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Chicago Home Staging

Selling a home can be overwhelming, even intimidating. Many experts believe staging your home is the most important tool you can use to sell your home in less time and for more money. In our experience home staging has grown over 300% in the past 24 months. It s likely that your neighbor has their home staged. Get a step above the competition by having your home staged with Phoenix Rising Home Staging!

Home Staging Gallery

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The historical society has moved its collections to the Highland Park Library, and the 12-room home has been professionally staged by Phoenix Rising to show prospective buyers how a modern family could comfortably live there. You can view the whole article at:

Phoenix Rising in the News Phoenix Rising s amazing home staging services were recently featured on NBC s award winning show 24/7 Chicago! You can find the story on their website or view it below! Catie from 24/7 City Secrets checks out the best way to get your house sold FAST with Phoenix Rising. Part 1 of [ ]


News updates

Each year, we try to improve over the last one, adding new services, polishing our already amazing design skills, and of course helping homes sell faster and for more money. This year, we were recognized on Thumbtack for our continuing excellence! Check out our profile and more here.

Check out the awesome property 1740 E 87th Place in Chicago! This property was staged and then under contract just 5 days later. You can check out our Facebook page for some before pictures as well!

Did you fall in love with the one of the rooms, a whole homes, or even pieces of art that you saw on our site or in person? Well, now you can purchase any of the furniture in our amazing collection of designer picked furniture. Whether you are looking at one, all, or just some [ ]

Home staging can help a listing fly off the market. You can see how successful home staging can make any listing! Check out this 2613 W Superior St. Chicago, Illinois 60612 that went under contract in just two days.

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Interior: Cape Cod chic

Interior: Cape Cod chic

4 must-have decor accessories to spruce up your space

4 must-have decor accessories to spruce up your space

4 must-have decor accessories to spruce up your space

1 Fiddle-leaf fig tree

This tropical beauty is coveted for its wide, glossy leaves and towering height. If you can’t find the real thing (or discover it’s too fussy), try a good-quality imitation. Artifical Fejka tree, IKEA, $15.

By: Beth Hitchcock Source: Tracey Ayton, Michael Graydon and Stacey Brandford Credits: Style at Home

4 must-have decor accessories to spruce up your space

An organic accent

Towering above the mantel, this tree in a burlap “bucket” is a fresh, organic counterpoint to a contemporary hand-painted wall mural.

By: Beth Hitchcock Source: Tracey Ayton, Michael Graydon and Stacey Brandford Credits: Style at Home

4 must-have decor accessories to spruce up your space

Modern touch

A basket makes the perfect vessel for a potted tree in the California-modern kitchen of Style at Home design editor Stacy Begg.

By: Beth Hitchcock Source: Tracey Ayton, Michael Graydon and Stacey Brandford Credits: Style at Home

Recipe: Crunchy chicken satay in a pan

Recipe: Crunchy chicken satay in a pan

You’ll love this healthy (and simple) one-pan meal from Sarah Wilson’s The I Quit Sugar Cookbook.


  • 1/2 cup crunchy natural peanut butter
  • 2 tbsp tamari or soy sauce
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil. melted
  • 1 tsp chili flakes
  • 1 clove garlic, minced
  • 1 3/4″ knob of ginger, minced
  • 6 chicken thighs or drumsticks (or a combo)
  • 10 oz sugar snap peas. trimmed
  • 1 bunch asparagus, ends snapped, spears halved
  • 2 green onions, thinly sliced
  • 1/4 cup peanuts
  • 1 lime, cut into wedges
  • 2 tbsp white sesame seeds

1 Preheat the oven to 400 F.

2 Combine the peanut butter. tamari, coconut oil, chili flakes, garlic and ginger in a baking dish and mix well.

3 Add the chicken pieces and toss around to coat. Place in the oven and bake for 15 minutes.

4 Remove the dish from the oven and artfully arrange the green veggies, onions, peanuts, lime wedges and sesame seeds around and over the chicken.

5 Return to the oven and cook for another 10 minutes, or until the chicken is browned and thoroughly cooked; serve immediately.

Prep cook time: 40 minutes
Serves: 6

Excerpted from The I Quit Sugar Cookbook by Sarah Wilson. Recipes Copyright 2015 Sarah Wilson, Photography copyright 2015 Robert Palmer. Excerpted by permission of Clarkson Potter. All rights reserved.



Interior: Cape Cod chic
4 must-have decor accessories to spruce up your space
Recipe: Crunchy chicken satay in a pan
Buying Guides
Buying guide: The truth about thread count
House Tours
House tour: Neutral nautical lake house
Buying Guides
Oct 27, 2015

Buying guide: The truth about thread count

Buying guide: The truth about thread count Author: Style At Home

Buying Guides
Oct 27, 2015

Buying guide: The truth about thread count

Is there anything better than sliding into a bed laden with good quality sheets? At the end of the day, I can’t wait to stretch out under my fresh, soft covers and nestle my face into a good cotton-covered pillow. We spend a third of our lives in bed so quality sheets are key, but how do you get quality for your money? There’s no doubt that most consumers believe the higher the thread count, the better the quality, but this isn’t entirely true. With the help and expertise of Joanna Goodman, owner of Au Lit Fine Linens. we expose the truth about thread count and what it takes to find quality bed sheets .

What is thread count, really?
Simply put, thread count is the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. This number is based on the threads woven horizontally (“weft”) and vertically (“warp”). Extra threads can also be woven into the weft threads to increase the thread count. These added threads are called “picks” and are added in the overall count, which is how some sheets end up having thread counts in the thousands. This is why the idea that high counts equal better quality isn’t really accurate. Consider this: Joanna says most weavers will say the maximum number of threads that can be woven into one square inch of fabric is 500 to 600. Though the number is arguable and, according to Joanna, “depends on the mill you deal with,” it gives you an idea of where the line is between single-ply, unpicked weaves and ones that add threads here and there to bump up the count.

What to look for when buying sheets
Joanna lists three things to look for on the label: if it’s Egyptian cotton, where it’s woven and, lastly, the thread count. While thread count is a bit misunderstood, the buzz around Egyptian cotton is true. “The very best cotton in the world is grown in Egypt. So Egyptian cotton will be of a better quality,” Joanna says. She also recommends pima cotton, which is grown in America, “though not quite as exceptional as Egyptian.” When it comes to weaving, however, she swears by the Italians as being the “master weavers of the world” due to their “long tradition of weaving” and use of the best Egyptian cotton. Be sure the label says 100% or pure Egyptian cotton though, otherwise it may only contain a small percentage of the good stuff. As for the thread count, look for a minimum of 200. From there, it’s all about preference!

What to avoid when buying sheets

Joanna’s one key piece of advice is to watch out for extremely low priced, high thread count sheet sets. A complete sheet set with a high thread count for $100 or less is probably not the dream bargain you think it is. As Joanna believes, “you always get what you pay for.” The price tag for bed linens will vary depending on the sheet size and what items you’re buying, such as a duvet cover, sheet sets, or pillowcases. “A superior quality 200 thread count queen set (including flat, fitted, two pillowcases), made of Egyptian cotton and woven in Europe, could retail reasonably for about $150-$250,” says Joanna.

What do you prefer?

After going through the quality checklist, go with what feels best for you. If you’re looking for a durable linen, Joanna recommends any percale from thread count 200 to 800. Percale is any cotton woven with a 200 thread count or higher and will be more durable than a cotton satin of the same thread count. It’s also less likely to pill than cotton satin because it has a denser weave. Love the feel of a cotton button down shirt? Joanna advises a crisp, dense 200 thread count percale. Prefer a silkier sheet? Go for a 300 to 600 cotton satin. If you want lighter sheets, Joanna says, a 400 thread count sheet can be soft and light, while an 800 percale would be soft and dense. The higher the thread count, the more likely multiple-ply thread is used or picks are added, making the fabric denser and heavier.

Now you know that quality is not just about the number, so don’t let numbers rule your bed! Remember what to look for on the label and be wary of too-low prices for supposedly high quality items. Beyond that, go with what you prefer. Get a good feel of the sheets before buying. Whether you’re unzipping the packaging or lying down on a display bed, make sure the fabric feels good against your skin and soon you’ll be having sweet dreams!

Find out how to keep your new linens crisp and clean with our tips to whiter-than-white sheets .


House tour: Neutral nautical lake house

House tour: Neutral nautical lake house

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50 Log Cabin Interior Design Ideas

Do you wanna escape from the hustle and bustle of the city life and spend the rest of your life in a warm log cabin in the woods? All of us dream about this at least once in our life. Even daydreaming about it makes you relieved and feel peaceful for a while. A small log cabin with only a kitchen and a living room, sitting by the fire serenely, maybe reading a book a little, walking in the fresh air, at night going outside for stargazing What a simple life, don t you think? Let s get into that dream home and look inside the details to see better how it would be like to live in such a place.

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Cape Cod Cottage History of Cape Cod Architecture

This early regional house style caught on like wildfire, and the Cape Cod home is arguably one of the most recognizable today. By Patricia Poore

Full Cape with accretions, ca. 1750 and later, Truro, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cods are short, stout, and simple to the point of austerity. Nevertheless, they evoke powerful images of warmth and comfort, integrity and safety. A true colonial type widely copied to this day, the Cape Cod says “home.”

There are two Cape Cod styles, really: the originals, modest and practical houses built from 1690 until 1850 or so; and the homey Colonial Revival Capes of the 20th century. The originals were most often half or three-quarter Capes, shingle-clad, sited to take advantage of the sun’s rays, their interiors centered on the hearth-warmed kitchen. Revival houses, neat and nostalgic behind their white picket fences, are most often symmetrical full Capes, often clapboarded and shuttered, painted white, with more formal and flexible floor plans.

The term “Cape Cod House” was used as early as 1800, in a comment by Yale College president Timothy Dwight on a visit to Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Even by then, the type had spread; by 1740, such houses had been built throughout most of New England, and also on New York’s Long Island. By 1790 it had made its way into southern New York State. Homesteaders brought the Cape Cod house with them to central New York, to the area around Lake Erie, and by 1830 into Ohio and Michigan.

A Colonial Revival-era Cape.

Regional variants with gambrel and bowed roofs (for headroom), and sometimes with small dormers (for added light in the loft space), appeared in Massachusetts and Connecticut. As the house type was brought west during the early 19th century, builders added popular Greek Revival details. Inside, the earliest houses were spare and simple, with floors and furnishings of pine.

Although Victorian styles eclipsed the plain Cape, these houses came back, in greater numbers than ever, during the Colonial Revival of the 1930s, often larger than the originals and with different framing methods, interior plans, staircases, and details. Owing to the romantic associations of 18th century models and the ubiquity of 20th century Capes, this is arguably the most recognized house style in America.

Post and beam construction anchors the early Cape to its central chimney.

Hallmarks of the Cape Cod Cottage

Steep roof. side-gabled, single pitch
Center chimney ; ubiquitous in early examples
Shingle-sided. and sometimes clapboarded on the front façade with shingles elsewhere
Unornamented except for the entry door, which might have a simple transom, fanlight, pilasters, or sidelights. Later examples had austere Greek Revival trim, as on lintels.
Windows often go to the roofline in early examples, attesting to the low ceiling height

Variations of the Cape

Full Cape (or Double Cape)
Apparently the quintessential Cape Cod house, full Capes were actually rare in the 18th century. Those that existed belonged to the most accomplished settlers. They have a steep pitched roof and a symmetrical five-bay façade with a generous entrance door centered on the massive chimney.

Three-Quarter Cape
Although seldom copied in the Cape Cod revivals that would come many decades later, the three-quarter Cape was a mainstay of 18th- and early-19th-century New England. On the three-quarter Cape as well as the half Cape, the entry was offset slightly from the chimney.

One-Half Cape (or Single Cape)
The starter house of its day, the half Cape often evolved through subsequent additions into a three-quarter Cape and on to a full Cape as its occupants’ families and fortunes grew. Nevertheless, examples remain throughout New England.

Inside the Cape

The typical full Cape floor plan shows the importance of the keeping room (the kitchen/living/family room):

Keeping room in coastal Maine, built 1819

The keeping room typically has seven doors. The first is the back door, the second opens to a storage pantry, the third to a small bedroom, the fourth to the good parlor, the fifth to a larger bedroom, the sixth to an extra room that might be used for a hired hand, a child, or an ill member of the household. The seventh door opens to a cold pantry.

Inside, the earliest houses were spare and simple, with floors and furnishings of pine. Wide plank floors might be painted in a reddish-brown or pumpkin orange, and spattered. As the house type was brought west during the early 19th century, builders added popular Greek Revival details, inside and out. Later, trade brought oriental rugs and china.

Recommended Reading

The Cape Cod Cottage
By William Morgan (Princeton Architectural Press, 2006)
An expanded essay on the charms of the originals, with both archival and modern photographs. Very good bibliography.

Early Cape Cod interior

A Book of Cape Cod Houses
By Doris Doane (David R. Godine, 2007) .
The history of the Cape from wind-beaten shingled dwellings in New England to the mainstay of the postwar building boom. Covers 720-square-foot Levittown examples as well as the sprawling Capes of Concord. Pencil drawings show floor plans, rooms, and exteriors.

The Cape Cod House
By Stanley Schuler (Schiffer, 1982)
The development of the Cape from New England originals through multi-winged versions of the 20th century.

Big House, Little House, Back House, Barn
By Thomas C. Hubka (Univ. Press of New England, reissued 2004)
Rural houses and farmsteads, many early 19th-century and some with a Cape at center. A fascinating and seminal book about vernacular architecture.

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I’ll write cancel on the invoice and owe nothing. The Free Trial Issue is mine to keep, no matter what.

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Interior Designer Jobs

Interior Designer Job Overview

Interior designers are tasked with the overall design and function of indoor living spaces. They often work with architects, contractors, and clients to determine the most functional room layout, preferred color schemes, appropriate window treatments, and even the most aesthetically pleasing hardware and lighting fixtures. Interior designer jobs require the ability to work independently and make safe, functional, aesthetic decisions, but they also require designers to work within the confines of client demands and specifications.

Much of an interior designer’s responsibilities include reading and interpreting blue prints, choosing color palettes, obtaining and providing samples for the client, planning indoor architectural details, submitting drawings to construction inspectors, using CAD to create drawings, and estimating project budgets.

Interior Designer Job Education Requirements

With such a focus on computer-aided design and color theory, most interior designer jobs require candidates to have at least a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Certificates, associate’s degrees, and master’s degrees are also available, and can help enhance qualifications for someone on the interior design track with appropriate coursework. Those wanting to pursue a specialized interior design career, such as bath or kitchen designer. will need a combination of relevant coursework and experience.

Interior Designer Job Market

The job outlook for interior designers is expected to grow as fast as average through 2022. This is likely to keep up with client demand that home and office interiors meet accessibility and environmentally-friendly conditions. It’s important to note that interior designers depend largely on the construction industry, so when construction business is booming, interior designers are more likely to find clients. Long-term projects like those found in hotels, hospitals, schools, and other public facilities can create work for many years.

Interior Designer Job Salary Information

Interior designers earn a median salary of $47,600, but entry-level interior designers begin at around $25,600.

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Condo Living Room Decorating Ideas

A condo, although smaller than a detached home, is still popular with homeowners – single or married couples who do not want or need a lot of space and landscape to take care of. However, decorating it can be somewhat challenging as the space of a condo is usually smaller than a house and storage space is usually hard to come by.

In the following section are some ideas and tips that might help you to decorate your condo, make it seem bigger and add storage.

Paint your walls a light neutral color and the ceiling a shade lighter. A light color will make your living room feel more spacious. You can go for a blue-gray color if you want a calming effect or a pale yellow if you want a warm and cozy feel.

You can also make your living room seem bigger by hanging mirrors as they create the illusion of open space and also reflect light, especially if placed opposite a window. Placing the mirror in such a way will make the room larger and brighter. You can also place the mirror over a fireplace.

To bring more light into the room keep the window treatments simple. Use sheer curtain panels instead of thick, heavy fabrics or nothing at all if privacy is not an issue.

The furniture should also be chosen while keeping the small space in mind. For instance, choose an armless sofa or an apartment chair instead of a love seat. Moreover, choose furniture that is versatile. For instance, choose a futon that can be used also as a guest bed, a coffee table with drawers underneath or ottomans that lift up to store items in.

For the floor put two small area rugs instead of one large one as this will also help your room appear larger.

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25 Modern Kitchen Designs That Will Rock Your Cooking World

Kitchen design trends change fairly rapidly; this post is for all of you out there who are interested in finding some inspiration for a modern kitchen design. We have compiled a collection of ideas for anyone thinking about redecorating their kitchen.

These examples have a contemporary feel and would work great in modern houses or apartments. They have a variety of color palettes and themes. Many of the kitchens feature wood, which helps to create a feeling of warmth. And don t forget to add flower arrangements; they have the ability to really cheer up a place.

We ve tried to keep things modern. These kitchens are not necessarily futuristic, but you will notice some innovative ideas. Some of the tables and chairs have interesting shapes that are perfectly integrated in the rest of the design. And some examples showcase paintings or other decorative items.

I like the yellow/lemon colored kitchen. I don t know if I would choose a modern kitchen design for my own home though. They re are all very nice to look at but I don t think they stand the test of time. I love the Elica chandelier extractor fans also but again, not very practical when they re not vented through and exterior wall.

They re all so amazingly spacious. I adore the aubergine-coloured one, it has such a calmness . But somehow it looks like all the gas cooking surfaces are still really cramped together. If you want to cook many pans at the same time it s best to have generously spaced cooking surfaces rather than all 4 spots cramped together.

In Italy these are the standard quo old-world kitchens are only standard in the new world, now.

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Making a beautiful condo interior design is no different from designing a living room from a technical point. Making center spot, mounting accessories, color selection, lighting and theme concepts selection are based on taste. Condo is basically a small room without divider that consists of some furniture like sofa, table and television. This room is often used as a place to relax with family or entertaining guests. It could be said if condo is a mini living room. Moreover, in selecting the condo design ideas, it requires you to choose unique design but still in same concepts with other rooms in the house.

Designing your condo is important as it can be a useful space for you. Moreover this spot has only a few meters wide. For that we give you some inspirational ideas to help you in building the condo. Keep reading this post for more useful tips and info about designing a comfortable condo.

Choosing most suitable design

For the condo interior design, you need to choose design that blends perfectly with the surrounding rooms. There are some interesting design that you can try such as modern, classic, victorian or urban. Make it unique so that you can enjoy the new atmosphere there. One of the simplest way is using wallpaper to cover walls around the condo. Use the abstract motifs to create the glamor nuance and liven up the room atmosphere.

Placement the condo

To get the ideal location to install a condo, you can use an empty room in the house or take a few feet of existing space. Taking a few meters from the spacious kitchen and dining room as an area condo can be an alternative. In the classic European house, condo are often built around a fireplace with a sofa set surrounding the small table. While the most used design today is an area around the windows which gives the user the beautiful view outside the home.

Painting ideas to make condo look bigger

Choosing a condo colors are preferred by many designers. Color plays an important role in determining the comfortable atmosphere for people who to be there. Bright colors types is ideal for condos, especially in small areas where dark colors would make the room looks smaller. Bright color schemes can help you to remodeling the condos into spacious and soft when viewed. Most used bright color for condo are white, cream, light blue and light brown for classic condo.

Wall covering

When you want a condo with special look, painting is not enough. Wall covering is the fastest shortcut to improve prestige of the condo.Bright colors always looks shine and wide. Keeping similar color schemes throughout your condo will give a looking of continuity and style flow. For more interest, use flower motive or smoothly textured pictures in same bright color schemes on select walls throughout your condo.

Accessories and arts

Give daring and different color throughout your condo with furniture and accessories. The proper arrangement of furniture and accessories will provide an believable atmosphere that reflects your taste. Throw pillows, glass objects, potted flowers and favorite photos gallery are sweeteners for every decor.

As the rest of the world knows that France has a bit sacrificing style, none in the world accused me of doing it. Even though Paris has overcome the trace of powdered bustles and wigs, you will still find a stylish sign in almost everything they opt to do. Below mentioned homes are not sharing [ ]

Barn style homes are not only a trend. They are pleasant to live in and keep us connected with nature and tradition. More and more, people are buying even old barn kits and turning them into pleasurable homes. They could be even transferred to a different place so don’t give up if you admire patina [ ]

Leopards are one of those animals that are known for their ferocity and fast pace. People don them as status symbols. Designers are working hard to come up with such textures since the use of original fur is not allowed for such purposes as it is becoming extinct vastly. However, the said texture is being [ ]

When it comes to interior designs and decorations, the ideas are boundless and the sky is the limit. You can work wonders with your living room decorations and feels extremely satisfied with it. Interior designing do not restrict the use of accessories either. Even the books on the book shelves add as element of elegance [ ]

Built in furniture was a standard in the old days of the world, everyone was a carpenter and everyone had plenty of materials to create everything their home needed. Every home was custom and often expanded as the needs of the family did. Secret rooms built in storage and unique room shapes have grown less [ ]

For homeowners, one of the toughest decisions is whether or not to decorate your own home or hire an interior designer. Let s take a look at the best reasons why you should make the move to hire professional design help. They Will Help You Express Your Personal Style An interior designer does not simply walk [ ]

The world of interior decor is indeed a great place for innovation and multiple blends. There are several ideas that keep popping up every now and then and intrigue the desires of the interior decor fanatics to go for them and keep upbeat about the artistic feel of the homes. Generally people desire the change [ ]

It is generally believed that these two words denote the same meaning but it could be seen that their hob is known to overlap and they have almost same job qualities. All interior designers are residential designers but all residential designers are not interior designers. To know more about the differences between the residential designer [ ]

Comfort is what we all always look to incorporate, at our workplace, at our homes and in our surroundings. Fine interior design and decoration ideas is what everyone looks forward to once they opt to go for while moving in a new place or reshuffling the one you are living in presently. Every country has [ ]

Are you a fashion lover? For those who are persistent window admirers we have some great news: you can follow a fashion trend not just to your wardrobe, but, why not, your living room too. Trends in the interior design are changeable, just like in fashion, although, true, it happens in a slightly slower motion. [ ]

Your imagine of living room interior design can help you in getting the incredible inspirations for your living room. Creating your living room more comfortable with the simple or minimalist design is easy thing to do and you do not need to be confused in finding the best and the beauty ideas for your living [ ]

Valentine’s day tree is unusual decorations to celebrate Valentine. Commonly, a special event which uses tree as the decoration is only Christmas. Casuarinas tree is special tree which is chosen as Christmas tree, attractive decoration cover it to give special accent as the celebration theme. But today, not only Christmas which uses tree as decoration, [ ]

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Inside a Charming Cape Cod Escape

Righting the Ship

Three years ago, Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum’s dream house went on the market. The shingled Colonial was situated in Chatham, Massachusetts, on the elbow of Cape Cod. But that’s not what sold this mother of three. “It had five bathrooms!” Martha says. “It was perfect.”

Well, almost. Built in the 1960s and remodeled over the next two decades, the home felt dark, especially considering its quintessential seaside location. Decidedly un–Cape Cod–like details—such as a disco era’s worth of wood paneling—dominated almost every room.

In this photo: The family painted over the living room’s dark-pine paneling and then reupholstered their old sofa in a complementary hue. The rattan armchairs date to the 1940s, while the maps of Nantucket Sound are from 1874. The walls are painted Cambridge Heights by Benjamin Moore .


Instead of stripping the structure down to the studs, Martha and her husband, Dan, vice president of a New Jersey–based family business, were determined to spruce the place up quickly. They closed in August, with an ambitious goal: to host Thanksgiving there that fall.

In this photo: Martha and Dan left the rough-hewn paneling in the mudroom untouched and accented the space with pennants from their kids’ sailing competitions.

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Martha enlisted a friend, interior designer Michael Maher, to help meet her self-imposed deadline. “We decorated on speed dial,” Martha admits.

Rather than purchase all new furnishings, Maher reupholstered things the family already owned. Martha scored several new-to-her pieces from the property’s previous residents and filled in the blanks with accessories from area shops and garage sales.

In this photo: Martha acquired this antique bench—a perfect fit for the front hall—from the home’s former owners. The walls are painted Monterey White by Benjamin Moore .

Master Bedroom

“All it needed was paint,” Martha says of the home. “A lot of beach houses are really neutral, but I like when the colors of nature—yellows, greens, blues—explode inside.”

In this photo: Custom linen drapes frame waterfront views in the master bedroom. The walls are painted Patriotic White by Benjamin Moore .

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Storage Space

The closets that line the upstairs hallway store games and puzzles. Martha bought the wicker chairs and lattice-work pillows at Chatham shop Midsummer Nights ; the sailboat photos are yard-sale finds.

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It’s quite a challenge to create a place that people want to continue going to. People always try new things, but it is holding, not just capturing their attention that matters. To do this, designers must try many different combinations, themes, pairs, types, and colors.

Usually, when someone tells me a room is designed mainly using the color green, I tend to assume that the room is completely filled with creepers and ferns. But boy was I wrong, and looking at this café cum bar design shows me that. The green used here is not the bright and fresh green of plants, nor is it the dull green used when walls are painted. I would pen this green to be a slightly brighter color than the color of mint ice cream. One way to describe the green would be that it is strangely eerie and evil, but does not contribute any unpleasantness to the atmosphere of the room.

The counter is colored white and is polished to allow it to reflect light. The ceiling is of the same color, and so is majority of the room. Opposite the counter is the seating area, where groups of people can sit and enjoy something to eat. The tables are lit from within with green light. The furniture on this side is all-white. The tables are stylishly attacked to the wall. The counter has plenty of space for customers. The chairs on this side are the same as the ones on the other- white and simple.

The floor of this café cum bar is vital in its appeal. It is a sleek black. Black is not only classy, but it also seems to reflect the green and yellow lights well. This makes the room seem brighter, and more spacious in a way. Overall, this design is very attractive. It utilizes a color I have never seen used before, and pulls it off brilliantly. The feeling that the green is simply radiating out of everywhere pulls at my attention.


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