, carpets or tiles. Geometric designs look very chic and add an artistic touch to [. ]

You must have seen and read many posts relating to house decor and styling. Today, I am going to shower some light on the top 12 interior design ideas that would make any living space luxurious and opulent from the word go! What is luxury, and how can we define it? Well, to me, it [. ]

Master bedrooms are the most vital and intimate places for couples to spend quality time with each other. These are the chambers where one spends time relaxing and hence must be adorned with the best of accessories and features to make a unique style statement. In this post, I am going to cover the top [. ]

The very mention of the word Antique brings a picture of stunning accessories, dipped in golden hues that have a vintage feel to them. Such pieces have a timeless beauty, a beauty acquired over a period of time and are quite expensive. When talking of antique pieces, we must mention about lamps that are used [. ]

A bathroom, like any other area in a house needs proper designing as it is a very intimate place where we spend a considerable time, tending to our daily needs of grooming and answering nature s calls. It should be decorated with proper detailing with regard to flooring, wall color, lighting and choosing various other accessories. [. ]

Landscaping your backyard is an important task when designing a house. Your house, in order to be branded spectacular needs to have a well landscaped backyard that shows your personality to the outside world. A beautifully landscaped backyard can become a thing of envy among neighbors who would not stop blinking in awe looking at [. ]

Productivity and a comfortable work atmosphere are directly correlated with productivity of a person getting influenced highly by comfort factor. If you are someone who works from home and wish to increase your output, you must renovate your home office that appears relaxing as well as multifunctional. A home office must have such furniture that [. ]

Brick has always been a desired choice for most people when designing the walls of their homes. One may ask why? Well, brick walls look astonishing with any kind of decor and add a warm look to any living space. These walls look rustic but at the same time appear stylish, sometimes better in appearance [. ]

Beautiful gardens are such a pleasure to look at. It is hard not to feel calm and relaxed when one is surrounded by a cornucopia of images and sounds portraying nature’s best. Gardens not only look beautiful but they act as a soothing balm on our frayed nerves thus becoming the calming influence in our [. ]

Kitchens are one of those places where we spend a large part of our waking lives. A bright, cheery and airy kitchen can lift one’s mood and inspire us to create magic with our hands. Playing around with the color scheme in the kitchen can dramatically change its look. To achieve a great look you [. ]